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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH07

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH07: Through a Glass, Darkly”

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“Controlled Experiment CH07: Through a Glass, Darkly”

* * *

Courtney and Charlotte had started their evening at a local restaurant with dinner, drinks, and finally dessert and coffee. They had avoided any serious discussion about their meeting, instead talking about clothes, movies and music.

Once dessert had been consumed, Courtney said that they should now drive to her nearby condominium for more serious and private conversations.

Courtney made a pot of coffee for the two of them, and placed a plate of cookies with it. They sat together on her living room couch.

“Wow, you have a nice place to live,” Charlotte complimented her host, “my whole apartment could fit inside just a couple of rooms here.”

“Thank you,” Courtney replied, “money can buy you a lot of things. What it can’t buy is happiness.”

“I guess this is where we get around to the serious part of our meeting,” said Charlotte.

“Yes. Charlotte, you’re going to have to forgive me for intruding into your personal life, which I’ve already done without your knowledge or permission. I realize that I’m interfering in what may be the only personal happiness you’ve ever had. I’m doing this not to stop you from making the choices that I made in being a submissive; but to make you aware of the consequences of what lies ahead. Since you are both alone in the world; and now you have decided to be a submissive without knowing anyone else in the scene; I feel that you need a friend. Let me be that person,” carefully explained Courtney.

“So much has happened to me in the last several months,” Charlotte began, “I don’t know know where to start.”

“Start at the beginning,” said Courtney as she poured coffee for both of them, “when a person enters the scene their dominant usually requests a personal biography to understand their background. I want to know how a woman who knew nothing about submission should become the prized possession of not one but two dominants. Why you seem to crave punishment. I have to know your background in order to understand how you reached this point.”

“All right, I have to trust someone,” Charlotte began, “I developed early, before the other girls in my school. I grew taller and prettier than the others; and I was more intelligent than they were. The result was that the girls didn’t want me in their cliques; and the boys were afraid of me. Soon, I looked like a fashion model; that only made them hate me even more. I was lonely as hell.”

“Go on, I know this must be painful.”

“My pain was only starting. I had no friends in college, only a couple of roommates in my dorm. The boys treated me like a bimbo; or ignored me completely because they thought they couldn’t afford to take me out. Then my mother died. Just before graduation my father died; and I found that he had mortgaged the house to pay for my mother’s medical treatment. I started life with my B.S. in Finance and little else,” Charlotte sobbed as she told her story.

“That must have been difficult,” observed Courtney.

“It was hard to find a job. I temped for a long time. When I finally landed a good job the bosses wife had me fired because she was afraid that I was going to steal her husband. She was a real bitch. Then I got a job at Hartwell Medical as office manager.”

“What about men?” asked Courtney.

“As before, men were afraid of me. They thought they couldn’t afford me, so I rarely dated. I had only a couple of fumbling attempts at sex, none of them any good. Women have always been afraid that I would steal their husbands or boyfriends; so I really don’t have any female friends, except for Tammy,” Charlotte choked on her words.

“What happened next?”

“Several months ago at work I saw an article for a sex study at a place called the Sexual Research Institute in a Medical Journal. I went down there, filled out a questionnaire, got interviewed and then they gave me a Chastity Belt that would monitor my reactions to sexual stimuli in daily life. I’ve worn it ever since,” said Charlotte.

“A Chastity Belt?”

“Yes, for scientific purposes,” Charlotte answered.

“Are you wearing it now?” Courtney asked.

“Yes, but I’m a little embarrassed about removing my clothes in front of another woman right now,” Charlotte admitted.


“Because Tyler caned me on Sunday! Nothing ever hurt so much,” Charlotte cried.

“It’s all right,” said Courtney as she held Charlotte in her arms, comforting her.

“I howled in pain! I never felt anything like that before,” Charlotte sobbed.

“Let it all out, Charlotte. Cry all you want. I understand,” said Courtney.

Charlotte proceeded to cry in Courtney’s arms. All of the pent-up emotions that she had been holding in for years poured out in a river of tears. Courtney held her tightly, rocking her gently, letting Charlotte cry her feeling out. There was a box of tissues on the table, and Courtney kept passing them to Charlotte.

“It’s all right, Charlotte, I understand. You’re with a new friend now, that’s why I wanted you here,” said Courtney.

Charlotte cried and cried, and finally her sobs ceased and she regained control of herself. Courtney still held her close.

“I’m sorry,” said Charlotte.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” replied Courtney, “you have lived a lifetime of pain that no woman should have had to endure. You’ve been rejected by just about everybody. I want to be your friend, please let me?”

“Yes, thank you Courtney, I want to be your friend too,” Charlotte answered.

“Good, now if you’re bashful about being naked, I’ll undress for you,” offered Courtney.

“That’s not necessary.”

“It’s all right,” said Courtney, “watch!”

Courtney stood up from the couch. She was a tall, statuesque blonde who turned heads wherever she went. She opened her skirt, and stepped out of it, folding it on the couch. That was followed by her blouse and bra. Then she removed her heels and hold-up stockings, and finally her panties as well.

When Courtney turned around to show Charlotte her naked body, her guest gasped in shock.

“How?” Charlotte asked.

“I was caned Saturday night by my Master. I didn’t suck his cock fast enough,” Courtney explained.

“That’s horrible!”

“Yes, except that I wanted to be punished. I needed to be be punished. Charlotte, have you ever heard of the hardwired theory?” asked Courtney as she sat down naked next to her guest.

“What’s that?” Charlotte replied.

“It’s the idea that submissives produce endorphins creating a pleasurable feeling in their brains in response to discipline,” Courtney explained, “that’s why we’re different than most people.”

“That’s what you brought up in the mall, I didn’t understand.”

“Do you feel pleasure when you’re being whipped or flogged?” asked Courtney.

“Yes, and I was afraid. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. It just didn’t make any sense! True, I didn’t have any good sexual experiences with men, but I knew the way sex was supposed to work. But when Mistress Jaclyn took the whip to me and I felt pleasure I didn’t know what to think!” Charlotte answered.

“I can understand your confusion, it happens to all of us.”

“You mean I’m not a freak?” asked Charlotte.

“No, your brain is just wired a little differently than most. We all feel that way in the beginning,” Courtney replied.

“Thank you, Courtney, this has been a great help.”

“You’re welcome, now back to the main subject. Could I see that Chastity belt of yours?” asked Courtney.

“Sure, my turn to get naked,” Charlotte answered.

Charlotte got to her feet, and removed her taupe high heels. Then she opened her jeans and took off her blouse, and then pulled down her jeans. She placed both her blouse and jeans on the couch, and stood proudly in front of her host. Charlotte then turned around so that Courtney could see all of the Chastity belt; she opened her legs to show how it covered her sex.

“I’ve been in the scene for years and I have to admit I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Courtney, “what’s that projection on the belt?”

“The belt monitors my reaction to sexual stimuli. I have to hook the belt up to my phone every two days to recharge it; and in turn it reports back to SRI. See the green LED? That means it’s charged. When the red one glows, I know I have to recharge it with the mini USB port,” described Charlotte.

“Could you take it off so I could examine it more closely?” asked Courtney.

“Sure,” Charlotte answered as she got her key ring from her purse.

Charlotte opened the belt, first removing the front plate, waist bands and crotch strap from the back plate. Then she took the belt off, careful not to drop the back plate onto the floor. She next reassembled the entire belt and handed it to Courtney who had watched the entire procedure from the couch.

“You’re very good with the belt,” observed Courtney.

“Thank you, I’ve worn it for so long now, it’s part of me,” said Charlotte.

“You’re pretty good looking yourself,” Courtney complimented Charlotte.

“Thank you. Maybe if I hadn’t been so good looking, I’d have led a normal life,” Charlotte replied.

“Let’s go into my office, I have some scientific instruments there,” Courtney suggested as she placed her feet back into her high heels.

“Yes,” Charlotte agreed.

“Just look at us!” said Courtney, “two naked submissives!”

“Two naked collared submissives,” corrected Charlotte.

They both laughed together, Charlotte’s spirits raised by her new friend and companion.

Courtney had a small office where she did work at home. It was crowded, but it did have two chairs for them to sit on.

“Hmmm, what’s this metal?” Courtney asked.

“Plasteel, so it expands and contracts to fit my figure.”

“The interior is covered in rubber to avoid chafing, I suppose,” Courtney observed.


“What’s it like to wear?” asked Courtney.

“Very comfortable once you get used to it. Actually, I feel naked without it. I haven’t worn panties in so long, I’ve forgotten what they feel like,” Charlotte answered.

“Did you ever go on a date without panties? I always used to do it to surprise my dates,” said Courtney, then realizing what she had said, “I’m sorry Charlotte. I forgot about your stories of rejection.”

“That’s all right. What about my belt?”

“No magnetic field, let me check it with the voltmeter. This is a special one calibrated for micro-voltage, so it should detect something.”

“Well the belt does monitor my vital signs, so it should be active,” said Charlotte.

In the plate that covered her sex, the meter detected voltage activity. The levels were not constant and changed over time.

“Hmmm, I wonder why they oscillate like that? Maybe to keep you in a state of constant sexual arousal?” Courtney speculated aloud.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” asked Charlotte.

“Eventually it’s going to be possible to tap into the cerebral cortex to create all kinds of good and bad things. The blind will be able to see; the disabled to walk; and governments will be able to control people and do all kinds of mischief,” Courtney answered.

“How about turning women in pain loving sex slaves?” asked Charlotte.

“I have one whole room of my condo as a library with more than a thousand science fiction books. You’re welcome to borrow and read them anytime,” Courtney offered.


“I also have a library of pornography you can read as well. A girl doesn’t live by science alone,” Courtney smiled to her companion.

“That’s really something,” said Charlotte.

“I wish we we in the lab right now at work. I have an x-ray machine that could probably see through this metal so I’d know what was inside.”

“What do you think is in there?” asked Charlotte.

“Microchips certainly, a small rechargeable battery, two LED lights, and some wires. This could really be a clever way to control a woman,” said Courtney, “you say you hook it up to your phone?”


“Good, I’d like to see that as well. Maybe I can tap into the program and see what this is doing to your body,” said Courtney.

“That would be great.”

“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever done a scientific exploration in the nude. Maybe I’ll start a trend,” laughed Courtney, “I’d like to get my camera and take a few pictures of this belt on a flat surface. Then I have more questions to ask.”


Courtney removed her camera from her office desk, and the two nude women walked to the Dining Room. Courtney placed the Chastity belt on the table, and took several pictures of it from all angles, and then had Charlotte open it to take some more.

“Can I put my belt back on now?” asked Charlotte.


Courtney watched as her naked companion quickly and without any wasted efforts, replaced the Chastity Belt on her naked body, again imprisoning her sex.

“Want to get dressed?”

“Yes, it was nice being naked with another woman. I haven’t done that since I was last with Mistress Jaclyn,” Charlotte replied.

“Tell me, when I suggested that you take your clothes off, were you worried that I was a lesbian predator?” asked Courtney.

“What’s a lesbian predator?”

“You honestly don’t know, do you?”

“No,” admitted Charlotte.

“When you get out into the scene, there are aggressive lesbians, some butch, some femme, that will stop at nothing to get you into bed,” Courtney explained.

“I guess I do need someone in the scene,” said Charlotte, “I know nothing about your world.”

“It’s your world now too,” replied Courtney, “just at us, two nude girls discussing sexual politics!”

The two women walked back to the couch and replaced their clothes, and when they stepped back into their high heels, the process was complete.

“Okay, let’s continue, Charlotte. You got the Chastity Belt at SRI, how did that affect your sexuality?” Courtney asked.

“There was no sexuality to influence. I hadn’t been with a man for years.”

“Nothing, no dates?”

“None. Men didn’t want to go out with me because they decided they couldn’t afford me. Saturday nights were the worst, I was all alone in my apartment,” Charlotte answered.

“Then how did you seek out Mistress Jaclyn?”

“I began having the strangest sexual feelings, and then Dr. Allen at SRI loaned me a flash drive of all kinky things. Pictures, short movies, fiction. I was fascinated! Dr. Allen suggested I go see Mistress Jaclyn, and that’s how I became a submissive,” Charlotte explained.

“Were you ever attracted sexually to a woman before? Any lesbian feelings?” Courtney questioned.

“No, never. But I guess I was so starved for affection of any kind that after Jaclyn used the whip on me then invited me into her bed, I’d have done just about anything. When I inhaled the scent of her Opium perfume I was hooked on her.”

“Hmmm, that’s very interesting. So what happened after Jaclyn was deported?”

“She sent me a box of sex toys and a letter, I practiced self-bondage, and in the letter was Tyler Mason’s number. I called him, and you know the rest,” Charlotte answered.

“You practiced self-bondage?”

“Yes, I would strip naked, place a collar around my neck. Then I would buckle the ball-gag in my mouth; and sometimes I’d place clamps on my nipples. Then I’d flog myself. I got pretty good at it, too. I could really make those knots sting! I would enjoy punishing myself in front of my bedroom mirror.”

“Why did you seek out Tyler Mason?”

“After a few weeks of self-bondage I decided that I wanted more, so I called Mason.”

“You said he caned you on Sunday. Did he hurt you?”

“Yes, but I know this will sound weird, but I love him. Even though he made me howl,” explained Charlotte.

“That’s quite a story. And you were never interested in fetishism or submission before you went to SRI?”

“Not at all,” Charlotte answered, “but it gets stranger.”


“I showed my belt to my friend Tammy and she was suspicious of SRI. She went down and got a belt for herself, and now she’s a submissive also! Dr. Allen at SRI sent her to a truly wonderful Master, and I think that’s the longest she’s ever been with a man,” Charlotte explained.

“Was your friend Tammy ever interested in submission before she went to SRI?”

“No, never.”

“What was her sexuality?”

“Normal heterosexual, unless there was something she never told me.”

“This is all damn weird. Two women who have no interest in submission become happy collared submissives, after they start wearing an electronic Chastity Belt. That is an awful coincidence, Charlotte,” said Courtney.

“I never thought about it that way, it just happened so fast to both of us,” Charlotte answered.

“I’d like to meet and discuss this with her, and then it’s my turn,” said Courtney.

“Turn for what?”

“I’m going to go down to SRI and get a belt. You know when you saw me naked it’s a good thing I never got rings in my nipples, or had my labia pierced for ownership. The only thing that marks me as a submissive is my decorative collar, and that can be removed.”

“Rings in your nipples? Labia piercing? You’ve got to be kidding!” exclaimed Charlotte.

“This is the world you’ve entered, Charlotte. You’d better get used to it. Anything else I should know about SRI?”

“You’ll have to strip naked for an exam,” Charlotte cautioned.

“I’ll ask my Master to forgo punishing me for a while to let my marks fade. That would be a dead giveaway,” said Courtney.

“But if you’re already a submissive then what will getting a belt prove?” asked Charlotte.

“I don’t know. But I’ve got to get into SRI, and that will be the first step,” Courtney replied.

“First step of what?”

“To finding out how an electric Chastity Belt changes women’s behavior. Why both you and Tammy became submissives. More importantly, what is SRI up to?” asked Courtney.

* * *

Dr. Allen had just settled back in his chair to correlate all the latest interviews from the women in the study when there was a know on his door.

“Enter,” said Dr. Allen.

Nurse Alexandra entered his office and closed the door behind her, concern very evident on her face as she sat down in the chair opposite his desk.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just got the latest readings from Charlotte Mann’s Chastity Belt. It was clearly examined by scientific instruments. Somebody is on to us,” said Nurse Alexandra.

“There’s no doubt?” he asked.


“I would have thought that Tammy’s Master Craig would have been the one to take an interest in the belt. He does teach physics, after all,” said Dr. Allen.

“For a girl that had a non-existent sex life, Charlotte seems to be at the nexus of a lot of activity. Charlotte brings in her friend Tammy to get a belt. Tammy brings in her friend Veronica for a belt. Jaclyn gets deported, and she becomes Tyler Mason’s new submissive,” explained Nurse Alexandra, “and now her belt gets examined.”

“Who do you think examined her belt? Tyler Mason? He is a wealthy man, after all,” replied Dr. Allen.

“No idea. Do you want to shut SRI down?” asked Nurse Alexandra.

“No, that would let whoever examined the belt know that we were on to them.”

“How about closing the study to new applicants?”

“It only stands to reason that if someone is on to us then they’ll send a woman in to join the study. So keep an eye out for any woman out of the ordinary,” instructed Dr. Allen.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Nurse Alexandra replied.

* * *

It was Saturday morning at SRI and there was a new handful of women completing the questionnaire about their sex life prior to joining the study.

Courtney Essex had waited weeks for her marks to fade, angering her Master that he could not have any sessions with her. She had told him that there was a reason, but could not explain them to him.

She sat at the small table with the other two women completing the questionnaire, trying to second guess the intent of the questions. Courtney did not want to give away that she was a submissive, or that she knew anything about Dominance and submission.

Courtney was taller and more beautiful than both of the other women; she was a tall blonde and looked like a fashion model. She stuck out like a sore thumb.

* * *

Dr. Allen had just poured himself another cup of coffee in the small kitchen when Nurse Alexandra walked in, breathless.

“You’ve got to see who’s out front!” exclaimed Nurse Alexandra.


“Courtney Essex!”

“I don’t know that name,” said Dr. Allen.

“Her family owns Essex Electronics, she has degrees in physics and electrical engineering. She’s no dumb blonde,” explained Nurse Alexandra, “but that’s not the best part!”

“Okay, what is?”

Nurse Alexandra turned on the TV monitor in the kitchen, found one of the cameras out front in reception, and focused it on Courtney Essex who was still completing the form.

“Don’t you see it?” asked Nurse Alexandra.

“See what?”

“Look carefully at her neck. There’s a narrow band that is lighter than the areas above and below,” Nurse Alexandra pointed out.

“What does that mean?”

“She wears a decorative collar and she’s a submissive! It all fits together. Charlotte’s belt gets examined and a few weeks later Courtney Essex comes in to join the survey, and I’ll bet she pretends total ignorance about D/s,” suggested Nurse Alexandra.

“Do you want to deny her a belt? Or have her stay here for a couple of hours to get used to the regular belt before we give her a plasteel one?”

“No, we make her go through the whole procedure. Give her an interview, and I’ll measure her for her belt. I’ll see if she’s been whipped, there are always traces left behind. Then we’ll send her home with the training belt, and we’ll see if she wears it for a week before we give her the plasteel belt as usual,” explained Nurse Alexandra.

“But if she’s already a submissive what good will it do putting her in a belt?” asked Dr. Allen.

“That way we can track her movements, who she associates with, and I’ll bet she knows Charlotte Mann. We can also observe her vital signs. Besides, we can get her addicted to wearing the belt,” said Nurse Allen, “just like the others.”

* * *

When Courtney Essex arrived home carrying the box containing her new Chastity Belt she felt like she had just gone through final exams again. It was one thing to do scenes with her Master. Those were fun, and she got both punished and fucked afterwards.

Charlotte had given her a photocopy of the ad that had started it all. Courtney had waited for her marks to heal (she had her new friend Charlotte come over and apply salve to speed the process); and she finally made the appointment at SRI.

She had arrived, met Beth, the receptionist and filled out a form. Then Beth had given her the questionnaire, and her work began. The questions were all about her relationships; sexual activities and preferences; and knowledge. Carnal knowledge.

Courtney looked at the two other women filling out the questionnaire at the same time as her. She was taller and more beautiful than they were; and she wondered what their motives were for wanting a Chastity Belt.

After she had turned it in, she had to wait for Dr. Allen who was the next part of the process. He read through it while Courtney waited in his office, then asked her several pointed questions about her sex life. Courtney was tense because she lied about her sex life and knowledge.

She was surprised when Dr. Allen told her that she qualified for the study and the belt; then it was time to see Nurse Alexandra in the examination room. Courtney removed all her clothes, and sat naked on the table as Nurse Alexandra took her medical history and vital signs.

“Ever seen a Chastity Belt before?” asked Nurse Alexandra.

“Only in books,” answered a naked Courtney.

“Now that I’ve taken your measurements I’ll be right back with your first belt, which I’d like you to wear in the office for a half-hour. Just like a test drive. If you’re comfortable, then you’ll change back into panties for the drive home; and then you can put the belt back on later.”

“Why can’t I just drive home wearing it?” asked Courtney.

“We feel that it’s too distracting. There are psychological elements involved for a woman in wearing a Chastity Belt, particularly when you wear the second plasteel belt. Both hug the contours of your sex, and you have to get used to the feeling,” Nurse Alexandra had told her.

Courtney did as she was told, not wanting to appear too anxious. After all, what rational woman wanted to imprison her sex behind metal and steel?

Even though Charlotte had let her wear her first belt as a test, it was quite a shock being fitted in the exam room. Then she waited around for a half-hour; and was encouraged to walk to get used to it being between her legs.

The last time that she had been encouraged to walk she had been naked, with her hands locked behind her back and her ankles hobbled; at the point of the riding crop.

Once Nurse Alexandra had been satisfied that Courtney was comfortable in her own belt, Courtney removed it, put back on her panties, and was given a box with the belt and allowed to drive home. Courtney had gone food shopping at the supermarket on the way home, and now all her errands were done.

She took the box into her bedroom and removed the belt from the box, seeing that Nurse Alexandra had wrapped it in plastic. Courtney opened the plastic, and examined the belt. It was hard to believe that she had agreed to wear this.

Unlike the more elaborate plasteel belt, this one closed by means of a single keyed lock. Courtney had asked for an additional set of keys, so she had a total of four. She then tried each one to make sure that they all worked.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Courtney thought to herself.

Courtney then totally stripped naked, laying all of her clothes on her bed. She looked at herself in the mirror, glad to see that her marks had faded since her last session with her Master. During her exam, Courtney felt that Nurse Alexandra had been a little too thorough in examining her naked body.

She also felt that they were on to her from the very first moment that she had walked in the door. Nurse Alexandra seemed a little too polite, and Dr. Allen was aloof and clinical. And neither had asked if she was related to Essex Electronics! Courtney had put down for employment a company that a friend owned, and was willing to serve as a reference.

Picking up the Chastity Belt as if it was an alien object, Courtney began the process of fitting it to her naked body. She closed two two halves of the waist band around herself, then brought the crotch band up between her legs and closed all three straps together. This belt had the studs as part of the left waist band, so it all fit together rather easily.

Courtney adjusted the fit of the belt so it hugged the curves of her sex until it was snug. Then she placed the spacer over the stud, and put the hasp of the lock through the stud and closed the lock! She had locked herself into her own Chastity Belt!

Admiring herself in the mirror, Courtney liked the way she looked. The belt totally enclosed her sex, and any attempts to place her fingers inside the belt failed. Once locked inside the belt, there was no way of removing it unless she had the key.

Courtney was no stranger to close fitting garments of leather and rubber. She even owned a few, having been in the scene for years. But a Chastity Belt was something new for her.

She then put on a pair of knee high stockings, then a bra and blouse, followed by a pair of jeans and her taupe high heels. Courtney then walked a few steps, and checked herself out in the mirror once more.

It was hard to believe that she was wearing a Chastity Belt, but there was no outward evidence of it. In addition, she had quickly learned to walk without any problems.

Courtney felt the metal and rubber device under her clothes, and realized that come Monday she would have to go work with the belt locked upon her.

Her journey into Chastity had begun.

* * *

Courtney was working in her office on a report when her phone rang, and she fished it out of her purse. She noticed that the call came from SRI, and decided to take the call.

“Hello?” asked Courtney.

“Hello, Courtney. This is Nurse Alexandra calling to see if you’re wearing the belt, and if there are any problems.”

“I put the belt on when I got home, it fit perfectly, and now I’m just sitting at my laptop doing some work,” Courtney replied.

“It’s good to hear that you’re adapting to the belt so quickly. Some women have problems girdling their sex,” explained Nurse Alexandra.

“That’s why I joined the study,” lied Courtney, “to help you monitor my sexual responses. I’m really looking forward to the second belt.”

“Just wear your first belt and come back to us next Saturday, and I’m sure you’ll have no problems qualifying.”

“Thank you.”

“What did you think of the additions I showed you? Did you like the metal bra and thigh bands?”

“I loved them!” Courtney replied.

“I’m sure you’ll be in them soon,” said Nurse Alexandra, “so if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to call. See you next Saturday, bye now.”

“Bye,” Courtney replied as she cut the connection.

Next time someone who’s qualified for a job has to lie, I’m going to be a lot more sympathetic thought Courtney.

Courtney was so tied up doing work that she did not realize that the afternoon had slipped away, and evening was fast approaching. So when her phone rang again, she was startled and almost jumped out of her seat.

Looking at the screen, she saw that Tammy was calling, and accepted the call.

“Tammy?” asked Courtney.

“Hi, Courtney. I was wondering if you were busy for dinner tonight. I realize this is on short notice, but Craig was called away for a family emergency so I’m all alone. And I’m just dying to know what happened at SRI today,” said Tammy.

“I wasn’t planning anything special, how about pizza?”

“Love to. I’ll be over in a half-hour, and then we can go out,” Tammy replied.

* * *

“How long have you been in your belt?” asked Tammy as they sat in a booth in a local pizzeria.

“About six hours,” Courtney answered.

“How do you feel?” questioned Tammy.

“Okay, I guess.”

“Do you know when it will really hit you?” asked Tammy.


“About three in the morning you’ll want to place your hand between your legs to satisfy yourself, and the entrance to your sex will be blocked. That’s when you’ll know you’re really wearing a Chastity Belt,” Tammy explained.

“I was surprised when you told me that you had introduced your friend Veronica to the belt,” said Courtney.

“Her sex addict boyfriend Henry wouldn’t leave her alone, so I loaned her my first belt and brought her down to SRI, and they were happy to have her in the study,” Tammy answered.

“I was even more surprised to discover that she wants to be a submissive, and you’re sharing the same Master,” observed Courtney.

“I was trying to help out a friend, the only trouble is that she’s interfering with my relationship with him. She’d like nothing better than to have him take her right on the floor in front of me.”

“You know, Tammy all of this is very strange. Weird, almost. Three women with no previous interest in submission go to SRI and get a Chastity Belt; and now you’re all eager for discipline,” said Courtney.

“Mind if I ask you a question?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“How did you become a submissive?” questioned Tammy.

“I got tired of faking orgasms because I felt that something was missing in my sex life. One day I went with some friends to an S&M Club, saw a woman spanked and flogged, and I was wet right away. I started going on my own, searching online, and then I found my first Master. He was a really good guy, taught me a lot, but he freaked out when he learned who I was,” Courtney answered.

“I don’t understand,” said Tammy.

“When you’re rich, your life is not your own. You’re told who you’re allowed to be with, where to go to school, who you have to marry, and so forth,” Courtney answered.

“What does your family think of your choice of sexuality?”

“Well, luckily I have two older brothers to carry on the family name. I’m not a dumb blonde, I earned my degrees and go to work every day, just like you. My family tolerates my submission because I stay out of the papers with no scandals, ever,” Courtney answered.

“That’s really something,” said Tammy.

“But I just had another thought. We can’t go to the government or the newspapers about SRI.”


“I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but can you imagine what a government will be able to do with mind control? I can give you a half-dozen SF novels about that idea. If we go to the papers, do you really want the intimate details of your sex life splashed on the front pages of every newspaper?” asked Courtney.

“I never thought of that,” Tammy replied, “do you want to quit?”

“When I contacted Charlotte I managed to involve myself in something a lot bigger than just helping a new, inexperienced submissive in the scene. I can’t quit now. And I hope that you three are all good liars when you visit SRI for your monthly interviews, because we’re all in big trouble,” Courtney observed.

“What do you want to do now?” asked Tammy, “now that you’ve thoroughly depressed me. I wanted us to have a good time, and instead you’re all gloom and doom.”

“Sorry. I guess that’s the scientist in me. How about going back to my apartment and having a bottle of wine?” suggested Courtney.


* * *

“Wow, I’ve never met anyone who has not one, but two libraries!” exclaimed Tammy. She wandered among the bookcases containing Courtney’s collection of both Science Fiction and Erotica.

“You’re welcome to borrow whatever you want. But be warned: you had better return them or else it’s a dozen strokes with the riding crop,” said Courtney.

“That’s a great return policy. Do you get many takers?”

“Sometimes I think that my friends deliberately keep my books out just to get the crop. But I always get them back in the end.”

Courtney and Tammy returned to the couch, and they both sipped at their glasses of wine together.

“You’re very beautiful,” said Tammy.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad looking yourself.”

“How are you adapting to the belt?”

“Fine, except for the gymnastics I have to perform whenever I have to go to the bathroom,” Courtney answered.

“You’ll learn that you have to always know the location of one at all times, preferably a single person one that you can lock and get some privacy. I’ll never forget the time I was in a public bathroom with multiple stalls and I had to remove my belt. I took it off and put it on the floor upside down, and it could be seen. After I belted myself and used the sink, you should have seen the looks that the other women gave me! I could have just died,” laughed Tammy.

“I never thought of that,” said Courtney, “as a submissive I never had a problem with my sexuality in public.”

“Thanks for a wonderful night after all,” said Tammy, “but I have to go.”

“Do you have to leave?” asked Courtney, “the night is still young.”

“What are you suggesting?” coyly asked Tammy, “are you trying to seduce me?”

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” questioned Courtney.

“No, never.”

“You know, when you’re a submissive you have to be able to satisfy both sexes. Should your master decide to loan you to a mistress, you’ll have to know how to make love to a woman,” explained Courtney.

“I thought that since we’re submissives we can only have sex with the permission of our owners. That if we have unauthorized sex, we’ll be punished.”

“Exactly. Tammy another thing that you have to learn is that you can’t be a mindless automaton obeying rules. A little straying is permitted to keep your master on his toes.”

“So you’re saying that I should make love to you, confess that to my master, to deliberately get punished?”


“But all I have to do is pick up my phone, call him, and ask permission,” said Tammy, “it’s not like he’s up the Amazon or something.”

“That’s a choice that you have to make,” replied Courtney.

“If I make love to you, then Craig will probably do a serious number on me, and that will make Veronica even more jealous than she already is. She appreciates the fact that Craig is willing to whip her, but she wants his cock between her legs. Do you know a master who is unattached at the moment? My friend really wants a master of her own,” explained Tammy.

“Two’s company, and three’s a crowd,” observed Courtney, “sorry, but I don’t know anyone at the moment.”

“Damn, this is going to cost me my friendship with her, Craig was right, and he warned me about this,” said Tammy.

“Nobody ever said that life was going to be simple, and it’s doubly complex when you’re a submissive,” Courtney observed.

“I’m sorry, Courtney, but I have to decline. I shouldn’t make love to you without permission because I’m owned, and that would complicate my relationship with Veronica, and we have SRI to worry about. Maybe when all these things get resolved I’ll ask Craig if I can get into bed with you,” Tammy answered.

“I understand, maybe I’m rushing things,” admitted Courtney.

* * *

Courtney walked Tammy back to her car, gave her a kiss, and bade her farewell. She walked back to her condo, and closed the door behind her.

What a tangled web we weave, she thought to herself.

The wine bottle was empty, just when she wanted another drink as a cure for loneliness. She could have read a book, watched TV, or gone online. Anything to kill a little time.

She walked into the SF part of her library, and pulled a few favorite books from the shelves. Opening them, she read about people solving technological and scientific problems, with things usually turning out good in the end.

I’ve always dreamed that I’d be faced with a problem like the ones I read about in SF books. Now it’s for real, thought Courtney.

Courtney put the books back on the shelves, and cut the lights. She decided to turn in early. Going into the bathroom she brushed her teeth and washed her face.

She usually slept naked, but not tonight. She got her soft pink feminine nightgown from her dresser drawer and placed it on the bed. Then she stripped off all of her clothes, except for the Chastity Belt, admiring herself again in the mirror.

Courtney placed the nightgown over her head, and placed her arms through the sleeves, and let it fall onto her body. She cut the lights in her bedroom, and got under the covers.

Alcohol can both work as a stimulant and a tranquilizer. The only problem was that Courtney didn’t drink enough alcohol for it to have either effect. So all she did was to toss and turn in bed, looking up at the ceiling.

Finally, she drifted off into an unsettled sleep.

Courtney turned over in bed, suddenly feeling very warm under the sheets. She placed her hand between her legs to feel her sex and wanted to insert her fingers within her moist folds but was blocked by the Chastity Belt.

She sat up in bed, covered in sweat, awake as if an electric shock had gone through her body.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH07: Through A Glass, Darkly”