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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 2

I pulled up my pants and walked to the door and watched her as she made her way across the compound to Rose’s dispensary. She had to side track three times and gather extra swats one of them from Manny that made her squeak and the other tow from a couple of more submissive members. I didn’t have anything else on my agenda so with a slight grin I went to watch the festivities at Rose’s.

I had been sleeping with Rose for the last few nights. Firstly I did it because it was my right and duty to do so as the new Alpha but also and more because I didn’t want her to have to sleep alone. Jeremiah’s death had left a hole in all of our hearts but for Rose it was the loss of her life mate. There was possibly another reason…she comforted me at least as much as I did her. I was ill prepared to try to fill Jeremiah’s big shoes and needed her council.

She had stood Cynthia in the corner and had Bridget up on the treatment table. She was on her knees with her face in her hands crying. I grimaced. Rose’s punishment enemas began with a rather rude rectal exam and insult was added by the fiery hot past that she used as lubricant. As soon as she had made sure that you were not impacted she would mix up a hot 3 quart enema with triple the soap that she used for a regular enema. Her leather paddle was lying between Bridget’s feet and I assumed that it had already been used.

Rose looked up as I entered, “Hi Matt. You did a good job on Bridget but I added a little to it. She has been so see me a little too often and I wanted to further encourage her to stay out of trouble. Have a seat. I’m sure there will be further entertainment before I’m done with her.”

In general if Rose was giving enemas for her health programs, the door was closed and the blinds lowered. Punishments were seen as a civic family responsibility and anyone who wished could watch. By a sort of unspoken agreement most of the subs would not come. The Tops liked to “help” though and usually after Jeremiah had finished up he would come to assist Rose so there was tradition on my side as far as me being there.

Bridget was struggling and crying but this was one enema that could not be refused stopped or released before it’s time. The big double balloon nozzle only added to the misery. The big balloon in your rectum made the 3 quart enema feel like four because it crowded things. The cramps with the constant burn of Rose’s special ginger/cayenne based lubricant made sure that the whole effect was memorable.

“Oh GOD Rose how much MOOORE!! I am about to explode?” Bridget bawled.

There were several loud cracks as Rose paddled her. When she was done she answered. “There is however much there is Bridget! You know better than to even ask. You also added another three minutes to your ten minute hold time.”

You were in general required to take your punishment enema in silence. The rinses other than being large hot and nonstop were given more traditionally with regular lubricant and a five minute hold. It actually felt kind of good by comparison as it diluted the soap that was left in you and just not being on fire was a relief as the enema washed your ass as it exited and put that fire out or at least cooled it a little. I suspected that there would be other fires for Bridget’s bottom. Rose was especially annoyed with her for stirring this mess up and made sure that her opinion was known.

“Bridget if you come back again for a month I promise that you will stand and lay on your stomach for a month. I will supervise Matt and make sure that he tears you a new ass and then I will do the same after every enema on top of any you get for not being helpful during your enema. I don’t want to even hear your name connected with anything other than sweetness and light.”

For the rest of her enema Bridget just kept her face in her hands and cried. In some ways the hold is the very worst. You are full and the cramps just come closer and closer like a woman in labor until at last you are allowed to give birth and push it out. In some ways the hold is a blessing though. Punishment enemas are as hot as is safe and if you expelled them too soon the burn your ass convincing you that you have truly be set on fire. This is another of the side effects of Rose’s special lubricant. When it is first mixed with the warm water it seems to become further energized and the fire that you thought couldn’t possibly get any hotter bursts into full flame.

When you get a punishment enema, on top of the pain you get the pleasure of being handed a porcelain blue steel thunder mug and sent out in the central yard to empty. Bridget found this especially troublesome and humiliating. Personally if I had spent as much time out there crapping in public as she did I would be used to it by now or stop acting up. When Rose extracted the nozzle and handed her the pot and toilet paper she let out an unusually loud scream of annoyance and anger though she tried to tell Rose that it was just that it made her soooo embarrassed that she couldn’t help it. Rose wasn’t buying it and told her that as soon as she got back she was getting another spanking AND she was going to get the special lubricant again. As soon as she returned put her face down over the end of the table for another spanking. She had evidently learned, other than quiet sobs she was quiet and managed to accept her next two enemas AND her trip out to the yard with her pot equally quietly. When she returned after her last release she was told to go wash the pot for Cynthia. She huffed and mumbled something and so Rose turned her ass into a red wasteland. She was THRILLED to go and wash the pot when Rose let her up after that.

As soon as she returned with the pot she was released and Rose turned to Cynthia. “I do hope that you are smarter than that girl. I’m getting tired of swinging the paddle and if you make me use it on you I am going to try to do it well enough the first time that there won’t BE a second time! Be warned!”

Cynthia looked at Rose and was crying again. She and Rose were very close and though there were only about 15 years difference in their ages, Cynthia loved her like she was truly her mother and often called her Mama. Nearly all of the women did and most of the submissive males as well. In private I even did it sometimes though our relationship had always been a friendly lustful one.

“I’m SOOOOO soooo sorry Mama! Any thing you think I need and deserve I probably earned more and I accept it.” She laid over the end of the treatment table and continued, “You should let Matthew spank me before you start for just causing you to have to do this to me at allllll!” She went from weeping to squalling and I looked at Rose.

Rose looked at her ass and then looked again. “I think Matt did a good enough job on you. Get up there before I spank you though for not already being there! She put on a glove and dipped three fingers in her special sauce and Cynthia’s ordeal began.

While Cynthia was taking the first enema my earlier deposit began to run down the inside of her thighs. Rose saw it and turned to me. Matt! Tell me that happened BEFORE she went to the wood shed!”

I looked down. “No ma’am…it was after her whipping. I’m sorry but she WAS my first wife and I just couldn’t resist it. I knew also that she wouldn’t mind.”

Rose glared at me. “Matthew you were not there to give her pleasure nor for your own pleasure. By God you should be getting enough pussy as the Alpha that you could resist temptation!! You little son of a bitch if Bridget saw, suspected or noticed she will tell everyone that you are playing favorites and didn’t treat Cynthia like you did HER! And she will be RIGHT! I ASSUME that you did NOT fuck her after you whipped HER!?

I looked down. “No Mama, I’m sorry. You are right.”

As the Alpha you can’t be sent to the wood shed but get ready little boy, as senior Alpha when I am done with Cynthia, it will be your ass up here and since it was her that you took advantage of she will stay and help.”

“Mama?” She looked at me and I shut up.

“That one word cost you a spanking too little boy!”

“Yes Ma’am! I’m sorry.”

Cynthia was still crying but nonetheless managed to look over and grin evilly. “He was going to ass fuck me when you were finished with me. He didn’t want to waste a clean butt. Can he still do that?”

“He was? Is THIS true Matthew?”

“Yes Ma’am but she was going to come to me and spend the night. THAT’S ok isn’t it?”

“NO Matthew! After you have acted as the Alpha you need to leave the woman ALONE for a couple of days! You need to let them alone for ONE day at the very least.” She turned to Cynthia. “You CAN keep your mouth shut can’t you?”

“I promise Mama, I will NEVER speak of any of this to anyone out of the three of us.”

“Matt when she and I are done with your enemas, you will not wish any of her ass.” She raised the bag and Cynthia began to sob in pain.

When the enema was done, while the balloon was still in her ass, Rose tore her ass up with the paddle while explaining in excruciating detail that she was a possible future Alpha female and would in the future expected to not only act like one in HER actions but to help ME (she referred to me as “that dumb boy”) to act as an Alpha Male should act. Then squalling she was sent out to the yard to expel her enema.

“You have been BAD Matt! Did you enjoy watching her cry then?”

“No Ma’am! Personally I think that you were a bitch and took out your anger at me on HER!”

She looked at me, “Sorry Matt…Close but not right. I took out YOUR stupidity on her ass. IF that bitch Bridget saw or suspected anything I want everyone to see that she most certainly did NOT get a free ride on this. You did a good enough job on her in the shed, you just needed to leave it at THAT and not act like a young FOOL. I made sure that everyone saw her and will know that anything Bridget says about her getting special treatment is bull shit.” I guess I was thick and looked it because she continued. “Look at the clock Matt and look outside!”

I looked out and saw that EVERYONE was gathered. I looked and saw that it was 6 and dinner was about to be served. Since there was live entertainment everyone had gathered to watch. I felt so sorry for Cynthia, knew that Rose was right and that I deserved anything she did to me.

“I’m so sorry Rose! I don’t know why in the world you picked me to be the Alpha when Jeremiah was killed!”

“I didn’t pick you Jeremiah did. He told me that as each Dominant Male passed into the Shed for punishment he watched them under stress and then followed them to me and through the entire thing. He believed that under stress a mans true nature will come out. He said that in every case but one they either turned into big whining babies or got mad as hell and wanted to argue and in one case took a swing at him.”

“Who took a swing at him!” I blurted.

“None of your business! You know that Jeremiah was a special forces unarmed combat instructor. You can imagine what happened to the guy. After kicking his ass Jeremiah made him take the original ten and then after offering the fool another swing made him bend back over the horse for ten more for being a dumbass and not honoring the Covenant we all signed. He never had a problem with him again and after the second ten he hugged Jeremiah and apologized agreeing that he had acted stupidly in the entire incident.” Rose paused looking at me. “Jeremiah said that you were the only one with balls enough to take it like a man and humble enough to understand that you had been wrong and not try to either whine or argue your way out of it. He told me then that if something happened to him you were the best choice to replace him.”

“You didn’t agree.” I stated softly. “Rose you know that I didn’t want it. If there is someone that you think would be better I will gladly step down.”

“Silly child, if I hadn’t agreed with him I wouldn’t have picked you Matt. I am NOT the Alpha female because I’m weak or sentimental.” She smiled. “It also, contrary to what some think but none have said to my face in some time, it is not because I was Jeremiah’s woman. There isn’t a single woman and probably not over a handful of men here who’s asses I can’t kick if it came down too it. Your sweet nature wouldn’t have meant shit to Jeremiah if you weren’t also a generally bad ass dude on top of it. There are times when you might have to enforce your position physically. That is why Jeremiah took such an interest in your martial arts training.”

Cynthia returned mortified and still crying and without looking at either of us or speaking she crawled up on the table and put her face in her hands.