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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH06 PT3

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT3: Love Is Not A Game”

By sfmaster@att.net

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“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT3: Love Is Not A Game”

* * *

It was time for Charlotte’s monthly visit to the Sexual Research Institute for her monthly discussion of her sex life and her continued wearing of her Chastity Belt.

Charlotte was ushered into Dr. Allen’s office where he was seated behind his desk as usual. He rose to shake her hand, then sat back in black leather chair.

“Good morning, Charlotte,” he greeted her, “I trust that all is well with you.”

“Yes, Dr. Allen,” Charlotte answered, “since I was last here, my life has taken an unexpected turn.”

“Explain, please.”

“Mistress Jaclyn was deported, and I was suddenly left without a Mistress! She then sent me a box of sex toys which I now use on myself.”

“How?” asked Dr. Allen.

“I buckle a ball-gag in my mouth; place clamps on my nipples; and then I flog myself,” Charlotte answered, “and I have learned how to create just enough force to make it really sting when the knots hit my back.”

“You are aware that many religious groups do that today?” replied Dr. Allen.

“Yes, I’ve seen it on television. But she also sent me a letter containing the name and number of a male dominant if I wanted to continue. Which I found I wanted to do. So I called him, and he took me on as his new submissive. We’ve been doing Saturday sessions ever since,” Charlotte answered.

“Are you happy?” Dr. Allen asked.

“Very much so! I enjoyed serving Mistress Jaclyn, but I was never really attracted to women. Still, she taught me how to satisfy another woman. But now I’m serving a man, and after he’s warmed me up with the whip, I get fucked royally!” Charlotte replied.

“Well, there’s no such term in the sexual literature, but I believe you mean that he satisfies you.”

“Yes, very much so,” replied Charlotte.

“What about the Chastity Belt? I see that you’re still sending in readings as normal,” observed Dr. Allen.

“My new Master was a friend of Mistress Jaclyn. He allows me to wear the same collar that Jaclyn gave me; and wants me to continue wearing my belt. I gave him the same key that I gave Jaclyn, which was returned to me with that box of sex toys. He said that it gives him symbolic control over my sexuality, which is fine with me,” Charlotte said proudly.

“Do you like him? How does he treat you?” questioned Dr. Allen.

“I love him,” Charlotte answered.

“Love? Isn’t that a strange word for someone who places you in a collar and under the lash?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Yes, love. Because first Mistress Jaclyn and now my new Master have unlocked my true submissive sexuality. Before, men were afraid to date me because I was too beautiful. Women resented me because they were afraid I would steal their boyfriends and husbands. Now I’m free for the first time in my life to be a sexual woman,” Charlotte explained.

“How does he treat you?”

“I get placed in bondage; gagged; and he has used the riding crop, whip, and flogger on me. Every time that I see him we do something new and different; and he tests me to my limits. I never knew that sex could be this exciting,” Charlotte concluded.

“Does he know that you love him?” Dr. Allen asked.

“I haven’t told him,” Charlotte answered.

“Does he love you?”

“I don’t know. I know that he treats me harsher than Mistress Jaclyn ever did! My body is covered in marks afterwards and my bottom hurts for days every time I sit down,” Charlotte replied.

“No permanent damage?”

“None. If you want, I’ll take my clothes off, and you’ll see that whatever marks I had last week have healed completely,” Charlotte offered.

“I’ll take your word on that. You seem to be very happy. In fact, this is the happiest I’ve ever seen you since you came to us,” determined Dr. Allen.

“Yes, and it’s hard to believe that I owe it all to a Chastity Belt!” exclaimed Charlotte.

“Well, that’s it for this month. Just don’t be too happy. Reality has a way of catching up on all of us,” said Dr. Allen as he rose to shake her hand once again.

“Thank you, Dr. Allen,” replied Charlotte as she shook his hand and left his office, closing the door behind her.

Once Charlotte had left, Nurse Alexandra entered through the back door to Dr. Allen’s office. She sat down in the chair that Charlotte had just vacated.

“What do you think of her progress?” asked Dr. Allen.

“I stopped sending her signals through her belt making her desire submission, but she has continued to pursue it on her own,” observed Nurse Alexandra, “I’d say that from a behavioral standpoint, her sexuality has probably been permanently altered towards submission, given her previous history of unsuccessful sexual relations with men.”

“I agree, there’s no need to send signals to her belt anymore,” said Dr. Allen, “she’s quite happy in her new life as a submissive, and her new behavior will be self-reinforcing from now on.”

“Yes, Dr. Allen,” Nurse Alexandra answered.

* * *

It had been weeks since Charlotte had gone to the mall. While it was true that she was not a clothes horse (even though she had the body for it); she still enjoyed getting out of her normal Saturday routine in the morning of just watching television at home.

She walked among the various stores, going into the women’s department and looking at all of the more expensive items. It was then that she remembered that Tyler had offered to buy her anything that she wanted. If she had wanted a five hundred dollar pair of high heels; or a designer dress; all she had to do was ask.

Charlotte looked at the other female shoppers, and realized what made her different from them was her collar and Chastity Belt. That she was now owned by Tyler Mason; her Master; and that tonight he would again be using her body in whatever way he wanted.

In one of the stores was an expensive leather dress. Charlotte decided that she wanted to try it on; and she admired herself in the mirror. The female sales clerk waited nearby; hoping no doubt that she would buy it and get a large sales commission. Charlotte instead changed back into her regular clothes and handed the dress back to the sales clerk.

Charlotte wondered what form of leather that Tyler would use on her tonight. Would he use the paddle on her bottom? Or the whip, riding crop, or flogger? She was used to the effects of each one; having screamed numerous times from their use on her.

She then went shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Charlotte wandered among the racks of bras, panties, hosiery, and perfumes and soaps. She wondered if she should show the staff her Chastity Belt; after all that was one thing they didn’t sell.

At another store she tried on one pair of high heels after another, and the staff winked at her selection of “fuck me” shoes. The store said that they could special order a pair of thigh high boots for her; and she countered that she already owned a pair of locking high heels that she wore out socially. The staff looked them up online; and said they might offer them as well.

She wandered outside and at another store, finally bought a few pairs of black hold-up stockings, which was what she had come to the mall to buy in the first place.

She walked to the food court, and ordered from the Japanese restaurant, which she always liked. Charlotte sat down with her tray, and ate, observing the other shoppers. She wondered what kind of sex lives the other women had.

“Can I speak to you, please?” asked a female stranger who appeared across the table from Charlotte, just as she was about to leave having finished her lunch.

The woman was a beautiful tall blonde in her early thirties. She was dressed in a blouse and blue jeans, and carried an expensive Dior purse. Charlotte could not help but notice that she wore a collar around her neck.

“No, I have to go,” Charlotte replied, worried that she was about to be robbed or worse!

“My name is Courtney Essex, of Essex Electronics,” she said as she sat down, “your name is Charlotte Hall. You are twenty-six years old, single and never married. You were an only child, and both your parents are dead. You have a degree in finance; and work at Hartwell Medical as office manager. And like me, you are a collared submissive.”

“How do you know all this about me?” Charlotte asked, shocked. Her eyes were drawn to the decorative collar around Courtney’s neck.

“I’ve been in the scene for years, and while at play parties recently I heard Mistress Jaclyn describing her new discovery. A remarkable submissive who knew nothing about D/s; who took to her collar and the whip eagerly. But I could never learn her name, and then Jaclyn was deported. I attended the Art opening at the County Museum, watched you arrive by limousine. Later I saw you talking to Lori and I learned that you were meeting with Tyler. I saw your collar and realized that you had been Jaclyn’s new submissive, and that you were probably there to seek a new Dominant.”

“Why did you want to contact me?” Charlotte asked.

“Do you know anyone in the scene? Another submissive, perhaps?” Courtney questioned.

“No,” Charlotte answered, “you still haven’t answered my question.”

“I wanted to warn you,” Courtney replied, “before it’s too late.”

“Before what’s too late?” Charlotte demanded.

“Before you’re ruined,” Courtney answered, “once you get into the scene something strange happens to women. Their sexual responses change, and they can only respond if they are disciplined first. I can only have an orgasm now if I’ve been whipped or flogged. Has this happened to you?”

“I’m not sure,” Charlotte admitted, “but my sex life before Mistress Jaclyn was a disaster. She introduced me to the whip, and I got my first orgasms under the lash. Since I started wearing this collar, I couldn’t be happier,” she smiled.

“Then I’m not too late,” said Courtney, who opened her purse and took out a business card which she slid across the table to Charlotte, “do you know what Tyler Mason is planning for you?”

“No, and how do you know Tyler is my Master?” Charlotte asked.

“Because I’m a rich submissive and I have the means of finding out information. Both of you have been seen in public for weeks. It’s obvious that he’s your new Master. I wanted to warn you about what lies ahead.”

“Like what?”

“He plans to take you to a scene party and have you whipped in front of an audience for their entertainment,” Courtney answered.

“How do you know this?” Charlotte asked.

“Because that is what Tyler did to me, to every new submissive girl he finds,” Courtney replied, “that’s all part of what being in the scene is all about. That’s what it means to be owned.”

“Tyler would never exhibit me in public like that,” said Charlotte.

“You’re new to D/s and have no scene experience, and you don’t know what you’re talking about,” explained Courtney.

Charlotte was stunned and didn’t know how to answer the other woman.

“You seem to be an intelligent woman, from all accounts I’ve heard about you. Perhaps you’ve got stars in your eyes because Tyler is the first man who’s ever taken an interest in you. Let me leave you with a final thought: Love is not a game, it’s deadly serious. Remember that when you lie awake at night and trace the welts the whip leaves behind.”

“I don’t understand,” said Charlotte, confused.

“Take my card and call me when you want to talk,” replied Courtney as she got to her feet and walked away.

Charlotte picked up the card, saw Courtney’s name, phone number, and email address, and placed it in her clutch and back in her purse. She didn’t know what to do.

* * *

When they had returned from a late dinner that night, Charlotte waited for her instructions. She usually had to go to the downstairs bedroom, remove her clothing except for her high heels, before descending to the playroom in the basement.

Instead, Tyler walked up behind her and enclosed her in his arms.

“Did you have a nice time, Charlotte?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered.

“Good. We’re going to do something different this evening. Let’s go up to my bedroom, and I’ll explain,” he told her.

“Yes, Sir.”

By now it was part of her Saturday night that she would be naked in his playroom; locked in the cell; awaiting whatever discipline that her wanted for her. Instead, there was going to a change in their normal routine.

* * *

“Let’s take off our clothes,” he said.

Tyler began by taking off his suit jacket, and Charlotte removed her high heels. They had gone out for dinner, and Tyler had worn a blue Brooks Brothers suit. Now they both stripped, until Charlotte wore nothing but her Chastity Belt.

Tyler got on his bed, and motioned for Charlotte to join him. She sat next to him, attracted to his naked body.

“Have you been sucking on your rubber dildo and using the penis gag that Jaclyn gave you?” Tyler questioned.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. As a submissive you must learn to take your Master’s seed. Have you ever sucked on a man’s penis before?” he asked.

“No, Sir. As I’ve explained my previous sexual experiences with men were disappointments; since they couldn’t even get hard when we were in bed,” she replied.

“I think that part of the problem was that you were sexually experienced yourself. A woman has to do more in bed than just lay back with her legs open. You have to know how to stimulate your partner, and that includes handling his cock and placing it in your mouth. I want you to begin by handling my cock, holding it in your hand, squeezing it, feeling my balls.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Tyler lay back placing his head on the pillow, and opened his legs. His cock was flaccid, not in the least erect. Charlotte reached with both of her hands and began to do as she had been ordered. On his night-table was a box of condoms; but also nipple clamps and a riding crop. Discipline was never far away for Charlotte.

Charlotte then attended to his soft cock with both of her hands. This was actually the first time in her life that she had handled a man’s organ. Up close, she studied it, holding the shaft and balls. She surrounded it’s length with her right hand, watching it react to her ministrations.

“Very good,” Tyler complimented her.

Charlotte inhaled the cock scent in her nostrils, arousing her. Her nipples became hard, and even with her sex imprisoned by her Chastity Belt; she knew that she was becoming wet with desire.

“Now that I’m hard, you can take me in your mouth,” ordered Tyler.

Already wild with desire, Charlotte would have done so without having Tyler command her. She lowered her face down to his thighs, opened her mouth, and took the bulb of his cock into her mouth! She slowly sucked his organ, going down on him, taking him deeper into her mouth, then withdrawing, before doing it again. She repeated this time and again.

“That’s good, Charlotte,” he complimented her, “there are a lot of men who would ram their cock down your throat, making you choke. I want you to get used to the feel of my cock in your mouth. I want you to be able to swallow my seed when I climax, not have it dribble down your chin.”

“Mmmmmmmmph,” was all that Charlotte could manage with his cock in her mouth.

Charlotte went down on Tyler slowly and carefully, just as he wanted her to. She took the bulb of his erect shaft into her mouth, sucked and slurped at it, then lowered herself onto it. Charlotte inhaled the rich manly scent of his sex into her nostrils, inflaming her arousal. She felt his cock rub against the top of her mouth, filling her throat. Charlotte withdrew, and moaned her desire.

“Good, good,” complimented Tyler.

Charlotte sucked and kept him hard, enjoying the feeling that she had some control over his sex. She decided that Tyler must have extraordinary self-control; for a weaker man would by now have ejaculated his come into her mouth by now.

“Don’t rush me,” ordered Tyler.

Charlotte no longer went down on him quite so much, but instead concentrated on sucking on the bulb of his cock. Which was purple and engorged with blood and lust!

“Ooooooooooh!” moaned Tyler.

She continued her slow ministrations of his cock, until she began to feel it pulsate in her mouth. Charlotte tasted his pre-come; and knew that it would not be long now! Then, suddenly, she felt a jet of his salty come spurt into his throat and she was ready for it. Charlotte swallowed it, just in time for the next to jet into her throat. She opened her mouth and inhaled some fresh air, and that allowed her to swallow again.

Tyler’s rampant cock continued to spurt come into Charlotte’s mouth, and she managed to swallow most of it, with just a small amount dribbling down her chin. Finally, his emissions ceased, and his cock became flaccid. Charlotte withdrew from her Master’s organ.

“Excellent, Charlotte,” complimented Tyler, who had raised himself from the pillow by using his elbows.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Get cleaned up in the bathroom and then join me back in bed,” he ordered.

“Yes, Master,” replied Charlotte.

Charlotte walked naked into the bathroom, and used mouthwash and then washed her hands and face. She brushed her hair quickly, and then joined Tyler back in bed, except this time under the covers.

“You did very well this evening, Charlotte,” Tyler complimented her.

“Thank you, Master.”

“This was really your first time sucking a man’s cock?” he asked.

“Yes, Master. But I would have made a mess if you had not prepared me first,” she answered.

Her held her closely to him, and she inhaled his masculine scent into her nostrils.

“You’re incredibly sexy in that Chastity Belt of yours,” said Tyler, “it’s a pity I didn’t require that my previous submissives get locked inside one.”

“Thank you, Master. I feel very sexy wearing it, the way it circles my waist and imprisons my sex.”

“You said that you also have a metal bra and thigh bands to complete it?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Then I want to see you in those as well,” he said as he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples.

Charlotte was already aroused, and his stimulation of her breasts only served to increase her rampant desire.

“Yes, Master. Will we be doing anything else tonight?” she asked, hopeful that he would either take the crop to her exposed bottom and thighs, or remove her belt and take her moist sex.

“I’m sorry, Charlotte. I’ve had a tiring week, I’m exhausted for once. Let’s get some sleep and maybe we’ll do something in the morning,” he yawned.

“Good night,” said Charlotte as he turned out the bedroom lamp, plunging the room into darkness.

“Good night,” replied Tyler.

With Tyler sleeping beside her, Charlotte lay awake and stared at the ceiling. She was disappointed that all they had done that night was her sucking his cock. Charlotte wanted and desired the whip, and for the first time she was disappointed in her Master. She thought of what Courtney had told her that morning in the mall; about how she could no longer achieve sexual fulfillment unless she was whipped first.

It was then that Charlotte realized that Courtney was right. Outside of Annette, who was also deported, she knew nobody else in the scene. Perhaps she could go to Dr. Allen at SRI for advice (after all, he had been the one who sent her to Mistress Jaclyn); but outside of her new Master, there was no other person she could ask questions of.

Then there was Courtney’s statement that she was already “ruined” sexually. That she would only have an orgasm if she was whipped first. Charlotte recalled that Annette had told her about that one night in Jaclyn’s Dungeon.

But it was Courtney’s other warning that now aroused her. Tyler had never mentioned parties or anything like that. But she was secretly excited by the idea of her being whipped in front of complete strangers, who would see how she could perform under the lash.

Finally, Charlotte recalled Courtney’s statement that love was not a game; that it was deadly serious. What had she been talking about?

Charlotte decided that during the week she would give Courtney a call; and they should meet. She now regretted the way she had brushed her off in the mall.

Her fingers then traced the Chastity Belt around her waist and between her legs, feeling the extra plate that covered her sex. Then she felt the front locking plate, and pulled on it. It would remain locked on her until she opened it with her key. Charlotte wondered if she controlled the belt, or if it controlled her. She wasn’t so sure anymore.

* * *

They had eaten breakfast in, and Tyler had walked down the driveway to get the Times which he had delivered every day. Charlotte had not even bothered getting dressed, and wore only her Chastity Belt; a robe, and a pair of high heels. Plus her small decorative collar, that she never removed except for bathing and when she exchanged it for Tyler’s collar when she was being disciplined.

Charlotte was frustrated that Tyler had plead tiredness as the reason they had not done a scene Saturday night; depriving her of an orgasm that resulted from a session with the whip. She had missed being placed in bondage, punished, and then taken sexually in his playroom.

She cared little for the news of the outside world when she was with Tyler. The entire universe had shrunk to the confines of his estate; bedroom; and playroom.

“Did you do anything interesting this week?” Tyler asked over his second cup of coffee.

“I went to the mall yesterday for some stockings,” Charlotte replied, “that was about it, Sir.”

“Nothing else?”

“No Sir,” Charlotte decided that she would keep her meeting with Courtney a secret. If Tyler could withhold sexual gratification from her, then she wouldn’t tell him about Courtney.

“Well, enough about the news,” he said putting the various sections of the Times back together as they sat at the kitchen table. “Last night I said that we should do something, are you still interested?”

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered calmly, her mind full of confused emotions. She resented the obvious fact that Tyler had refused doing a scene last night to demonstrate her control over her. But her body cried out in need of the lash, and the sensations that it would bring.

“Let’s adjourn downstairs, then. I’m sure that I can find something to keep you entertained,” Tyler said as he took his key ring, which also had the key to her Chastity belt.

Back down in his playroom, Charlotte felt that she was back in her element. She was aroused by the scent of the oiled leather, which she knew was going to be used on her in some fashion. All thoughts of Tyler denying her gratification and meeting Courtney were now pushed to the back of her mind.

Tyler let Charlotte walk around the playroom, because it helped to increase her arousal and pleasure from seeing the instruments of her torment. Finally, she removed a red leather armbinder from the wall rack, and spent some time examining it.

“Please place me in the armbinder, Master?” Charlotte asked as she presented the leather device to him, which he took in his hands.

“Have you ever been in an armbinder before?” Tyler asked.

“No, Master, but I have seen them used in the bondage website that I joined.”

“You will feel totally helpless, and your breasts will protrude outrageously. Your arms and shoulders will hurt. Still interested?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered.

“Before we proceed I want you to lock your collar and ankle bracelets on yourself. You won’t be able to wear your wrist bracelets while encased in the armbinder.”

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte walked back to the wall rack and removed the items that Tyler had requested of her. Having been his submissive for some time, she knew exactly what she had to do. She removed the decorative collar that she usually wore around her throat and replaced it with the heavier collar she wore doing scenes. Then she locked the bondage bracelets onto her ankles. Ready for the armbinder, Charlotte presented herself to Master Tyler.

“Excellent, Charlotte,” he told her, “you have learned to obey me completely.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Charlotte.

“Now turn around, and place your hands palm to palm,” he instructed her, “this is going to hurt!”

Charlotte did as she was told, and presented her back to Master Tyler and placed her hands as instructed. He positioned them, and then enfolded her arms from underneath in the leather glove. Gradually he closed the zipper, pulling on the tab, imprisoning her arms in the red leather. Charlotte stayed silent as her arms and shoulders were pulled backward; and her breasts stuck out obscenely!

“Stay still,” he told her.

Tyler secured the leather straps above her wrists and elbows, further imprisoning her in the leather device! To finalize her helplessness, two straps over each shoulder insured that there was no way that she could escape the leather that now imprisoned her!

“Turn around.”

Charlotte did as she was told, now facing her Master. He responded by fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples, which were now hard and erect once more!

“I see that you’re eager for a session under the lash.”

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered.

“Were you disappointed last night when I didn’t use the crop on you, or fuck your pussy?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“I did that deliberately to demonstrate my domination of you. I can give you both pain and pleasure. Also remember that if you decide to punish yourself at home, you must ask me permission first. I can tell if you have flogged yourself; I know when a woman has pleasured herself without my approval. Your own body will betray your words,” he told her.

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered.

Tyler then placed his right hand between her thighs and massaged her sex. Charlotte was surprised that he did not invade her pussy, since she knew that she was probably sopping wet between her legs.

“Oooooooooh!” Charlotte moaned with need.

“Do you desire my whip or my prick?” Tyler asked.

“Both, Master.”

“Good. Now there’s one more item to complete your bondage, and then you can enjoy the armbinder for a while.”

The “item” that Tyler meant was a small chain in the shape of of “T”. The base attached to her armbinder with a snap link, and the top had a small chain that attached to her ankle bracelets with two snap links. Charlotte was hobbled by the chain between her legs, only able to take small steps measured in inches!

“There now,” said Tyler, “your bondage is complete. You have the freedom of the playroom, and I’ll be in my room next door getting some work done. Have a good time!” he said cheerfully as he left her alone in the playroom.

Cruelly bound and hobbled, all that Charlotte could do was to walk to the full length mirror and see her reflection. With her arms encased in armbinder her shoulders were brutally pulled back, and her breasts shamefully exposed. She wondered why Tyler had not taken advantage of her helpless position and placed clamps on her nipples or sex! The chain that attached the armbinder to her ankles made her bondage all that more poignant.

Nor could she sit down to ease her discomfort, as she was bent like a bow! Charlotte had wondered what it would feel like wearing the armbinder, and now she knew the terrible power it held keeping her captive!

Dismayed, she began to take careful steps around the playroom. One by one, she examined all of the various devices that were all meant to inflict pain and discomfort upon naked females such as herself. There was an elaborate pair of stocks that could hold her neck, wrists and ankles prisoner. There was the horse, which she knew felt like she was being split in two when she was bound upon it. There was a small wooden cage that was perfect for holding her naked. There were chains hanging from the ceiling and walls to restrain her.

But it was the rack of whips; floggers; and crops that held her attention. Charlotte had already had most of them used on her naked body; indeed she cried out with need. Hanging innocently from a hook were several rattan canes that she had not noticed before! This was not the innocent rattan of furniture. Instead these were straight pieces of rattan with a curved handle to hold while the body of the cane would be used on naked female flesh! Charlotte shuddered at the idea that this would be the next thing that she would be introduced to!

“I see you’ve discovered the canes,” said Tyler, who had startled her with his sudden reappearance, “I just placed them there for you to find.”

“Do you mean to use them on me, Master?” Charlotte asked.

“Of course, and I want to hear you scream,” Tyler answered, “did you satisfy your curiosity about the armbinder? Because once I release you from your current predicament, I’m going to hang you from the ceiling again. Then you will get your second introduction to something new today.”

“What would that be, Master?” Charlotte asked with dread.

“Why the cane, of course! I can’t neglect your training, Charlotte,” Tyler said calmly.

Charlotte had now been presented with an awful choice! She could either continue the slow torment of the armbinder; or be introduced to the cane!

“I’m going back to my room and get back to work for a while. Once you’ve made your decision, you can call me and we can proceed,” Tyler told her.

She was again left alone in the playroom, standing in front of the rack that contained the instruments of her torment. Even though she become familiar with the other devices that had been used on her previously, Charlotte had an instinctive fear of the cane.

Charlotte walked back to the mirror and examined herself once again. Her female staff at Hartwell Medical would call her the Ice Queen because she appeared to have no interest in sex. She wondered what they would think now if they could see her, bound and naked in a playroom filled with bondage equipment.

Without a clock, Charlotte had no idea how long she had been bound in the armbinder. Was it a half-hour? More or less? At least Tyler had not placed clamps on her erect nipples, because that would have been another source of agony!

The bondage of the armbinder was total. There was no way that she wriggle out of it. This was not like having her hands locked behind her back with her bracelets, or even an elbow strap to compliment her wrist bracelets.

The hobble chain linked to the armbinder only increased her captivity, if such a thing was possible. Charlotte felt totally vulnerable and helpless, and now she was about to sink to a new level of depravity with the cane.

“Master Tyler?” Charlotte called, her mouth dry, “I’m ready for the cane, please?”

Tyler Mason reappeared from his hidden room, which Charlotte had not yet been inside. He walked over to her, still standing by the rack of instruments of torment that she knew so well.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she asked, “please remove the armbinder and hang me again from the ceiling chain and use the cane on me?”

Charlotte could not believe that she was asking for what was going to be a horrible punishment. She had been angry with Tyler for not having used her. Now she was going to get her wish.

“Stand still,” he ordered her.

Charlotte stood silently as Tyler unlocked the chain that hobbled her ankles, and then top that was linked to a ring at the base of the armbinder. She watched as Tyler replaced it on the rack, methodical as always.

Then the shoulder straps of the armbinder were removed, removing the strain on her shoulders. After that the straps above her elbows and wrists were removed, and Charlotte felt the armbinder open as Tyler slowly unzipped it along it’s length.

Finally her arms were free!

“Move slowly to restore circulation, Charlotte. You were in the armbinder for an hour, not bad for a first-timer,” Tyler commented as he hung the device back on the rack with all the other equipment.

Charlotte’s arms tingled as blood flowed back into her limbs after being confined in the armbinder. She had never felt so vulnerable or exposed while bound.

“Sit down and I’ll give you a drink before your caning.” he told her.

Charlotte walked over to her jail cell, and since the door was open, sat down on the cot. Tyler went into his room, and emerged with a cold water bottle. He handed it to her.

“May I drink, Master?” Charlotte asked.


“Thank you, Master.”

Charlotte broke the seal and took a few careful sips. Her throat was dry because she had not had any liquid since breakfast; and the prospect of her next punishment had filled her with fear.

It took a few minutes, but her arms recovered from the ordeal of being locked in the armbinder. Charlotte both dreaded and looked forward to her next discipline, because her unfulfilled body cried out with need for the lash. She could feel her nipples becoming hard; and she knew that her sex was wet with anticipation.

“Master, I’m ready,” proclaimed Charlotte as she got to her feet inside the cell.

“Good, I want you to lock your bracelets on your wrists and get me the spreader bar and two locks and join me at the ceiling chain,” Tyler ordered her.

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered.

Charlotte had learned that she had to place the instruments of bondage upon herself to demonstrate her submission. She quickly locked her wrist bracelets on, making certain that they were tight so that she wouldn’t slip out of them at a crucial moment. Then she removed a spreader bar and two locks, and joined Tyler at the ceiling chain as she had been ordered.

“As ordered, Master,” Charlotte said as she presented the bar and locks to Tyler.

“I now want you to lock the bar onto your ankles and open your legs,” he ordered.

“Yes, Master.”

“Here is the key to your Chastity Belt. I want you to unlock it and hand it to me.”

Charlotte took the key in her hand and quickly unlocked the belt. First to come off was the front locking plate, and the waist bands. Then the central strap that imprisoned her sex was removed, and she pulled the belt away from her body. She took care not to drop the back plate. Charlotte then reassembled the belt, and handed it to Tyler. He placed it upside down on the floor before his next command.

“Hands above your head,” Tyler ordered.

“Yes, Master.” Charlotte both loved and feared the rituals that Tyler made her go through to prove her submission. It gave her the chills every time that she had to refer to him as her Master.

She held her hands above her head, and Tyler used a snap link to lock them to the ceiling chain. As before, he walked to the wall, and activated a switch. This engaged an electric motor and Charlotte was slowly raised until her heels just touched the floor. Her naked body was now pulled taut.

“Good girl!”

“Yes, Master,” said Charlotte.

Tyler took her Chastity Belt and walked to the wall rack, and placed it on a shelf upside down in plain view. Then he removed a single rattan cane, checked it suppleness, and walked back to Charlotte. Her moment of truth had arrived.

“The rattan cane has an interesting history. When the British Empire was founded, they discovered the plant and the uses it could be put to. Not only did they use the cane on their native populations; it got sent home for use in Public Schools and on their servants as well,” Tyler explained, “which is why the English have been addicted to it’s use ever since.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Charlotte, her naked body crying out for his use.

“As the English say, I’m going to give you Six of the Best. So prepare yourself, this is going to hurt,” he told her.

Charlotte howled in pain when the first stroke of the cane struck across her bottom! She had never felt anything like this before; whether from Jaclyn or now Tyler! It felt like a line of fire had been drawn across her buttocks and she wondered if her had broken her skin and she was now bleeding as a result.

“Owwwwww!” she howled.

The next stroke of the cane landed on her sensitive right underarm, and it was no less painful on her sensitive flesh. She fought against her chains in an attempt to evade the cane, but it was a futile gesture.

“Owwwwww!” Charlotte screamed.

The cane had landed across her breasts, the very symbol of her femininity. She had never been punished like this before.


The next stroke drew a line of fire across her thighs, and all that Charlotte could do was scream.


The next target of the cane was her right underarm, and she could not believe how painful this was.


Tyler had circled around to her back, and delivered a stroke that landed on her shoulder blades. Charlotte did not know if she was becoming aroused by the pain, but all she thought of was when it would stop.


The final and sixth stroke of the cane targeted her bottom, striking the same flesh that the first stroke had hit. Already in pain, Charlotte howled once again.

Suddenly it was over! Charlotte had not counted the strokes of the cane, they had been so painful and had pierced her to the heart of her very being. Tears fell from her eyes onto her breasts.

“How do you feel?” Tyler asked.

“Hurt, Master.”

Tyler got the water bottle for Charlotte and while she was still hanging from the ceiling she took a few careful sips, her throat raw from the screams she had uttered while being caned. Charlotte could never have imagined that she could have endured such pain.

“You did very well, Charlotte. Thank you,” Tyler complimented her.

“You’re welcome, Master,” Charlotte said in response, her consciousness slowly returning.

He produced a tissue and wiped the tears from her eyes and breasts, and she flinched when he touched the place where the cane had stuck her.

She felt his fingers again inside her sex, and she had been aroused by the six strokes of the cane, painful as they had been.

“You’re wet with desire,” he told her, as he stimulated her erect clitoris.

Charlotte moaned as his finger rubbed her erect bud, arousing her to even greater heights of passion. This was what she wanted; this was what she needed. She embraced her chains and her bondage. Then she began to climax and moan, and tremble in her chains. The pain that she had experienced was now transmuted into pleasure, screams of pain became moans of pleasure.

She had discovered the term painslut while doing research online one evening. After her harsh experience with the cane, Charlotte now had one orgasm after another.

Tyler removed his fingers from her sex, and placed them in her mouth. Charlotte moaned with obvious pleasure as she cleaned her female secretions from his fingers.

With his other hand he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples, driving her to further heights of passion. The extreme pain of the cane had unleashed something new in Charlotte that she had not experienced before.

“Since you are able to take the cane, I have a question for you. There are play or scene parties where Dominants can punish their submissives in front of others. Would you be willing to be disciplined in the presence of strangers?” asked Tyler.

Charlotte remembered what Courtney had told her just one day ago in the mall food court.

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered, “I belong to you.”

“How do you feel?” Tyler asked her after he had removed his fingers from her mouth.

“Fine, Master. Please flog me?” Charlotte asked.

“You want more discipline?”

“Yes, Master,” Charlotte answered.

“You have to go to work tomorrow, are you sure that you will be able to function if I punish you again?” Tyler questioned.

“Don’t deny me again, Master,” Charlotte begged, “or I’ll just got home and take out my own flogger and use it on myself, with or without your permission!”

“As you wish, Charlotte. I cannot deny it when my submissive is in such need,” Tyler answered.

Tyler Mason walked back to the wall rack and removed the flogger that he had used on Charlotte many times before. When he stood in front of her again he presented her with the handle, and she did not need to be told to kiss it.

“What is your safe-word?” he asked.







It seemed incredible that just a short time before that Charlotte had been howling in pain when she was being caned. But she was again being flogged at her own request.

Tyler had his usual routine of circling around her and not striking the same place on Charlotte’s body twice. He timed his strokes carefully and aimed them carefully as well. He could not believe that Charlotte had hungered for the lash to such an extent.






Sweat droplets began to form in Charlotte’s punished underarms, clearly visible under the playroom lights. They ran down her naked figure onto the floor.

Charlotte did not use her safe-word or beg for mercy no matter how hard Tyler struck her with the flogger. Each moistened knot at the end left a mark on her exposed female skin. Instead she screamed with both pain and pleasure when every stroke targeted her naked body.






Like a battery being charged, Charlotte again felt another orgasm building within her. Her heart was beating furiously in her chest, sweat was running down her naked body and between her breasts, and her breathing was fast and shallow.



“OWWWW!” Charlotte howled when the flogger reached between her thighs and struck onto her sex painfully. That set off her orgasm and she pulled violently at her chains, so hard that Tyler was concerned that she might pull a muscle or worse!

She moaned and bucked in her captivity, as she fought against the chains that held her captive. Tyler had stopped flogging her, as she was now mentally somewhere else. All that he could do was watch and wait as the orgasms overtook her.

“Oooooooooh!” Charlotte moaned again and again, and Tyler was sure that he had seen her ejaculate, her secretions running down the inside of her right thigh.

Finally the orgasms passed, and Charlotte hung limply in her chains. Tyler quickly lowered her to the floor, and unlocked her wrists. He then picked her up, and took her into the hidden room.

The room contained a desk; bed; night table; sink and toilet; small refrigerator; television set and computer; and a dresser and mirror.

Tyler carried Charlotte over to the bed and unlocked her ankles from the spreader bar. She had regained her senses by then. From the small refrigerator he gave her another water bottle, and she cracked the seal and drank greedily.

There was no need for words as he removed a couple of condoms from the night-table. He opened his jeans and pulled his briefs down to expose his massively erect purple cock. Tyler then unrolled the latex on his shaft, and Charlotte lay back on the bed, her legs opened to receive him.

“Aieeeeeeee!” Charlotte screamed when his shaft impaled her, driving all the way to the hilt, his balls slapping up against her pussy.

Tyler then partially withdrew, and impaled her again and again with his cock. Charlotte moaned with pleasure and pain, her entire consciousness concentrated on her punished body and her violated sex.

He rammed his cock into her, making her lose all control. For the third time that morning, Charlotte was about to have another orgasm. Once from the cane; the second time from the flogger; and the third from her Master, Tyler Mason.

She bounced on the bed, matching him thrust for thrust. Sweat poured off her, and her heart pounded furiously. They both moaned and cried out together.

Because Charlotte already had climaxed before, it didn’t take her too long before she was ready once more. With her heart pounding furiously, she screamed once again as she came! Tyler came at that same moment, his hot sperm jetting into the condom, further exciting Charlotte. He pounded her into the mattress, their sweating bodies held together in the heat of passion.

Since he was fresh and she was already tired her climax did not last as long as his. He jetted sperm into the condom just as she had her last orgasm.

“That was great, Charlotte,” complimented Tyler as he withdrew from her wet pussy.

“Thank you, Master,” Charlotte replied as Tyler collapsed on top of her.

* * *

After their session both Tyler and Charlotte had to shower and get cleaned up. It was already the afternoon, and doing their scene on Sunday had wrecked both of their schedules. Tyler had planned to spend Sunday studying some papers to get ready for a business conference. Charlotte usually stayed home and rested so she could go to work on Monday.

Tyler drove her home, and made sure she picked up some food on the way. She had decided on take-out Chinese as the simplest and fastest thing to order.

“Are you going to be all right?” he asked, “maybe it’s better I stay with you.”

“You have a meeting to prepare for, and I have to rest before tomorrow, Sir,” Charlotte replied.

“I’ve never had another submissive like you before,” said Tyler.

“Thank you, Sir, you wield a mean cane.”

“Why do I have to leave?” said Tyler as he kissed her on the lips and held her in his arms.

“Go,” she said, “you have a business to run. Call me tomorrow, Master.”

“Bye,” he said, and Charlotte closed the door behind him.

Charlotte sat at her kitchen table, her take-out dinner laid out in front of her, but she couldn’t eat. There was now no doubt about what she had to do next.

Charlotte pulled her phone from her purse and removed Courtney’s card from her clutch, then she punched in Courtney’s number and hoped she would pick up.

“Courtney, this is Charlotte Mann. I’m sorry I was an ass yesterday in the mall, you’re right, I need someone in the scene to help me understand myself,” said Charlotte into her phone.

“Charlotte, I’m glad to hear from you,” answered Courtney, “how about dinner on Wednesday night?”

“That will be fine. You were right, love is not a game, it’s deadly serious,” admitted Charlotte.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH06 PT3: Love is Not a Game”