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A little knowledge can drive you crazy


The evening and night were relatively uneventful. Gretchen had brought more water and mush, and this time I managed to eat it all. Ugh. Furthermore I had refrained from saying anything while she was with me, even when she changed the diaper, pinched my labia, and said a few more days in the strait jacket would do me good.

The next morning, I was awakened by Sally and Ben who entered carrying a tray of real breakfast and a wash cloth..

"Beth, get on your feet, go to the back of the cell and face the wall. Remember to keep your mouth shut," Sally commanded.

I did so and a moment later felt one of them unbuckling and unlacing the strait jacket after which Ben turned me around to face him. "Put your hands in front of you and don't try anything funny," he said as Sally watched from the doorway with a gun-like gadget in her hand. Ben snapped a lock on the D-rings of my wrist cuffs, fastening them together in front of me.

Then he backed up to stand beside Sally who said, "Good girl. That must feel better. Now get out of your own diaper, use the wash cloth to clean yourself up a bit and then eat your breakfast. We'll be back for you in a little while."

I couldn't believe how much better I felt when I had done these things. My shoulders and elbows were a little stiff but loosened up with a little exercise, and my crotch was somewhat sore from being in contact with wet diapers, but basically I was a little less worried about my predicament and the breakfast had filled me up. I felt more prepared to face whatever happened.

When Sally and Ben returned, they had me face the back wall while they locked a chain around my waist and then used a link to fasten my wrist cuffs to the chain. Obviously they were continuing to take no chances on my trying to escape, while I continued to look for an opportunity.

With a chain snapped onto my collar I was tugged out into the corridor and we proceeded down to the room with the wooden chair. As usual this required me taking short steps but I found the going a little easier than before.

I was placed in the chair, my wrist and ankle cuffs freed from their mates and my limbs were then tightly strapped to the chair. I didn't struggle as they used the head harness to secure my had to the chair back nor when they tightened the straps crossing my chest to the point where I could hardly breathe.

"Beth, how does that feel?" Sally asked.

Because it was a direct question, I dared to answer. "Snug, nurse. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Ben get a pot and put it under her so she can take a piss or crap. Beth, use the pot if you can. It may be a long morning. A resident physician is going to be here in a few minutes to take a medical history and examine you. He's in medical school and is not a psychiatrist. You are to say nothing about your commitment here or about your paranoia, delusions, or violence. Believe me, should you anything like that I will immediately use this stun gun on you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," I replied, looking with dread at the thing she was holding in her hand. I managed to empty my bladder and rectum, and then endured having Ben wipe me clean, something that gave him an obvious erection.....which in turn got me aroused. I pushed, pulled and twisted against the leather straps, enjoying the feeling of being bound, nude in front of them.

"No, you can't escape that chair, and I'm sorry that the straps have to be so tight," Sally said, not knowing that I was really getting turned on.

She picked up a clipboard with a medical admission form and started asking me routine questions about date of birth, family history, any operations, allergies, etc. Then a very young appearing man entered wearing a white coat, dark pants, blue Oxford shirt and no tie. A stethoscope dangled from one pocket. His tanned face and good physique suggested that he was outdoor type, but he acted a little bored.

"And who do we have here?" he asked.

"Dr. Forbes, this patient came in two nights ago, hallucinating and acting very wild. She has calmed down but still needs to be restrained as you can see. Her name is Jean but she might try to tell you something different. I've filled in the history form so please limit your exam to her physical condition," Sally said.

"Good. I'm short for time and should be making rounds at the hospital. So I'm in no mood to listen to a lot of yelling. Feel free to gag her if you must."

Just when I thought I might find someone who could help me get out of the place, it appeared that he wasn't the answer. He sort of looked me up and down and then began a rather cursory exam. Ear canals, my eyes, nostrils and then used a tongue depressor and flashlight to check my mouth and pharynx, causing me to gag slightly.

"She's a little red back there. May have some pharyngitis," he observed.

"No, doctor. It's probably from the fact we had to tube feed her when she refused to eat," Sally replied.

"Well, that explains it. I'm glad I don't have to treat difficult patients, and you'll never catch me going into psychiatry. Go ahead and gag her if you want."

Sally left my side to go over to a cabinet, as Dr. Forbes took out his stethoscope and bent close to me prior to putting the instrument into his ears.

Hastily I whispered, "Doctor, my name is Beth Townsend. Please remember it and try to help me."

He looked at me for a moment and said, "Take some deep breaths, Jean."

By that time, Sally was back. She placed a pad over my mouth and then attached a leather piece to the head harness, which held the pad tightly against me. Oh well, I tried, but I guess he wasn't about to pay any attention to what I said. At least he didn't say anything about my speaking.

He listened to my lungs and then my heart, making notations on the clipboard. Then he did a rather thorough exam of my breasts, smiling as he did, and murmuring, "Very nice." The he palpated my belly and ran his hands up and down my extremities.

"Are you going to release her from that chair so I can do a pelvic and rectal, nurse?"

"No. It's easier if we just tip the chair onto its back. Ben will help." She turned away to call him and the doctor softly said, "Beth Townsend....where have I heard that name."

"Did you say something, doctor?" Sally asked returning.

"No, just talking to myself."

They got me onto my back with my pelvis wide open to him, and he proceeded with the exams. When the speculum was inserted it slid into me rather easily for by then I was aroused and hoping he would take his time. Also, my hopes were up and I wanted him to know I was responding to his touch. But his rectal exam was not particularly gentle, cutting off my soft murmurs.

He backed away from me, signed the form and, as Ben lifted the chair upright, said, "She's seems physically fine. Hope you can do something for her. Any more admissions for me?"

"No, doctor, and thanks. I guess you can find your way out."

He took one more look at me, turned and left, leaving me to wonder and hope.

"I'm glad that's over. When we began, I thought that Beth might try talking to him, and I don't know whether we could cover for Dr. Gorman who should be here shortly," Sally observed to Ben.

"Well, it sure was a quick exam. He seemed bored and anxious to be on his way," Ben replied as he picked up the speculum, dirty glove, tongue depressor and flashlight.

Without another word, they left the room, leaving me to wonder what was going to happen when the person responsible for my being here arrived. I certainly intended to demand my release and warn him that keeping me in his hospital was not in his best interests. But perhaps I should try to convince him that I wouldn't say a word about his financial dealings. On the other hand, he might not really know exactly what information I had gathered. Well, time would tell.

Aware that my bottom was a little uncomfortable from sitting on the wooden, V-shaped seat, I squirmed and tried to get my hands loose. After making no progress, I tried to relax and let my mind wander over what had been happening. So far, I had seen no good possibility for escape, but at least I hadn't really been hurt, although that cold shower the first night had been rough and I missed my hair. Still, the time in the strait jacket had been exciting and very erotic. In fact I was aroused just sitting there, nude, hairless, and bound by leather straps that creaked when I tried to move.

At that point my nemesis walked in accompanied by Sally and Ben. The doctor was wearing a dark suit but immediately removed his suit coat and tie. He smiled at me and then asked Sally, "Bring me up to date on our patient, Sally. Has she been giving you any trouble?"

"No, Sir. I guess the first night, Gretchen did a good job with the cold shower, and they then got her into the strait jacket and tight room as you ordered. Can you believe, she was in that jacket for over 24 hours and it must have been a real torment for her. Anyway, she wouldn't eat out of a bowl so we force fed her. I had to use a nasogastric tube which she didn't like, and, as a result, this morning she ate well. I don't think she liked the diaper we used on her, and you should have seen her squirm when we shaved her head and eyebrows. Here's her record, doctor."

"Hm. I see that young Dr. Forbes did a history and physical. I didn't want any of the physician staff to have anything to do with her and had planned to do the exam myself."

"Sorry, Sir. I didn't know that."

"Was she gagged like that for the exam?"

"Yes, Sir. Right after he started he asked that she be gagged. I guess he didn't want her spitting on him or distracting him. He as usual was in a rush. I took the history so she really didn't say anything, if that's what you are worried about."

"Good. And I really am not worried. It's just that I want to handle this patient myself. Now, you and Ben can take a break. I want to talk with Beth for a while and will call you when we are done."

"Sir, she has a gag pad behind that face covering, so she can't say anything."

"Oh, please remove the pad but replace the leather part. I also don't want her spitting."

With the pad gone, I waited until Sally and Ben left and then said, "You're a real bastard but I'll be glad to forget you never knew your father if you release me from this place which I assume is one of your excuses for a hospital."

His response was to smile, draw a chair up close to me, sit down, reach up with one hand and pinch my left nipple as hard as he could. I yelled in pain and from surprise, but this was cut off when he used his other hand to slap my right ear as hard as he could. My ear rang and I jerked against the head harness and the restricting chain.

Sally came running into the room, but he immediately said, "It's all right, Sally. I just had to slap her to get her attention. Please ignore any yelps. I'll call you if I need you."

"Now Beth, you and I are going to have a little discussion. Any sass, cussing, or derogatory remarks from you will result in some very bad things happening to you, either immediately or over the next few days. The same is true if you fail to cooperate.

"It is very important that I understand exactly what you know and what you have done since you came to work for me in my campaign. But let's begin with this computer disk. I am sure you will recognize it for it was in your handbag on Friday. What is on the disk, Beth?"

"I don't remember, Dr. Gorman."

He looked at me, got up and left the room. He was gone for several minutes and when he returned he was carrying an open box which he set down on the floor. I looked down and saw quite a few clothes pins of the spring type. Picking up one, he opened the jaws, pulled out my right nipple with his left hand, and snapped the clothespin onto me.

"Ow....please take it off....ow, ow...."

"Beth, it stays on. Now what's on the disk?"

"Er, some information."

"Good. I'm going to save us both a little time. I ran that disk on my own computer and found that it is the record of the sizable donation from the organization that you called the Better Business Associates about together with your thoughts about a possible Mafia connection. Isn't that correct."

"I guess so," I mumbled. He picked up another clothespin and I hastened to add, "Yes, Sir."

"Fine. You are answering a little better. Now Beth, have you taken home other records?"

"Maybe, a few."

"I'll accept that answer for a minute although I suspect that the word few is inaccurate. I also suspect that you enter this information onto your home computer which we now have in our possession," he calmly said.

"Dr. Gorman, that's private property and you have no did you get it?"

The next thing I knew, I had a clothespin dangling from my other nipple and was ineffectively struggling to shake them off.

"Beth, I and my associates have taken the liberty of saving you considerable expense by terminating your apartment lease. Your things are in storage as well as your car. Your landlady understands that you had a nervous breakdown and says you can rent with her again if you wish. She was sorry about your condition.

"Dr. Gorman, you really are a prick of the first order."

I was so mad that I didn't scream when he applied two more of the clips to the tender folds near my armpits.

Dr. Gorman ignored my squirming as he continued, "Now we have gone through your computer to some extent and have read most of your email, looked at some of your interesting pictures, reviewed your finances, but are primarily interested in some files that are "locked" and which require a password. My experts feel they will know this password within the next day or so, but it would save us all some time if you were to tell us what it is."

I thought for a minute becoming more and more apprehensive, and then decided to try a different approach. "Sir, may I say something?"

"Of course, providing it is going to be helpful to me."

"Yes, I do have some information about your dealings with some of the donors, but these dealings are not in themselves illegal as far as I know. Will you let me go if I tell you that I will go no farther with the information and will simply return to college?"

"I might consider that, but you must realize that at this point I don't trust you at all. So for now, simply tell me the password. My time is short."

"Sir, I'd like to think about this...."

"Beth, you disappoint me. I hope you enjoy the next day or so as you think it over. I'll be back." He stood up and started towards the door. Then he returned, picked up two handfuls of the clothes pins and started applying them to my thighs, the labial folds near my vagina, my clitoris, my belly and a few other places as I yelled for him to stop. He just laughed and left the room.

I sat there squirming, feeling pain in multiple spots, but also aware that waves of hormones were being released that tended to dull the pain and arouse me. Pleasure and pain. It was a concept that had always eluded me, but at that moment I began to understand a bit of what it was all about.

When Sally and Ben returned sometime later, they immediately started removing the clothes pins, one by one, and as each was released, pain shot through the areas and I moaned behind the leather covering of my mouth.

Sally said, "Beth, I don't know what this is all about but am beginning to realize that you are out to ruin Dr. Gorman's reputation. Either that or you're going to blackmail him with some false information. In any case, he want's to cure you of these ideas and part of his approach is to obtain the information, convince you that it's erroneous, cure you of your psychoses, and turn you back into an agreeable, honest citizen. And he's willing to use some unconventional methods to do this. Besides, our jobs and these hospitals depend upon him."

"Nurse, he's one of the most dishonest, charlatans I have ever met, and you'd be doing everyone a big favor if you'd just turn me loose right now. Otherwise I'm going to see that your license is revoked. Now get me out of here, or I'll...."

"Obviously you are still delusional, disagreeable, uncooperative, and disgusting and we are going to change your attitude. He's left some orders for you and we may have some additional ideas. Step number one is to clean some of the dirty things out of your system." Sally said this as she removed the leather piece that was loosely covering my mouth. Then she took two pills out of her pocket and held them in front of me. I immediately clenched my mouth closed which led to the inevitable nostril pinching and when I gasped for breath, in went the pills.

She covered my mouth and said, "If you're smart you'll swallow them because they apparently taste rather bitter if they dissolve in that dirty mouth of yours."

A moment later I knew she was right and managed to get them down. "What are those" Knock out pills or something?" I asked.

"You'll find out. And to keep you from vomiting as well as speaking, we are going to wrap you with that vet tape you love. Go ahead, Ben. And, Beth, just think. You don't have to worry about the tape sticking to your hair."

Ben had to first remove my head harness and this was going to give me an opportunity to bite or at least move my head away from them. But when I started to do this, Sally picked up a short cord from which dangled to curved metal prongs which she inserted into my nostrils, pulled upwards on the cord and I didn't dare to move an inch for fear the prongs would tear my nose up.

Ben proceeded to cover my face with multiple passes of the tape and was about to stop when Sally said that the doctor's order included my eyes and ears. A moment later, Ben had my entire head except for my nose swathed in the tight, elastic tape. I murmured my objections through the multiple layers but then gave up. About the same time I had a moderate cramp in my upper belly and felt a little nauseated. I dreaded the thought that I might vomit for it sure couldn't get out of my mouth.

At that point, someone stuck a large rubber tube into my rectum and I heard the sound of pumping as a balloon was inflated inside me. Sally's voice penetrated the tape, "We're going to really get you clean, woman, and there's nothing you can do about it. What the cathartic won't do, the enemas will."

Warm liquid starting running into my colon through the tube and soon my entire abdomen was cramping as I was filled almost to the bursting point. I moaned and tried pleading but was sure my words were unintelligible. And even if they were heard, I knew no one would be sympathetic. Finally the rectal tube was removed. For a moment I held onto the fluid but then it was sort of automatically expelled with considerable force and I could smell my diarrhea. As if that were not enough, they gave me two more similar enemas before Sally said something the returns being pretty clear.

The straps crossing my chest were loosened and then my right wrist cuff was linked to my right ankle cuff, causing me to bend forward. They did the same on the left, snapped a lead onto my collar and pulled me forward out of the chair so that I sprawled on the concrete floor.

It was probably Ben who got me onto my knees as Sally said, "Come on, animal," and I felt a pull on my collar, causing me to start crawling forward, trying to keep up with her. I could tell that we went out into the corridor and sensed that we then entered the large toilet area. I moaned, thinking that I was in for another of those frozen sessions with the fire hose, but instead I was lifted up onto a table covered by what felt like a wet sheet.

Somebody unlinked my wrists from my ankles and then I was spread eagled using ropes tied to my cuffs. I felt a slosh of liquid hit my pelvis and then Sally said, "Hold still, this is just some antiseptic solution and a urinary catheter to make you life simpler."

I managed to squirm until strong hands grabbed my pelvis. The catheter slid in without much discomfort and then the wrapping began as I tried to figure out what they were doing. I guessed there was a half sheet on the lower part of the table and this was pulled across one leg and then under the other after which it was wrapped tightly around both. Apparently I was in fact lying on multiple wet sheets for the next one or two were wrapped around me from my armpits to my toes, after which my arms were placed at my sides and more sheets were placed over my arms and under my body, rolling me from side to side to accomplish this. The last of the sheets went entirely around me and I now knew what mummification felt like. Immediately a wave of arousal swept over me.

"We're nearly done, Beth. How do you like this little wet pack so far?" came Sally's voice.

I tried to say I loved it as I felt straps of some type being pulled tightly around my body at various levels. Then I was lifted up and placed on something that seemed to sway.

"Just for your information, Beth, you are on a big canvas sling. It makes it easier for us to move you over to one of the tubs you saw the first night. Now don't worry, we are not going to drown you tonight; maybe tomorrow," she said with a laugh.

There was a little more swaying and then I sensed that the damp sheets were getting wetter and much colder, and worry replaced my arousal. I started to struggle, tensing my limbs and trying to free my hands, arms or legs, but it seemed that this only made the sheets pull tighter. Some type of canvas covering was being snugged around my neck as I tried yelling and swearing.

"Ben, lash that canvas tightly all the way around her tub. I don't think there is any way for her to get out of those sheets but the canvas would still make it impossible to get out of the tub. Now, let's see, Beth. Your intestinal track is all cleaned out, you've got the catheter to take care of your urine, and we're about to replace that tube through your nose so we can feed you that wonderful, nourishing fluid that happily doesn't produce any stuff for you to shit. Oh, don't worry too much about the temperature. We have it on the cold cycle now but then it will get very hot, then cold, then hot, and so on. Everything is automatic although the cycles will vary in duration. All you have to do is lie there and feel sorry for yourself. Just maybe, you'll decide to cooperate with Dr. Gorman," Sally explained.

"Go to hell," I tried to say, and a moment later some one held my head as the tube entered my nose and curved down into the back of my throat. I gagged a little and then it was sliding down and down.

"That's it, Beth. Happily we don't have to sit here and watch you enjoy your nice tub bath. By the way, Dr. Gorman said that we shouldn't be concerned if you can't breathe through just one nostril. I expect that Gretchen will stop by later to say hello, and Ben and I will see you tomorrow if you're still alive. Bye, bye."