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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 3

Jonathan had Alex undress so she was just in her nappies and plastic panties. He then ordered he to do some mundane tasks, suggesting that she sort through some of the household paperwork and file it away. She wondered if she could somehow get him to change her but he seemed completely detached like he had sold himself on the idea of not changing her until the allotted time this time round. To her disgust, the castor oil earlier administered came back with vengeance causing her to mess herself a little more. She hoped that this would be the last of the effects of the oil; she did not want to be messing herself all day.

As the afternoon drew on Jonathan came in to the room. “I want to change you soon, you’re starting to stink up the house. I think you need to earn it though or I’ll just have to put another nappy on top to make sure you don’t leak”

“How do I earn it, do you want me to beg?” Alex enquired

“Well that’s an idea but not what I had in mind”

“Do you want me to help relieve some of the pressure of looking after me…” Alex said as seductively as she could manage in her current state, believing she was catching on in some request to orally service him again.

“Ah ha, no. I was thinking that you should learn to enjoy your current predicament. After all, I don’t want to be selfish and have all the fun. You’ve been good for at least four hours, it’s like a record or something!” He joked.

Alex’s cheeks flushed thinking back to the briefest flash of arousal she had felt when he had caressed her nappies the day before. She felt humiliated at what he was suggesting but also emotional and devoted. Was he really trying to normalise the treatment she was receiving? Alex wondered if her being in this state was turning him on, clearly this control and power was pushing a few buttons for him.

Jonathan took Alex by the arm and led her to the dining room. He sat himself on one of the chairs with Alex stood above him facing him looking down. “You see it’s simple. I want you to accept that you do wrong and accept that this is my response. It’s part of me to want to treat you like this just to see you right, to build you into a better person” Jonathan pulled on Alex’s hands drawing her into him. He pulled her down by her body onto his knee. The messy nappies Alex was wearing pushed solidly into her as the weight transfered from her feet to Jonathan’s knee. The chair was relatively high and Jonathan was sat up in his chair leaving Alex’s legs to dangle off of the floor.

Without warning Jonathan thrust upwards with his knee and lifted her body with his strong arms. The upward motion caught Alex by surprise causing her to gasp a little. It was the effect of gravity as she came back down hard onto Jonathan’s knee that caused her the greatest of surprise though as Jonathan’s knee again pressed upwards into her dirty crotch. This continued for a few minutes at a rhythmic pace. The loathing of what was going on in her nappies was at the forefront of Alex’s mind but she could not help but find herself feeling so small and controlled. It was almost like Jonathan’s total control of her relaxed her somehow, she allowed herself to forget the adult feelings of what was happening to her.

She felt herself being turned and drawn over Jonathan’s lap. He began massaging and spanking her dirty nappied bum. It did not hurt as much as it was shameful and awkward with each blow reminding her exactly of what she’d done in her nappy. The blows continued to come down on her bottom and Alex felt herself wriggling on his knee. For some reason that she could not fathom she found this relaxing. Jonathan began to massage Alex between her legs causing her to kick out in protest but then, as the sheer mechanics of what was happening, the friction against her sensitive folds, began to her effect her she calmed down and allowed it to happen. For the first time in over a week Alex was beginning to feel turned on and she did not know what to do with the feelings, them being a mixture of utter indignity and growing arousal. The thought of ‘how can this be turning me on, it’s disgusting’ kept repeating in her mind yet the thought got quieter and quieter, being replaced with ‘oh my God, this feels good’. Alex heard herself and realised she was moaning softly, without her consent, “keep going, harder” escaped her mouth. Jonathan was only too pleased to oblige, his palm pushing furiously into her nappy. He had always been good at this, using his hands. The unthinkable happened; Alex felt herself orgasm under the continuous friction across her crotch. She came hard and was sure that everyone in the street probably knew it. Normally Jonathan would have cringed at the volume of the sounds she was making but he too seemed lost in the moment to even care what Mr & Mrs Jones thought next door.

For a moment, Jonathan allowed Alex to lie over his lap catching her breath back. She was red from the utter shame of what she had just allowed to happen. Jonathan picked her up and sat her onto his knee like Santa would sit a small child. He looked at her in the eyes, whispering “I love you baby girl” to her. Alex felt herself well up “I’m sorry Jonathan, I’m sorry for being a bad person, a bad girlfriend to you” she said with genuine conviction.

“It’s OK, I think you’ve learnt something this weekend” Jonathan replied “now I’ve really got to change you, you stink!” Jonathan said in a cheerful manner, changing the tone.

Jonathan led Alex to the bathroom and laid her on the floor. He unlocked her plastic panties and pulled them down her legs and removed them from her. He then untapped the top tabs on her first nappy. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t I get in the shower first? I don’t feel very clean,” Alex asked.

“Er no, you’re fine their little one. I am going to clean you up and then you can shower”

“But Jonathan, I don’t think you want to… It’s not going to be very nice. I can just shower it all off”

“No, I think I want to do it this way. Nothing that comes from you can be that bad can it? And besides, it’s not like I’ve not seen your poo before is it? Remember last Christmas?”

Alex cringed at the thought. Last Christmas she had been to a work function and had ended up sharting a lot whilst Jonathan held her hair back whilst she worshipped the ivory throne due the copious shots of Tequila she had consumed that evening. “I guess” is all she could manage in a tiny voice.

Jonathan left the room momentarily. He came armed with a box of Pampers baby wipes and a black bin bag from the kitchen. He undid the tapes of her outer nappy and let it flop down to the front of her. It was heavy with urine that had permeated through and with each layer Jonathan took off, the smell intensified. Jonathan seemed un-phased however and continued to work. Alex noticed he was not even wearing any gloves and was sure he would freak out if he got anything on his hand. As he undid the tapes on the inner nappy, a growing sense of dread grew inside of Alex; despite the fact he had made her do this, she was concerned that he would be repulsed by her, that he would get up and run out of the room because of what she had done.

Prophetic as ever, Jonathan spoke calmly as the last tape was undone “remember Alex, nothing bad, its just poop. I’ll have you cleaned up soon enough”. Jonathan pulled the front of the nappy down, resting it on top of the first. Alex felt the cool air on her waist and hips and a shiver ran down her spine. It was fair to say the smell was strong and Jonathan set to work not a moment too soon. He used a large clump of toilet paper to clean her as best as he could and then set above methodically cleaning her nappy area with the cold Pampers wipes. Alex studied Jonathan’s face carefully, despite the task he was doing, she could not read any sign of disgust or repulse on his face. All she could see was utter concentration as he meticulously used wipe after wipe to clean her. Alex gasped as he pulled her still-swollen lips apart to apply the baby wipe carefully down them. He did this several times; clearly wanting to make sure the area was extra clean! Jonathan then took both of her legs in his arms and brought them towards her shoulders, lifting her lower back off of the nappy. He used toilet paper and wipes to remove the last of the mess from her. Jonathan then rolled up the used nappies and placed them into the black bin liner, tying a large knot in it.

Jonathan got up and stood Alex up. He took her over to the shower and switched it on. Jonathan allowed Alex to begin to clean herself whilst he got undressed and joined her in the shower. Helping her wash her hair, the shower soon turned into a more righteous affair with some of the hottest shower sex they had ever experienced. It was clear to her that what had happened this weekend was not only changing for her but also empowering for Jonathan who kept the act up until the very end, some 30 minutes later. He stood out of the shower first, grabbing a large towel for Alex. He wrapped it around her and they walked to the bedroom, both collapsing into the king-sized bed in utter exhaustion.

Jonathan stood himself up and went to get something. He came back with a small tube of cream and approached Alex with it. “I’m going to put some cream on you, you look a bit red down there. I don’t want you developing a bad case of nappy rash.” It was true, as the post-sex haze began to wear off, Alex felt a prickly heat come from between her thighs. The cream was cold but instantly soothed the affected area. “Just one more thing” Jonathan said. He walked over to the brown box still sat where he had placed it the day before and pulled out a small plastic package. It was purple and Alex immediately recognised it as a bag of children’s pull-ups. He opened the bag and took one out, tossing it across the room to Alex. “Put this on, I think they’re kind of cute. You can use the toilet if you need to go”. Alex was none to happy to be putting on another nappy but obliged, sliding the small pull-up up her legs. It stretched over her bottom, surprisingly fitting her well. It felt comparatively normal in comparison to the thick and heavy nappies she had been wearing all day.

Jonathan then joined her on the bed and the pair passed in each other’s arms for several hours. The rest of the evening was quiet with them both eating a light meal and watching some TV. Before going to bed, Jonathan was careful to remove the used nappies from the house, venturing out into the cold winter’s night to deposit them in the bin outside “Maybe I should make you take your own nappies out next time” Jonathan joked as Alex stood in the kitchen in her pull-up and one of Jonathan’s gym t-shirts.

Monday morning came around and as usual, Jonathan was up bright and early. He packed for his business trip aware in the capital in his usual methodical manner. Going through his mental checklist, he was anticipating getting there and checked in to his hotel early so he could work on his presentation that was due to be done over the weekend. He knew it would hellish drive and was dashing around to get out early. Alex was stirring just as he zipped his small designer suitcase up and placed it by the stairs ready to go.

“Good morning sleepy head”

“Morning” was all Alex could manage in response.

“You’d best get up, you’ll be late for work” Jonathan was forever nagging her about her time keeping. Despite the fact she always wanted to know where he was and what he was doing at any given point in the day, she could not keep appointments and her boss had even complained to him that she was late for work often.

Alex groaned, pulling herself from the warm duvet covers. She set about getting herself ready for work applying her expensive makeup before turning to clothing. As she went to dress in her trouser suit and crisply ironed blouse, she stopped, realising she was still wearing the pull up. “Can I take this off now?” She asked.

“You can, but then I want you to put a new one on. I want you to wear one under your clothes whilst you’re at work each day this week to remind you of this weekend”

Alex did not want to wear the pull-up to work but figured it would not be a problem as she could use the bathroom when she wanted and the pull-up was not even that thick.

With a goodbye kiss, Jonathan hurried out of the door and out to his car. Alex heard it pull away with a slight wheel spin on the gravelled driveway. Alex let her mind drift for a while. She still had a little time to go before she made the short trip into work. Having finished dressing she looked herself up and down in the mirror, seeing no evidence of her childlike underwear she was happy. She wondered over to the brown box and looked at the packages in there, the two bags of nappies still looking quite full, she wondered how long this would go on for or whether indeed things had changed for good. Dwelling on the thought Alex headed out for work.

Work passed at a normal Monday-morning pace. She found herself quite relaxed as she shifted through the outstanding jobs that had accumulated over the weekend, successfully distributing most of the work to her small but dedicated team. Around midday she found herself needing to pee and for a moment she almost began to wet her pull-up before realising this was a bad idea and using the bathroom. Alex finished Monday at work and enjoyed an evening by herself at home, using the time to speak with family on Skype before speaking to Jonathan who was sat in a hotel room in London.

Much like Tuesday, Alex had a relatively normal morning of work when her boss appeared asking to borrow her for a minute. He ushered her towards his plushly decorated office, holding the door open for her as they got there, rather than walking through the doorway and reaching back to hold the door for her, he stood almost entirely in the doorway like some kind of nightclub doorman, staring at her, waiting for her to walk through.

The way he did this did not leave Alex feeling particularly comfortable. Despite his kind manner and generosity towards his staff, the boss had eyes that tended to wonder and unbeknown to Alex, it was more than his eyes that she had to be careful of. As Alex passed him in the doorway he moved in close behind her as if to follow her into the office but as he did so, his hand subtly but definitely brushed against her juvenile-clad backside in a move that was not particularly smooth.

It was more than what could be described as an accidental hand brush, a flick of the wrist taken in one's stride accidentally making contact with the person in front, but not so obvious to be a 'grope' or an outright charge of criminal sexual assault. Never the less, it was deliberate and sole-destroying to Alex who was normally very confident in herself but was suddenly left feeling empty and dejected. Alex felt herself flush with rage, questioning what right did he have to do that to her, why her, why now, why now when she was wearing a pull-up of all times. It was not the first time this had happened to her but this was different, this was a breach of trust she had in her employer (she had once almost been thrown out of a pub for throwing her drink over a drunken male who had grabbed backside. It wasn't until the door staff saw his attitude that they congratulated her and kicked him out; with him getting arrested moments later for shouting and swearing about 'that fucking whore' at the female police officer stood outside).

She wanted to scream at him, to slap him around the face, to threaten to sue him for everything he owned for sexual misconduct towards her. Despite this, she externally remained calm taking a deep breath, she decided to put him straight, to call him out. A lot was at stake including her future at the company but Alex was not going to stand for it, "Mr Granger, I do not think that was necessary!" she began.

Taken aback by his game being rumbled he immediately denied any wrong doing "What wasn't? I didn't touch you" he muttered, his face going red.

"Yet you know that touching me is exactly what I am upset about. Despite the fact that you are the boss, the person who pays my wage and the guy who invited me to his kid's graduation party, I can't just let you do that. If you ever do that again, not only will I go to the authorities but I'll take you to court for sexual harassment" Alex said, feeling she had made herself sufficiently clear.

"I'm, I am sorry" the boss choked "I didn't mean anything by it, it's just... I won't let it happen again. I'm so sorry" the boss shamefully apologised.

"You'd best not, I know your wife's mobile number and I won't hesitate to tell her if me or my staff have any such issues again. Clear?"

"Yes, I see" the boss replied sternly, suitably contrite to satisfy Alex that the message had been received loud a clear.

Bringing the topic back round to business, the boss motioned for her to sit down on the chair in front of his desk and sat down himself in the large ‘executive’ chair he had ordered as a ‘business expense’. He immediately began to drone on regarding the payment of invoices and Excel spreadsheets. Alex did all she could to help him, but the thought of what had just happened replayed over and over in her mind. She began to think what would have happened if he had actually groped her and discovered her padded state. Would he have told everyone about it, how would she feel about making a serious complaint to police or The Solicitor's Regulation Authority about being groped whilst wearing a child's pull-up? After an hour, the meeting ended and Alex excused herself out of his office before he could get up or get anywhere near her. She went straight to the company bathroom and removed her pull up, shoving it into her handbag. Despite the fact that she was almost certain she would have no further problems from the boss, the thought of someone discovering her pull-up plagued her to an extent where she was willing to not do as she had been told. She went back to work and got on with the rest of her day.

Skyping Jonathan that evening, she did not tell him about the incident with her boss, not wanting to bring him into it, after all he and her boss were friends. “So how’s the pull-ups treating you?” Jonathan asked.

“Er yeah, good, no problems” Alex adlibbed.

“Good, well I want you to keep wearing them until I get back?”

“Yeah no problem, I don’t mind them at all” Alex outright lied, now making a conscious decision to not tell Jonathan about her not wearing them.

“Well that’s nice. Perhaps we’ll keep some for you then”

Alex cringed, not wanting to talk herself into nappies voluntarily! “So when will you be back?” Alex asked, changing the subject.

“On Thursday sometime I should think but it’s all a bit up in the air at the minute. There could be some changes, dropping me backwards of forwards depending on how the conference with the South Africans go. Lots of money to be made…” Jonathan continued talking for a minute or two further. Alex was still thinking about her pull-ups and had not really heard what he had said past “Thursday” and replied, “OK, that sounds good”

Jonathan was a bit taken back by her response considering he had finished his sentence “and some bloke had a tooth knocked out” but put it down to her being tired and as usual, not listening thoroughly. "Is everything OK Alex?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes it's all fine" Alex said with a degree of finality that Jonathan would not question further. He wished her goodnight and set about some late night shopping in the capital. Alex took herself to bed.

The next morning, Alex decided she was not going to wear a pull-up to work. She did not see the point and did not want to embarrass herself in front of anyone.She knew Jonathan was not back until Thursday so she figured she would just put one on before leaving work then. The morning at work was largely uneventful and Alex left the office to eat lunch with a few co-workers at her favourite Italian restaurant across the road. She ate a large pizza and felt full as she wondered across the road with her colleagues. As she entered the office, she did not spot Jonathan’s BMW parked opposite the office.

She wondered up into the office and suddenly felt her heart drop and her stomach churn. There Jonathan was, stood chatting like an old school chum with her boss. They immediately spotted her and beckoned her over. Alex trudged over like a school child that had been caught smoking behind the bike sheds. “Alex! I’ve just been having the most interesting of chats with Jonathan here!” the boss’ voice boomed. For a moment Alex assumed Jonathan had told him about her nappied weekend but to her relief, the boss continued “He says we should get a company twitty account” the boss said, misnaming the social media site having clearly not understood what it was all about.

“Oh yeah? Sounds like a good idea” Alex said non-committedly, hoping she could get back to her office and find her pull-up whilst they continued to talk.

Jonathan just smiled at Alex and continued “I’m sure you’ll have to explain it a bit better than I can to the old boy” Jonathan smooched sending the boss into a fit of giggles. “So how about a game off golf next week?” the boss continued.

Seizing her moment Alex sauntered off to her office, closing the door behind her. She saw her large handbag on the floor behind her desk where she had left it and ran over to it. She was going to have to be quick to get away with this. She opened her bag and began to poke through it, looking for the pull-up. Only the pull-up was not in her bag! Not believing her own eyes Alex frantically searched through the bag, pulling her purse and other contents out and stacking them on her desk. She began to look around her office, somehow believing that she must have put it in a draw or something and then forgot about the fact.

She ran over the filing cabinet and opened the draw. Nothing was there except a pile of papers and folders that she began to look through. She did not notice Jonathan enter the office silently as she was so worked up. He closed the door with an audible click behind him. Alex stood bolt up and turned in terror. Before she could even say anything, she spotted the worn pull-up in his hand. “Looking for something? You really need to listen more carefully” Jonathan asked.

“I I I can explain!” Alex squealed.


“I had to take it off, it was irritating me” Alex lied through her teeth.

“I see, and how long has that been happening?”

“Since yesterday”

“Since yesterday when you told me it was all fine?”

“Ye.. No I mean today” Alex failed badly.

“I see, so you didn’t text me or call me to speak about it?”

“I’ve been busy all day”

“So busy that you had an hour to spend getting pizza?” Jonathan enquired.

“I, I, I” was all Alex could manage.

Like a criminal being interviewed, Jonathan developed the account further with Alex, giving her more and more rope with witch to hang herself. “So you took this off earlier today because it was irritating you?”

“Yesss” Alex replied

“So when you told me everything was OK yesterday, it was?”

“Yes” Alex replied confidently

“So you put this pull-up freshly on today and took it off at lunch time?”


“And you wore a new pull-up on Monday and Tuesday?”

Sensing danger, Alex knew she had to reply quickly to remain credible “Yes”.

“So that means then you used one pull-up on Sunday night, one on Monday, one yesterday and one today, so four in total?”

“I guess” Alex replied, doing the simple math in her head.

“So out of the bag of 20 that were at home, there will be 16 left when I go and count them in a minute?”

Alex realised there would be 17 left in the packet. She had been caught and she knew it. She was left flabbergasted and did not reply.

“Alex? It’s not like the telly dear, you don’t have the right to remain silent” Jonathan said gently with an edge of jeopardy on his voice.

“I don’t know” was all Alex could manage.

“You seemed confident 10 seconds ago. I know you’re a bright girl, the math isn’t that hard.” Jonathan continued. “Well we can always get to the bottom of this another way?” Jonathan said spanking Alex’s trouser-clad bottom once “although I’m not sure what your colleagues would think of you getting a spanking at work. I am also guessing you’re not wearing underwear either then as you wouldn’t need to if you had pull-ups?”

Of course she was wearing underwear, a lacy thong that was part of an expensive set from a designer store in the States. She knew she had been caught out, there was no way Jonathan would believe she had worn her expensive lingerie over her pull-ups. He also had her on the number thing. Utterly defeated by Jonathan’s analytical deduction skills, Alex conceded defeat. “It’s not quite right” Alex said sounding like a small child.

“Oh? What isn’t quite right”

“What I said before. There will be 17 pull-ups in the bag”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I didn’t wear one at all today”

“I see, why not?”

Alex proceeded to tell Jonathan about her encounter with her boss.

Jonathan took it all in, listening carefully, he let her finish. “So despite the fact that you were upset, that you had a perfectly good reason to probably make me want to reconsider this whole thing until I got back (and I probably would have driven back last night), you sat and lied to me. You've lied to me for the past five minutes and all last night on Skype? And then you disobeyed me. If I tell you to wear nappies, short of visiting the Accident & Emergency Department, you wear nappies until you're told otherwise."

Alex just stood looking at the floor, not know what to say.

"I know your boss Alex and I believe what you're saying albeit by outright lying to me, you've made it harder for me. I don't know how to trust you. How can I be sure that you're telling the truth? At least he will certainly think again before doing anything like this again. Also, do you really think I want your whole office to know what's going on with your punishment when you're being good, was there any reason to actually lie to me? You mean everything to me but I cannot be lied to." Jonathan said with a degree of finality. “I guess I know now that there's probably a reason why your boss was so happy to let you have the rest of this afternoon off, no questions asked when I asked him earlier. I was going to take you somewhere nice if you'd not have lied to me but instead, you're going to be punished.”

Suddenly it all became very real to Alex. Jonathan was going to take her home and punish her. How could she have been so stupid? How could she have lied to him? She began to cry; “Please Jonathan, it was a mistake. I told you what happened in the end, it’s the truth”

“Truth or not, you still lied to me and that has to have consequences. I guarantee you will not like those consequences. Now I suggest you get some work done, you’ve got 30 minutes left yet. I’ll be back in a little while”

Alex just sat staring at her computer screen trying to regain her composure lest a colleague walk in and ask her why she had been crying. After 10 minutes, Jonathan returned, pulling the office door closed almost completely but not entirely.

“Get on the floor, take your trousers down” Jonathan ordered.

Alex could see the door was slightly ajar and was terrified someone would walk in but obeyed, lying down on the floor. She saw Jonathan pull on a blue nitrile glove, it snapping loudly on his hand as he released it. He then reached into his pocket, producing a familiar green box. Alex immediately recognised the suppository box from the weekend’s torment.

“No, no, I don’t want suppositories” Alex whined, tears forming in her eyes.

“Do you think that matters? You don’t get to fucking lie to me” Jonathan spoke firmly. “You’re getting four right now and you’ll be holding them until you leave work and getting home or you’ll be extremely sorry. Now hold your hand out”

Alex did as she was told, extending her open palm outwards. Jonathan opened the suppository packaging and handed Alex the first suppository. “Now put that in”. Alex gasped; he wanted her to put them in?

Shaking, Alex took the jelly-like plug from Jonathan and got onto her hands and knees, she began to move slowly towards her back passage with it. Jonathan stopped her “I suggest you lick it first to make sure it’s lubricated” Alex stopped and licked the suppository. It had a sweet taste to it that Alex could not quite place. She took it and slowly pushed it into her opening, moving her lacy thong aside with her other hand. She pushed the suppository in but as soon as she withdrew the suppository began to push out of her. Seeing this, Jonathan provided the solution; his gloved index finger immediately pushing the suppository deeply into her rectum. Rather than withdrawing his finger, Jonathan kept it there. With his other hand, he handed Alex the next suppository. She repeated the ritual of licking it and when she went to put it in, Jonathan withdrew his finger allowing Alex insert her suppository before ramming it home with his finger again.

This was repeated for the next two suppositories leaving four inside her along with Jonathan’s finger. He kept it there for a minute or two, not saying anything, just letting Alex dwell on what was happening to her. He then withdrew his finger; inspecting it he saw the familiar tinge of brown on it. “I see you’ve not been going to the bathroom regularly either. We’ll have to sort that out once again won’t we?” Alex cringed, her stomach rolling at the thought of the heavy dose of castor oil she had received last time. Jonathan then handed her the pull-up. “Put this on but I warn you that if you come home, messy there will be big trouble and you’ll be wearing that pull-up all night”. He watched as Alex kicked her healed shoes and trousers off and began to pull her thong down.

“Oh you can leave that on under your pull-up, as an incentive not to shit yourself on the way home” Jonathan ordered.

Dejected and utterly humiliated Alex pulled the pull-up over her thong and onto her hips. She replaced her trousers and shoes just as Jonathan headed to the door.

“I’ll see you in 20 minutes at home. In case it’s not obvious, don’t you dare use the bathroom or your rear end with regret it for the next week and you’ll be coming here everyday in double nappies and locking panties” Jonathan threatened her. The thought of that was enough to put Alex off the idea and she just sat at her desk watching Jonathan leave the office. She crossed her legs staring at her computer screen. She did not have a chance of getting anything done, the suppositories already making themselves well-known on her stomach full of salad and pizza. The invasion by Jonathan’s finger had loosened her up and she was sure she would shit herself any minute. The clock hand moved slowly on the radio clock on the wall. She sat clenching every muscle in her body, she thought even a slight movement would see her mess herself.

To her relief the initial displacement in her bowels passed and she was able to relax for a few minutes whilst the chemical intruders melted on her insides. How could he have made her do this to herself? She realised that getting home without loosing any more of her dignity would be a problem.

The time passed slowly. Finally and much to Alex’s relief the clock hit he hour and she jumped up before immediately sitting herself back down, clamping down on every muscle in her body to stop it from happening. She stood up gingerly this time and grabbed her coat and bag, shuffling out of the office. She made towards the exit, not intending to even speak to anyone.

Just as she got to the door, she heard a colleague call out for her “Alex, I can’t get the calendar to sync, how do you do it again?” the older female dryly questioned. It was like the third time Alex had shown her how to do this but she was not in a position to get into an argument with her right now. Begrudgingly, Alex turned around and shuffled over to the desk to help her subordinate with the mundane piece of clerical work. It only took her a minute before she was able to leave the office. The stairs were particularly tricky as with each one she felt her butt cheeks separate slightly, sending her behind into spasm with the change. She got to her car and sat down, finding a moment of relief. The amount of chemicals in her bowels soon began to cause her to cramp and without a moment’s further notice; Alex started her car and began the journey home.

The journey was slow with traffic leaving from the nearby schools. Every light seemed to go red as Alex approached and she found herself bouncing on her seat screaming “come on” loudly. She got home and ran to the house. Jonathan’s car was at home but the door was locked. Not anticipating this, she frantically searched through her handbag looking for the bunch of keys she had just thrown in there. To her relief Jonathan opened the door. He towered over her due to his height and the step up into the house.

“You’d best come in, you look like you’re about to pop” Jonathan joked.

“Ahhh, I need to use the bathroom now”

“Bathroom? Why would you need a bathroom?” Jonathan enquired sincerely.

“Because I’m about to shit myself”

“I have a better idea. I want to try my new toys from the stores in London” Jonathan said and led her into the dining room. He ordered her to get undressed, taking every item of clothing and the pull-up off her. On the dining table were a few items Alex did not immediately recognise and a few she did. First of all was the ball-gag from the bedroom. Jonathan picked it up and applied the ball to her mouth, fastening the leather strap tightly around her head effectively silencing her. Alex was by this point hoping, she really did not want to poo on the dining room floor. The next item was a Tena nappy from upstairs. Jonathan ordered her to get on the ground and applied it to her. She noticed he applied the tapes tightly causing the nappy to bite into her skin. He then applied several wraps of grey duct tape around the nappy, sealing her into it.

Jonathan set about applying the item she had not see before. It looked like a 60cm wooden broom handle with a black cuff on either end. He stood her up and told her to spread her legs. Nimbly complying, in case she messed herself, Alex did as ordered. Jonathan immediately applied a cuff to each leg, forcing them to be kept apart; he then reached between her legs and adjusted the leg gatherers of her nappy. With Alex stood in the middle of the room, he pulled her hands behind her back and applied a set of cuffs, binding her wrists together.

Jonathan stood back for a moment admiring his handy work. He then picked up one of the heavy dining chairs without armrests and set it between Alex’s legs. The spreader bar was in-between the front and back legs. “Sit” he ordered. Alex complied letting the weight go down through her knees and onto her backside. The position was quite uncomfortable as her knees were bent with her legs secured underneath her by her weight on the hair. He then took her arms and brought them behind the back of the chair. A leather belt around her stomach and the back of the chair was tightened cruelly causing herself to almost lose it there and then. For the final part of the trap, he took a piece of rope, tying it to the chain attaching Alex’s wrist cuffs to the spreader bar underneath the chair. Alex was not totally immobile but could not stand up from the chair by more than a centimetre without putting a stress on her arms and causing the belt to push into her bloated stomach. She tested her bonds rigorously, much to Jonathan’s amusement.

Jonathan took a second chair and sat it facing her. He sat himself down facing her around one meter away. She stopped struggling and made eye contact with him, doing her best to plead with her eyes, she welled up with the tears. The only sound she could make a muffled “mmmmfph”. Jonathan sat watching her, he wore a wry smile and after a moment of silence said “do you like the chair?” Alex shook her head making further muffled sounds.

“Well don’t lie to me then” and with that Jonathan was silent. He just sat watching Alex who was naked apart from her nappy and bonds.

Alex’s attention was drawn away from Jonathan, her need to defecate now an absolute emergency. There was no way he was going to let her up; she would have to do it in this position, tied to a chair with nowhere to go. She pushed upwards with her knees getting her bottom barely a centimetres from the seat and felt her bowels release. She stared at Jonathan, her muscles fraught from the position she was holding herself in as the liquid chemical from the suppositories leaked into her waiting nappy. She then felt an uncontrollable urge to push. For a second the mess came out but was then stopped by the hard surface of the chair. Alex realised that this would not be easy, feeling herself stop partway through, although the desperate urge to push still existing. There was nothing for it except to push harder allowing the soft mess to force its way through the small channels between her skin and nappy. Along the front of her nappy and towards the back is where it ended up. Alex uncomfortably continued to push despite there seemingly being nothing more to come out. He knees were trembling from the sustained effort to keep herself lifted and with vital blood being delivered to her help push, he knees failed and she dropped into the seat of the chair, pushing her now dirty nappies against her with force. Utterly beaten there was nothing to do but cry loudly through her gag, pausing every few minutes as a cramp hit her forcing her to grunt loudly as her body tried to eject the last of the chemical intruders from her backside.

Jonathan had sat watching intently as Alex worked as hard as she could to mess herself in this position. After five minutes he stood up and undid the rope attaching her cuffs to the spreader bar and removed the spreader bar, instead attaching the ankle cuffs to the front legs of the chair. He then clipped her wrist cuffs to the corner dowels, this securely her to the chair. To her surprise he picked up the whole chair with her still attached and took her over the corner leaving her to face the wall.

“You will sit here until you learn not to lie to me.” Jonathan said.