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2012 New Beginnings... A long running daily Serial

Chapter 1

My name is Matthew Grey Wolf and this is my story and the story of my family... In the year 2012 the world stood and watched as madness swept this country and the world. The economy had gotten so bad that money was almost worthless as the government printed dollars and threw them away until our treasury bills were worthless and no country on the face of the earth would take it in exchange for anything. The good news was that most other countries had their own troubles so nobody had the energy to come and cut our throats.

The world was teetering on the brink from the endless stream of disasters both natural and man made that had rolled over it in the last two years. Earthquakes, storms both winter and summer with hurricanes wiping most of the Caribbean clean of human life. The hammer blow came in the form of a plague in 2011. In a period of little more than 6 months, nearly all children under the age of 14 died of a virulent new form of measles. The vaccinations did nothing and the best modern medicine could do was wring its hands and make them comfortable. When it was done with us a secondary effect reared its head and women had trouble carrying their Babies to term. The entire world shuddered in shock. In 2012 all the old hatreds so long held in check boiled up and the country splintered as the cities demanded more and more of less and less and gave back nothing. When money is worthless what does a rich city fellow use to buy food from a country boy that doesn’t want a new color TV or the latest video? The transportation system crumbled from lack of fuel and in a matter of weeks the masses in the megalopolises began to starve. We had no way to buy oil from other countries and the government had let our domestic production fall so low that it was unable to even keep the refineries running.

The South long sick and tired of carrying the eastern mini states seceded. The US government tried to call in the military only to find that very few of the soldiers in an all volunteer army were from the north east and eastern seaboard. Texas and Alaska already had the process in motion and each separated independently. When it all settled, the US was almost down to the original 13 colonies and the rest of the country had become a loose confederation of independent States with Alaska, Texas and California standing totally free as Countries. Texas became five states within the country and California first divided into three states and then as the masses from the three big metropolitan areas became refugees fleeing cities that no longer could feed them it dissolved into total chaos. There were very few armed citizens there so what guns there were, were in the hands of the lowest elements.

Across the land not everyone was surprised by this. The Mormons had little trouble adapting. The northern West had no real trouble as they had always been a pretty self-sufficient lot. The Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming actually flourished as old time systems had not degraded as it had in the more urban areas.

I was one of the fortunate ones. I could see this in the winds as early as the early 90s. My wife, Cynthia Ann and I joined with other like minded people and began then making certain preparations so that by 2010 we were living in the south of Texas with a dozen other couples on a rather secluded piece of land that would, if it had to, feed us all and also provide a surplus. We were lead by a man of rare character and he held us together as we struggled to form 24 near strangers into a single family that could survive. We had 500 acres and an artesian spring that had never stopped flowing even in the driest years.

As we organized there were some rather odd accommodations made by many. Some of us more than others had to change. We agreed on a set of rules and any that couldn’t agree left. We at that point had grown to 40 couples. We ended with 25 or by that time 50 people. Couples ceased to have meaning. We were one family. We ALL became Grey Wolf. We lived by a form of pack law with the top male and the top female in charge. They were in charge because they were the best qualified. In 2012 that was Jeremiah and Rose. He was a man’s man and charismatic as hell.

We relearned the meaning of honor on the end of his strap. Honor means that you keep your word no matter what, do your share even when nobody is watching you and you put the family ahead of personal desires or ambition. As we became this family we were pressed into a specific mold. All women were the wives of all men. All men were the husbands of all women. All men were as brothers and all women were as sisters and we were damned well expected to act like it and not squabble. Any squabbles that were not settled in a hurry were brought before Jeremiah and Rose for judgment. If you were acting childish your punishment would be childish. You only went to the wood shed once with Jeremiah with out shaking. The next time you would be. When he was done with you, he would turn you over to Rose and her special way of helping you think right.

Rose was an MD but had gone there from a nursing back ground. She wanted everyone to be healthy and didn’t want us dependent on drugs any more than necessary. She ordered enemas out like someone passing out candy at Halloween! If you were acting out then you were probably in need of treatment and the ones she issued for punitive adjustment were just the WORST. Any other time getting an enema from her would be a really nice experience. She almost insisted that a man clear all his tubes while under her care and women were treated in similar fashion. The ones when Jeremiah sent you made you wish you had never met her. Also, if at any time during her treatment she felt you were being even the slightest bit uncooperative you could end up over her lap or on your hands and knees on the treatment table for a spanking. Bad, bad news!!

I had little trouble adjusting because of my up bringing. My Dad was a Methodist Minister and a strict believer in honor and the old spare the rod and spoil the child yeachings. I had left his religion behind but never his morals concerning honor and responsibility.

We had settled in Texas because first off it is big and land is more cheaply available there especially if you didn’t mind that it was a long way to town. Guns were easily available everywhere. More important, the right to not just have guns, but to use them in defense of your life or property was clearly spelled out in the law. It is warm most all the year. You can adjust to the heat but you can’t adjust to freezing to death and with Al Gore’s global warming that was becoming an ever increasing possibility in the northern areas. Until they back off and get the coal mines working again there are going to be a lot of very cold people. Wood is fine but you wouldn’t believe how possessive people get of their trees when they might need them to survive the next winter.

I think another reason Cynthia and I adjusted so easily was that we had an open marriage even before this. We both liked both variety and several kinky sorts of side play. That was another of our rules. You accepted each other as you are. If a woman liked to play with a woman some times then that was fine as long as her lady partner of the moment was agreeable. The same was true of the men or any possible combination. Of the 50 of us I think 90% were into some sort of D/s or light BDSM before any of this. Strangely, of the few that were not involved prior to our coming together became our most serious players. One of my best friend’s wives who I would have sworn was Vanilla to the core became seriously submissive and loved to be play punished for her every tiny indiscretion.

Sex was a very open and easy thing and the games were all in fun. Everyone had their preferences among the group but there were no men that wouldn’t give any of the women a tumble nor any women that would totally refuse any mans sexual needs.

In late 2012, just before Christmas, in the middle of the madness we were attacked. We were ready. Everyone carried a gun all the time every where. If you were caught without a gun you visited the wood shed and then went to Roses dispensary. We ALL knew how to use those guns. We were 50 people attacked by almost two hundred scavengers coming out of the mess on the west coast. When it was over we were 47 and we hunted every last one of our attackers down. Their heads rode the tops of our fence posts and nobody wanted to attack us again. Under each head was a sign that explained that this is what happens to anyone that attacked us or tried to steal from us. Jeremiah was one of the three casualties. He was the oldest and shouldn’t have been out running around like a fool trying to drag another casualty’s dead body back to safety.

We hunted our attackers down, buried our dead, mourned them and then burned the trash. What the fire didn’t get the coyotes and buzzards did. Life went on but now with me in the Alpha role with Rose. I didn’t want it but Rose had the right to chose and she felt I was the best suited. I am at thirty old enough to be respected but young enough to not threaten. Rose wanted a slightly softer approach than Jeremiah had insisted on.

Things were quiet for almost a week and then Cynthia and Bridgett were brought to me for judgment. Bridgett had probably been Jeremiah’s most frequent visitor to the wood shed. She was beautiful but high strung and tended to be argumentative. She had evidently decided that Cynthia because she was my wife before was putting on airs and being bossy now that I was the head man. I listened to both sides sent for a witness and decided that they were both wrong. Bridgett I condemned for her verbal attack and Cynthia for slapping her rather than walking away and reporting her problem. It was with a slightly sad heart that I took them both to the room in back that we called the wood shed. In it there was a padded horse (think wooden sawhorse but narrower and bolted to the floor with a padded top and handles that were required to be held or restraints would be used and the punishment repeated.

“Bridgett you started it so you are first. Strip and assume the position. You will get ten strokes for just plain being a bitch today.” She stripped and was shaking but I noted that her nipples were tight and as she bent over the horse and I made her spread her legs she was dripping wet. I picked up the strap that was kept for this purpose and told her sternly. “Hold the grips. Don’t move or dodge and count your licks. If you release the grips we will use the straps start all over again and add five to the count. Do you hear and understand.”

“Yes Matthew! I’m sorry.” She began to cry.

As each lick kissed her ass she screamed and then calmed a little and called the count. There was a long pause between 8 and 9 and again between 9 and 10 because she couldn’t stop crying long enough to get her breath. After the 10th I told her to carry her clothes in her arms and to walk across the compound and report her transgression to Rose. “If anyone sees you or you see anyone while going, you are to go to them bend over and ask them for a swat. Now get moving and tell Rose that Cynthia will be along shortly.” Crying hard she took her clothes and ran from the room. I barked at her, “I TOLD you to walk damn it!”

When she was gone I looked at Cynthia and shook my head. “Now why did you have to do this to me? You know that I can’t let you off and you also know that you don’t hit your sisters. YOU of all people should have known better. Strip and get on the horse! Ten for you too…and then something a little extra at the end!”

She began to cry and soon was lying across the horse shaking. I will admit it here in this private journal, I didn’t stroke her as hard as I did Bridget but I seriously doubt that she would believe that. Like Bridget she had trouble counting the last three strokes but when I landed the tenth I ordered her to “STAY, I’m not done with you yet. YOU should have done better and I expect better from you in the future! Do you hear me!”

“Yes sir I’m so sorrrrrry!” She wailed.

I pushed my pants down and slowly pressed my raging hard into her dripping wet pussy and gave her quite a few more slaps on the ass with my hips and a couple with the hard palm of my hand as I came and filled her with my cum!

Then I stepped back, “The same for you as it was for Bridget. Carry your clothes and walk to Rose. If you see ANYONE you are to go to them bend over spread your legs and ask them for TWO swats.”

She was crying but she stopped long enough to kiss me sweetly, “I love you Matthew. I realty am sorry.”

I love you too but am still not done with you. When Rose is done with you; you are to come to me. There is no reason to waste a cleaned out ass. I will spank you again to make it warm and then fuck it.”

She grinned at me through her tears. “Yes Sir. I will make sure Rose understands that she needs to prepare me for you.” I swatted her and she scurried but walked out.


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