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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 4

Alex stared intently at the wall. She could move more now but would not be able to stand up without knocking herself over. Alex fidgeted trying to get comfortable. The whole chair was uncomfortable; she had always thought this ever since she made Jonathan buy them, purely for the rustic look of them. The contoured base was making her nappy uncomfortable as it pressed against her. The suppositories were still occasionally making her cramp as she felt the need to push again. Much like the need to be sick on an empty stomach, there was no result but the feeling passed.

Alex wondered how long Jonathan intended to keep her secured in the corner. It had probably only been 15 minutes but the boredom was killing her. She could not even hear Jonathan, she assumed he was in his office using the computer, probably looking for more ways to humiliate and embarrass her.

To Alex’s surprise Jonathan came in after 30 minutes. He approached behind Alex and reached in front of her grabbing the front of her nappy. “You’re wet I see” was all Jonathan said before he pulled the chair back into the centre of the room. He unclipped her cuffs, ball gag and the belt that secured tightly around her waist. He told her to stand up and gripped her tightly around her left arm. Jonathan dragged her to the bedroom where he sat on the edge of the bed.

“Get over my knee now” Jonathan ordered.

“I don’t want to be spanked, not like this again, please” Alex whined.

“Anything else?”

“No, I…”

“Get over my knee, do not make me tell you again”

Alex complied placing herself over Alex’s imposing knee. He immediately grabbed her, pulling her arm behind her back he back to spank her messy nappy as hard as he could. This was not like before; Alex could really feel the hits on her bum, especially as he was aiming for her thighs. He then grabbed the top of Alex’s nappy lifting it away from her bum. Peering inside, he remarked, “Wow, you have sure pooped that, that’s where lies get you”

Jonathan pulled the top of her nappy tightly, giving her a messy nappy wedgy. He then continued the assault on her backside. Alex was crying from the shame of what was happening and was relieved when Jonathan stopped. He stood up and marched he through to the bathroom. She watched as Jonathan pulled on some blue nitrile gloves and then ordered her to spread her legs. Alex did so, feeling the mess inside drop off her into the nappy. Jonathan then undid all four tapes and the nappy feel the floor leaving it’s messy contents on display to Alex who felt repulsed by it. He ordered her into the shower, switching the showerhead onto full power. Jonathan then blasted Alex’s crotch and behind. She shrieked, the water was tepid at best and the powerful needles of water bit into her sensitive skin with a knife-like force. Unlike before there was no love and attention, he was simply blasting the poop off of her. Jonathan did not even use any soap.

As soon as the mess was removed from her, Jonathan grabbed Alex and led her back into the bedroom. He placed an old towel across his legs and pulled Alex back over his knee. He began spanking her hard on the bare buttocks. This hurt lots more than it had over the dirty nappy. Alex was determined to tune the pain out and managed for a while whilst Jonathan continued to spank her. Sensing the pain was not getting through, Jonathan stopped and reached over to the dresser, he took Alex’s wooden hairbrush and began to hit her with it. Alex began to cry in pain. Her bottom was glowing red with pain as the onslaught continued.

“I don’t wanna hear it anymore” Jonathan remarked getting up and leaving the room. He returned with the ball gag and secured it tightly around her mouth. As soon as it was secured, he took her over his knee, this time hitting her bottom with a wooden spoon he had found in the kitchen. By time he was done, Alex was a kicking and screaming mess, her bottom sure to be bruised. Jonathan then ordered her to lie over the end of the bed. “You are going to take 10 hits of the belt”

Alex felt herself well up with fear “Mmmmmmmph” she screeched into her gag.

“And if you move or resist, I’ll make it 20” Jonathan said, undoing his heavy black leather belt from his trousers.

The first hit caught Alex by surprise; she stood up rubbing her bottom in pain. “Get back over the bed now!” Jonathan barked. Alex reluctantly complied, the second hit coming before she was ready. Jonathan hit her a third time, the belt cracking loudly this time. There was a moment of pause Alex dare not look back. She felt herself tense waiting for the fourth hit but it did not come, as soon as she relaxed a little it came, causing her to jump up and rub her bottom again.

This continued for a number of minutes as Jonathan delivered the next six spanks. Alex was crying genuine tears of pain. Jonathan sat on the bed and pulled Alex into him, rubbing her red backside gently “The spanking’s over, I hope you know that this was all of your own doing. I know what you boss did to you was wrong but two wrongs do not make a right, you must tell me when something is wrong. I know you don’t want the physical punishment and humiliation of your nappies and spanking but I also know you want to change, to prove to me you can be a better person”

With that Jonathan put Alex on her back on the bed. Jonathan then left the room. He then returned carrying her butt plug and tube of lubrication, he applied it to the plug and said “I’m going to plug your bottom for now”. Alex felt the sensation of the plug pushing against her behind. She never liked this part, it making her panic a little as the plug got wider and wider and went in further and further. With her plugged, Alex let her eyes close, still trying to tune the situation out., Jonathan had left the room again.

“Lift” she heard Jonathan say as he returned. She did as she was told, lifting her bum high off of the bed. “And down” Alex let her bottom relax. She was expecting to feel the plastic leg gatherers of a new nappy but instead she felt something cold and wet. She then smelt a horrendous smell. She realised too late that Jonathan was taping her into her well-used nappy. He pulled the front over her tightly causing the mess the squash into her reddened cheeks.

“Like I said before, you will stay in this until you learn not to lie” Jonathan clarified. Jonathan then pulled his belt around Alex’s waist, tightening it up over the top of the nappy. “Stand up and spread your legs he ordered”

Alex stood from the bed, allowing her legs to part slightly. She saw Jonathan rustling through his chest of drawers. He was holding a canvas belt, the sort with no belt holes but just a piece of canvas fabric and a clasp. “Spread them more, hands above your head”. Alex complied, expecting the belt in his hand to be used on her arms. She felt him put his hands between the belt around her nappy and the back of the nappy. He then slid the canvas belt down the gap he had created. He drew the long canvas tail between her legs and around the front of the leather belt before taking it back to the clasp. She gasped a he pulled the canvas belt tighten around her nappy, forcing the mess against her and the plug deeper into her behind. “Get right down on your knees” Jonathan ordered.

Alex complied, allowing herself to go down onto her needs. From this position, Jonathan was able to pull the belt tighter into her. “You can stand up now, put your hands down”. As Alex stood up, the canvas belt pushed further into her, neatly carving her buttocks in half and pushing the plug into her as far as it would go. Jonathan then dressed her in her locking plastic panties, clicking the lock at the rear.

“Now I suggest you make yourself useful or I’ll make you go and stand in the shed” Jonathan said. “Go and do some washing or something”, he added. With her ball gag still in place, Alex could not argue. She waddled off downstairs.