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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH09 PT2

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH09 PT2: The Bondage Masque”

By sfmaster@att.net

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“Controlled Experiment CH09 PT2: The Bondage Masque”

* * *

When the playroom door opened, Veronica’s heart very nearly skipped a beat. She was kneeling on the wooden floor, naked, with her hands locked behind her back.

Master Craig had fitted her with a Black Latex mask that completely covered her head, and the expensive hairstyle that she had done on Friday was now ruined. Her hair had to be contained by elastic bands, lest it get into her eyes or mouth. Finally, a collar had been placed around her neck so that the mask could not be removed.

Craig had let Veronica take a long look at herself in the full length mirror. All that was visible of her face was her eyes and mouth. Veronica felt the collar around her neck that would prevent her from removing the mask. Her wrists and ankles were locked into the familiar bondage bracelets that would be used to confine her during a scene. Lastly, her feet were locked into a pair of black four inch high heels. Her naked body still bore the marks of Tammy’s flogging the day before: no doubt they would be added to tonight.

“What are you looking at?” asked Master Craig.

“What I have become, Master, a submissive,” Veronica answered.

“What do you see in your eyes?”

“My soul, Master,” Veronica replied.

“That is what both of you will see in the eyes of each other until your masks are removed,” said Craig.

“Yes, Master, thank you.”

“Tammy will help you kneel on the floor in front of my chair, which as you can see I have placed a second next to mine. I will enter with ‘S’ and we will both sit down together, we will greet both of you. ‘S’ will ask you some questions, and then Tammy will help you to your feet. He will continue to question you, and then if you both agree, he’ll do a session with you. Do you agree?” asked Craig.

“Yes, Master Craig, I’m looking forward to it,” Veronica answered.

“Good, because we cannot continue like this,” Craig cautioned her.

“Yes, Master Craig, I understand.”

* * *

Veronica knelt naked on the wooden floor, with Tammy standing at her side. They both faced the two large wooden chairs that Masters Craig and ‘S’ would be seated on for Veronica’s interview. It had just been last night when Veronica first had been spanked by Craig; and then her bottom hole had been probed on that very same seat!

Now she was to be used again by a potential Master, and Veronica was filled with both dread and anticipation. Would ‘S’ find her suitable, or would the evening be a waste of time?

She heard the door both open and close, and she heard the footsteps of two men as they walked to their seats, then sat down together.

“’S’, I would like to introduce you to both my submissive, Tammy, and ‘V’; who desires a Master of her own,” said Craig.

“Master,” said both Tammy and Veronica together.

“Good evening,” said Master ‘S’, “since I’m masked, you may look at me.”

Veronica cautiously raised her head, and saw that Craig was dressed in a black shirt, breeches, and soft boots. In contrast, ‘S’ was dressed in a white french shirt, beige trousers, and matching soft boots as well. His face was covered in a latex mask, same as Veronica, which was also locked around his neck with a collar. She looked over ‘S’ and was immediately impressed. He had an attractive male body, well built and muscular. Just the sort of man that she desired.

“Your name is ‘V’; is that correct?” ‘S’ asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Why are you here?”

“To seek a Master of my own. Master Craig agreed to begin my training, but I must have a Master to continue my training as a submissive, since my presence complicates their relationship, Master,” Veronica answered.

“You may rise, I want to get a good look at you.”

“Thank you, Master,” replied Veronica.

Tammy helped Veronica to her feet, since with her hands bound behind her back her balance would be affected and she might have fallen.

“Stand before me, please?,” ‘S’ asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Tammy, you may release her hands from behind her back,” said ‘S’.

“Yes, Master,” Tammy replied as she produced the key and unlocked Veronica’s wrist bracelets.

“Thank you, Master,” said Veronica.

“You’re welcome, ‘V’.”

He looked over her naked body, and was impressed that she had the figure of a model. He was also saw the marks that indicated she had been flogged the day before.

“You have a beautiful body, ‘V’, please turn around slowly so that I can see your figure. What is your hair color?”

“Natural blonde, Master,” Veronica answered as she displayed her naked body for ‘S’.

“Have you ever done any modeling?”

“I thought about it, but decided against it because I wanted to pursue a degree in business and the sciences, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Craig has told me the quite incredible story of how you decided to become a submissive because of your wearing a Chastity Belt. Is this true?”

“Yes, Master. Tammy received her Chastity Belt as part of a scientific study, and I asked to borrow her first one to fend off my former boyfriend whose sexual demands on me had become too much of a burden. I then decided to join the study as well, and then I discovered that I had submissive desires as well, Master.”

“That is quite a story.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I see that you have been used recently. When?” ‘S’ demanded.

“Just last night, Master. Master Craig spanked me; and then Tammy flogged me because I failed to live up to my contract with them,” Veronica answered quickly.

“Admitting disobedience to your potential new Master on our first meeting is hardly the way to a good start, V.”

“Yes, Master, I understand that. But I want to show you how sincere my desire is for a Master of my own.”

“Then I am impressed by your honesty, and we can proceed.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Veronica.

“We are both masked, which is nothing unusual in the world of D/s. I can understand your fear of scandal; and I hope to earn your trust,” ‘S’ said to reassure Veronica.

“Thank you, Master, I appreciate that, and I hope to earn yours as well.”

“If you become my submissive then I shall be responsible for you, and we will sign a contract together. Does this meet with your approval?” ‘S’ asked.

“Yes, Master, very much, thank you,” answered Veronica.

“Would you like to continue then?” ‘S’ asked her.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied.

“Then you may go to the rack and select whatever instruments of torment you want me to use on you,” ‘S’ instructed her.

“Yes, Master.”

Veronica confidently walked naked in her high heels over to the wall rack that contained the instruments of torment that would soon be used upon her. Had anyone told her a year ago that she would be in a playroom naked and would be selecting devices to cause her pain and pleasure she would have called them mad.

But now she desired the whip, and other things.

Veronica removed the coiled whip from the rack and turned back to face Master ‘S’.

“Master, are you skilled in the use of the whip?” Veronica asked.

“Yes, ‘V’,” he replied.

“Good, I want you to make me scream, Master,” stated Veronica.

Turning back to the rack, she removed a set of nipple clamps. Placed upon her nipples they would further enhance her pain while whipped.

She looked at the cane, remembering her dream in The House of Bondage. Veronica thought of how she had screamed when The Master had used it on her.

Then she removed it from the rack, and holding all three items in her hands walked back to Master ‘S’ and knelt before him.

“I, ‘V’ humbly ask Master ‘S’ to use these implements of torment on my body, to discipline and punish me so that I can prove my worth to my new Master,” said Veronica.

“Have you ever been caned before?” ‘S’ asked.

“No, Master, Craig has not caned me yet. But I want to be caned so that I may make the final step to becoming a true submissive,”

“I could hurt you.”

“I know that you will not, Master,” Veronica answered.

“In that case, I accept your offer, ‘V’. I am skilled in both the use of the whip and cane, and yes, I will make you scream,” he told her.

“Thank you, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Tammy, you may hang ‘V’ from the ceiling so that I may use her fully. Chain her wrists together and use a spreader bar for her ankles, so that her sex will be open for my use,” ordered Master ‘S’.

“Yes, Master,” said Tammy as she helped Veronica to her feet, and walked her over to the ceiling chain.

The two women looked at each other in silence, and nothing need to be said. Tammy in her latex Maid’s uniform, collared to Master Craig. Veronica, naked except for her latex mask and her desire for a Master of her own.

Restraining Veronica took little time, and soon she was again hanging by her wrists, her ankles locked to the spreader bar, and her heels just touching the floor.

‘S’ the walked over to Veronica, and stood in front of her, inspecting her taut nakedness. His fingers traced her breasts, underarms, belly, and sex, making her moan with need.

“Do you crave the whip?” asked ‘S’.

“Yes, Master.”

“I shall place these clamps on your nipples to increase your pain.”

Veronica squealed when ‘S’ placed the clamps on her already erect nipples, and then he tugged at the chain linking them together. She moaned in response, wanting the whip.

“Since this is your first time with me, what is you safe-word?” ‘S’ asked her.

“Virgin, Master,” Veronica answered.

Since they both were masked, Veronica could look at ‘S’ more directly than if their faces were exposed. He was a well built and muscled man. Just the type that Veronica was attracted to. Veronica wished that she could see what his face looked like.

“Since this is your first session with me, ‘V’ I want you to count out each stroke.”

“Yes, Master!” Veronica answered.

“One!” The first stroke of his whip landed on her right thigh, a modest blow that stung and would leave a red mark behind. Veronica was glad to see that ‘S’ intended to quickly show his mastery over her.




“Five!” ‘S’ circled slowly around her helpless naked body, and would deliver a carefully aimed stroke of the whip onto her. Veronica knew that she was being disciplined by an expert Master, just as she had been told in her dream.





“Ten!” Veronica screamed out the number when a very vicious stroke went between her legs and struck her sex!

“Are you all right, ‘V’?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then we shall continue.”





“Fifteen!” screamed Veronica when the last stroke hit her shoulder-blades.

“Sixteen!” Her punishment had resumed.




“Twenty!” screamed Veronica when the whip sliced cruelly across her bottom. What Tammy said in the car was true: every time that she would sit down for a week, she would remember why.

Suddenly, ‘S’ stopped whipping her, and his left hand reached out to fondle her left breast. He kneaded her female flesh in his hand, and then pulled at the chain linking the two clamps, making her squeal with pain and delight.

“Would you object to having rings in your nipples?”

“No, Master.”

“How about a tattoo?”

“Yes, I would object to that, Master, not my kink,” Veronica answered.

“I find that agreeable, ‘V’; what about a ring through your labia and a medallion to establish my ownership?”

“I frequently travel for business, Master, and that might be inconvenient and embarrassing, while going through a metal detector at airport security,” Veronica replied.

“I understand, ‘V’; as your Master I would never do anything that would impact on your career.”

“Would you be willing to wear a collar in your daily life?”

“I already wear Master Craig’s collar; and I would love to wear yours,” Veronica answered.

“That can be arranged,” said ‘S’.

His hand ranged down her belly, to her sex, and he cupped it with his fingers.

“Are you a virgin?” ‘S’ asked.

“Only my bottom hole, Master. I chose that safe-word to refer to the fact that I was new to discipline, not to sex itself.”

“Do you like wearing your Chastity Belt?”

“Yes, Master, it gives me a comforting feeling of being protected.”

“If you become my submissive then I want you to continue wearing it as a symbol of my control over you.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Sometimes I place a submissive in a Chastity Belt, but you will be the first one to come to me already wearing one,” said ‘S’.

Suddenly, Veronica felt his index and forefinger invade her sex, making her moan with need. She wanted him, no matter who he really was!

“What do you desire, my whip or my prick?” he asked her.

“Both,” Veronica answered, “Ooooooh!” she squealed as her clitoris was stimulated by his actions.

“Do you wet easily?”

“Yes, Master, I desire that you both whip and fuck me, hard!” Veronica answered.

He removed his fingers, coated with her female secretions, and placed them in her mouth. Veronica did not need to be told what to do, and cleaned them off quickly. She wanted the whip!

“Mmmmmmmm,” moaned Veronica.

“Do you like tasting yourself?”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“We shall continue. We don’t have much time,” said ‘S’.

Veronica was startled when ‘S’ used the exact same phrase that the Master had used in the House of Punishment. How could he possibly use the same words? After all, her time in the Bardo was limited. Her time here in Craig’s playroom was endless. What did he mean?

‘S’ removed his fingers from her mouth and presented her with the leather wrapped handle of the whip. Veronica kissed it without being ordered to. Hanging from the ceiling her breasts protruded from her taut naked body, and her legs were opened by the spreader bar to make her sex available for his use.

He stood back, and the whip struck again!

“Twenty-one! Owwwww!” ‘S’ was truly skilled with the whip, which again landed on her exposed thigh, and was a harder stroke than before. Veronica knew that it left a mark behind, and she was glad that she wore hold-up stockings to work to conceal her marks.




“Twenty-five!” Veronica again screamed when the whip struck between her thighs, onto her naked and exposed sex.





“Thirty!” Veronica screamed when a stroke tore across her breasts. Her heart was racing, and her naked body was again marked even more than last night. She hung eagerly in her chains, awaiting the whip, and more.

“Are you hot?”

“Yes, Master!” Veronica answered.

Sweat droplets fell from her skin, which had been heated by the whip, having also made her sexually aroused as well.





“Thirty-five!” screamed Veronica when the whip struck the tender flesh of her right underarm, leaving a mark behind for certain.





“Forty!” screamed Veronica as the whip wound it’s way around her waist, the tip snapping against her belly.

“Master, please cane me now!” begged Veronica, “please!”

‘S’ exchanged the whip for the cane, which Tammy had been holding nearby. He picked up the cane, flexed it between his hands to test it’s strength, and displayed it for Veronica to see.

“Do you want the cane?” he asked her.

“Yes, please, and strike me hard, Master!” Veronica demanded.

“Aieeeeeee!” Veronica let loose a blood curdling scream when ‘S’ struck her breasts. Tammy was shocked to see her friend in such pain, and Craig almost wanted to stop the caning.






Veronica had never screamed like this before in her entire life as ‘S’ delivered one stroke after another on her tortured body. She fought and strained against the chains holding her prisoner, trying vainly to avoid the sharp agony of the cane. But it was no use, and every one of the six strokes blazed a path of excruciating pain on her naked skin.

Then she began to shake in her chains as pain became pleasure, and Veronica began to moan with delight as she had finally begun to experience true submission.

“Tammy, lower Veronica immediately, I want to hold her in my hands and get me the keys to release her,” ‘S’ demanded.

Tammy handed Master ‘S’ the keys, while she scurried to wall controller and lowered her naked, caned friend to the floor. Veronica was still in the throes of her caning, in the twilight world of pleasure and pain that she now sought so eagerly.

‘S’ quickly unlocked her wrists from the ceiling chain, and when Veronica was unable to support her own weight, he picked her up in his arms. She moaned with pleasure after her beating.

“Fuck me, Master?” Veronica begged, looking at him directly.


“Use my secret room, the door’s open, just push you way inside.”

“Thanks,” ‘S’ replied.

Carrying Veronica in his arms, ‘S’ carried her over to the door and pushed the door opened. He brought her inside the room, and placed her on the bed. ‘S’ then unlocked her ankles from the spreader bar, freeing her legs. He placed the bar and locks on a small table nest to the bed, on which Craig had thoughtfully placed a box of condoms and a riding crop.

He then walked back and closed the door behind them, so that they could have some privacy.

‘S’ then walked back and stood over Veronica, who lay naked on the bed, except for her latex mask and high heels that were locked on her feet.

“Fuck me, Master, now!” Veronica begged.

“As you wish,” ‘S’ replied as he unlocked her wrists, so that she would have the use of her hands during sex.

Kneeling on the bed, ‘S’ lowered his black breeches to reveal a massive erection. His long shaft was fully erect, the tip purple with blood. Veronica raised herself, and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She inhaled the heady scent of his maleness inside her nostrils, and then took him fully into her mouth.

“Not yet, ‘V’; I want to fuck you first before I use your mouth. Lay back down on the bed, and I will take you with my cock!”

Veronica did as she was ordered, and removed her mouth from his huge, erect organ. She lay back on the bed, and opened her legs to accommodate him!

‘S’ then took one of the foil wrapped condoms that were on the night-table next to bed and opened it, and unrolled it onto his cock, which was now moistened with Veronica’s saliva. He then positioned himself at the entrance to her sex, and abruptly drove his cock inside her moist slit.

Their foreplay was not kissing, or gentle words, or him stroking her naked body. Foreplay instead had been the whip, and then the cane; accompanied by her screams. Veronica’s naked body was covered in whip marks and six of the cane; and she was sweating and aroused. She had never felt so alive in her entire life.

Veronica moaned with both pleasure and pain, for they had become one, as ‘S’ drive his rampant erection into her sex. Week after week, Craig had been training her with the whip; flogger; and riding crop. Her only sexual release had come with her using a vibrator at home long after her session; or when her friend Tammy had been allowed to strap on a dildo and fuck her afterwards.

But now a Master had disciplined Veronica and made her scream with both pleasure and pain. She had endured numerous strokes of the whip and six of the cane. Her naked body had experienced orgasms from the punishments that she had endured. Finally, her sexual needs were being met as well!

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica moaned as ‘S’ withdrew and then impaled her with his shaft, again and again.

Each that ‘S’ drove into her, Veronica responded as well, matching him thrust for thrust. She enfolded him with her arms and legs, holding him close to her so that his cock would fully penetrate her.

It was a strange feeling having sex while both of them were wearing their black latex masks. Veronica inhaled the latex scent of her rubber mask, and it had inflamed her lust. That had been added to by her brief sucking of his cock, when she took in the scent of his erect organ.

He had not bothered to remove her nipple clamps and the pain they caused also drove her to new heights of passion as well. Veronica was a sexual battery that was fully charged; and ‘S’ was going to release the energies that had been bottled up inside Veronica for so long in her desire for a Master of her own!

“Ahhhhhhhh!” moaned ‘S’ as he thrust his shaft inside her, again and again.

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica responded in kind.

Between his whip and his cock, Veronica knew that she had to have this man. Yesterday, she had been punished for trying to seduce Keith away from Tammy. Here was a man who she desired because he would Master her, and fulfill her need.

Veronica had added a new word to her sexual vocabulary: need. What she needed was the whip; and she had to have a man who would satisfy her in that regard.

‘S’ continued his sexual conquest of her, and Veronica responded equally, matching his thrusts with her own, driving him deeper inside with each penetration.

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica moaned as he impaled her with his cock, again and again!

At the height of their dual passion, ‘S’ moaned with pleasure as he climaxed inside the latex condom, buried deep inside Veronica’s sex. She felt his hot come fill the latex within her, and that in turn caused to her climax as well!

Once again, one orgasm after another tore through Veronica. The first group had been caused by the whip and cane; the second by his hard cock. Veronica had never experienced anything like this before. It was no wonder that Tammy resented her effort to seduce Craig.

‘S’ and Veronica both moaned and climaxed together, their sweat covered bodies together in passion and desire. Having spent himself in a massive climax, ‘S’ lost his hardness, and withdrew from her cunt.

“That was great, Master,” said Veronica, “I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life.”

“Thank you,” he said, rolling off her, with his breeches down to his thighs.

“Let me show my devotion to my new Master,” said Veronica, “lay back on the bed.”

Veronica took a tissue from the box on the night-table and removed the condom from his flaccid cock. She threw away both in a waste basket that was on the floor. Then she got down between his legs, and began to suck and clean his cock of his come.

She inhaled the scent of his hot come and sweat in her nostrils, and it further inflamed her passion for him. Her latex mask only added to her excitement, and Veronica completely forgot about the clamps on her nipples.

Veronica had finally found what she desired: a Master to inflict both pain and pleasure upon her.

* * *

When the door opened, Veronica walked out first, closely followed by Master ‘S’. He then assumed the lead, and they walked to the two wooden chairs where Craig and Tammy were seated together.

“Master Craig,” ‘S’ began, “I would like to petition you for the ownership of this submissive.”

“Excellent, let us adjourn to the Dining Room where we may be more comfortable and have some coffee,” Craig suggested.

Craig sat at the head of the Dining Room table, and on his left sat Tammy. She had made a pot of coffee, and all four of them had been served before she was allowed to sit down. On his right sat ‘S’ and ‘V’; still masked to conceal their identities.

‘S’ was still wearing his white shirt and beige breeches; and ‘V’ was naked as before.

This is the strangest conference that I have ever attended, thought Veronica. Two Male Dominants; two submissives; and I’m totally naked. This just might start a trend.

“Do you, ‘S’ seek ownership of ‘V’?” Craig asked.


“Besides her performance under the lash, have you two discussed this after her discipline?” asked Craig.

“Yes, and we both agree.”

“’V’, do you want ‘S’ to be your Master and Owner?”

“Yes, very much, Master Craig.”

“Then in that case, I shall give you the keys to your collars, and you can unmask and see what you both look like,” said Craig as he produced both keys, “I shall help Master ‘S’, and Tammy will assist with ‘V’.”

Craig and Tammy both rose to their feet, and Craig passed a key to Tammy. They walked the few steps over to their respective subjects, and unlocked the collars and placed them on the dining room table. Then they unzipped the latex masks ever so carefully so as not to tear the sensitive latex. Lastly, they removed the masks, exposing the faces of both participants. Blinking in the light, they both looked at each other for the first time.

“Veronica?” asked ‘S’, “is that you? I thought that was your voice, but I couldn’t be sure.”

“Simon? I didn’t know you were in the scene?” Veronica questioned.

“Well, it’s not something that I would admit at a business conference, but yes. How long have you been a submissive?” Simon asked in return.

“Just for a matter of weeks, ever since I begged Master Craig and Tammy to allow me to be trained until I could find a Master of my own,” Veronica answered.

“Do you two know each other?” asked Craig.

“Sure, we attend business conferences together, his company provides computer security for mine,” Veronica answered, “Master Simon, how come you never threw a pass at me? I was always sure that you would.”

Simon possessed an attractive face, like that of a Greek god, and he looked approvingly at Veronica’s blonde hair and good looks.

“Veronica, I’ve learned that business and pleasure don’t mix. Things get complicated when your client is also your lover,” Simon answered.

“What happens when your client will be your submissive, Master?” asked Veronica.

“That’s something that we will have to work out, Veronica, because I want you very much. Truth is, I’ve always wanted to ask you out ever since we first met. Now you’ll be my new submissive, we’ll sign a contract, and be owned by me. Any woman who can take a session like that is someone very special,” said Simon.

“Thank you, Master. I desire your whip and your cock very much,” Veronica replied.

“Small world, isn’t it?” said Craig, “I give Veronica permission to leave my ownership for Master Simon, with the proviso that I be allowed to discipline her one last time for her recent behavior yesterday. Are we agreed?”

“Yes,” Simon answered.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied, as she knelt on the floor next to Simon, her legs opened and her hands behind her back, in the submissive pose that Tammy had taught her.

“I’d say that you’ve gotten off to a good start,” observed Craig.

“Definitely,” Simon replied, “I think we’ll be spending the night together, Veronica.”

“Yes, Master, and thank you,” Veronica replied.

* * *

Later that night, Simon and Veronica were alone in the spare bedroom together. On the dresser was a riding crop; dog whip; flogger; dildo and butt plug; nipple clamps; vibrator; leather paddle; blindfold and ball-gag. There was also a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket, with two glasses.

“Master Craig certainly knows how to take care of his guests,” Simon observed, “he has made certain that I won’t lack anything tonight.”

“Yes, Master,” answered Tammy.

Veronica knelt naked on the carpeted floor in the submissive pose that Tammy had taught her, and Simon sat on the bed, fully clothed. At least for now.

“How long have you worn this Chastity Belt?” Simon asked, holding it in his hands, examining it thoroughly.

“Months now, ever since Tammy joined a study at the Sexual Research Institute. What the belt does is monitor my responses to sexual stimulus; and then sends the info to SRI every couple of days when I hook it up to my cell phone, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Interesting. Do you really like to wear it?”

“Yes, Master, very much. It gives me a comforting feeling to wear it all the time. At work, when I sleep. I just have to keep it and myself clean.”

“I’ve known Masters who have ordered their submissives into a belt as punishment, but I’ve never heard about a woman who would wear one voluntarily beforehand,” said Simon, “what’s this bump here?”

“That’s where I plug in my cell phone when the red LED light comes on, Master,” Veronica answered.

“I’ve no objection to your continuing to wear the belt as my submissive, but I’d like to have a copy of the key,” suggested Simon.

“Of course, Master. Tammy gave Master Craig a copy as well.”

“When did all of this start?”

“When Tammy’s friend Charlotte saw an ad in a medical journal for the study, she joined, and then Tammy decided to join as well. I joined because my boyfriend at the time was a sex addict who was making unreasonable demands on me. It turned out that what I needed was the whip, Master,” explained Veronica.

“That’s quite a story,” observed Simon, “and you really like wearing this belt?”

“Yes, I’d feel naked without it, Master.”

“And you actually wear it to work?”

“I have my own bathroom in my office, so it’s no problem should I have to remove it for hygienic reasons, Master,” Veronica replied.

“Always the scientist, Veronica. And how do you explain your discovery of submission?”

“Tammy sought out a Master, and I decided I wanted to try one too. Now I know why I’ve had to fake orgasms and have been sexually unsatisfied all my life. I wanted a man to whip me to a frenzy, and then take me, Master,” Veronica explained.

“Which is what I intend to do, Veronica. I’ll go sit in the chair, and we’ll begin with a nice intimate spanking of your bottom first with my hand, and then with the paddle. This will be a good way for us to get acquainted, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Master!” said Veronica.

Simon then got up from the bed and removed the leather paddle from the dresser. He next sat down in the chair, and motioned for Veronica to join him. Veronica quickly got to her feet, and draped herself over his lap.

This is the second time I’ve shown my bottom to a man in the last two days, thought Veronica, I must be making a habit of it!

“Do you, Veronica consent to being spanked?” Simon asked her.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica quickly replied.

“After every five strokes, you must thank me for your punishment,” Simon ordered.

“Yes, Master!”






“Thank you, Master!”

Veronica’s bottom was being spanked with a series of strokes of ever increasing force. This had the effect of reddening her rear, and sexually arousing her at the same time.






“Thank you, Master!”

“Are you warmed up?” asked Simon to his new submissive.

“Yes, Master!” Veronica quickly and enthusiastically replied.

“Let’s move onto the paddle, shall we?” he asked, playfully.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

Simon picked up the paddle with his left hand, and presented it to Veronica’s lips. She didn’t need to be told what to do, and began to kiss the leather with her lips, as if she was kissing a lover tenderly.

“Very good, Veronica,” complimented Simon, “I see that you learn fast.”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered, “it’s just that I have wanted a Master of my own for a very long time.”

“Then you have finally found one,” he told her, “brace yourself!”






“Thank you, Master!”

“Owwwwwww!” Veronica cried as her already pained bottom was under assault from the paddle.






“Thank you, Master!” Veronica cried, knowing full well that she would have a very hard time when she went back to work trying to sit on her punished bottom!

“Are you wet with desire?” Simon demanded of her.

“Yes, Master!” Veronica quickly replied.

“I shall not even place my fingers in your pussy, I want you up on the bed on all fours. I’m going to take you from behind, Veronica!” said Simon.

“Yes, Master!”

Simon helped Veronica to her feet, and she quickly got on the bed on all four limbs. She was lengthwise on the bed, with her head facing the pillows. Veronica stole a glace at herself in the dresser mirror, not believing the way she was conducting herself.

Master Craig had left a box of condoms on the night-table, and Simon opened the box and removed a couple. He opened one of the foil wrapped packets, and unrolled the latex onto his protruding, massively erect shaft!

Then he got on the bed behind Veronica, and holding onto her hips, impaled her with his male organ! She moaned in response as her passage was filled; and it was her favorite position!

“Ooooooooooh!” mewled Veronica as his shaft went all the way to it’s hilt, his balls slapping against her pained bottom.

Simon then withdrew and impaled her again, setting up a regular rhythm as he fucked her time and time again, making her moan with pleasure. After the pain of her spanking, being fucked in her pussy was a welcome change.


Just a day earlier, Veronica had been driven to the depths of despair after her attempt to seduce Master Craig had failed so miserably. Now she was in the hands of a Master who would treat her the way that she desired. As his submissive, and hopefully one day, as his slave!

“You’re very wet, Veronica,” he told her, as he continued to fuck her from behind.

“Yes, Master!”

After the harsh punishment of her bottom, Veronica enjoyed being fucked from behind in her favorite position. Whenever she had asked boyfriends, even her last one, sex addict Henry, they never seemed to want to do it doggy style. Master Simon, on the other hand, gripped her hips tightly and rammed his erect cock inside her, making Veronica moan with pleasure.

Nothing lasts forever, and Simon, in spite of all his efforts, was soon close to climaxing within her. Veronica could tell, based on how his shaft felt inside her. Suddenly, he moaned, and she felt the condom within her sex fill with his hot come.

“Ooooooooh!” Simon moaned with pleasure.

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica moaned in unison as she came at almost the same time.

With a final push, he rammed his still erect shaft inside her, eliciting one final moan from Veronica, who was convinced that she had finally found the man of her dreams.

Simon withdrew his now flaccid cock from her pussy, and Veronica watched him in the mirror. He first took a paper tissue from the night-table; and then carefully removed the latex condom from his cock, making sure not to drip any of his come onto the bed-sheets. Simon then disposed of both in a waste-basket next to the night-table.

“Master, may I clean you cock?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, Veronica,” Simon quickly agreed.

Veronica, still on all fours, turned completely around and confronted his flaccid cock, which glistened with the remains of his come. Without any hesitation, she took his shaft into her mouth eagerly, and began to suck and clean him. She tasted his salty come, and a hint of latex and lubricant. Her nostrils were full of his masculine scent of cock, exciting her to new levels of arousal.

She had asked other men if she could suck their cocks, and they had all refused. Finally, she had found a man who would be willing to use more than just her pussy for a change.

“As my submissive, I will have the right to use all of your bodily orifices. Do you agree, Veronica?” questioned Simon.

“Yes, Master,” she replied when she had completed her assigned task.

“Very good, Veronica.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“I never could have imagined that the type-A aggressive businesswoman I knew could have such a different sexual persona. How can you be so aggressive at work; yet be so submissive elsewhere?” Simon asked.

“The whip makes all the difference, Master,” Veronica answered.

Simon then lay back upon the bed, and motioned for Veronica to join him. She did so eagerly, and he held her in his arms.

“I think that this is the start of a great relationship, Veronica,” said Simon, “I shall stripe your naked body, whip you to a sexual frenzy, and keep you in my collar and chains.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Master,” said Veronica.

Later that night, Veronica again fell into a deep sleep. The exertions of the past two days had exhausted her, and she even considered calling in sick on Monday at work.

* * *

When Veronica awakened, she again found herself back in the mirrored room, collared and naked, in the House of Bondage. As before, she wore a collar, bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and a pair of four inch high-heels were locked upon her feet.

She was seated on a hard wooden chair as before, except that now there was one crucial difference: her hands were free, and not locked behind her back!

Veronica got to her feet, and walked through the mirrored room; examining all of it’s contents. She had already been on the horse once, and it had felt like her sex was being split in two. The rack terrified her, and Veronica wondered if Simon owned one. Craig had bound her to the X frame; and punished her breasts and sex severely. She had been placed in the cage with her wrists bound behind her back. Veronica wondered what it must feel like to have her hands free and be imprisoned behind bars.

She was conscious of the fact that she had intruded on Craig and Tammy; and had nearly wrecked their relationship. Now that she had a Master of her own, Veronica looked forward to experiencing new levels of pain and pleasure.

Veronica heard a slight movement, and turned to see that mirrored door open and the black clad Master and the latex clad Audrey enter and close the door behind them.

She quickly knelt on the floor as they approached, in the pose of submission that Tally had taught her. Her legs were open, and symbolically her hands were behind her back.

“Veronica, I greet you,” said the Master, “I see that you have returned to us. What news do you bring?”

“Good news, Master. I now have a Master named Simon who has already used me this night, and I believe that he will want me permanently.”

“Then one quest ends and another begins. You sought a Master to begin your path to submission with Master Craig, now that you have your own Master you will continue that journey,” said the black clad Master.

“Yes, Master, thank you.”

“I am sorry to say that this will be your last visit to The House of Bondage. You no longer have any need to be here. You have transitioned from what you were to what you have become.”

“But, Master, what if I need your guidance?” asked Veronica.

“That is why you have Master Simon; and you will no longer have any need for me,” he answered.

“I understand, Master. Since this is my last visit, I ask that you discipline me severely. I beg the whip, I beg that you make me scream in pain,” asked Veronica.

“Veronica, I understand your desire, but from now on, you must be disciplined in the real world, not here.”

“But why, Master, I don’t understand!” Veronica protested.

“You first came to The House of Punishment to be disciplined to make you understand that you were really a submissive at heart. Next you came here in order to help you find a Master; and you have done so by proving yourself by being caned. You now have nothing left to prove here. You must now prove your submission to your new Master Simon in the real world,” concluded the Master.

“I understand, Master,” said Veronica, holding back tears.

“You will make a fine submissive, Veronica. I can see it in your heart. Good luck, Veronica.”

“Good bye, Master,” Veronica replied.

* * *

Veronica suddenly awakened, and she looked at the luminous face of the clock radio on the night-table. It was 3 AM, and her new Master Simon was sleeping peacefully beside her.

She lay back, and looked at the ceiling. In the silence of the night she heard the wind outside, and the creaks of the house, and Simon’s soft breathing.

All was well, and she looked forward to what the new day would bring.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH09 PT2: The Bondage Masque.”