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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 2

They left the house together, Jonathan setting the burglar alarm of the house with the keypad in the kitchen. “Would be a shame if someone broke in and stole your nappies” Jonathan joked.

“Wouldn’t it just” Alex said silently to herself. To her surprise, Jonathan took her by the hand, his fingers interlocking with hers. He led her down the garden path pausing briefly to look at her car. Alex prayed that there was not a mark on it from her escapades the night before.

“It’s nappies for you this time but maybe next time you’ll be walking to work in them as well. In fact I am almost tempted to ban you from driving until you prove yourself ready”

Alex cringed at the thought. He had humiliated her already, how could he take her independence from her too?

They got to Jonathan’s car, the alarm bleeping and the front lights illuminating softly as he pressed the button on the fob. Alex went to the front seat passenger door.

“I think you’d best sit in the back” Jonathan spoke affirmatively.

“Fine” Alex said pulling open the back door and getting in. She slammed it closed behind her.

“That’s one warning young lady. If I have to warn you again, you will regret it. Clear?” Jonathan said having sat down in the front.

“Yesss, I’m sorry” Alex huffed.

“Good then we’ll say no more about it for now”

With that Jonathan started the car, giving a blip of the accelerator the car’s 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine roared into life. Engaging the gearbox into reverse he took the car out of the carport and began their journey. The car’s radio system fired into life taking a stream of classical music from Jonathan’s iPhone. It came on loud. Alex hated this music, she would much rather listen to Radio 1 but she thought it best not to complain. After Jonathan let the level of music go down, Alex asked “so where are we going?”

“Well I thought we would go to the shopping mall on the Sandford retail park, look at a few shops, perhaps get something to eat and after that get some shopping”

It was quite unusual for them to go shopping together. Jonathan preferred to order what he needed online with his clothing purchased from stores in London. Alex on the other hand loved to go to the shopping malls and stretch the credit card, much to Jonathan’s annoyance when her salary didn’t cover it leaving him to foot the bill. Still the thought of trudging around the mall in her nappy put a dampener on her desire to spend anyway.

They arrived and Jonathan parked in a space in the overflow car park. It was out of the way with only a few other empty cars parked there. “Are you going to be a good girl in mall and not make a mess in your nappy Alexandra?” Jonathan asked condescendingly.

“No, I’m going to shit myself in Marks & Spencer” Alex immediately regretted the sarcastic remark as Jonathan jumped out of the driver’s seat, letting the door of the unyielding slice of German engineering slam close. He walked around to the passenger door. Alex wanted to open it and jump out, maybe even run away yet when she tried the door she found it to be locked. Rattling the door frantically like a girl from an old horror movie she looked at Jonathan like a rabbit in headlights as he approached.

“Heh, child locks for little children” Jonathan remarked dryly opening the door. He reached in pushing Alex across the backseat. “As ever, you have to choose the hard way don’t you Alexandra? Role over”

Alex did as she told. Jonathan reached tugged on her jeans pulling them down to her knees. Roughly he pulled the nappy down slightly. He then spanked her 10 times with his hand. “Don’t think I won’t spank you no matter where we are. Stay there” Jonathan went to the boot and retrieved something. Alex could not see what he was doing and then she heard him say “just relax, it’s gone some lube on it”.

Almost immediately she felt pressure on her back passage. It felt bigger than the suppositories Jonathan had given her earlier that day. She realised that this was a familiar sensation. Jonathan was putting a butt plug into her bottom! As aforementioned they had experimented with anal play before but this was different. This was not arousing in the slightest; it was humiliating and rough. After what seemed like an eternity, the girth of the plug decreased as Alex felt her bottom pull the flanged end against her. Jonathan gave it a little tug causing Alex to gasp loudly.

“Good, that ought to keep you from smelling the place out little miss poo pants. Perhaps we’ll pop it out later though” Jonathan seemed pleased with his work.

“I’m not going to poop myself, do you think I’m eight or something?”

“You’re certainly not going to poop yourself with that in but if you somehow manage it, I’ll find something bigger for next time. Also if you talk back to me one more time you’ll regret it”

With that, Jonathan pulled her nappy back and repositioned it before ordering Alex to pull her jeans back up and get out of the car. She got out and Jonathan took her hand tightly. More than ever she became self-conscious about her nappied condition, slightly aware that the plug was making her waddle strangely, she made a conscious condition to walk properly.

“I want you to tell me when you wet your nappy, regardless of who we are with” Jonathan said. Alex knew that this was not a request it was an order. He continued, “to make sure you’re doing as you’re told, I’ll check your nappy regularly”.

They walked into the crowded shopping centre. Alex never usually came on the weekend, preferring to come before or after work on a half day or in the evening when the number of retail workers outnumbered the army of screaming children and loitering teenagers.

“Let’s get some jeans to replace the ones that got broken when you got your spanking” Jonathan said just a little too loud causing Alex to blush. They walked into a designer outlet and Jonathan let go of Alex’s hand. The store was lit with lots of stylish lights with a classic Harley Davidson motorcycle sat in the middle of the room; generic beats pumped out of the speakers. “Pick a few pairs out to try on” Jonathan said.

Alex immediately understood his game. He was going to make her try clothes on in the small changing room area of the store. To add insult to injury, Jonathan was looking at a pair of skinny jeans, usually her favourite style but given her current condition, not a pair she really wanted to try on.

“Give these a go, they are stacked down there” Jonathan said pointing at the ground floor cubbyhole where the particular style were neatly folded. Alex sighed bending down. The jeans tightened over her nappy that in turn pushed the butt plug deeper into her. Worse, Alex could feel the rush of air from the store’s air conditioning across her lower back, very aware that her nappy was probably peaking out from her jeans. “Let’s hope the security guard isn’t looking on his CCTV camera, oh what a surprise he would get!” Jonathan grinned.

Alex frantically looked through the jeans trying to find her size. She had barely pulled out the pair when she noticed Jonathan had wondered off leaving her to tug her jacket down without Jonathan to cover her. He was looking at another pair; these ones had rips in all the right places. Jonathan had already picked her size and handed her the pair grinning like the Cheshire cat.

They went over to the fitting room and Jonathan sat himself on the plush leather sofa outside. “Go and try them on. Don’t interfere with your nappy though or I’ll put you across my lap here and now. Don’t forget to come and show me your new jeans” Jonathan said so loudly that Alex was sure the young lady outside the fitting room could hear. Without replying, Alex sauntered off to the changing room, taking a token from the lady outside who luckily did not say anything to her.

She went into the small cubicle. It did not have a door; only a three-quarter-length curtain and worse still Alex suspected these places had secret cameras in them to stop thieves. Gingerly she kicked her shoes off and undid he jeans letting them drop to the floor. She bent over hearing her nappy crinkle and feeling the plug slide about. She heard a giggle from across the room and froze solid, her heart beating like a drum. She listened for a moment and could hear two teenagers chatting inanely. Catching her breath, she pulled the first pair of jeans up. They were her usual size and fit her slender legs tightly. A little tighter around her waist than usual, Alex managed to close the button and pull the zipper up. She looked at herself in the mirror, the top of her nappy clearly showing and the bulge more than obvious. She walked out across the room to where Jonathan was sat. He was on his phone texting away. Alex walked up to him and stood there for a moment waiting for him to look up.

Jonathan stood up and discretely caressing her bottom, pushed on the centre where the plug was causing Alex to stand up straighter. “Yeah not bad I guess. Go and try the other ones on”

Alex went back to the cubicle and went through the same ritual, this time pulling up the expensive ripped designer jeans. She would not usually pick a pair like this, whilst she had the figure to carry this style, she preferred a classier look. She realised that the small rip across the back leg allowed a view to the leg gatherer of her nappy. She walked out, trying to gather as much confidence as she could. Jonathan looked up at her “hmmm, I don’t like them, not very becoming for a young lady”. This time Alex was sure the retail worker had heard him as she wore a wry style, probably thinking Alex had picked them herself and was thinking ‘what a slut’ to herself. Sighing Alex walked back to the changing room and put her clothes back on. She returned to Jonathan who told her to buy the first pair. They proceeded to the till with Jonathan handing over his Amex card. “At least he’s paying” Alex thought to herself like it was some kind of fringe benefit, still embarrassed by the whole situation.

“Come on then, let’s get you something to drink little one” Jonathan said as they walked off. Alex was sure the till girl had heard this and was even sure she heard a guffaw from the lady.

They walked over to the coffee shop on the other side of the promenade. Before Alex could say anything Jonathan was already speaking to the man behind the counter “I’ll have a double espresso and she’ll have a large hot chocolate and a bottle of water”

“No problem sir” The man behind the counter beamed.

Alex almost always had a hot chocolate, not being a massive fan of coffee, she could drink this like a grown up rather than having a bottle of Coke. Still to not have the choice cut into her psyche deeply, he was controlling every motion of her life. She also never drank large drinks and she was not sure whom the bottle of water was for.

“Make that two bottles, I’m sure I’ll want one after the coffee too” Jonathan told the man as if he had read her mind, confirming at least one of the bottles was for her.

They made their way over to a table in the corner with their drinks. Rather than a table with a sofa, Jonathan had picked a table with two facing wooden chairs. She looked at him, reading his face; it was obvious that she had to sit down. She did so carefully, feeling the plug in her behind press against her.

“Be careful with your chocolate Alexandra, it’ll be hot”

Without thinking about it, Alex found herself saying, “OK, I will” somehow grateful that he had reminded her of the bloody obvious.

They sat for a while just drinking their drinks. Alex really wanted to ask what this was all about, why nappies, where on Earth he had gotten the idea from, why now, how long. Her mind was buzzing as she stared at the people passing by. She had not noticed Jonathan was looking at her intently. She looked truly like a small child dressed in an adult’s body and clothing. He was not sure if this was the answer or whether she would ever accept being treated this way.

In what seemed like no time at all, Alex had drunk her hot chocolate. Jonathan handed her the bottle of water telling her to drink it all. As much as Alex liked hot chocolate, she often found it left her feeling a bit dehydrated but she was not keen to drink the water, knowing that it would be heading to her nappy at some point. As she began to drink the cool water, her stomach churned and she felt the familiar twinge from her bladder. She was going to need to go soon but felt she could keep dry for a while longer.

They stood up and as they did so, Jonathan pulled Alex into a hug from behind. He slipped his hand down the back of her jeans and into her nappy. It was humiliating for Alex who went bright red. “Just checking you’re being a good girl” Jonathan said clearly reading the signs from Alex that she needed use the bathroom.

“Well I’ve gotta go. Is that OK?” Alex asked meekly.

“Yes let it out”

Alex found herself having to stand with her legs slightly apart. It was difficult for her to pee with the invader still reminding herself of its presence in her bum but after a minute she managed it.

“OK, I’m doing it” Alex said quietly.

“Doing what?” Jonathan asked.

Glowing a deeper shade of red, Alex replied “wetting my nappy” in a whisper like voice.

“Sorry I can’t hear you” Jonathan said like this was some kind of pantomime show.

“I wetting my nappy” Alex said much louder than she had anticipated.

“OK, OK, no need to tell the world!”

They left the coffee bar hastily and walked off. There could be no doubt that a few people had heard what Alex had said and she was humiliated. He nappy had swollen and she could smell the very faint odour of her urine as they moved. Despite this, they continued to look around at a few shops. Mainly mundane, Jonathan visiting Tie Rack to look at an appropriately boring tie for the board meeting later that month and Alex going to a few clothing stores. Jonathan had, despite his best intentions, lost interest in shopping and told Alex to meet him at the fountain in 30 minutes whilst he went to look in the video game store. “You will meet me back here at 4:30. If you’re late there will be trouble. If you play with your nappy there will be trouble. If you need to wet, that’s fine, you can but you’ll have to tell me about it later.” Jonathan instructed, mockingly adding “and if you get lost, find a man or a lady in uniform and tell them!”


Alex felt free for the first time. She could easily run off, go to the bathroom, take her nappy off, take her plug out and run off. She had money; she could call a taxi and go to her mother’s house. Yet despite all these feelings and thoughts, Alex did no such thing. Here she was, a grown woman, a professional woman, dressed in expensive clothing with a wet nappy underneath doing exactly what her partner was telling her. She became aware of her own thoughts and realised she probably looked a little crazy just stood there staring into space. Dismissing the thoughts any further, she proceeded to visit a few of her favourite retail shops. Despite there being some great items on sale she dared not try anything on. Instead, she picked up a few accessories and went to the till to pay for them.

Meeting at the arranged time, Jonathan walked over to Alex and hugged her tightly, again taking the opportunity to slip his hand down the back of her jeans. He felt everything again, confirming she had been a good girl. “Good girl, do you need to wet your nappy?”

“Yeah, I guess” With that Alex relaxed letting some more urine fill her sodden nappy. “I’m wetting my nappy” Alex managed without shouting it to the World this time.

“Good, let’s gets some food”

They left the mall and headed over to an Italian restaurant near to the multiplex cinema. A 20-something female waiter showed them to a table. It was in a small booth and to Alex’s relief; the seating had some padding to take the pressure off of her behind. They were then offered the drinks menu.

“I’ll have a Peroni and she’ll have a large Coke; no alcohol for her though, it gets her in right trouble!” Jonathan said without a hint of irony to the waiter.

Alex wished the Earth would open and swallow her whole as she forced a small smile for the waiter who was looking at her inquisitively. Waiting for just a moment longer that would be normal, the waiter turned sharply and walked off to get their order.

“I wonder what she would think if she knew you were sat here in wet nappies” Jonathan asked; “I bet she would think you deserved it after your recent escapades”.

Alex found herself just staring at the table, only looking up suddenly as a large glass filled to the brim was put in front of her.

“One beer for yourself and a Coke for the young lady” the waiter commented.

Alex wondered if she could be in on the whole thing but dismissed the thought.

Mercifully, Jonathan allowed Alex to order her food. She was worried that he would ask the chef to chop it into small pieces for her but instead he simply watched her as she ate the large bowl of pasta. She had eaten around half a plate and was beginning to feel a little bloated, her bladder also feeling full; she looked at Jonathan who had as usual polished his pizza off at a hearty pace. “You will finish all of that off or I’ll take it home and blend it with some yummy baby food for you to eat before bed time.”

Alex sighed, forcing the delicious but rich food into her mouth. She finished the last bite of her meal and said to Jonathan “I’m wetting my nappy”, feeling her bladder once again fulfil it’s obligation to void her of a further chunk of her dignity.

Alex began to feel very uncomfortable. Her nappy was sodden and feel wet between her legs. She was worried she would leak all over the chair any minute. To her relief Jonathan skipped desert, paying the bill, Alex noticed he left a good tip for the female waiter. He always did that when the waiter was female and she found herself feeling jealous.

They got back to the car but before she could get in, Jonathan called to her “hmmm stop there, we need to change you, you’ve leaked”. Alex looked back at her jeans. A wet patch was evident between her legs. Jonathan walked up to her and unbuttoned her jeans. To her horror he pulled them down right in the car park. There was no one obviously about but someone could come right round the corner and see he. She was also sure the car park would have CCTV cameras watching them to make sure they were not sat nav thieves. Opening the rear door of the car he told her to turn around. As she did so, he reached pulling the tapes off of the nappy. It hit the floor with a sodden smack and Jonathan told her to lie down on the back seat. Alex sat on the back seat, her feet hanging out of the door with her wet jeans down at her ankles. Jonathan picked her nappy off the floor and walked off to find a bin leaving Alex just sat there exposed to the world with the November chill blowing across her nether regions.

After a minute he returned and went to the boot of the car. He brought out a new nappy and swiftly applied it to her. He pulled her shoes and wet jeans off, placing them into the boot.

“Right, we’ll give Asda a miss. Jump in the front, let’s go home”

Alex stood out the car, her bare feet hitting the cold floor. She quickly stepped around the door and pulled the front door open sitting on the front seat. She felt very exposed in the plush seat of Jonathan’s car.

What followed was a very uneventful journey home. Jonathan did drive back via the motorway hoping for a lorry driver to look into his car but it did not happen, still every time they pulled up a junction Alex looked like she would have a heart attack as she noticed a car next to them. She was sure the double decker park and ride bus driver they pulled up next to had seen her.

Once at home, Jonathan insisted Alex walk to the house. She was absolutely certain a neighbour would see her. Jonathan just told her to get a move on “it’s dark, no one will see you” he said unconvincingly. Jonathan instructed Alex to go to the bathroom. When she go there, he came in and unfastened the top tape of her nappy pulling it down. He had her bend over the sink as he removed the butt plug from her slowly. Dropping it into the sink Jonathan immediately ran the hot tap. “Despite the mess you made earlier, you’re pretty dirty back there. I wonder if I should fix that?” Jonathan said using a cold wet wipe to clean her before pulling her nappy back up and taping it tightly.

Alex did not answer his question, it did not bare thinking about any further. They went into the kitchen and Jonathan produced a small brown bottle that he had seemingly pulled from his pocket “I brought something that you probably won’t like very much”. He poured a glass of orange juice from the carton in the fridge and opened the bottle. He poured about half of it in and using a force began to stir the mixture rigorously. Alex wondered what he was doing but did not like the idea of it one bit. Having stirred the mixture for a few minutes, Jonathan poured a second glass of water and sat it next to the orange mixture.

“I want you to hold your nose and drink the orange in one go. Believe me, it’s much better if you do it in one go. As soon as you’ve done that, drink the water and you can go and clean your teeth”.

Alex held her nose tightly and took the glass to her lips. She immediately felt grease around her lips but obeying the instructions from Jonathan she downed the mixture in one go. She immediately regretted it; she could feel tiny lumps sliding down her throat. Gagging, she grabbed the second glass and chugged the water down her. “What on Earth was that? I’m going to be sick!” Alex shrieked.

“That was castor oil, a good dose too. It’s a powerful purgative. Will hopefully clean you out overnight. I suggest you go and clean your teeth”

Alex wondered up to the bathroom in shock. She had just swallowed enough laxative to service the most constipated of morphine-addicted patients. What was worse was the fact she had done it almost of her own freewill, nothing forced up her butt this time! She felt sick as she burped a little of the oil back up. She spent several minutes cleaning her teeth and gargling mouthwash before she was satisfied the taste of the foul oil had gone from her mouth. She could feel her stomach churning and decided to get another glass of water to calm it. This seemed to work but caused her to wet her nappy a little.

By 9 o’clock Alex was struggling to stay awake as the day’s events caught up wit her. Jonathan led her upstairs to the bedroom and changed her sodden nappy for a fresh one. He applied powder and cream to her sensitive region in a ritual she could not get used to. She drifted off to sleep, her stomach still gurgling.

Alex awoke around 8 o’clock the next morning. Jonathan was laid next to her asleep. She looked down and realised she was still wearing her nappy. She needed to pee badly but was not able to do it in bed so she stood up. Parting her legs she stopped for a moment. She wondered if she could get away with using the bathroom. The oil she had taken the night before was making itself known to her bowels and she felt like she needed to go albeit not too badly. Alex tip-toed over to the bathroom and undid the top two tapes of her nappy carefully. She began to slip her nappy down her hips. It took her several minutes of fiddling before she cleared the nappy sufficiently enough to sit on the toilet.

“I see you’ve decided to change yourself this morning.” Jonathan spoke suddenly.

Alex looked up in fear. He was stood at the bathroom door glaring at her. “I, I didn’t know you were up, erm I just didn’t want to leak in the bed” Alex lied thinking quickly.

“I see. So you thought it would be OK to use the toilet?”

“No, I just wanted to wee a bit into the toilet so I didn’t leak”

“I see. Well I can help you with your leaking problems Alexandra, follow me.”

Alex stood defeated from the toilet, not even having managed to pee she followed Jonathan to the bedroom. He laid her down onto the bed and set to work cleaning her nappy area with cold wet wipes before applying powder and cream. “Since you’ve got a problem with leaking, we’ll do a test. I think if I put two nappies on you, you won’t leak until later today”. Jonathan then applied a nappy to Alex followed by a second. He carefully punctured the inner lining of the first. He then produced a pair of what Alex recognised to be pants. Once he got them a little closer to her, she could see they were in fact made of plastic. “Lets get these on you, they will definitely make sure you don’t need to worry your little head about leaks”. The plastic pants fit tightly against Alex’s legs but pulled over her double nappies. Alex felt the waistband tighten around her like there was some kind of cord inside them. Alex then heard a click from behind her.

“These are locking panties. I was sure I’d need them at some point. They stop you trying to take your nappies off and get into trouble. I’m going to sleep for another hour and then we’re going to get some shopping.” With that Jonathan went back to the bedroom and got back under the covers, immediately falling back to sleep. Alex sighed, her whole stomach churning from the nasty oil he had given her. She would now need to hold her bowels for the rest of the day.

After an hour of just being sat in bed, Jonathan got up and got dressed. He suggested Alex wear a dress to hide her bulky nappies. They then headed out to the car. Alex was certain she would end up messing her nappy very soon without a hope of a change any time soon. They headed to the local super market arriving just as it opened.

Alex groaned as they walked around the supermarket aisles. She was making a conscious effort to stop herself from messing her nappies right in the middle of the busy supermarket and to stop herself waddling like a small toddler. It was fine so long as she kept moving but every time they stopped, her stomach growled loudly in complaint. Jonathan all too aware of what was going on insisted Alex pick this item up from there, reach for that item here, run back across the shop to get another item they had forgotten. It went on for about 20 minutes.

Finally they got to the checkout. Jonathan had gone overboard as usual, selecting all sorts of items leaving them with a trolley full. Jonathan had also selected several jars of baby food from the baby section asking Alex whether she would prefer ‘strained carrots’ or ‘minced beef stew’ much to her dismay. The junior operator at the checkout was clearly in training as he struggled to weigh each item of fruit and veg they had selected and was unable to find the barcode on just about everything without rotating it at least 10 times. Just as they got to pay, Alex felt herself release what she thought was gas, except it was not gas; she released a stream of wet effluent into her nappy right there at the checkout of the busy supermarket. She gained control of herself but her face was glowing bright red. The smell was immediately apparent around her. They began to walk off from the checkout and Jonathan looked across at her “did you just shit you nappy?”

Alex was beyond humiliated. She was trying not to cry, cursing herself, why could she not just hold it for a few more minutes until they were outside at least.

“Alex, I asked you a question, did you just mess your nappy or do I need to check for myself?” Jonathan asked letting his hand gently tug on the hem of her dress for added effect.

“I couldn’t help it, it just came out, it was only a bit I think” Alex replied hoping to avoid humiliating herself any further.

They walked out to the car. “I suspect you still need to go Alex?”

“Yeah definitely”

“Right stand against the car, spread your legs and let it all out”

Alex did as she was told, feeling a large load of her own mess begin to force itself out. She was allowing this to happen to let the feeling of fullness and discomfort end. In reality, she was only trading one discomfort for another however. Jonathan put his hand on the back of Alex’s nappy and pressed against the expanding mass. “Keep pushing”. Alex now had to push against Jonathan’s hand to mess herself, she found herself sobbing gently and growing a darker shade or red.

As soon as she had finished, Jonathan opened the door and motioned for her to sit down. As soon as Alex did, the mess in her nappy went straight up to the front and back, she could feel it sticking on her pubic area and felt repulsed by it. It smelt so bad and as soon as Jonathan sat in the car he wound down the windows telling Alex “you smell like a sewer; maybe I should call you Alex smelly pants? It’s too bad you couldn’t hold a bit longer because you’re not getting changed until later this afternoon”. Alex broke down in tears at the prospect of being sat in her own waste for the next four or more hours, she was almost having a full blown tantrum like a small child not getting his own way. “If you’re done, I suggest you drink lots of water when we get in, it’s sure to there’s nothing more to come. I heard it keeps working until its out of your system.”

They arrived home and once they had unpacked the shopping, Jonathan motioned Alex to sit down on the dining chair. She felt utterly dejected as she wet he nappy further. As she sat down, her nappy made an audible sound. Jonathan prepared Alex a jar of baby food and ordered her to eat it whilst he enjoyed a light breakfast of toast, bacon and scrambled egg. Alex forced the food down her and sat about waiting to be changed from her messy prison.