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Alexandra Discovers Disclipline

Chapter 1

Alex felt a tinge of excitement as her partner Jonathan returned home from work. It was an accustomed feeling to her, a mixture of longing and anticipation. Alex had not seen Jonathan for over a week as he had been away on a business trip in the States. Whilst infrequent, Jonathan’s work did take him across and out of the country, sometimes just overnight, other times he would be away for a week or more. Perhaps it was through previous experiences of just through pure envy that Alex found this particular part of her boyfriend’s life hard to take. She was forever worried that something would happen to him, maybe his plane would crash, maybe he would be locked up in some foreign jail or worse still, maybe he would meet a new girl and disappear with her. All quite irrational but it had been the source of arguments before and once, much to her embarrassment, a drunken shouting match in the pub with the police sending them home in different taxis with the threat of arrest.

Still, Alex was very happy to see Jonathan, not least because she knew he would be under her control, a sex-starved man ready for her to control and to manipulate or so she thought. There was something about Alex that made her want to control everything around her, from her partner to her subordinates at work. She was hardly Sir Allen Sugar but she had two legal executives, a clerk and a PA under her at work where she worked for a small firm in the city. For the most part, Alex thought her life was perfect, or at least if there were parts of it she did not like, she could control them and manipulate them to her satisfaction.

By now, Jonathan had taken his overnight bag from the boot of his company car, a BMW 5-series, not more than 12 months old but with over 30,000 miles on the clock from his extensive business travels. Jonathan proceeded to walk across the carport behind Alex’s VW Beatle and through the gate and into the well-kept front garden of their new-build house. They lived on the outskirts of the city, a whole area created from scratch on what used to be farmers fields and industrial wasteland. Alex looked out of the window, careful that Jonathan did not see her; she did not want him to think she had missed him too much or anything! The door latch turned and the door opened allowing Jonathan access to his castle. In an almost cliché manner, he shouted “Honey! I’m home!” If anything Alex could say that Jonathan was a bit old-fashioned but this particular comment made her cringe a little, something her father might say.

Alex headed down the deeply carpeted stairs and stood in the well-finished hallway. There was nothing from Ikea here; it was all expensive furniture of her choosing from the local designer shops. Alex waited for Jonathan to come through the doorway from the kitchen. As he did, Alex stared at him for a moment. He was impeccably dressed in a tailored suit and hand-polished shoes. His Tag Heuer watch offset impressively against his crisp-pressed white shirt giving him a real air of authority and power; “how does he do it” thought Alex to herself wondering if he stopped at the dry cleaners on the way home insisting they iron his shirt and press his trousers before he got home. “Nice flight babes?” Alex asked in a casual manner, still trying to maintain an air of casual indifference to Jonathan being home.

“Yes, it was OK. The company upgraded our seats so we could be on the same flight as our clients. I don’t know how much that paid off for them as Mr Wong slept for most of the flight and Mr Ig… Well let’s just say Mr Ig is not a natural flier and spent most of the time in the first class bathroom!”

“That’s nice dear. I bet you had a right laugh in the States, you get to go to all the good places” Alex replied with, to her great annoyance, an tone of jealousy in her voice.

“Well someone’s got to do it. These things don’t just sell themselves do they? China have a massive interest in doing business with us in the States, probably just to piss the administration off but we’d be daft not to have a slice of that! After all capitalism is capitalism.”

“I just don’t see the need for you to go gallivanting off across the world to sell some computer systems. I thought the whole point of your business was implementing ways so people didn’t have to fly across the world to see each other face-to-face?”

Sensing annoyance in her voice, Jonathan took a moment to formulate a response. Half tempted to call out her jealousy with a sarcastic remark, he instead took the high road by refusing to engage in this replying; “If you say so, I just do what the boss tells me”.

This stopped Alex in her tracks. “Hmmm, he usually doesn’t stand for me moaning about his work, I wonder why he’s not fussed” she thought to herself.

“So how has your week been? Busy?” Jonathan asked changing the subject.

“You know exactly how it’s been, we spoke like every day on Skype. It’s like I told you, the boss doesn’t have a clue; he’s just happy so long as he gets away by 3:30 everyday to play a round of golf and one of my execs has gone and got herself pregnant leaving me with not enough people to do the work” Alex ranted, annoyed that Jonathan had even mentioned it.

The conversation fell dead at this point with Jonathan making a few non-committed “mmms” and “hmmms” as Alex continued to go on. He walked past her, giving her a peck on the cheek on the way and began to head upstairs with his bag. Alex followed him, assuming that they would probably engage in some angry and tense argument following by equally angry makeup sex. This is how the relationship worked. Neither of them knew it was healthy but both accepted it for now. Instead, Jonathan set his suitcase on the bed and opened it to reveal his clothing neatly folded to cause minimal creasing inside and began to pull items out. He always took the same items with him, some spare shirts, ties, underwear and some casual clothing in case he needed to wine and dine his clients. With most of the items placed into the laundry, Jonathan continued to unpack other items he had in his bag. It was ritualistic for him, something he had been doing since he was a sales rep out of university.

“How can he be giving ME the cold shoulder” Alex mused to herself. “It’s not like I’ve done anything wrong, he’s the one who gets to fly first class over to the States, visit the scenes with his so-called clients and then get drunk eating the best food on the company credit card”. It was not like Alex was a stay at home girl. She had travelled to multiple destinations around the world for both business and pleasure with Jonathan. She had been to the States before and had flown first class to the UAE. For a moment she cursed herself for being such a bitch but then realised that she was not winning this fight. She was used to getting her own way from when she was a 10-year old single child to getting to choose what furniture she had in her house. She would never describe Jonathan as ‘under the thumb’ but she was convinced he would never leave her, always align himself with her views (if not with a little arguing first) and generally not do anything that would upset her too much.

“So what was that picture of a girl with some writing on it that you sent me?” Alex enquired; failing to understand the meme picture of the ‘overly attached girlfriend’ that Jonathan had sent her.

“Oh ha yes, I just thought it described you well” Jonathan replied dryly.

“So I’m some pretty brunette girl who annoys you?” Alex retorted, still not getting what Jonathan was trying to tell her.

“If you remember, it was in reply to the 15, yes fifteen text messages you sent me, one after the other. Jesus, I couldn’t reply, I was trying to give a presentation on the relative benefits of social media monitoring to a board of 50 year olds who think social media are papers written by poor people.” Jonathan replied. He then began to mock quote some of the messages “’where are you?’ ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m bored’ ‘why won’t you reply?’ ‘who are you with?’ ‘work sucks tb xxx’ ‘I bet the States doesn’t have any fit birds like me x’ blah blah blah”

“Oh right, so you leave me thinking you were dead or shagging some bimbo in a Hooters branch and then take the piss out of me for being just slightest bit concerned.”

“I think I’ve heard enough from you young lady, I’m fed up of you thinking you get to talk to me like that. Do you really think I would forsake our relationship just to shag some girl because I can? Do you think I think with my penis, that I am some Neanderthal from the fucking council estate down the road who sticks his dick into anything that moves with the possibility of children being an ‘occupational hazard’ of being permanently unemployed?”

The sudden burst of anger caught Alex by surprise leaving her silent.

“I’ve had enough and it’s going to stop. Not only do I get fed up of you constantly moaning at work but your boss constantly moaning at me that you don’t take the initiative and bitch at him about every fucking problem you encounter at work. He pays you a boat load of money so he can do what he pleases but you come at him with every fucking incident you have, like a five year old telling her daddy that her older brother said a swear word” Jonathan continued.

The rant was calm but conclusive. It had caught Alex by surprise. She was not sure whether to be angry about the things he was saying, the fact that her boss spoke to her partner about her when they were playing golf, the fact that he had called her a ‘little girl’ or the general fact that he was right. Alex had no answer and just stood dumbfounded, staring into Jonathan’s eyes. It was almost, almost as if she was ashamed of herself. As time passed, she began to realise Jonathan was looking at her inquisitively, as if he was expecting an answer of some sort, some kind of retort, maybe even an apology.

“Well?” Jonathan asked.

“Well what?” Alex spat back

“I just don’t think you get it do you, you act like you’re the queen bee in this relationship, in this house, at work, in life yet when you’re challenged you have nothing to say do you young lady?”

“Young lady? You are only three years older than me”

“In age yes but you act like a child and until I hear what I want to hear, you need to be treated as such”

“What an earth are you on about? You think I want to sit and watch cartoons and eat Spaghetti Hoops?”

“You clearly don’t get it do you? I am going to show you how much of a child you are being, one way of the other.”

There was a moment of pause. “What does he mean, show me?” Alex thought to herself, “what is he, the ghost of girlfriend past?” The last thought did not really make any sense but it consumed her, she had always been daddy’s little girl but by time she was 14, she was living semi-independently as her father’s military career took him around the world leaving her to study and bring herself up. She was very independent yet at the same time unable to feel certain emotions.

The moment passed and Jonathan approached her. Without out warning, he extended his right arm and took her by her right arm. In one smooth but swift movement, he sat himself on the edge of the bed pulling her over his lap. With his left hand he reached over towards the left side of her behind and pulled her toned frame onto his lap. He pulled his left leg out from under her and crossed it over the back of her lower legs. He then grabbed her midriff with his right hand and clamped her to his lap.

“This has been a long time coming Jonathan thought to himself” He was consumed by fear but also a sheer grit of determination demanded that he get through this and show his stunning partner that he would not stand for it any longer.

Alex did not know what was happening. She let out a yelp of surprise but due to her upbringing, she did not recognise what was about to occur. She did not realise that she had been taken across her partner’s lap for a spanking! That was not until the first hit rained down on her backside sending a resounding din across the room. There was a pause as Jonathan rested his left hand on her lower back. The stinging sensation of the hit registered a number of emotions in Alex. Her eyes flew open with rage but at the same time she was terrified. “How dare he,” she thought to herself. With that she began to struggle furiously, pulling herself against the six foot three frame of her partner in vain.

“God damn it, what the hell was that?” Alex practically screamed.

“You will learn some respect” Jonathan replied snappily and with that began to strike her bottom with hard-hitting whacks. They rained down like fire on her backside sending her from a defiant child to a bucking and resisting adult. “I am fed up of your attitude and one way of the other that will stop today. I am not here to clean up after your mess. I am not here to be your little pushover man who you can cry to when you don’t get your way,” This continued as he spanked her defenceless bottom.

Alex was crying, for the first time in years she was crying crocodile tears. The fight had gone from her. A growing sense of acceptance flushing through her, maybe she was so angry, not because he was spanking her but because he was right. With the fight gone from her she felt herself go limp. She had stopped fighting. To her horror, the spanking do not seem to stop. “God, what do I need to do to make it stop?” The thoughts overwhelming her, by now in excess of twenty of his hardest hits had fallen on her bottom. Despite a regime of fitness and exercise, the layer of toned muscle was not protecting her and the hits were really beginning to hurt.

“Oooooow, it hurts, please stop, I’ll be good, please” Alex whined as the hits continued to fire down.

“They will, but first you need to tell me why they should. Tell me why you deserve this to end”

Jonathan had stopped hitting her backside and there was silence with the exception of the soft sobs of Alex. She kicked her leg out in frustration. She did not know the answer or at least she did not want to say it. “I, I don’t know” was all she could muster.

“That’s not good enough then” Jonathan replied. With his left hand, he began to force down the fitted jeans being worn by Alex. It took him a minute due to how tight they were. He must have broken the button off as they suddenly let go of their owner’s behind and dropped down to her knees. Her bottom already red, Jonathan began to rain down a series of hard hits on each of her cheeks. Alternating randomly and occasionally hitting the top of her thighs as she tried to raise her legs, the spanking was relentless and thorough. “Do you understand yet?” Jonathan asked.

“Yeah I get it, you want me to stop being a bitch to you” Alex replied, still a tinge of arrogance in her voice that screamed ‘if you let me up now, nothing will change’.

“Not good enough”. The spanks continued with a renewed energy. This was really beginning to hurt with her bottom glowing an angry red colour. “I… Can… Go… All… Night” Jonathan spoke confidently between the hits. He was not actually sure if he could as his hand began to throb but there was no way for Alex to know this.

“Please, please stop, I’ll be good, I promise. I fucked up and I’m sorry” Alex had genuine conviction in what she was saying.

“Ahhh ahh, I don’t want to hear your language” Jonathan replied, this time pulling down her underwear to her knees. The onslaught on her bottom continued for a few moments longer. With no protection from her clothing Alex was feeling every impact.

After around 10 minutes in total, the spanking came to a conclusion. Alex was sobbing. She was a broken girl and Jonathan knew it. “I think you understand where I am coming from Alexandra” Jonathan said, using her full name to emphasise his point. “I will not stand for you to be a little miss bitch anymore, you WILL do as you’re told and you will NOT continued with this behaviour anymore. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes” Alex said, defeated as Jonathan allowed her to stand up and face him. She looked at her feet, not sure how to conduct herself. Part of her was so angry that he had done this to her. That he had hit her and caused her pain, yet part of her was accepting of what had happened. It scared her but she began to think ‘I really deserve this, don’t I?’

“Now I think it’s fair to say that the air has been cleared a little but don’t think I’m done. I need you to manage your behaviour, to prevent this from happening again. I think you need to feel what it’s really like to be out of control and to be in the shoes of those who you try to control,” Jonathan said. Alex had no idea what Jonathan was talking about as the shame set in, sending her face a crimson red colour, almost the same in hue as her fiery bottom.

“I don’t want to be the boss of you forever Alex but I think my choices are limited. Either you do as a say and submit to what I want to do for now or you leave. You pack your things. We say our goodbyes and you leave”

Alex’s eyes flew open. Like it or not, she loved this man. He had always provided for her despite how horrible she could be for her. Her salary whilst generous did not even scrape the cost of their lifestyle. Alex knew that she loved Jonathan and knew that she did not want to leave him. The choice burned in her mind. How could he suggest leaving her, not just leaving her, throwing her out on the streets none the less? Had she really been that bad that this could really happen?

“OK. What do you want me to do?” Alex asked.

“Well, there is a way I’ve thought of to remind you who you are and to allow you to remember that your behaviour needs to change. You might not like it though”

“Just tell me, I want to be with you, I know what I’ve done is wrong”

“Well, put it this way, you will not like it. In fact I know you won’t”

“Please, I want to be with you. Whatever it takes”

“Very well. I need you to do nothing for now. When the time comes, we will deal with your behaviour”

With that Jonathan walked out of the room. Alex could hear him in the kitchen preparing some food. She just stood in the bedroom, jeans down at her knees rubbing her soar bum. She wondered what Jonathan would do to her to remind her of her place. She wanted to ask him “so what next” but she figured his deliberate mysteriousness was part of the plan and to ask could only make things worse for her.

The day pulled into evening and they sat together watching TV in the open fire heated front room. Everything seemed normal. There were no arguments that night and the matter of Alex’s behaviour was not spoken about again. Secretly Alex hoped Jonathan had made an empty threat and that maybe that was all it would take to make her behave herself. After all, she did not want to be spanked again.

Alex awoke the next morning to find Jonathan at his desk using his laptop. As she approached, he made a gesture on the touchpad of his laptop, sending the windows he had open into hiding. “Probably looking at porn again” Alex mused to herself.

“Good morning honey” Jonathan said with great enthusiasm. He had always been a morning person and Alex was always incensed at his attempts to rile her by being overly happy at 7AM.

“Morning… What were you looking at?”

“Oh you know, stocks and prices, Facebook, etc” Jonathan said not really making eye contact with Alex.

“I see. Well you’d best not be looking at porn”

Jonathan did not reply, pressing the command key to banish the open agent tabs on his Chrome browser to computer purgatory. His session was complete, his credit card details entered, a confirmation email received. His online order was on it’s way with additional payment made for next day delivery.

Alex headed off to work. Jonathan was working from home in the morning, which meant he would be spending a lot of time in his office, speaking to clients on Skype, looking at spreadsheets. All very dry stuff but it paid the bills for their slice of suburbia. He had to go and see a client in the city during the evening and Alex knew it would be late into the evening before he returned.

At work, Alex was clock watching all day. She got next to nothing done and spent the day complaining that the office was too cold and her computer was running slow. She just wanted to finish, to get home and check up on what Jonathan had been doing on his computer that morning. Another one of her bad habits was to surf his internet history and email.

It was Friday and she was sure that if everything was in order when she returned home, the whole matter of her spanking would be put behind them, never to be spoken about again. On the subject of the spanking, Alex had to make regular trips around the office in order to avoid sitting too long sat on the fabric covered executive chair at her desk. A brief glance of her bum in the company bathroom at lunchtime confirmed the fact that she would have bruising and marks for a number of days to come.

Alex was heading out of the door. It was 4:00 PM and her boss stopped her. He said he was celebrating his kid graduating from school and asked her if she would like to come with a few people from the office. Alex knew Jonathan would probably be working so she accepted the invitation. She enjoyed drinking with her boss and his family. He would often put his credit card behind the bar and allow his employees cart blanche to the bar, simply putting his PIN into the machine at the end of the night. Nothing was different on this occasion as they drank into the late evening at a local bar with the boss’ newly graduated son. Being young, Alex partook in his son’s suggestions of Yagerbombs and Sambuccas. It was late and she must have had around six shots and a number of cocktails. She was drunk and she knew it. The boss was adamant that he and his newly come-of-age son were going into town to drink the night away. Alex considered going but it would inevitably end at some seedy strip bar followed by a selection of kebab meat at the local takeaway before a long walk home. Not her idea of fun. She said her goodbyes and walked out onto the town high street to look for a taxi home.

Alex could find no taxis in the street and decided she would begin the walk home, convinced there would be some near the train station by work. It was cold and was beginning to spit with rain. The route Alex had to take home took her straight past her office. As she approached, she could see her car parked in the private car park. Alex looked at her car longingly. It was a good two-mile walk home and her feet ached from being stood up at the busy bar and walking to the office. She began to calculate how much she had drunk in her head, wondering if she would be over the drink-driving limit. She then considered if she would be able to drive. She looked at her hands; yep she had 10 fingers, nothing was moving. She was sober by now surely and could drive her car.

As she approached the car, it’s indicator lights flashed, the car detecting the keyfob buried deep in her handbag. A sure sign that all was well. She sat behind the wheel, pressing the ‘Start’ button her car came to life. She sat for a moment, letting the heaters clear the mist from the windows. She put her car into gear and immediately stalled it as she let the clutch slip from under he foot. Trying again, she got her car into reverse and slowly backed it out, coming within inches of the boss’ brand new Jaguar. Pulling the steering wheel round, she began to drive home. She knew the speed limit was 30 miles per hour and was careful to try to stick as closely to this as possible, not wanting to be pulled over by the police.

Alex kept her view focused on the road just a few meters in front of her, pulling and pushing the steering wheel as she came close to crossing islands and other obstructions. To any bystander, Alex was clearly too drunk to be driving but all Alex cared about was getting home into the warmth of her bed. It was a mix of sheer grit and determination versus fear of getting caught by the police. Luckily for Alex, the roads were empty. She only saw one car on the way back, a taxi heading ignorantly in the other direction. The police cars that the television adverts claimed were out to get drink drivers undoubtedly dealing with fights in town or couples squabbling on the nearby council estate.

Around 3AM Alex pulled into her driveway. She jumped out of her car and found her keyfob to lock the doors. The horns sounded loudly, echoing down the road. Cursing under her breath, Alex went back to the car and slammed the door loudly, this time making it was closed so the car would lock. She stumbled up the path, her high-heeled shoes grinding along the pavement as she did so. The door was locked and the house in darkness.

Struggling with her keys in the lock, the door opened and Jonathan was stood there. Alex realised she had been stood at the door for over two minutes trying to open it. Jonathan looked at her and deliberately looked up towards Alex’s car parked in the driveway. Alex looked at Jonathan’s face and then at her feet. It was a familiar feeling of being caught doing something wrong and the thoughts of her being spanked in the arms of her athletically built partner’s arms only two days ago came flooding back.

“Er hi there” Alex said, with a tone she had reserved for trying to convince her parents she was not drunk when she was 16 years old.

“Nice evening?” Jonathan asked

“Oh yes, the boss got everyone from work to go to his Son’s graduation party”

“I see, well you’d best come in”

Alex walked in, kicking her heals off and dumping her coat on a hook by the door. Jonathan just went into the kitchen and poured me a glass of water. “You’d best drink this and get off to bed. We’ll talk about this in the morning”. With that Jonathan walked into his office and sat down at his computer.

There was not much Alex could say and she knew it. Jonathan was pissed off big time and that arguing now would be a big mistake. Like a small child she took herself off to bed. She barely managed to remove her once immaculate makeup before dumping her clothing on the floor and passing out on the bed. An hour or so later Jonathan came up to the bedroom; slipping himself under the covers he set his alarm for 8AM knowing that there was not a chance Alex would up before 10.

The next morning came around and despite it being a winter’s day, bright sun light was streaming through the partially opened curtains as Alex woke up. She found the bed empty. For a moment she wondered where Jonathan was and then she realised what had woken her up, the knocker rattling the door. She heard a male’s voice “Just sign here”

“There you go… Cheers mate”

‘Unusual’ Alex thought, she knew Jonathan occasionally got packages from work but never on a Saturday morning. Pulling herself out of bed, she looked out of the window to see the CityLink van pull off in a black cloud of diesel smoke. Alex stretched and got out of bed. Still wearing her underwear from the night before she stood out of the bedroom and saw Jonathan coming up the stairs. He had a large brown box under his arm.

Before Alex could speak, he set the box down at the top of the stairs and began to speak “Oh so you’re awake then. I thought it would be at least midday before you showed your face little girl”

“Look… I…”

“I don’t want to hear it young lady. You went out, got pissed up with your boss, you didn’t bother to even send me a text message and then you drove home so drunk that you could barely walk. It’s miracle you didn’t kill someone or get locked up by the police. In fact I think you’re going to wish you were in the cells right now”

“Please, I can explain. I had to get home. I…”

“Just stop” Jonathan interjected “I don’t want to hear it from you. I gave you a chance to buck your ideas up a few days ago. I prepared my contingency hoping I wouldn’t need to use it so soon” said Jonathan looking at the brown box sat on the floor.

Alex couldn’t help it but she felt so small. So dejected and disappointed in herself. She knew that she had risked everything by drink driving and for once she thought Jonathan was right in speaking to her the way he was.

“Just sit on the bed”

For some reason Alex complied. Sitting herself on the edge of the bed staring intently at Jonathan who pulled brown tape from the box sat on the floor. He opened the box and reached in. He pulled out what appeared to be a rectangle shaped bag. It was blue with a pink band running across the package. Alex looked at the bag intently not recognising what he had in his hand. He gripped the bag on each side holding it portrait style in front of her. The bag displayed a wealth of information. ‘Tena’, ‘Slip’, ‘Maxi’ were three of the words Alex picked up from the bag. It was then she saw a picture she recognised, a chill ran through her body. On the front of the package there was a picture of an open nappy. It came at once, like a tsunami of comprehension she realised Jonathan was holding a package of nappies over her like some kind of boxer holding a prize belt.

“You see, I think your behaviour is not becoming of an grown-up with responsibilities and adult sensibilities. You were spanked like a little girl but it’s become apparent to be that maybe something more is required. Maybe I need to go back a step further and show you how life is meant to be for a careless child”

Immediately Alex stood up, fear running through her veins triggering a knot to come up from her stomach. It was the adrenaline surging ready for a fight or flight reaction. “You, you, you cannot be serious. Why do you have them?” It was an almost rhetorical question as the answer, even to Alex, was quite obvious. Why would Jonathan want to put nappies on her like some kind of baby?

“You can sit back down, you’re not going anywhere. You will be wearing nappies this weekend and until I decide that you are going to behave yourself in accordance with your age whether you like it or not. We can do it the easy way or the hard way?” Jonathan asked.

“You can’t be fucking serious. I am not fucking wearing them. Have you gone fucking insane?” Alex screeched.

“I guess it’s the hard way then” Jonathan said grabbing her by the arm tightly, spinning her around in the process he forced her down to the bed. Jonathan pressed his bodyweight down on to Alex for a moment and pulled her up onto the bed. Kneeling above Alex, Jonathan pressed down on her lower back with his knee. Gripping her flaying arm with one hand, he hit her backside sharply with the other. This time there no let up and Jonathan beat her ass a fiery red colour. Alex was sobbing and crying, not just from the pain but the pure shame of if. “OK OK, I’ll behave, do what you want”

Jonathan violently flipped her over, pushing her hands down to her side. Still kneeling over her, Alex realised he was fully dressed and she was almost entirely naked. She looked at him sobbing. How could this be happening to her?

“It’s a bit late for that. Stay there, don’t you dare move” Jonathan barked.

He got off the bed and ripped open a nappy bag pulled out a white plastic-looking rectangle object. Alex felt sick, mainly because of what was happening to her but partly as the hangover from the previous evening’s boozing hit her, the stagnant alcohol churning around in her stomach making her head spin. Jonathan put the plastic rectangle on between her hips. Despite her underwear, Alex could feel the cool plastic on her tummy and sat in paralysed fear waiting for what would happen next. Jonathan went into the bathroom and came back carrying a small green box. Alex did not recognise the box for what it was immediately.

“This is how it’s going to work. This weekend you will be wearing these nappies. It’s about showing you what a little girl you are. It will be embarrassing and you will not enjoy it. I don’t want you to turn into your bitch of a mother and I just want you to be a better person. You will do as you’re told this weekend and maybe after that things can change. You choose the hard way which will make this first bit more uncomfortable for you”

Alex regretted choosing the ‘hard way’ but did not know what Jonathan meant by uncomfortable. Jonathan lifted the nappy from her stomach and unfolded it. It looked huge; it was like a display Alex had once seen at a museum of giant furniture in a giant room. She could not get over how big a nappy could be. Jonathan carefully stretched the nappy out, working his fingers down the leg gatherers separating them from the fabric inner layer. She trembled in fear as he ordered her to sit up, reaching behind her and in a move practiced many times he unclasped her bra, pulled it from her body and threw it to the floor. It was not cold in the house but almost instinctively, Alex felt herself shiver and pulled her arms across her chest. This did not seem to bother Jonathan who just smiled at her. He then pulled down her panties and discarded them carelessly on the floor.

Jonathan picked up the nappy, holding the back of it in both hands he pushed it towards her. Almost instinctively Alex rolled slightly to one side leaving Jonathan to bark “lift” at her. Alex pushed her bottom up from the bed and felt the nappy go underneath her as her weight lowered onto it. Jonathan roughly pulled it further up her body and spent a moment squaring it between her legs. Like an expert craftsman, he pulled the front panel between her legs applying pressure to it to tighten it up. The feeling was completely alien to her. Alex felt so ashamed, she cried softly as Jonathan tried the nappy for size. All of a sudden Jonathan allowed the panel to drop down.

Alex realised she had closed her eyes tightly for a moment and opened them as she felt nothing happening for a moment. As she focused, she looked up at Jonathan who was holding the small green box. He opened it and slid the contents out. Like an old movie, Jonathan’s words began to replay in her mind “make this first bit more uncomfortable for you” as she realised he was holding a box of glycerine suppositories from the local chemist. They had been sat in the bathroom cabinet for over a year. She had bought them, much to her embarrassment, when they had experimented with anal play. They had not used them; when they did play she had always been able to use the toilet naturally. None the less she knew what they were and like a light bulb going off in her head, she realised he was going to use them on her.

“For occasional use for the relief of constipation; for adults and children over 12, take one suppository rectally for relief in 15-30 minutes” Jonathan read from the box. “I wonder if I use two whether they work better or work quicker,” Jonathan mused out loud. “What do you think?”

Alex looked at him dumbfounded. She did not know if the question was rhetorical or if he genuinely wanted an answer about how many suppositories he should put up her bum.

“We’ll try two for now.” Like a judge-passing sentence; Jonathan began to tug the plastic packaging open. He took the two yellow bullet-shaped plugs and again paused to read the instructions out loud. “If administering to another patient, get them to relax and push the suppository into their rectum using one finger”

Jonathan knelt at one side of Alex scoping her legs up with his lengthily arm and pulling them back towards her chest. He exposed her private parts and without wasting any time, Jonathan picked up the first suppository and moistened the tip with his mouth before pushing it against her anal passage. Applying force to the rear of the suppository it crumpled slightly before it began to make it’s way in. It was a very uncomfortable feeling for Alex, she had experienced anal play before but on this occasion the sensation felt clinical and unpleasant. She had not use the bathroom for this purpose in over 24 hours and the alcohol and restaurant food from the evening before laid low in her stomach. The entire suppository inside her, Jonathan began to push his long middle finger into her behind. He held his finger inside her for a moment before slowly withdrawing it. Almost immediately, Jonathan slipped the second suppository inside her, again pushing it deep inside of her with his middle finger.

“Don’t move” he told her, going to the bathroom to wash his hand off. Without exploring the matter in detail, he thought that he should probably get some medical gloves if he was going to do that again! Returning to the bedroom Jonathan found Alex with her arms on her stomach and her knees up. The nappy sat underneath her and she was still sobbing away to herself.

“As you will have no doubt guessed, your nappy is not just for show. You will be using them as the toilet is off limit to you. Not least, because you cannot be trusted to do anything for yourself at the moment. If you had chosen the easy way, perhaps I would have let you use the bathroom this weekend. I’ve put two suppositories in your bum that will make you poo your nappy like a baby. You should know that you have no choice in this Alexandra. You will mess you nappies. You also do not get to decide when you get changed but you can influence that. I want you to hold those suppositories for 30 minutes. If you manage that then you will get changed in an hour.”

It did not quite sink in for Alex straight away. If she only had to hold them for 30 minutes, why could she not be let out of her nappy for an hour?

As if reading her mind, Jonathan explained “But if you can’t keep you nappy clean for 30 minutes, you’re going to find yourself uncomfortable for longer. For every minute you fall short of your 30 minute target, you’ll be in your dirty nappies for an extra half an hour. If you only manage 10 minutes, you’ll be in them for an hour plus an extra 10 hours”

‘So this was the aim of the game Alex realised. He wants me to shit myself. Well I’ll show him. I’ll just not do it until he takes me out of this damn nappy’ Alex thought to herself. Like any adult, she had been in situations of desperation before, sat in meetings wishing she had used the bathroom beforehand. She had the skills to beat Jonathan.

Jonathan pulled the front panel of the nappy up and pulled it across her navel. He took the rear of the nappy in his hands and pulled it around her back so that it was slightly further up her body than the front. He pulled the rear tabs to the front and peeled back the lower tapes. Fastening them to front, the nappy began to seal her in. It was tight around her but Jonathan did not seem to mind. Making some last minute adjustments, he pulled the top tapes out and pulled the tabs of the front of the top of the nappy, pressing callously on her flat stomach as her did so. He then grabbed her body and rolled her over onto her front. He pulled the duvet and pillow off of the bed leaving her laying face down.

“Now I’ve got some work to do and I needed a little insurance policy to make sure this works properly.” Jonathan said reaching into a draw underneath the bed. Alex immediately recognised the bed restraint set she had purchased only a few weeks ago. She cursed herself having suggested it to make things more interesting in the bedroom but then chickening out in an angry rage when Jonathan suggested they give it a go. Jonathan secured the leather cuffs around her ankles and began to feed the webbing for the restraint set underneath the mattress. He worked hard but thoroughly and within five minutes Alex was spread eagle-bound on the bed. As a final touch, Jonathan put a pillow under her head and another under her midriff leaving her nappied butt pointing upwards. The restraints were tight and despite tugging Alex could not really move a muscle.

Jonathan gave her nappied butt a hard spank. Alex jumped but said nothing. “Your time starts now. I don’t want to hear from you in the meantime” Jonathan said, pressing the start button on his iPhone timer. He wanted to be accurate with the time, it was only fair (despite the fact he had spent a further 10 minutes messing about after the suppositories went in). With that Jonathan left the room and went into the bathroom. Alex could hear the shower running and Jonathan humming away happily.

Alex sighed. How could this be happening to her? She thought for a moment if she could get loose but quickly ruled this out. Maybe she could shout for help, if she shouted loudly enough perhaps the neighbours would call the police? She then thought of the ball gag they had purchased with the bed restraints. It was almost a joke add-on, she had never really intended on using it but like many, she had read ’50 Shades of Grey’ and it had sent her onto the internet looking for things to buy! She resolved to herself that she would have to wait this out. After all she thought, Jonathan did not even like emptying the rubbish bin, how would he deal with her mess. Still, she realised the sinking feeling in her stomach was not from nerves any more but was her body calling on her to do the unthinkable. A feeling of discomfort began to resonate in her bowels began to make itself apparent. It was like she could feel the suppositories in there.

Alex estimated around five minutes had passed when she felt the initial discomfort fade. She began to relax a little but was acutely aware of something going on in her body. It dawned on her that 30 minutes as a long time and even if she made it to thirty minutes, she would still end up messing the nappy anyway.

More time passed, Alex estimated 15 minutes had passed, by this point she was deeply uncomfortable. Her mind now needing to consciously make her clamp down to prevent her from shitting herself. Jonathan walked back in with a towel around him. He smelt on aftershave and everything about him screamed ‘man’. Yet here Alex was, trying her hardest not to mess herself like a child. As he dressed, she shifted uncomfortably, the position unnatural for her. The plastic edging of the nappy bit into her reddened skin, worse still, as she moved she could hear the crinkle of her underwear against the pillow propped under her.

“Well you’ve made it 10 minutes” Jonathan announced.

“Christ, only 10 minutes?” Alex thought, panicking. What on earth was she going to do? The feeling brought on a fresh bout of sobbing from her. For a moment she wondered if that would be her way out. If she could make Jonathan feel sorry for her and release her from her predicament. It had worked before, she had gotten her way more than a few times by crying and sulking.

“Please don’t make me do this” Alex whined.

“Do what?” Jonathan asked.

“You know what, it’s so embarrassing”

“Tell me what you don’t want to do?”

“I don’t want to go”

“You don’t want to go where” Jonathan asked, pretending her did not understand the innuendo Alex was using.

Alex flushed, her face going red. Did he really want her to spell it out? “I don’t want to poo myself” Alex said meekly.

“You’re not going to poo yourself, you’re going to mess your nappy” Jonathan replied reaching over to her body, giving the left side of her tummy a gentle massage and her nappy a gentle rub.

Jonathan looked at his iPhone as the counter approached 20 minutes. Alex had gone very quiet apart from the occasional sob. She had given up tugging at her bonds and trying to reason her way out of this situation. Her face was a picture of concentration. She was close and he knew it. He sat on the end of the bed watching. He was going to watch her defile herself and make her suffer the consequences of her actions. At that moment he heard Alex sigh as she pulled her arms hopelessly against the restraints on her arms.

Alex was at panic stations. She could no longer control herself. It was not like she could even sit on her hands to help her maintain her dignity. Without her consent or command she let out a small fart, a stream of hot liquid came from her behind. She suddenly clamped herself closed again, she grimaced feeling the sticky fluid run down the inside of her nappy. The room was silent enough that she was sure than Jonathan would have heard it. Before she could think any further, without warning her back passage opened and she felt herself pushing with all her might as contents of her bowels pushed into her nappy. Every muscle in her arms and legs pulled tight against the bonds as she continued to mess herself.

Whilst it probably only went on few a few seconds, it seemed like an eternity of time passed. She was crying loudly as the mess pushed against the back of her nappy, first causing it to tent outwards but then against her skin as the nappy fought back. Jonathan smiled to himself, looking at his iPhone, it read 21 minutes as he pressed stop.

The smell of Alex’s effluent filled the room as the chemical intruders in her bottom caused her to push despite there being little left to come out. Much to her utter humiliation Alex grunted a few times before her bladder slowly released sending warm urine into the soiled nappy. Due to the slight angle caused by her stomach being propped, the urine pooled at the front of her nappy and the efficient wadding of the nappy began to swell and turn a yellow hue. Jonathan decided it was time to show Alex who was boss. He reached across and with his open palm pushed into the mound that had formed on her nappy. Pushing the mound towards the front of her nappy and between her legs. As the nappy stuck to her sensitive parts, Jonathan gripped it between his thumb and forefinger pulled it away from her body before pushing it slowly back down. He rubbed in a circular movement for a few moments. Alex bucked violently, bouncing her body on the mattress to no avail as the grotesque assault continued.

“You managed 21 minutes. Not a bad effort I guess but I honestly expected you to be a bigger girl and do the full 30 minutes. You have to stay in this nappy for an hour plus nine half-hours so five and half hours in total. You will be changed this afternoon. For now, you can stay here for a while and perhaps if you’re good later you can come and help me” Jonathan said this, pushing the back of her nappy for added emphasis. “Perhaps in future you’ll learn to do as you’re told”.

Jonathan left the room, closing the door behind him. Alex cried for a solid 10 minutes. Every movement she made reminded her of her dirty condition. She did not even want to know what was happening in her nappy. There was no way she could tune it out, even the air she was breathing smelt of her messy bum. Even 10 minutes later, her face was still flushed red with the humiliation of what had happened. She farted loudly as she felt her bowels contract again. She cried again and wondered how much time had passed. Despite what had happened, Alex felt herself relax as she began to drift off to sleep.

It was well over an hour later when Jonathan walked in to the room. The smell assaulted his nose making him gag slightly. Alex was asleep as Jonathan carefully unbuckled the restraints binding her limbs. He then began to massage the back of her nappy. Alex woke, realising her arms were free pulled them into herself and began to role over.

“You smell like a dirty little girl. Just think, I would have changed you by now if you could do as you were told”

“I feel so dirty down there. It’s freaking me out. Every time I move,” Alex sounded so small.

“Well you choose the hard way” Jonathan said, reminding her that this was somehow her fault. That somehow she had chosen to be sitting in her own filth.

Jonathan sat himself on the edge of the bed and pulled Alex over his lap. He rubbed the back of her nappy telling her to open her legs as he did so. He then began to spank the back of Alex’s nappy with what she recognised as a bath brush. It did not really hurt apart from when a few of the hits got her on the back of her thighs but the very thought of what he was doing to her made Alex cry once again. This only went on for around 10 minutes but despite this Alex was thoroughly humiliated. She was broken, a crying wreck. “We’re going to go downstairs now Alex. Before you do, I want you to make sure you’ve finished messing you little nappies. Make sure it’s all out now”

Without thinking about it further, Alex clenched her fists and pushed down. A familiar sound of a wet fart echoed in the room and a final bit of filth entered her devastated nappies.

“Good girl” Jonathan said, giving the newly formed mound a heavy beating with the bath brush. He then pushed her up to her feet and led her downstairs. Still completely naked except her nappy, Alex caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror in the hallway. Her nappy was bulging and there were a few brown-coloured spots on the rear. She could still smell herself and looked on as Jonathan worked away in the kitchen. He told Alex to tidy his office. She was grateful the curtains were closed as she stacked the papers on his desk into a neat pile, dusting the desk and vacuuming the carpet. At one point Jonathan walked in with a large glass of orange juice, telling her to drink it all he watched chug it down. The cold liquid made her need to urinate. Catching her in the moment, Jonathan told her to kneel down on the floor in front of the mirror with her legs should-width apart. As soon as she was in position, the tell tale sign of her wetting her nappy could be heard. Jonathan knelt behind her, placing his hand between her open legs and grinding the nappy into her. For the briefest of moments Alex felt the slightly tinge of sexual urge before reminding herself what a disgusting situation she was in.

Jonathan looked at her nappy. It was wet through and he began to be concerned for his furniture. He went upstairs and fetched another nappy from the bag in the bedroom. Coming downstairs with it Alex thought her luck was in, she thought he was going to change her. Instead he ordered her to lie on the laminate floor of the dining room. Using a Stanley knife, he went to work cutting slits in the nappy she was wearing. He pulled the new nappy over the top and taped it up tightly. “There, that ought to hold you. I’ll bet you want something else to drink, to clear that heavy head of yours” It was not really a question, more of a matter of fact as another large glass filled with water was produced. The double nappies made Alex waddle around. Lunch was ready and Jonathan told her to sit at the table.

Alex looked at the solid wooden chairs of the dining room. Not even a cushion was on the chairs; they were anatomically carved to fit the shape of the human derrière. Alex gingerly sat down, the mess squelching in her nappy. “Alex, could you go and grab my phone from the office?” Jonathan called from the kitchen. He was good at this an Alex began to realise he had thought of everything. Cursing silently under her breath, she stood up and walked through to the kitchen. “Don’t worry, I found it, go and sit back down.”

Dejected and on the edge of loosing her temper, Alex stormed through to the dining room sitting down rapidly in anger. She forgot herself and immediately regretted doing it as the mess in her nappy made her wince. Jonathan walked in smiling. He was carrying a tray with a few bowls on it. Alex looked at them as he placed them down. One looked like green paste whilst another clearly had some kind of mashed potatoes and gravy in it. Jonathan returned with a large glass of milk and a plate that had a filet stake with a side of roasted vegetables and new potatoes. The glass of milk was sat down in front of Alex whilst the steak was placed in front of Jonathan’s seat.

“I thought given the circumstances you wouldn’t want anything too complicated so I’ve made you a nice vegetable puree to start with and some mash to go down after. If you’re a good girl, maybe you’ll get desert as well. I want you to drink all of your milk too”

With that Jonathan sat down and began to eat his dinner. Not one to make dinnertime conversation, he ate his food quickly but not like a pig. Alex looked longingly at his meal, picking up the spoon in her bowl of gloop stirring it a few times.

“It’s not going to eat itself and you’re not leaving this table until you’ve finished your food” Jonathan said before finishing the final bite of his meal.

Alex took a spoon of the now luke-warm goo and put it to her mouth, it smelt of nothing but peas, a vegetable she hated. Pretending to take a bite, she said “I’m not really hungry”

“You always have to do everything the hard way don’t you? You never eat properly” Jonathan said picking up the spoon, shovelling a large scoop of the puree up and driving it towards her mouth “I suggest you eat it unless you want another spanking”.

Alex’s buns burned at the thought. Despite herself, she opened her mouth allowing the spoon in. Jonathan pulled the spoon across her lips depositing the food into her mouth. Alex immediately swallowed, surprising herself that she had not gagged. This went on for a number of minutes as Jonathan fed Alex her dinner.

“There, lots of healthy things for your tummy”

Alex drank her glass of milk. She wet herself again. By now she was very uncomfortable. She knew better than ask for her nappies to be changed but decided to try her luck. “Jonathan, how long do I have left in these nappies? It’s starting to burn”

“Well according to the clock, you’ve got just under two hours left” Jonathan replied looking at his phone.

“I see, well is there any way you would change me earlier? Like if I promised to be good or did something for you…” Alex tailed off.

Jonathan recognised the tone. It was the same tone she had used when persuading him to buy her some piece of jewellery or put the deposit down on her car. It meant one thing. Despite the best of intentions, Jonathan was male and a warm blooded one at that. Something about dominating his girlfriend and seeing her getting wound up was turning him on and here she was, despite her condition, offering to help him with his urges. He weighed it up in his mind, without the suggestion he was more than content to let her sit in her nappy for two hours more. He could always insist Alex service him in two hours time anyway but then he weighed up the options. He did anticipate Alex would do a little better than 20 minutes and had made plans to go out in the afternoon. This seemed like the idea solution…

There was no further conversation as Alex pushed her self off of the chair and onto her hands and knees and crawled towards Jonathan. She rested on her knees, her foot sat underneath her dirty nappy momentarily before she adjusted herself. She worked furiously to unbutton his trousers exposing his ready-for-action manhood. Like a skilled professional, she set to work on working his cock with her hands and mouth. She had to move several times making her nappy rustle audibly. The smell still permeated in the air but Jonathan did not seem to mind. Alex was skilled and it did not take long for Jonathan to loose control, sending a large deposit into her mouth. Alex obediently swallowed this and sat back looking at Jonathan.

Jonathan recovered himself. This was not what he had planned but he could not really complain. His beautiful girlfriend sat in front of him in her messy nappy just did it for him. He guessed a deal was a deal and stood up and led Alex by the hand the bathroom. Getting her to stand in the bathtub, he unpeeled her outer nappy that was heavy from urine and wrapped it up, placing it into the bathroom bin. He then set about un-taping the inner nappy. He carefully removed it from her, folding it in half he placed it into the bin. Alex was filthy; the mess she had made covered her from front to the smalls of her back. The small amount of hair she had covering her pubic area looked disgusting. Even with the window open and the fan on full power, the smell was overbearing. Jonathan used the powerful massage setting of the showerhead to quickly blast the mess from Alex’s skin and into the drain hole.

“I want you to clean yourself up. You also need to get rid of that,” Jonathan said pointing to the small amount of hair on her pubic area.

“You can’t be serious? You want me to shave it all off?”

“Yep and I suggest you do it quickly and don’t argue with me”

Alex sighed but nodded. She took time to shower, using the cacophony of soaps and shampoos she had to clean herself thoroughly. Taking her feminine razor, she replaced the cartridge; she would need a sharp edge for this! Using a lather of foam, she shaved the last part of her adult dignity away. Running her fingers over herself, she made sure she had not missed any part. It was smooth.

She stopped the water and stood out of the bathtub. The air was heavy with steam but the aroma of her mess mixed with the strongly scented shampoo she had used sat in the air. She wrapped a towel around herself before walking to the bedroom. She froze as she got to the door. A nappy was laid out open on the bed. For a moment she had forgotten her predicament for the weekend and this brought it all back.

Not knowing what to do; she stood there looking at it for a moment. Jonathan helped her. “You can remove your towel. Lie down next to the nappy. If you’re a good girl I’ll change you before you get too wet this time”

Alex stood there. She still did not want this. “Do I have to wear one again? I’ll be good, it’s so embarrassing!”

“Are you done? Or do you want me to get your old nappy and put you back in that, maybe it could stay on until bedtime?”

The threat was enough to trigger Alex into action. She dropped the towel to the floor and lay on the bed.

Jonathan took his time putting his girlfriend into her new nappy. He applied power and even some cream to her girly parts. Not quite sure where these accessories had come from, Alex asked, “have you been planning this?”

“Not exactly, your behaviour a few days ago got me thinking that I needed a way to show you the error of your ways without having to beat your ass senseless all the time. I went on the internet and ordered what I needed. To be honest I thought this would not be required straight away”

Jonathan taped the new nappy onto her with it fitting snuggly around her waist and hips. He then instructed Alex to get dressed, leaving the room.

Alex looked at herself in the mirror. The nappy fit her snugly exposing only the lower parts of her butt cheeks, they were still red from the spanking she had received earlier. After this morning’s antics, she felt relatively comfortable for the first time in hours. Looking through her clothing collection, she wondered what to wear. She picked up a pair of jeans and pulled them up. The fit over the top of the nappy and unless you were observing hard, you might not even notice what she was wearing underneath. She put on a top and went downstairs. Jonathan was putting on his Timberland boots, tying the laces he looked up at her, “well you’d best get ready, we’re going out. We need some shopping”


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