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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH10

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH10: Final Project Report”

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“Controlled Experiment CH10: Final Project Report”

* * *

When Courtney Essex walked through the door at SRI she was surprised to find the waiting room empty. Normally, on Saturday morning, the place should have been filled with women doing the sexual study. Instead, the place was empty, save for Beth at her receptionist’s desk.

Eight weeks earlier, she had received the second plasteel belt, equipped with the device that was to monitor her sexual responses. Today was to be her second monthly report.

“Good morning, Beth,” said Courtney, “what’s going on?”

“Good morning, Courtney. You’re wanted in the conference room, everyone else is there,” replied Beth as she rose from her chair, walked over to the door, and locked it behind Courtney.

“I don’t understand, I’m supposed to see Dr. Allen in his office as usual,” said Courtney.

“All will be explained,” replied Beth, “come this way, please.”

Courtney followed behind Beth to a different part of the office, and opened a door and motioned for Courtney to walk inside. Inside, seated at the head of the table was Dr. Allen and Nurse Alexandra. On their left was Charlotte and Tammy; and on their right was Veronica.

“Good morning, Courtney. Now that we’re all here, please pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat next to Veronica,” greeted Dr. Allen.

“What’s going on?” asked Courtney.

“All will now be explained, I promise,” Dr. Allen replied, “please.”

Courtney poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Veronica, took a sip and waited.

“I’m now going to explain everything,” Dr. Allen began, “so please hold your questions until I finish. Agreed?”

Charlotte, Tammy, Veronica and Courtney all nodded their assent.

“Three years ago, a friend of mine who works at a chip making factory called me to report that something very strange had happened. There had been a manufacturing error in a small batch of microchips that when tested were having strange effects on the women testing them. They reported having strange sexual desires that they had not experienced before.”

“Such as?” questioned Courtney.

“Submission,” answered Dr. Allen, “my friend sent me a hundred of the chips before the rest were destroyed. So I began to test them, and I discovered that they had two effects. One was a sense of well being; the other, submission. So I decided to perform a scientific experiment to see how many women would be affected by the chips.”

“So the experiment was a success then,” said Veronica, “you turned us into submissive women seeking out bondage and discipline. What you did to us was monstrous.”

“Not quite. Alexandra, could you hand out the results, please to our subjects.”

Alexandra rose from her seat, and removed some report folders from a nearby cabinet and passed them out to Charlotte, Tammy, Veronica, and Courtney.

“Since all you women are highly educated in business and the sciences I’ll let you read and digest the information within. Then we can discuss the results. Agreed?”

“Yes,” they all answered in unison.

Courtney opened her folder, and began reading, and soon she was joined by the rest of her companions. She was fascinated by the contents, and was surprised by the results. Then she began to read the individual case studies of the women involved.

The study listed all of the women who had received Chastity Belts, in order, by their first names. It included their interviews, reactions to receiving and wearing their belts, and their sexual case studies. Finally, whether or not they became interested in Dominance and Submission.

Courtney could not believe the results. Instead of the belts turning women into sex slaves, it appeared to have little or no effect on their sexuality. Her companions were engrossed in the report, and she didn’t want to interrupt their reading.

After a full hour had elapsed, and numerous cups of coffee and Diet Cokes consumed, all four women had read the results of the experiment.

“Dr. Allen,” Charlotte began, “If I read this correctly, you only had a ten percent success rate. Is this right?”


“I’d hardly call this a success then,” Charlotte observed.

“Correct. When I began the experiment, I thought that I would be able to convert large numbers of women into being submissive. That did not happen,” answered Dr. Allen.

“Perhaps you’re lying to us,” Tammy suggested.

“What would I gain by lying? I only had about a hundred of the chips, and it didn’t work. In fact, the cluster began by Charlotte, was the most successful. All of the others were individuals,” said Dr. Allen.

“Then why did it work on some women and not others?” asked Veronica.

“Maybe I know the answer,” Courtney answered, “As Charlotte and Tammy already know, I’ve been in the scene for years as a submissive. The chips only altered the sexual behavior of women who were predisposed to become submissive; and didn’t work on women who were not.”

“Correct,” Dr. Allen replied, “Tell us, Charlotte, who was your sex life before you came to SRI?”

“I didn’t have a sex life, period. I placed a wall around myself, believing that no man would want me because I was too beautiful and intelligent. First you introduced to me Mistress Jaclyn; and then when she was deported she sent me the number of my Master Tyler Mason. I’ve moved in with him, I love him dearly, and he’s even going to pay to send me back to school to get my MBA. The Chastity Belt was the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Charlotte, “Thank you.”

“Tammy, why don’t you tell us your story?”

“I was like a cat in heat,” Tammy began, “I signed up for the Chastity Belt because my friend Charlotte did. I never imagined that it would make me seek out a Master. Then Dr. Allen introduced me to Master Craig; and I’ve been in love ever since. I’m going to move in with him soon. Thank you.”


“I always felt that something was missing from my sex life. I was never really satisfied by just ordinary vanilla sex; but I never understood what was wrong. After you gave me that flash drive I asked Tammy if Master Craig could begin training me. I was in love; I wanted to seduce him away from Tammy. Luckily, he had found a Master for me. I’m finally sexually fulfilled for the first time in my life. Thank you,” explained Veronica.

“I’d say that is an interesting series of stories. Charlotte, you were the nexus of my greatest success in an experiment that was otherwise a failure,” said Dr. Allen.

“But what about the rest of the women who weren’t influenced by the belt?” asked Courtney.

“Most of them got bored, and stopped wearing it, even though it made them feel good. Some even returned it to us. But I’d like to direct you to subject twenty-nine, Nancy.”

All four women reopened their booklets, and leafed to subject twenty-nine.

“Nancy loved her belt, and enjoyed wearing it. Then one night, after leaving work she was assaulted walking to her car. She was dragged into the bushes, and pushed to the ground, and a man tried to rape her. When he pulled up her dress and saw the belt, he ran.”

“What happened next?” asked Courtney.

“Nancy made it back to her car, removed the belt, and called the police. She kept the part the belt played secret. Has she not done so, the line would have been down the block of women looking for a free Chastity Belt. Not only does Nancy wear her belt every day, she even got her sister into the study!” exclaimed Dr. Allen.

“So you’re saying that this experiment failed?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, you can see the numbers for yourself. Only those women such as yourself who were receptive to being submissive were affected.”

“That still didn’t give you the right to play god,” said Veronica.

“True, that’s why last night I sent a signal to all study participants. The next time they connect their phones to the belts, the chip inside will be destroyed. The LED lights will still work, but the belts will no longer have the ability to influence behavior. My experiment will be over.”

“Dr. Allen, is there any chance that this could happen again?” asked Courtney.

“There are many scientific advances that happened by accident: penicillin and x-rays to name just two. It’s always possible this could happen again, and I hope that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands,” replied Dr. Allen.

“Yes,” said Charlotte, “I hope so too.”


Dr. Shu Feng looked out of the window of her Singapore office, and was profoundly disturbed. At first, the stories that her staff had told her were simply unbelievable. Until she had experienced them for herself.

They had designed a new chip to increase memory and processing speed, but there had been a flaw somewhere in the design process. It wasn’t until samples were tested that the female workers reported strange sensations.

Incredible they reported having orgasms; and at first she couldn’t believe it until she had experienced them for herself.

This was either going to one of the greatest scientific advances of all time; or else one of the worst. It could either be used to give pleasure, or else to control people.

It was going to be a long night. Should she report this to her company superiors, or destroy everything?

Dr. Feng didn’t know the answer; and she hoped that a solution would present itself.

The End of “Controlled Experiment.”