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A little knowledge can drive you crazy


I gradually became aware of a slowing of the vehicle I was riding in, and then it all began to come back. I had been drugged, strapped tightly into a body bag and then anesthetized. Damn that Dr. Gorman. Oh yes, he was having me committed. I was a little turned on by the idea, but knew it could be a nightmare. So I resolved then and there to do my best to get out of the predicament and then make sure that he never was elected.

I started struggling against the tight straps but this just made me sweat a little more. Looking around I realized I was in an ambulance that was now backing up and stopping. The two goons in the front seat got out and opened the back doors as I decided to act like I was still unconscious. They pulled the stretcher out, unfolded the legs and started wheeling me into a large building.

"Come on Beth," one of them said. "I know you are awake. We didn't give you that much anesthesia."

I didn't respond to what he said, but when he slapped my face hard I yelled, "You bastard. You're going to find that abducting someone means a lot of jail time."

"Shut up. We've got your properly completed commitment papers and are just following orders."

"You know damn well you are accessories to a crime and I'm going to make sure that Dr. Gorman and you two are going to suffer for it. People are going to start looking...mmmpf," my speech stopped suddenly as the guy at the head of the stretcher shoved some type of rag into my mouth.

In the receiving area of the hospital we were met by an overweight woman in her forties, wearing a blue shirt and pants. Keys dangled from her belt and she looked like she could be dangerous. "Is this the patient from Dr. Gorman?" she asked.

"Yes, and she's got a foul mouth as well as being wild. She really made a mess of his office, so be careful," one of the men said.

"Well, let me get one of the orderlies and then you two can help get her processed. Dr. Gorman called and gave us the admitting orders which should take a little starch out of her sails. Is she oriented?"

"Who the hell knows?" was the guy's reply.

The nurse used the phone to make a call and a few minutes later an orderly appeared pushing a large cage on wheels. On top of the cage was a box.

"Okay boys. Let's get her out of that bag," said the nurse.

They undid the straps and began unzipping the bag. As soon as my arms were free, I yanked out the rag gag and started cussing them, using every profanity I had ever heard. The two goons grabbed my wrists and ducked as I spit and twisted. The orderly quickly went to the box and returned with leather cuffs which he and the nurse were able to strap around my wrists. They then rolled me face down and fastened the cuffs together behind my back with a snap link. I felt the bag being unzipped the rest of the way and soon my ankles were cuffed and linked like my wrists.

"She's a fighter, isn't she? And look at those nice clothes. That leather outfit and the cashmere sweater probably set her back a good penny, and they look like they would fit my daughter. Let's get them off her but be careful not to rip them 'cause I'm taking them home.. And boy has she been sweating," observed the nurse.

It took them a while but despite my attempts to kick, yank, spit and bite, the four of them succeeded in stripping me naked. This required un-linking my ankles and wrists momentarily to slide things off me, but I never got a chance to land a solid blow on any of them. The men were getting an unobstructed look at my body and I also was subjected to pawing of my breasts and other parts. Then the orderly held the top of the cage open while the other two men deposited me into it. The cage top slammed shut and was latched.

For the first time in my life, I really felt like a dog. I knelt with my wrists attached behind me, and stared out at the four of them through the steel mesh openings.

The nurse turned to the two ambulance goons and said, "Thanks for you help. Burt and I can handle her now unless you want to stick around and see the show."

"We've got nothing better to do and I'm getting a hard-on just looking at her. What are you going to do with her?"

"Cool her down a bit and get her secured for the night. Just follow us if you want to watch."

They pushed the cage with me rocking from side to side within it, to an elevator and we went down one floor to a rather dingy basement area. Numerous rooms opened off the corridor and some of the doors had small thick windows in them. I was rolled into what appeared to be a large bathroom with several large sinks, toilets, some big sinks, several large tables and a shower area with a central drain. The cage was positioned right over the drain, the nurse went over to the wall and returned pulling a hose with a nozzle on the end of it.

I suddenly realized what was going to happen and started yelling. A second later I was hit right in the mouth by a forceful, solid stream of icy cold water that knocked me back against the cage wall. My yells turned to cries and then pleas for mercy as she pushed the nozzle through one of the mesh openings and then another, directing the stream at just about every pore and opening of my body. I was douched from below, my nostrils irrigated, my ear canals filled and I felt like I swallowed a gallon of water. When she finally turned the stream off, I lay weak and shivering on the bottom of the cage.

A moment later, I was pulled from the cage and clung limply on the orderly as the nurse partially dried me with a towel. "We don't want you to catch cold, Beth. Now let's get you into a nice jacket," she said.

I was too weak to resist as they thrust my arms into the sleeves of a thick canvas strait jacket. I was pushed face down on the floor as one of my tormentors laced me up and tightened the cross straps as much as possible. Then my arms were pulled around through side loops and fastened behind me. The final indignity was feeling a strap pulled between my thighs and snugged up against my vagina and clitoris. The fact that the link between my ankles was replaced with a one foot strap didn't make me feel any better.

The nurse then grabbed a handful of my hair and more or less pulled me down the corridor to a side room with one of the small windowed doors. The orderly unlocked and opened it. The small room was dimly lit my a light recessed in the high ceiling and I gasped when I saw that the walls and floor were covered by thick black rubber or vinyl.

With a final push I was shoved into the room, the light went off and the door slammed shut as I fell onto the floor exhausted. For a moment I just lay curled there catching my breath. My hair was wet but at least the cell was warmer than the shower room. When I tried to stretch out I realized that the room was only about four feet square. I rolled over on my back with my knees bent slightly and began to tug and jerk with my arms, testing whether there was enough slack to allow me to get out of the jacket. Such was not the case but when I lifted with my arms, it tightened the strap against my perineum and the result was a wave of arousal.

I had often fantasized about being in a strait jacket and with a little finger fondling these thoughts had usually resulted in some very powerful orgasms. Now I was experiencing the restraint, immobility and tightness of the real thing and the result was even more powerful. My fears and concerns played second fiddle to my erotomania as I tugged and jerked my way to a wonderful conclusion, falling into a deep slumber soon afterwards.

The passage of time was difficult to sense but I was awakened by very bright light. Looking up I saw that someone had turned on a bank of recessed spotlights that were almost blinding. I rolled on my side and turned my head to look at the rubber mat under me, trying to get back to sleep. My mind now reviewed all that happened and I began to wonder exactly what was going to happen to me. How much did Dr. Gorman know? How long would I be here and what would they do to me? Who would worry and try to find out what had happened to me? My stepfather?

Finally the lights went off again and I got back to sleep only to be interrupted every one to two hours during the remainder of the night. By morning, I was hardly rested but had decided to act less aggressively towards my 'keepers'. Finally the dim light was turned on and I could see the eyes of someone looking in the little window.

The door was unlocked and opened slightly as a female voice said, "Sit back against the far wall and don't try anything funny." I complied and the door opened fully, allowing a small wiry brunette and a huge black man to enter. They both were in blue "scrub" clothes commonly worn by nurses and orderlies.

"I'm Sally and this is Ben. I hope you've had a good night," she said sarcastically.

I answered, "It would have been good except that someone kept turning klieg lights on. Now please get whoever is in charge of this place. There will be less of an investigation if I get out of here immediately."

They both smiled.

"Well, let's see," Sally said. "It's Saturday and it's unlikely that any of the doctors will be in over the weekend unless it's an emergency. In your case, Ben and I are in charge of you until Gretchen comes on duty late this afternoon. You met her last night. Now I'd be happy to be sure that the bright lights don't bother you. Ben, keep an eye on her while I get something, and then you can give her some breakfast and water."

"My bladder is full. Are you going to let me use the toilet?" I asked, but Sally had already left. I looked at Ben but he just smiled and shook his head.

Sally returned almost immediately carrying a roll of something blue in her hand. "Ben, pull her over here and hold her by that ugly mop of hair. Looks like Gretchen didn't let her use a brush after her bath last night."

Rather roughly I was dragged up onto my knees. Ben stood behind me holding my hair tightly, while Sally stood in front, straddling my thighs. "You'll like this tape that vets use," she observed as she started winding the three or four inch wide stuff around my head. The first pass covered my eyes and from then on I was completely unable to see. I was afraid she would cover my entire face but she stayed above the mid portion of my cheeks.

"Ma'am, I didn't mean to complain. Please take the tape off."

"Too late, Beth." She pressed the end of the roll in place and Ben pulled me back until I was again sitting.

"I don't think I like you two very much," I said.

"Oh, you're going to just love us." There was a moment of silence and then she continued, "Okay, Ben has placed a dog bowl filled with water and one filled with your breakfast along the sidewall near the front. You'll be able to find it but be careful not to knock them over. Have a good day. Oh, be sure to eat all the food. You're going to need every bit of possible nourishment."

"But what about letting me use the toilet?" I yelled but my question was followed by the sound of the door shutting firmly and the lock clicking.

I got over on my knees and slowly inched my way along a side wall until I got to the door without encountering the dishes. But on the other side I was able to locate them with a knee. Then I bent forward and explored the dishes with my nose. One contained a mush without much odor and the other water. The next question was how does one drink from a dog bowl. Obviously the answer was to try lapping but my tongue wasn't quite the same as a dogs. Still, I was slowly able to swallow a small amount with considerable effort. Then I tried the mush which had a grainy taste and wasn't particularly appetizing. In fact I thought it might be dog food and decided I wasn't hungry.

Sitting back I wondered how I might get the wrapping off my head and tried rubbing against the wall and then the floor but the rubber surface was just too smooth. So after a few desultory efforts to get out of the jacket, I lay back and tried to sleep. But by now my bladder was very uncomfortable. I did a little yelling but there was no response, so I got as close to the door as possible, squatted and let go, hoping that the urine would not just pool on the rubber mat beneath me. Then I got myself into the far corner and sat with my back against the wall, snoozing.

Time seemed to just creep by but finally I heard the door open and Sally said, "Well Beth, have you been a good girl?"

"May I call you Sally?" I asked in return.

"No, you may not. Refer to me as nurse or ma'am. And I see you've pissed and haven't eaten. Well stand up and we'll get you cleaned up. Ben, bring the hose." As she said this, she used a pair of scissors to cut off the tape encircling my head.

Because of what had happened with a hose previously, I dreaded what I was faced with, but the hose didn't have the force and he directed the cold stream at my crotch and then down my legs after which he washed the floor mat letting the water run out of the cell and down a floor drain.

"That should make you feel better," Sally said and came into the padded cell carrying a two inch wide leather collar which she buckled and locked around my neck. Snapping a short chain to a ring on the collar, she gave my a strong tug and I nearly fell, struggling to follow her out into the corridor.

We went past the large bathroom area and into what looked like an office or examining room. There was a desk, a couple of small chairs, an exam table, some cabinets and something that immediately caught my attention. It was a large, wooden chair with arms and a high straight back. The seat was V-shaped to support the thighs but with a space between them. And numerous rather threatening looking leather straps and rings were situated at various points.

Ben and Sally rather roughly pushed me onto the chair and pulled straps tight across my jacketed body. Then my bare thighs and legs were strapped into position. As if this were not enough in the way of restraint, Sally put a leather head harness on me and used a short chain to fasten the top strap to a ring on the back of the chair.

"Nurse, what are you going to do to me?" I blurted out.

"Beth, just shut up. I don't want you talking except to answer questions. Understand?" I nodded. "Good. Otherwise I'll use that tape to cover not only your eyes but also your mouth. Now since you didn't eat your breakfast, we are going to feed you."

I was about to explain that I wasn't hungry but remembered what she had said about speaking. She picked up something that I later learned was a dental gag and I responded by clenching my teeth only to have Ben use one hand to pinch my nostrils and the other to cover my mouth. I struggled ineffectively to free my head and breathe. Just as I was beginning to panic, he removed the hand from my mouth, I gasped for breath and Sally popped in the gag, quickly spreading it widely and forcing my mouth wide open.

Then she went over to the sink and returned with a bowl of the mush which she began to ladle into my mouth. I found it next to impossible to swallow the stuff with my mouth open and soon began to cough the stuff out violently. She waited a moment and then had Ben try his best, but the results were similar.

"Ben, this is getting us nowhere as Dr. Gorman predicted. I guess we have to resort to the tube, but I doubt if our patient will like it any better. Maybe next time she will decide to eat what we give her."

From one of the cabinets she got a long, red rubber tube onto which she squeezed a little lubricant and then started passing it into my right nostril. Ben held onto my head harness as I tried to twist away from them. A few seconds later I could feel the tube in the back of my throat as she commanded me to swallow, but again this proved difficult with the gag in my mouth. I guess she realized this for she removed the gag and within a few minutes the tubes was down to my stomach. Then she hung a bottle of white liquid and used a connecting tube to hook the bottle to my feeding tube. For the next hour or so the stuff dripped into me, and all I could do was sit there.

Sally and Ben had not stayed to watch me quickly tire of struggling against the straps and then just sitting there bored and uncomfortable. I certainly wished the seat was padded.

They returned soon after the bottle was empty and my stomach felt quite full. Sally asked, "Beth, do you want to try to have a bowel movement or piss?"

"Yes, ma'am. I would like that very much," I answered.

"Good, you're beginning to behave a little better. Will you be more successful eating your supper than you were your breakfast?"

"Yes, ma'am."

Ben inserted a hand behind me and unfastened the strap running through my crotch and then got a pail and put it below the space between my thighs. Obviously they expected me to relieve myself with them watching. It was embarrassing but I succeeded and then had to endure Ben's wiping me clean and then washing me a little. I really couldn't look down to see how good a job he did, but at least I felt better.

Sally then said, "Beth, we have just one more order from Dr. Gorman and then you are going back into your tight room. Ben, get the cage with the head pillory and then set up the long mirror so she can watch."

I wondered what this was all about but it sure didn't sound good. And it was obvious that Dr. Gorman was orchestrating this whole process. I was also certain that he thought the strait jacket was going to prove an instrument of torture for me, whereas I was still not only comfortable but rather stimulated by it.

The head pillory gadget turned out to be a wide split board that served as the top of another dog cage into which I was shoved by my nurse and orderly. Ben then grabbed my head harness and pulled my head up through an opening in the board, which then was closed tightly around my neck. I looked at myself in the mirror and was tempted to giggle at the strange sight of my head encased in the harness with my long hair going in all sorts of directions.

After removing the harness, Sally got some things from a sink and from a cabinet. I gasped as she laid the implements on the board in front of me for they included an electric hair clipper, a can of shaving cream, a straight razor and some paper and cloth towels.

"One word out of you, Beth, and you will really be sorry. You are completely helpless and there is nothing you can do about it. At least nothing until you have your conference with Dr. Gorman tomorrow sometime. Then you may be able to save yourself from a lot of this misery."

So I knelt there in my cage with my head protruding as she proceeded to use the clippers to remove most of my hair. Then came the shaving cream and a razor job done by Ben. Tears ran down my cheeks as I watched my beautiful hair disappear. I emerged completely bald, and if that was not enough they proceeded to remove my eyebrows. After this I was strapped back into the chair which was then tilted onto its back so that my crotch was pointing at the ceiling, very much exposed because of the spread of my thighs. And yes, my pubic hair was then shaved.

The whole process was demoralizing and embarrassing. Shorn clean, I was hauled by my collar down to my rubber matted cell and pushed in. Oh yes, I should add that before leaving me, Ben and Sally put a diaper on me and pulled the crotch strap tight.

"Your dinner will be served after Gretchen gets here. Have a good night, Beth. And sometime I may ask you to explain what you did to piss Dr. Gorman off so much."