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A little knowledge can drive you crazy


The next 24 hours were almost certainly the worst I have ever spent. At first I lay there enjoying the tightness and complete restraint but the coldness became more and more pervasive until I was shivering and could not relax at all. I took to struggling as hard as possible, mainly to seek release but partially because I thought it might warm me up. Probably it did neither, although I found that I could move my fingers slightly and shrug my shoulders a bit. Then I started to panic for it seemed I was not getting enough air in through my nose. I yelled and came close to hyperventilating but gradually became calmer, especially because the water warmed. A while longer and I was hot and could feel sweat or moisture near the catheter. But maybe the catheter was not working and I was urinating. I struggled some more, cried out as loud as my taped mouth would allow and gradually became exhausted.

It was impossible to keep track of the time. I probably had as many panic attacks as periods of light sleep from fatigue. Then there came the time when I heard Gretchen’s voice.

"At last we have her where she can't squirm, cuss, disobey or require any work from us. Just look at her sleeping there. I bet if we held her nose, she would wake up."

I tried to shake my head out of her grip as I became starved for oxygen, moaning, yelling and, yes, cursing.

She just laughed and then said, "Beth, I'm glad you are awake. I bet you have been having some nice dreams, just lying there. I've got a little surprise for you. I just put a powerful hallucinogenic drug into your tube feeding. It will take a while to work. Don't worry, you can't hurt yourself by thrashing around, and I hope you will be able to separate the delusions and hallucinations from those you have had about Dr. Gorman. Have fun." Then there was silence again.

About a half hour later I was screaming and trying to escape from the fire, ice, crushing stones, spins, needles, chains and horrible pains as all sorts of creatures tried to disfigure me. It seemed to go on and on for hours.

But then it was back to the freezing and the hot cycles and several times I caught myself just whimpering and wondering whether I could stand even a few more minutes in the wet pack. Finally I felt someone loosening the canvas around my neck and then I knew I was being raised for I was swaying. The tube was pulled roughly from my nose, causing me to moan and shake my head in discomfort, but a moment later I was delighted to feel that they were unwrapping me.

"Hold on Beth, we'll have you out of the pack in just a minute. Oh, you look a little like a prune, poor baby." I recognized Sally's voice. She started rubbing me with a warm towel and then poured some type of oil or lotion on me, spreading it over every inch. It felt wonderful but all I wanted to do was curl up which is what I did.

"Sorry, Beth, but your presence is wanted down in the play room."

I shook my head and curled tighter; just wanting to rest, but someone fastened a chain to my still wet leather collar and pulled me up to a sitting position. With my freed hands I reached for the tape on my head but Sally said, "No, Beth, leave your hands down, like a good girl."

At that point I didn't want to give anyone a hard time so quickly complied and a moment later was meekly following whoever was pulling on the chain. I was a little unsteady on my feet and someone, probably Sally, put a hand on my elbow to steady me. I could tell that we went down the corridor and turned into what I surmised was the room with the wooden chair. But hands guided me onto a bed where I was made to lie on my back. Immediately, straps began going around my ankles, lower thighs, wrists, waist and chest. Those fastening my chest to the bed were in the form of an X but also had extensions that went to the head of the bed for I could not raise my shoulders at all. Then a very firm and tall plastic collar with rubber edges was closed tightly around my neck. The collar was formed to fit the base of my skull, my chin and my shoulders so that I could no longer turn or bend my neck. What now I thought.

For a while nothing happened and I was about to fall asleep when I heard Sally in the distance say, "Good afternoon, Dr. Gorman. She's right in here in a nine point restraint, just as you requested." That told me two things. I had been in that terrible pack for 24 hours, and that I was now in for another session with the doctor.

"Hello, Beth," he said. "I hope that what you have just been through has impressed you that you must cooperate with me or suffer the consequences. I am an impatient man and will do whatever I have to do tell me whatever I need to know. So I am about to remove that lovely tape from your head and you are going to say thank you. Understand?"

I couldn't nod my head and so I just grunted into the tape gag. It took him several minutes to unwind the tape and what a relief it was to be able to see and know I could talk. I found myself looking up at light and reflector hanging from the ceiling. Dr. Gorman took a seat in a chair beside the bed I was lying helpless on. I wondered whether he listen to a plea for release.

"Please, Sir, if you would just....," I got out before the light turned on. It had been bad enough trying to adjust to the brightness of the room after being blindfolded for so long, but the bulb in the light above me must have been very special for the intensity was unbelievable and I immediately felt pain in the backs of my eyes.

"Ow. Shut it off, please. It's terrible!"

The light did go off leaving me seeing nothing but red for a few moments. I had my eyes shut as tightly as possible.

"Beth, I instructed you to thank me for removing the tape and for taking you out of the wet pack, and you did not. You are going to learn to obey. Sally, bring me those eyelid spreaders over there."

"Yes, Sir. I thought she would be more cooperative."

Fingers pried my eyelids apart and he inserted little gadgets that had little curved pieces that hooked under each lid. When the gadget was opened, my lids were spread apart and held open.

"Now, let's try this again," he calmly said.

The light came on and I began to scream. He asked if I wanted it turned off and I yelled, "Yes, yes, please. And thank you for removing the tape and getting me out of the pack or whatever it was."

The light went off and Sally dabbed a soft cloth around my tear filled eyes.

"Now, pretty Beth, do I have your attention?"

"Yes, Sir, but please don't turn on that light again. You'll blind me."

"Yes, that's possible and for several reasons I don't want that to happen. Now to save a little time, of which I never have enough, I'm going to explain a few things to you. We had no difficulty discovering your password. My paid hacker started running an automatic password program but he didn't really need it. He started playing around with your social security number, birth date, name, etc. And before long came up with your name spelled backwards and added your year of birth after quite a few tries. And, bingo, he was into your files. Took him only about two hours.

"So we were able to read all the information you had gathered about the major donations to my campaign. You had done a good job and I learned a few things I didn't already know. Now I want you to tell me what you think this information means. Think before you answer. I expect the truth from you."

I did think for a moment and decided I really had to tell him at least a little. "Well. Sir, when I went to work for you, you impressed me as being an outstanding man who was going to be in a position to help many people, and...ow, ow.."

The light came on and he said, "Beth, get to the point. And I guess with the light off you are far too comfortable lying there. Maybe the clamps on your pretty nipples will help." He turned off the light but a minute later my nipples were on fire from the squeezing clamps.

"Please, Sir.."

"Talk, Beth."

"I began to think that perhaps you were accepting contributions from people who would then expect you to make decisions in their favor in the future."

"And you thought this was illegal?"

"I didn't know for sure but I thought it was beneath your dignity."

"Don't try to flatter me. You thought it was a form of bribery, didn't you?"

"Yes, to some extent."

"So, Beth, who have you shared this information with?"

I hesitated for a moment and was rewarded by a twisting of the nipple clamps.

"Owww. No one, Sir. I've told no one," I blurted out.

"And I don't believe you. You've had some of this information for at least a month. Start by telling me who went through your devious mind."

"Sir, to be honest, I thought I might discuss it with my stepfather, who incidentally is probably investigating what has happened to me, so I suggest..."

"Beth, I got the impression that your stepfather probably couldn't care less about you. I understand he has been the trustee of your inheritance in the past and that in your absence and because of your mental disability, he has control of your money again."

I gasped. How did he know this and was it true? Obviously they had been in contact for there was little information about my trust in the computer or at my apartment.

"Well, I could go to the police."

"But you know it would be hard to prove anything was illegal, and they are too busy with real crime."

"I could notify your party officials..."

"But you haven't, and they are my friends."

I was becoming nervous, mad and found myself wanting to hurt him as he was hurting me, so I said, "Sir, I've sent some sealed information to a newspaper, and if they don't hear from me shortly, they are going open the letter and start an investigation."

"Beth, I don't believe you and am getting tired of this conversation. I'm leaving. By tomorrow, you are going to sing in a different key. You are going to be the most cooperative little patient I have ever had, I assure you. Sally, come in here."

She had gone out somewhere but came running in and he took her aside so he could give her some orders, and then both of them left, leaving me to wonder what was in store for me and whether I should have told him more. My threat certainly didn't make much of an impression on him.

When Sally returned, she was carrying a diaper and a bowl of something. "Ben is getting some things ready for you and I'm going to give you some lunch. But first I am going to take those things out of your eyes which should make you feel a little better." This she did after which she put the diaper on me but left the clamps on my nipples.

"Beth, I'm glad you are keeping your mouth shut. Dr. Gorman said to gag you if you did much talking. And go ahead and piss into the diaper any time you want. I can't very well get a bedpan under you."

She then cranked the head of the hospital bed up which she could do without disturbing the straps or the rigid neck collar. Then for the next half hour she leisurely fed me the porridge that she had in the bowl. It actually tasted quite good as did the hot tea which she brought a few minutes later.

"You did very well, Beth. At times I feel sorry for you and at others I think you are a real pain in the ass for all of us. I'm going to check on Ben and I advise you to get some rest if you can."

In fact I did fall asleep but not for long. My bladder was full and I used the diaper even though it embarrassed me.

Soon afterwards, Sally and Ben returned and proceeded to role the bed down the corridor and into the large room where I had been in the pack and had been hosed the first night.

"No, nurse I don't want to be in here, please. I'll be good," I blurted out.

"Quiet, Beth," Sally said, sternly.

Despite the collar I could see that things had been moved a little and a rope dangled down over a large sawhorse. As I tried to figure this out, she removed the diaper and Ben took off my collar as well as the chest straps. Next he stood in front of me, grasped my shoulders and pulled me into a sitting position on the bed. Sally from behind quickly wound several turns of tape around my head, covering my eyes.

"Ma'am, what are you going to do to me? I never did anything to hurt you."

"Open your mouth Beth." Of course I didn't but a moment later they were forcing in a rubber round object which then began to expand as I hurt some pumping sound. I had seen pictures of inflatable gags before and had wondered what they would feel like. Now I knew. It kept getting larger forcing my cheeks out, my tongue down and my jaws apart. I moaned and started to shake my head, only to feel the inflating tube and bulb swing around my head.

Then they released my wrists from the straps but immediately fastened them together behind my back using the cuffs that of course were still on me. When my ankles were freed, I started kicking but Ben had no difficulty grabbing one, bending my knee and fastening the ankle cuff to the thigh on the same side, using a piece of rope. After doing the same to my other side, the straps holding my waist were released.

"Ben, do you think you can handle her or should I call for more help?" Sally asked.

"I think I can do it. She's not very heavy and pretty well trussed up. Just get ready with that rope," he answered.

I felt my being lifted up in his arms and moved off the bed. When he lowered me the horizontal piece of the sawhorse came between my thighs and wedged itself against my pelvis so that all my weight was on my sensitive spots. I moaned and squirmed but could do little. Sally, I guess, grabbed my locked wrists and I felt a rope go around the link between them. Then my wrists were hauled up towards the ceiling causing me to bend forward as a strain was put on my shoulders.

As if this torment was not enough, either Ben or Sally hung weights onto my nipple clamps and I heard Sally say, "Beth, you should see your long nipples now. Okay, Ben, she's all yours. I don't want to hear all her yelling, and remember that Dr. Gorman said he wants to see marks on every inch of her."

A muffled "Nooo," escaped from me. Then after a few quiet moments I heard a swish ending in a whack as a band of fire leapt across my lower back. It was the first of many, many blows from a whip of some type. I jumped and twisted as the blows rained down on me, my perineum becoming increasingly more painful, but it was nothing compared to the stinging fire from my skin. He methodically worked his way from one part of me to another. I was yelling and crying for mercy as the torment grew and grew. I got to the point where I knew I could stand no more, but still the blows came. Then he would pause and I guess move around the table for a different angle. I was aware he was breathing hard but he didn't seem to weaken. The lashing of the bottoms of my feet was perhaps the most terrible.

At one point, the whip pulled off one of the nipple clamps but it was quickly replaced after a brief pause during which he had a good feel of my breasts. Finally, I seemed to feel faint and the blows became dull, fading to nothing.

I regained consciousness in the same position, as the result of a pail of cold water being poured over me. My shoulders felt as if they had been dislocated but at least I was not being whipped.

"Ready for some more, Beth?" came Sally's voice. I shook my head from side to side, feeling the inflating tube swing around some more.

"Are you going to answer Dr. Gorman's questions tomorrow?" I nodded.

"Do you want to get down off the horse?" I nodded again.

"Are you going to obey every command I give you?" Still another nod.

Then I felt her loosening the rope on my wrists, painfully allowing them to drop down as I straightened up. A chain went around my waist and my wrist cuffs were fastened to it behind me. The gag was deflated and removed from my aching mouth from which a weak "thank you emerged". When my ankles were untied from my thighs, I found that my sore feet reached the floor.

"Can you stand up, Beth?"

"I think so, ma'am."

"Do you want to urinate?"

"I don't know."

"Well try," she said, guiding me over to a toilet and sitting me down. I was nearly asleep when she said, "I don't think you're doing anything. Come on, I'll take you back to your padded room."

There I collapsed. I remember someone bringing me food and water as well as helping me use a bedpan on the floor later, but for the most part I just fell into an exhausted sleep, curled up with a blanket over me.