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A little knowledge can drive you crazy


I faintly remember Gretchen coming in and applying some soothing salve to my body as well as helping me drink some water, but otherwise I slept deeply until the next morning when Sally came in, freed my hands and removed the waist chain.

"Beth, are you going to give me a hard time this morning or are you going to do everything I order?"

"Ma'am, I will try to obey you but I don't know if I can I'm so weak."

"I think you will be okay. Now stay there while I get your breakfast."

She left the door open but I wasn't even tempted to try to walk or crawl out. The breakfast she brought in consisted of juice, fruit, rolls, butter and jam. She asked if I wanted some cereal as well but I declined. Actually the food went down pretty well and tasted good. Afterwards she locked me in and I fell back asleep for awhile, awaking somewhat refreshed and wondering what was going to happen to me. I essentially gave up on trying to out-guess Dr. Gorman and more or less decided that my days of fighting him were over.

Then Ben and Sally appeared, entering the padded cell with some things, one of which looked like a leather corset.

"Stand up, Beth, and put your hands against the back wall." I complied with the help of Ben's strong arm.

As I leaned against the wall, Sally placed a wide belt around my waist and I felt wet pads against both of my kidney areas. The she wrapped the corset around me and started lacing it up. It reached from just below my breasts down to my pubic area and was quite stiff. Ben helped her draw the thing very tight and they also used several straps to pinch off my waist even further to the point where I had to take shallow breaths. I didn't have any idea why they should be putting me in a corset but in a way it felt nice.

With a light chain attached to my collar, I was lead down to the 'interrogation room' and given a stool to sit on.

"Beth, Dr. Gorman will be here in a few minutes. I sincerely hope you will be cooperative, for your own good. I really don't like the way he has had us treat you." I sort of nodded.

"Good morning, Beth," came his voice as he entered, with some gadget in his hand together with some papers. "Now let's see. We know about all the information you acquired, and we were trying to ascertain who you had shared this information with. You said no one, but I had my doubts. Since that conversation I have checked with numerous people as well as friends at most of the local newspapers. Obviously I had to be subtle in my inquiries but so far it looks like you may be telling the truth for once. Is that correct?"

"Yes, Sir," I said softly.

"But you had decided to tell someone, hadn't you?"

"Yes, Sir. I probably would have if you hadn't called me into the office when you did. But I never got the chance, and now I'm sorry I ever even considered it."

"Beth, over the next few minutes, I'm going to make sure you are not holding anything back. Sally, you may want to leave the room."

My fear increased as I watched her go and then directed my attention back to the fiend in front of me. He raised the gadget, adjusted a dial and pushed a button. Immediately I felt like someone had hit both kidneys areas with a baseball bat. I was thrown off the stool, and found myself on the floor, urinating, unable to move my thighs or legs, fighting for a breath and trying to figure out what had happened. I also realized I was screaming.

"That's how we really control violent people, Beth. Ben, get her back up on the stool. Beth, would you like another demonstration."

"No, no, please Sir. Not another."

I had just got seated when he pushed the button again. The results were the same except I had no more urine in me, but this time I also vomited. I lay there sobbing and trying to remain sane in the face of the excruciating pain in the central part of my body. When I looked for Dr. Gorman, I realized he had left the room. Ben was at my side trying to calm me down.

A few minutes later Dr. Gorman reentered. Before he could say anything, I crawled across to his feet which I kissed and then said, "Please don't shock me again. I'll tell you anything. Really, I never told anyone what I suspected.. Please, Sir, that's the truth."

His finger moved towards the button and again I pleaded. "You realize that if I subsequently find that you have been lying to me, I'll make you wish you were dead."

"Yes, Sir. But I'm not lying."

"Right now, will you do anything I tell you?"

"Yes, Sir. Gladly."

"All right. I want you to lie on your back with your feet towards me, and then I want you to pleasure yourself while Ben and I watch," he said.

I turned red from embarrassment but assumed the position, spreading my legs widely and began to finger my clitoris as I used my other hand to fondle one breast. Then as I got wet and aroused, my finger went into my vagina, feeling and probing. Two fingers and then three were inserted and withdrawn repeatedly. My mind concentrated on my increasing desire, my passion mounted and for a moment I was able to forget where I was. I came with a moan and shudder, and then rolled over on one side and looked at the two men who were leering at me.

Dr. Gorman turned to Ben and said, "Take her back to her tight room for now. Then come back so I can talk to you and Sally. I'm tired of this slut and if she has done anything to interfere with my winning election I'm going to make sure she never has a sane moment in her life. And Ben, if you care to use her in any way; be my guest. Maybe she's good for something."

On the way back, Ben allowed me to use a toilet and it didn't surprise me when I saw that my urine was bloody, but he reassured me that it would probably stop. Back in my padded room, he provided me with water and a bedpan before he locked the door and turned off the light. Exhausted I was soon asleep.

A few hours later...maybe more for I had no way of knowing, I was awakened by the orderly I has seen the first night.

"On your feet, Beth, and no funny stuff. I've got the shock control and doubt if you want to give me an excuse to use it. By the way, I'm Tony."

I quickly stood up and said, "Sir, please don't shock me again. I don't think I or my kidneys could take it."

He had me walk out ahead of him, down the hall and into an elevator. I think we went up three floors. Then I preceded him down past a room where several women in gray dresses were sitting, doing various things. They all looked rather doped up and I assumed they were patients. We continued until we came to a series of rooms with small door windows. Some of the doors were open and others were shut. Tony had me stop at the very last room which he unlocked and opened. It was about 6 feet square with sort of a toilet in one corner and a built in bed along one wall. On the floor was a tray with a paper cup of juice and a paper plate with a slice of meat, a vegetable and a bun. There were no utensils that I could see.

"Go up to far wall, place your forehead against it with your hands spread apart above your head, and don't move until I return."

I did as ordered and a moment later I heard him come behind me. He pulled one hand down and inserted it into a rather flat leather mitten which held my fingers apart and was very stiff. The base locked tightly around my wrist near my cuff. He did the same with my other hand and then said, "Beth, Dr. Gorman wants us to make sure you can't use your hands to play with yourself, tear your sheet or blanket, scratch us or anything else to hurt us or yourself. This is your room. The only people you will see will be, Sally, Ben, Gretchen or myself. We'll explain things to you in more detail tomorrow. Enjoy your supper." He left locking the door behind him.

Despite the mittens, I managed to eat the food and then fell into a deep sleep. Almost as in a dream, I thought someone came into the room and lay down beside me, playing with my breasts, fingering my vagina, bringing me to a climax and then putting a diaper and plastic panties on me.

The next morning I awoke with a wet diaper on me and could not clearly recall how it got there. I used the toilet and tried to see through the outside window which was covered by a metal mesh screen. The glass itself was slightly frosted distorting things, but I could see trees and grass several floors down.

Soon the door opened and Sally entered. She looked around and saw the soiled diaper near the toilet. "How did you get that, Beth?"

"Er, I don't really know. Someone obviously put it on me last night sometime but I don't know who it was."

"Well, here's your breakfast. Make sure you eat it all and if you are good we are going to take you out to the activities room later. Put on this short dress and I'll be back for you.

I ate the cereal, toast and fruit and enjoyed the coffee. Certainly I didn't want to run the risk of being force fed. Not too long afterwards I felt rather sleepy and lightheaded. I could tell that Ben and Sally returned and took me to a different room where I was put into a chair. A cloth halter was put around my upper chest and tied to the chair back and my mittened hands and ankles were strapped to the chair arms and legs respectively. Sleepily I watched some stupid television program for awhile before falling asleep.

The next thing I knew, Sally was giving me a sponge bath in my bed. I was entirely nude and could barely keep my eyes open.

"Well, hello, you sleepy head. Welcome back to the real world. You've been pretty much out of it for the past week, but Dr. Gorman has changed your medications. I guess you know he won his election and is now the new comptroller."

It took a few minutes for this to sink in. Obviously I had under the influence of one or more drugs and had been oblivious to the world. Would I now be released?

"Does this mean that I can be discharged?" I asked.

"Well, your 30 days of involuntary confinement will soon be up, so you are going before a review committee later this afternoon. They will determine whether your commitment here should continue, so I have to get you all prettied up for them later."

She finished washing me and then she put some powder on my perineum which was quite sore. I asked her about this and she said I had a diaper rash. My vagina was also tender and I wondered whether anything else had been going on but didn't say anything. The breakfast she brought looked particularly good. Sally reassured me it had no medications in it and I ate every bit of the food and enjoyed the coffee. Then I read some newspapers that she brought, paying particular attention to the election results. They confirmed what she had told me previously.

After a good lunch, Sally removed my leather mittens, cuffs and collar. I almost felt peculiar without the thing around my neck. Then she brought me a blue, cotton, wrap-around dress that fastened with Velcro strips. I was even allowed to use a little lipstick.

"Good luck with your conference this afternoon, Beth. Ben will be coming for you in about an hour because I have the rest of today and the next two off."

"Thank you, nurse. Do I look all right?"

"You look fine except you don't have any hair. And you can call me Sally when we are alone."

When Ben came he told me the conference was running slowly and my evaluation would be delayed another hour. He asked if I would like a cold drink or tea and I decided on the tea which tasted a little funny but still good. Shortly afterwards he took me to a different floor and into a room where there was one other female patient waiting.

Then she was called into an adjoining room. I caught a glimpse of a long table behind which several doctors and nurses were sitting. One of the doctors was Dr. Gorman and I immediately began to get nervous. Before long I was feeling very peculiar and thought I was hearing chains clanking. I tried to get out of the room but it was locked and the one window had a heavy mesh screen like the one on my own room.

The door to the inner room opened and as two men dressed in black britches and white shirts came for me, I heard birds screeching, smelt sulfur and had the impression that something was very wrong. I cried out and tried running from the men but there was no where to go and they quickly seized and dragged me before the table. Behind it now sat men and women in the dress of the pilgrims in the late 1600's. I was completely confused for it seemed so real. I struggled as the two men fastened heavy iron cuffs around my wrists.

One of the men behind the table looked like Dr. Gorman. He stood up and said, "Elizabeth, this council has heard the evidence and has found you guilty of witchcraft. You are to be taken from this place forthwith and burned at the stake."

I found myself crying out, "No, as God is my witness, I am innocent. What will happen to my children?"

"Witch, do not use the name of God. Guards, put her in a brank and take her away."

Around my head they fastened a metal cage with a flange that stuck into my mouth and proceeded to wrap chains around my body as I fainted.


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