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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH09 PT1

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH09 PT1: Veronica in Submission”

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“Controlled Experiment CH09 PT1: Veronica in Submission”

* * *

Friday night had finally arrived, and for Veronica Blair it had not come a moment too soon. All week long, with rising anticipation she had looked forward to the night when Master Craig and her friend and fellow submissive Tammy would again place her in bondage and under the lash.

If one of her staff had performed the way that she had all week, they would have been in for a Notice of Discipline. But it was Discipline that Veronica now craved. She had dreamed of The House of Discipline where a Master in leather mask had whipped her to a frenzy. Then she had begged her friend Tammy to let her Master, Craig place her in bondage and under the lash.

Veronica Blair, debutante, Columbia MBA, VP of her family’s petrochemical firm had learned that what she wanted most in life was the whip on her naked female flesh. She had always felt that there had been something missing in her life. Whenever she had bedded a man she had fake orgasms, because she just just didn’t feel “it.”

She had consulted her gynecologist, even a sex therapist at one point, and neither of them had been able to properly diagnose her problem. It had finally taken a strange series of events before Veronica had learned the truth about herself.

Her last boyfriend, Henry, was a Type A stockbroker who was also a sex addict. He wanted sex at least four times a week, and sometimes even a quickie before work in the mornings depending on how the markets in Europe traded. Veronica was tired of his constant demands for sex, and when she learned that her friend Tammy had donned a Chastity Belt for a sex study, she had asked to borrow hers.

The belt had scared off Henry, and he had left her for good. Meanwhile Veronica had joined the study herself, and wore a belt of her own.

Then she had the dream, convincing her that she was a spoiled rich girl who needed to be punished. Veronica then turned to her friend Tammy, and asked, no begged was more like it to have Tammy’s new Master take her on as a temporary submissive until he could find a master for her.

They had agreed and signed a contact, and Veronica had gotten her wish. She would be placed in bondage and disciplined, but Master Craig would not use her sexually since that would endanger his relationship with Tammy.

Veronica was jealous of her friend. She wanted a Master who would whip her into a sexual frenzy, and then fuck her brains out. When disciplined Veronica had that rare ability to transform pain into pleasure, which was why she now craved punishment.

Besides her Chastity Belt, Veronica now wore a decorative leather collar around her neck to show that she was owned by Master Craig. What Veronica really wanted was to be owned by a Master of her own who would use her totally.

For the first time in her life, Veronica felt free. It had taken a leather collar and whip to make that so. But now she wanted the final element: a Master’s cock in her pussy and in her mouth.

She had called Dr. Allen at the Sexual Research Institute to ask him to connect her up with a Dominant Master, but he said it would take time. Time was one thing that Veronica felt that she didn’t have. She wanted to be hung from the ceiling and whipped to a frenzy by a Master who would own her.

And nothing would stand in her way.

* * *

“Hi, Tammy,” Veronica greeted her friend as she got in the passenger door.

“Hi, Veronica.”

Veronica pulled the seat belt around her waist, realizing the irony of the fact that under her clothes, she was wearing her Chastity Belt. Also that around her neck she wore Master Craig’s collar. She was already restrained, all the time.

Tammy reached over and kissed her friend on the cheek, and took a good look at her face before she placed the car back in drive.

“Did you go to the beauty parlor today?” Tammy asked.

“Yes, I took some time off and left work early,” Veronica answered.

“Turn towards me and let me see what you look like,” ordered Tammy, “as part of your contract, you are required to obey me at all times.”

Veronica did as she was ordered, and looked Tammy straight in the face.

“I’d say that you had more than just your hair done,” observed Tammy, “it looks like you spent some time with the make-up technician too.”

“I wanted to look nice for my Master,” Veronica answered.

“He was my Master first, and you’re just a guest, remember that,” said Tammy, “you’re about as transparent as a Coke bottle, Veronica. We’ve been friends long enough for me to know when you’ve set your sights on a man.”

“I’m not trying to steal Craig from you,” protested Veronica.

“You’ve got the body of a model and you’ve always used it to your advantage. I’ve watched you over the last few weeks, and I know that you’re attracted to Craig.”

“Any woman would be attracted to Craig. He’s got it all together, not like some of the men I’ve dated.”

“You’re forgetting that Craig is unlike any other man we’ve ever met. He’s not going to be swayed by a pretty face and perfume and make-up. And after you’ve been sweated up after your session, all that work will have been for nothing,” pointed out Tammy, “did you tell the beautician that your man was going to put you under the whip?”

“No, of course not,” Veronica answered.

“Or what that collar around your neck really means?”


“Women who work in salons see plenty of women, and hear a lot of stories. I’ll bet that your beautician probably has seen other women in a collar,” said Tammy, “so your secret’s probably out. That goes for work, too.”

“Nobody at work knows that I’m a submissive,” curtly answered Veronica.

“Really? I’ll bet that the first day that you wore your collar to work everyone looked it up on the net, and understood what it really means,” said Tammy.


“Damn,” Tammy said, looking at the car’s clock, “we’re going to be late, I should have been on the road already.”

“Tammy, I’m sorry. You’re right. Craig was right. I’m screwing everything up, aren’t I?”

admitted Veronica.

“Yeah,” Tammy answered.

“It’s just that I want a Master of my own!” Veronica answered, frustrated.

“I know.”

“Even though it wasn’t my time to go to SRI I called Dr. Allen to ask if he would introduce me to a Male Dominant. He said he didn’t know anyone at present, but he would ask around.”


“I’m even going to compromise a bit on a Master, maybe I’m too worried about a scandal. The world of D/s is secretive already, so I guess I have nothing to worry about after all,” Veronica observed.

“I understand,” said Tammy as she put the car in gear.

Veronica took a make-up remover towelette from her purse and was about to open it, when Tammy shook her head.

“No,” said Tammy, “the only thing worse than getting yourself made up is to remove it and then lie to Craig about your motives.”

“You’re right.”

“When he sees what you’ve done, don’t be surprised if he whips your tail off tonight. You won’t be able to sit down for a week,” cautioned Tammy.

Veronica stayed silent as Tammy drove to Craig’s house. Her friendship was being strained, and it was all her fault.

* * *

In the playroom, Veronica knelt on the wooden floor in front of Master Craig, who was seated in his wooden chair. Standing next to him was Tammy, wearing her black latex Maid’s uniform.

Veronica was naked, except for her collar, bracelets, and high heels. Her wrists were locked together behind her back, making her totally helpless.

“You may as well show me your face, Veronica. It must have cost you money to get a make-up job like that,” said Craig.

Veronica looked up at Craig, who was dressed in a black shirt, black breeches, and soft black leather boots.

“Very nice, Veronica. Were you planning to seduce me?” demanded Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“You signed a contract agreeing to the idea that I would not use you sexually, because I didn’t want to lose Tammy.”

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry.”

“What you evidently didn’t know is that when a Master is found for you he is going to ask me about your conduct while you were collared to me. In fact, I have to give you permission to leave me. It was in your contract, Veronica, or didn’t you bother to sit down and read it completely?”

“No, Master, I didn’t,” Veronica replied, and she was close to tears.

“Since both you and Tammy are new to the scene I’m going to overlook this transgression. You were acting as any woman would in this situation. It’s only natural to be attracted to your Master,” said Craig.

“Thank you, Master,” cried Veronica, aware of just how close she had come to ruining everything because of her female jealousy.

“But you will have to pay a price, Veronica. You will remember this night for the rest of your life,” said Craig.

“My naked body is yours, Master. Do with me what you will,” replied Veronica.

“Tammy, place her in the cage for an hour. When we return, Veronica will know what pain really means,” said Craig as he got to his feet and walked out the playroom, leaving just Tammy and Veronica.

Before Tammy placed Veronica in the small cage, she had taken a paper tissue and wiped the tears from her eyes. Since Craig had not told Tammy to release her wrists, she would be locked inside with her hands behind her back. When Tammy closed the she lock she looked at her friend.

“Tammy, I’m sorry,” said Veronica, “I nearly ruined everything.”

“Submissives have no secrets from their Master,” said Tammy as she walked away and closed the playroom door behind her.

Upstairs, as she made coffee for Craig, Tammy touched the bulge on her Chastity Belt. She had not said anything about her meeting with Courtney, or her suspicions about what the belt was doing to her. Courtney also told Tammy about her decision not to meet with Veronica, because she didn’t want too let too many people know.

This is no game, this is deadly serious business, thought Tammy.

“Are you all right, Tammy?” asked Craig.

“Please don’t hurt Veronica, Master. It’s just that because she’s rich, she’s used to getting everything her own way,” explained Tammy.

“I’m no sadist, I just want to frighten her a little. This way she’ll understand what it means to wear a collar,” replied Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Tammy replied.

At that moment, Craig’s cell phone rang, and he picked it up.

“Tammy, this is a private call. I want you to go into the bathroom and wait until I’m done,” Craig ordered.

“Yes, Master,” said Tammy, doing as Craig ordered.

Tammy guessed that Craig then left the kitchen to walk into the living room, and she sat on the toilet silently. Something was going on.

She had lectured Veronica in the car that submissives were not allowed to keep secrets from their Masters. But that was exactly what she was doing with Courtney and the Chastity Belt.

If what Courtney had told her was true, this was an evil way of altering a woman’s sexual behavior. How could she keep the secret much longer from Craig?

* * *

Down in the playroom, Veronica sat in the cage, all alone and close to tears. She had tried to seduce Master Craig; and her attempt had failed miserably. Worse, she feared that Craig would exile her from his house; and she would be completely without a Master and the discipline that she now craved and could not do without.

Her wrists were locked behind her back with a snap link, and she tried to free herself, but without effect. Besides, she was locked in a cage, and even if her hands were free, she still would be a captive.

I’ve made a real mess of things thought Veronica why can’t I be more like Tammy? She seems able to be a submissive. If only I had dreamed longer in The House of Bondage, maybe I’d have the answer.

After an hour’s time, the playroom door opened, and Master Craig and Tammy entered with Craig in the lead. They walked up to his large wooden chair, and he sat down with Tammy at his side.

“What you do now determines the future course of events, Veronica. Do you understand?” demanded Craig.

“Yes, Master.”

“Tammy, you may let Veronica out of her cage and place her before me.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Tammy who quickly did as she was instructed.

Veronica was now on her knees directly in front of Master Craig, and dared not look him in the eye.

“Master Craig, I have something to say,” began Veronica.

“Speak your piece.”

“I, Veronica Blair, do humbly apologize to my Master for taking me on as a submissive in my hour of need and then trying to seduce him in order to replace my friend Tammy as his submissive and lover. I apologize for my arrogance, my attitude, and my selfishness.”

“Go on.”

“From now on I will behave as a proper submissive. I shall read my contract and follow it to the letter. I shall obey all your orders, and those of Tammy as well.”


“Please keep me as your submissive until another can be found. I shall abide by our agreement not to have sex.”

“You may now finish.”

“Master Craig, please discipline me harshly, make me scream and leave my naked body covered in welts. Use me without a safe-word, do whatever you see fit. Ring my nipples, pierce my labia for a token of your ownership. I won’t object, but instead I’ll wear your symbols of ownership as a humble submissive,” concluded Veronica.

“Very good, Veronica, you must now kiss my boots with your lips. Only then will I know that you have learned from this experience,” said Craig.

“Yes, Master,” sobbed Veronica.


Still on her knees, Veronica began to kiss and lick it with her tongue. She did not recoil in disgust, but performed her task in silence. Craig then offered her his right boot, and she gave it the same treatment.

Veronica Blair, debutante, Columbia MBA graduate, company VP had debased herself and then licked her Master’s boots. She would never be that same person again, in or out of the playroom.

“You may stop,” Craig ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered as she knelt, but did not look Craig in the eye.

“I accept your apology, you may continue as my submissive until I find a Master for you.”

“Thank you, Master. I also called Dr. Allen at SRI to find me a Master as well,” Veronica replied.

“I’m sure that between the two of us, you shall have a Master,” said Craig.

“I hope so, Master.”

“I want you over my knee, because I’m going to give you a harsh spanking.”

“Yes, Master,” Tammy helped Veronica to her feet and placed her over Craig’s lap.

Crack! Craig had begun his use of Veronica’s bottom with his bare hand.




Crack! After just five strokes, Veronica’s bottom was turning a distinct shade of red.

“Tammy, the leather paddle, please. I want Veronica to remember her transgression every time she sits down this week,” Craig ordered.

“Yes, Master,” said Tammy as she clicked her heels over to the wall rack and removed the paddle, which she quickly passed to Craig.





Crack! The sound of the paddle echoed through the playroom, but Veronica stayed silent. No matter how hard the paddle would strike her bottom, she vowed to accept her discipline in silence.





Crack! After fifteen strokes, Veronica’s bottom was now an angry shade of red. She would remember this night for a long time indeed!





Crack! “Owwwww!” The final twentieth stroke on her bottom finally made Veronica cry out in pain. Tears fell from her eyes, as she had been humiliated by the simple act of a spanking.

“Kiss the paddle and thank your Master,” Craig ordered.

“Thank you, Master, for the discipline that I have received,” said Tammy as she began to kiss the paddle.

“Tammy, could you get me a rubber glove and some lubricant, please? I’m going to probe Veronica’s bottom hole?” asked Craig.

“Yes, Master,” said Tammy as she scurried to obey.

Veronica was suddenly terrified! No man had ever used her bottom hole, and now Craig was going to invade her virgin anus!

When Tammy returned with the items requested, the paddle that she had been kissing had been withdrawn. She heard the sounds as Craig placed the latex glove on his right hand, and then two fingers of his hand began to explore her bottom hole! Veronica felt the droplets of lubricant enter her anus, and Craig’s fingers enter her afterwards.

“Has any man ever fucked your bottom?” asked Craig.

“No, Master.”

“So your bottom is virgin?”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“The terms of our contract stipulate that I cannot have vaginal sex with you. However, that leaves me the use of two of your bodily orifices, which I have not used until now. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied, now terrified of the implications of his speech.

“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?”

“No, Master.”

“You are aware that a Master will have the use of all of your bodily orifices?” asked Craig.

“Yes, Master.”

“Before I turn you over to a future Master, I shall now use both of your unused orifices. You may relax your anal sphincter because I am going to invade your bottom hole,” said Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied, terrified.

Only once before, and that had been at her doctor’s office had anyone been up her ass. Now that she had entered the world of submission, in addition to the whip her body was going to be used totally.

She moaned with pleasure when the two digits of her Master entered her bottom hole, and she relaxed her sphincter muscles to allow him entrance. Veronica dreamed that it was not his fingers inside her anus, but instead his cock, filling her insides with his shaft.

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica moaned, enjoying the new sensations of his fingers inside her.

Soon, Craig began a regular rhythm of inserting his fingers inside her; removing them; and inserting them again and again.

“Very good, Veronica,” Craig told her.

“Thank you, Master,” she replied.

Abruptly, he withdrew, leaving her disappointed. Veronica liked the feeling, and imagined that a Master would soon fill her virgin rear passage.

“Are you frustrated that I cannot take your bottom?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“I now want you on your knees directly in front of me,” Craig ordered.

“Yes, Master.”

Veronica gently slid off his lap back to the floor, and was again on her knees. Instinctively, she placed her wrists behind her back as before. Even though she was not bound, that was the way a submissive should be posed before her Master.

“Very good, Veronica.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Master Craig then lowered his breeches to reveal his erect shaft, which Veronica thought, was the cause of their recent problems. He held his gloved hand up in the air, and Tammy stepped forward to remove it.

“Tammy, do you understand why I am using two of Veronica’s holes?”

“Yes, Master. You cannot have sex with her, but you may use her bottom and her mouth,” Tammy answered.

“It’s just a pity that Veronica is not in her Chastity Belt, since this would be a fitting time for her to wear it.”

“Yes, Master,” said Tammy.

“Veronica, have you ever taken a man’s cock in your mouth before?” Craig questioned.

“No, Master, never.”

“Then it is time to further your education. You may proceed,” he told her.

Veronica did not need the use of her hands to guide his fully erect cock into her mouth. All she needed to do was to open her mouth fully, and take his organ into her mouth. She sucked his shaft, inhaling his manly odor into her nostrils, exciting her. Her nipples were fully erect, and she knew that her sex was wet with desire. Veronica sucked and slurped, going down on him, taking him deep into the roof of her mouth, and then pulling back.

“You’re doing very well for a woman who has never sucked cock before,” Craig complimented her.

Veronica began to imitate what she had seen online. She would suck and slurp his erect cock, taking him deep into her mouth, with his shaft all the way down her throat, almost blocking her breathing. Then she would withdraw, and start the cycle all over again. A few times, she lost control of his cock, and it popped out of her mouth. But she quickly opened her mouth wide again, and managed to get it back inside her without too much difficulty.

She wondered how she must have looked at the present time. Naked, bound, kneeling before a man ans sucking his cock. What a change from the Corporate VP!

“Very good,” said Craig.

If she could not have Craig between her legs, than having him in her mouth was the second best thing. Veronica tasted his salty pre-come, knowing that his climax would come soon.

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was all that Veronica could manage with her mouth full of cock.

Suddenly, he climaxed and jets of hot come spurted into her mouth. Veronica struggled to swallow his seed, but it still dribbled down her chin onto her throat.

“Glug,” was the sound that emanated from her mouth as she struggled to keep up with the flow from his organ inside her mouth.

“Very good, Veronica.”

Veronica continued to maintain her full attention to the task before her to suck Craig’s cock, wishing that this moment would last forever. However, even Craig could not maintain his erection, and his cock soon became flaccid and Veronica had to withdraw.

“Excellent, Veronica,” Craig complimented her performance.

“Thank you, Master,” Veronica answered, his seed still on her chin and neck.

“Earlier, I said that you would remember this day forever,” Craig reminded her.

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied.

“I have spanked you, and used two of your holes. Tammy has watched all of this. Now it is her turn.”

“Master?” said Tammy.

“Tammy, after you clean Veronica up you may suspend her from the ceiling and flog her until she calls her safe-word, or comes.”

* * *

Once Tammy had washed Veronica’s face of Craig’s come and given her something to drink, it was now her task to suspend her friend from the ceiling. It only took only a matter of minutes before Veronica was once again hanging from the ceiling, exposed and helpless.

Craig sat in his wooden chair, after having pulled up his black breeches. He would observe the entire proceedings as one of his submissives would now discipline the other.

“Master?” asked Tammy.

“You may proceed,” Craig ordered.

Tammy clicked her heels over to the wall rack and removed the flogger. It was her responsibility to maintain Craig’s playroom and all of the instruments within. She kept all of the leather oiled and ready for use; and it was her responsibility to make sure that the knots at the end of the flogger had been soaked in water so that they would mark female flesh upon impact.

She then walked over to the helpless and vulnerable Veronica, and presented the leather handle to the lips of her friend. Without having been told, from experience, Veronica then kissed the handle.

“What is your safe-word?” asked Tammy.

“Virgin,” Veronica replied.

“Prepare yourself, Veronica. I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right, Tammy. I understand.”






Tammy had been trained in the use of the flogger by Craig on Saturday nights when Veronica was not with them. Craig had taught her how to use the flogger and riding crop with a pillow as their target.






Stroke after stroke, Tammy used the flogger on the naked flesh of her friend. Veronica would writhe in her chains in a desperate and fruitless attempt to avoid the flogger but it was no use. Helpless and in chains there was no way that she could avoid the strokes of the flogger.






Tammy wielded the flogger without mercy, circling Veronica and landing one determined stroke after another on Veronica’s naked and exposed flesh. Soon, Veronica’s flesh was covered in red marks, and sweat ran down her armpits and between her breasts.







What had been screams of pain seconds before had been transformed into moans of pleasure. Veronica now experienced the strangest feelings as one orgasm after another rippled through her bound and abused naked body.

Tammy had stopped using the flogger, and watched as Veronica experienced the ecstasy of pain and pleasure that marked her as a submissive.

Veronica hung limply in her chains as the orgasms passed, and she was exhausted from her ordeal.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Veronica when her punishment had ceased.

“You’re welcome, Veronica.”

“Tammy, you may take Veronica to your bedroom and clean her up, apply salve to her skin, and take care of her,” ordered Master Craig.

“Yes, Master,” Tammy replied.

“Good, see you tomorrow,” said Craig as he got to his feet and left the two women alone in the playroom.

* * *

“Veronica, I’m sorry that I had to beat you so badly,” apologized Tammy as she spread salve on her friend’s abused skin.

“It’s all right, Tammy. I deserved it for what I tried to do. Craig was right, this was one day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

The two women were in one of the upstairs bedrooms that had a double bed for the two of them. It was Tammy’s job to help her friend recover from the effects of the session that she had just undergone.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, I’ve got this strange feeling that this is what I’m destined for,” said Veronica.

“You’re crazy.”

“Maybe so. What I really need is to visit The House of Bondage in my dreams again,” said Veronica.

* * *

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” said Tammy.

“Morning,” Veronica replied.

“Come on, we’ve got to get dressed and have Craig’s breakfast ready, or I’ll get my hide tanned,” urged Tammy.

“Yes,” Veronica jumped stiffly out of bed and into the bathroom.

Her new attitude had begun!

* * *

Once the breakfast dishes had been cleared away, Veronica fully expected that she would be driven home as usual. Instead she was called into Craig’s office.

“Veronica, are you free today and tonight?” questioned Craig.

“Yes, Master, I had nothing planned.”

“Good. I do not want you leave as you usually would on Saturday morning. We will speak again at 6 PM. All will be revealed at that time. You may work with Tammy taking care of the house, and read in your spare time. An afternoon nap will be a good idea,” said Craig.

“Yes, Master, thank you,” Veronica replied.

Veronica left Craig working in his office, and she was excited! Something was happening, and Veronica hoped that it would be good news.

* * *

As Master Craig had ordered her, Veronica went upstairs to the spare bedroom to take a nap so that she would be fully charged for whatever was going to happen that night. She stripped off all of her clothes, and wearing just her Chastity Belt got under the covers. After a bit of tossing and turning, Veronica finally drifted off to sleep….

When Veronica opened her eyes, she discovered that she was again in The House of Bondage. She was naked as before, seated on a simple wooden chair, with her hands locked behind her back.

“Hello?” Veronica called, “Master?”

Looking at herself in the mirrored walls, Veronica found that she was wearing her collar and bracelets as before. Her feet were locked into a pair of black high heels. Since she was not secured to the chair in any way, she rose to her feet and decided to walk around and explore the mirrored room that she had been confined and punished in before.

This, there was more to see. There was a wooden cage; an “X” frame; a horse (she not had to sit on the one in Craig’s playroom); and a few other things that she did not recognize.

Next, Veronica clicked her heels over the wall rack that contained the instruments of discipline. She was already familiar with the whip; the crop; and the flogger! But the long, slender canes had not yet been used on her.

This time, when the door opened, Veronica turned and watched as The Master and Audrey walked into the mirrored room. She did not attempt to flee, but instead stayed in front of the rack. The two soon joined her.

“Good day, Master,” greeted Veronica.

“Welcome back, Veronica. What brings you back to The House of Bondage?”

“I have come to seek a Master,” Veronica answered.

“I understand,” he told her, “in the real world, you have insisted that you and any potential master are both to wear masks, is this correct?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You must not do this. Only by revealing yourself to a potential new master will you find one in the real world.”

“But Master, I am afraid of discovery and scandal,” said Veronica.

“He will be as well. You will wear many masks in life, Veronica. Submission will be one of them,” replied the Master.

The Master was wearing his black leather mask, so Veronica could not see his face. Audrey was once again in latex Maid’s uniform. The same uniform that Veronica had already worn once in Craig’s house.

“Master, where is The House of Bondage?” Veronica asked.

“You are in the Bardo,” he told her.

“Am I going to die?”

“No, you are here because you are in a state of transition; from what you are to the state of what you will become.”

“I have entered the world of submission, but I do not have a Master yet of my own.”

“I know.”

“I very nearly ruined everything with my arrogance, but I apologized and debased myself in front of the Master that I share with my friend.”

“I know.”

“Master, what must I do now?” Veronica asked.

“You have apologized and debased yourself, the final step is redemption.”

“Master, how can I redeem myself?”

“You must be caned.”

Veronica was visibly shaken when the Master told her what she must do next.

“You have become familiar with every other instrument of torment hanging here, except for the cane.”

“My Master has said that I am not ready, I must have more sessions before I feel the slice of the cane on my female flesh.”

“But you are ready,” said the Master, “you no longer fear the whip, the flogger, or the crop, do you?”

“I do not fear them, Master. They now give me pleasure and pain.”

“Then you must be caned, first here, and then back in the real world,” said the Master.

“Master, what is my destiny?” asked Veronica.

“That is for you to create, but first you will become a submissive and find a Master. Right now, there are machinations going on that have affected your life that you know nothing about.”

“I don’t understand, Master!” protested Veronica.

“As before, your time here is limited. If you do not submit to the cane here now, in The House of Punishment; then you will not do so in the real world, and then you will not find the Master that you desire.”

“Must I be caned?”

“Only through suffering can you be redeemed; to move on to the next phase of your life: submission.”

Veronica was frightened by the idea of the cane! But if there was no other way, then she made her decision.

“Yes, Master, please hang me from the ceiling again and cane me? Make me howl, stripe my body, I seek what I have come here for, redemption,” asked Veronica.

“Very well, Audrey will assist you.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Veronica, “I’m sure that I’ll howl and embarrass myself when you cane me.”

“Audrey, you will need a spreader bar to confine Veronica,” ordered The Master.

“Yes, Master,” she answered.

Audrey removed a spreader bar and two locks from the rack, and motioned for Veronica to accompany her to the ceiling chain. Once her wrists were freed from behind her back, Veronica willingly held her hands up to be locked to the ceiling chain. Audrey then had to bend down and lock her ankles to the spreader bar, opening her legs. The last step in the process of her confinement was ta active the electrical switch that winched Veronica off the floor, so that her heels were just touching the wood.

Veronica was now naked and totally helpless for what punishment The Master would inflict; worse, Veronica would now have to suffer the punishment of the Cane.

“Audrey, you may get me the flogger, please?” asked the Master.

Audrey walked over to the rack, removed the flogger and walked carefully back to The Master. She bowed down and presented the flogger to him.

“Thank you, Audrey. We do not have much time here with our subject. Every moment will count,” he said.

“Yes, Master,” Audrey answered.

“Kiss the flogger,” The Master ordered, holding the handle up to Veronica’s lips.

Veronica did so eagerly, not believing that she could do such a thing. Just a few weeks before, she would have refused such a request. Now, she was a different person entirely, and craved the lash.

“Prepare yourself!” the Master ordered.

“Owwwwww!” When the flogger struck Veronica’s naked body for the first time, it was with a serious blow onto her breasts. Each knot at the end of a strand had been soaked in water, and allowed to expand; so it stung with each stroke. Veronica was now familiar with it’s effects.





When The Master had said there was no time to waste, Veronica only took him half seriously. But now that she was confined and being flogged, she realized that he had been telling her the truth. This was not a slow session meant to warm her up, but rather a serious beating meant to inflict pain in order to make her climax faster.






Veronica was totally exposed and helpless hanging naked from the ceiling. Stroke after stroke would impact her underarms; breasts; bottom; thighs; and sex. She would cry out after each stroke, and occasionally scream in pain.






Glistening sweat droplets would form in her underarms, then run down her naked body. Soon, her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat, as her heart pounded in her chest.

All that Veronica could think of was not the pain that she was now enduring, but instead the pleasure that it would bring.






Abruptly, the flogging stopped long enough for the Master to insert his forefinger and middle fingers into her pussy, rub against the walls of her vagina, making Veronica moan with pleasure. He quickly extracted them, and inserted them into her mouth. She did not need to be told what to do.

“We shall now continue.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Owwwwww!” The flogger had now found it’s way between her legs, onto her naked thighs and between her legs, onto her sex!




“Owwwww!” The last stroke of the flogger resulted in an ear piercing scream from Veronica’s lips, and then suddenly she began to shake in her chains.

“Oooooooooh!” Veronica moaned, as one orgasm after another rippled through her punished body. Her whole being was transformed from pain to pleasure, something that she rarely experienced before her introduction to submission.

“Ooooooooh!” With her heart pounding in her chest, sweat running down her naked body between her breasts, Veronica totally surrendered to the orgasms flooding her senses.

But there comes and end to all things, and the pleasurable impulses ceased, and soon Veronica was quiet in her chains, her chest rising and falling with each breath.

“Are you all right, Veronica?” asked The Master.

“Yes, Master, thank you.”

“How do you feel?”

“Disciplined and in pain, but I crave that now.”

“Audrey will give you some water, and I will let you rest for a few minutes. We do not have much time.”

“Yes, Master,” weakly replied Veronica.

Audrey had retrieved a water bottle, and Veronica took a few sips, which revived her parched throat. Her screams had dried out her throat, and her breathing was now short and shallow.

Quickly she recovered, the water bringing her back to life. Audrey offered her some more, and she drank greedily. Every second now brought her closer to the cane.

After some time had elapsed, and Veronica had renewed her strength, The Master stood in front of her with the cane.

“It is now or never,” said the Master.

“Please beat me with cane, Master,” begged Veronica, “six of the best!”

“As you wish, ready yourself,” said The Master.

“Aieeeeeeee!” The first stoke of the cane landed on her right buttock, leaving a searing line of pain behind.





“Aieeeeeeeeeee!” The sixth stroke slashed across her pretty breasts, leaving a trail of agony behind, and Veronica screamed at the top of her lungs.

* * *

When Tammy heard the screams coming from upstairs she dropped what she was doing and ran up the steps two at a time. She burst through the bedroom door and found Veronica naked, sitting up in bed, covered in sweat.

“Veronica, are you all right, what happened?” demanded Tammy, who sat next to her friend.

“I’m all right,” breathed Veronica, “I’m fine.”

“Why were you screaming?”

“I was being caned.”

“Caned? How?”

“Remember that dream I had that day you told me you were seeing a Master? The one that took place in The House of Punishment?”


“I was back there, and I was caned by my own request. Six of the best, The Master called it.”

“Craig hasn’t even caned me yet, nor you,” Tammy stated.

“That’s what I’m going to ask for tonight when Craig brings a potential Master to use me. He has to cane me,” explained Veronica.

“You’re mad,” said Tammy, “look at you! You’re covered in sweat, you’d better take a shower.”

Veronica stood up from the bed a little shaky on her feet, and then examined herself naked in the bedroom mirror.

The small red mark was easy to miss. Barely an inch long, it was centered on her right buttock. The same place where the cane had struck her the first time, making her howl.

“What’s this?” asked Tammy.

“This mark is different, Tammy. You didn’t give it to me last night. It came from being caned in The House of Punishment in my dream, in the Bardo.” Veronica answered, “this is why I have to be caned tonight, no matter how much I scream.”

“You’ve gone absolutely crazy, no submissive asks to be caned. Craig told mt it could lead to bleeding and serious injury.”

“Only in the hands of an incompetent master,” explained Veronica.

* * *

Finally, the hour had arrived.

Craig was seated at the head of the Dining room table, waiting for them.

“Veronica, Tammy, take a seat. I have good news,” began Craig.

Both women took their seats, and waited patiently for Craig.

“Yesterday, a male Dominant friend of mine called, and he is looking for a new submissive. He will be here at 7 PM to do a scene with Veronica, in order to test her. Do you consent, Veronica?”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica replied.

“I have told him of your privacy concerns, and he has agreed. Both of you will be masked, so that neither of you can identify the other. Is that agreeable to you?” Craig asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Since I did not discipline you myself after yesterday’s events, I shall reserve use of you for a future time. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Master.

“Lastly, if ‘S’ desires to have sex with you, will you agree?”

“Yes, Master,” Veronica answered.

“Good. I have known ‘S’ for many years, and he is a good Master. But you must earn his trust,” explained Master Craig.

“Yes, Master, I understand,” replied Veronica, “I’ll behave.”

“Good. We shall have a light dinner tonight. Then Tammy will change into her Latex Maid’s uniform, and we have to wait for ‘S’ to call me. Once he calls, I’ll place a latex mask over Veronica’s face, and you’ll both go downstairs to the playroom and wait.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Veronica.

“I’m sure you will, Veronica. You just wanted a Master of your own, and that’s a perfectly normal desire. Unfortunately, Tammy is my submissive, and you cannot replace her.”

“I understand, Master.”


The end of “Controlled Experiment CH09 PT1: Veronica in Submission”