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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH06 PT2

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT2: A New World”

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“Controlled Experiment CH06 PT2: A New World”

* * *

Two and a half weeks after Mistress Jaclyn had called to say goodbye leaving Charlotte emotionally shattered, the package arrived from the lawyer. In addition, there was another item that she would have to sign for. Charlotte had signed for both at the Post Office Saturday morning, since they were unable to deliver them Friday while she had been at work.

The box was something that she had been expecting; and Charlotte wondered what the separate letter contained.

Returning home, Charlotte placed both on her kitchen table, and decided the open the box first. She retrieved a razor blade to open it from a drawer, and sat down on a kitchen chair with the box in front of her. Charlotte sliced open the top, and opened the box. On top was an envelope, which Charlotte opened carefully. It was from the attorney, and said that these were the items that Jaclyn wanted Charlotte to have. Left unsaid was Jaclyn’s deportation.

The letter had a list of the items contained in the box. Charlotte could just imagine a legal secretary typing a list of sex toys into her computer as she typed the letter.

Inside were paper bags and a few wrapped items. Charlotte removed and opened each one.

First was the riding crop that Charlotte remembered Jaclyn keeping in her bedroom in order to spur Charlotte in their lovemaking. Charlotte remembered all the times she felt the loop at the end striking her shoulder blades and bottom; and reaching between her legs to her sex.

Next was a short flogger, with the leather strands long enough to reach her back and bottom. Charlotte examined the flogger and found that the knots at the end had dried out over time. Charlotte got to her feet, and holding the flogger self-flagellated herself. She struck her back twice with the flogger, remembering how she had reacted when she was helpless and hanging from the ceiling.

There was a typewritten page explaining how to care for both the flogger and crop. Charlotte read it, found a plastic container which she placed some water into. She then carefully placed just the knots into the water where they would soak, expand, and sting when they next be used.

Charlotte then removed a paper bag from the box. Inside was the ball-gag that Charlotte was familiar with, and a second shaped like a man’s penis. She had seen it in the Dungeon, but Jaclyn had not yet buckled it into her mouth.

Another bag had a pair of black four inch high heels that could be locked on her feet with small keyed padlocks. Charlotte tried the locks first, then locked them onto her feet and took a few tentative steps.

The next bag contained her collar and bracelets, along with several of the little keyed padlocks needed to lock them. She picked up her collar, feeling the leather, and the “D” rings with her fingers. On impulse, she then removed the decorative collar from around her neck. Next she placed the bondage collar around her neck, and after testing that the keys were indeed the correct ones (they were all the same); Charlotte locked the collar around her neck. Just as before, she immediately tried to pull it off, but she had locked it securely.

A smaller bag inside contained two chains, about twelve inches in length. Charlotte instinctively knew that they were to be locked onto her wrists and ankles.

Inside the bag with the collar was an envelope. When Charlotte opened it, she found it contained the nipple clamps that Mistress Jaclyn had used on her that last night that she had been tested to her very limits.

The last envelope, as if to truly make final their separation contained the spare key to her Chastity Belt; which Charlotte had given Jaclyn to prove her ownership of her.

Mistress Jaclyn had left her with a wonderful legacy of bondage equipment, and Charlotte knew that she would use all of them.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she remembered that last wonderful night of pleasure and pain, of her screams and orgasms as Jaclyn used her three times that night.

Having emptied the contents of the box, Charlotte had laid them out on the kitchen table. Wearing her collar, she realized that these implements of torment had introduced her to a new world that she had never knew existed. That was until Dr. Allen at SRI had given her a flash drive containing pictures and videos; and Nurse Allen had recommenced a Dominatrix when Charlotte had asked.

Lastly, Charlotte picked up the envelope that had been sent separately from the box. She looked it over, saw that Mistress Jaclyn had sent it, and opened it carefully with the razor blade.

Charlotte read:

Dear Charlotte,

I’m writing this in my attorney’s office prior to my deportation. It was good to hear your voice on the phone once again.

I hope that you enjoy and use all the toys I have sent you; and remember me when you do so. I was happy to be your Mistress; and I know you were happy to serve me.

As I said in our conversation, you are free to pursue whatever lifestyle you want.

If you want to continue with submission, please contact my friend Tyler Mason (there was a phone number and email address) and he will help you.



Charlotte started to cry and her tears fell on the letter. What was she going to do?

* * *

It was nothing more than a small mistake, but Charlotte felt that was an indicator of her mental state. Which she decided was slowly deteriorating. Ever since her last session with Mistress Jaclyn, she had not experienced either sexual pleasure or pain. She had drifted through life, making all of the motions. Charlotte went to work every day; bathed and changed her clothes; cooked and ate; read books and watched television. She had been trying to sleep more every day, even taking non-prescription sleep aids in an attempt to hide from the world.

She continued to lock her Chastity Belt around her waist and visit the Sexual Research Institute. There she would discuss sex (or the lack of it) with Dr. Allen.

When her co-worker Nicole had pointed out that she had transposed two numbers wrong while entering some data, Charlotte had an emotional crying outburst out of proportion to her error. Nicole had corrected her error, and there had been no harm done.

But it still hurt Charlotte to her core, and she had taken some personal time and left work early. Driving home, she knew what she had to do.

Once back in her apartment, she stripped totally naked, and then placed the locking high heels on her feet that Jaclyn had sent her. Charlotte then retrieved the flogger, and stood in front of her full length bathroom mirror. She held the handle in her left hand, and the strands in her right.

“One!” she said as she struck herself over her left shoulder, feeling the knots strike her back.





Charlotte then switched hands, placing the flogger in her right hand, and striking over her left shoulder as hard as she could.






Charlotte felt a sense of accomplishment that she could strike herself with enough force to make the flogger sting and hurt. Turning around and looking at herself in the mirror, she was pleased to see the marks that the knots had left behind.






Charlotte then paused to placed the nipple clamps on her erect and aroused buds, moving the metal slide so that the two halves slowly closed. She had not worn them since her last session with Mistress Jaclyn; and she wanted them to be as tight and painful as possible.

She then placed the index and forefinger of her left hand between her legs and into her pussy, which she knew was wet with arousal. Charlotte then used her fingernails to scrape the insides of her vaginal walls, bringing tears to her eyes. Lastly, she toyed with her erect clitoris.

“Slut,” she said aloud to herself, as Charlotte withdrew her fingers from her pussy and placed them in her mouth, re-enacting the ritual that she had done many times under the command of Mistress Jaclyn.

Sixteen strokes became twenty; and twenty strokes became thirty; and thirty stokes became forty. With her back in pain, Charlotte finally ceased her own self-punishment. She had succeeded in bringing herself pain, enjoying the sting of the flogger’s knots on her exposed back.

It had been weeks since her last session, and when she used her phone to take selfie shots of her back Charlotte admired the marks that the flogger had left behind. She sent the pictures to her laptop, and then printed them out using 8 X 10 photo paper. Charlotte sat down and spread them out on her dining room table, pleased at herself.

While looking at them, Charlotte only wished that she had been able to strike herself harder. She pulled at the chain linking her nipple clamps together, enjoying the pain they produced. Finally she removed the clamp from her right nipple, then from her left. The pain was intense, and brought tears to her eyes.

Charlotte sobbed for a while, happy that she had managed, however briefly, to recreate the same sensations that Jaclyn had managed to awaken in her.

By why hadn’t Jaclyn ever replied to her numerous calls and texts? Why had her phone suddenly gone dead? Jaclyn had said in their last conversation that she would call her, so what had happened to her former Mistress?

In her top dresser drawer, Charlotte removed the letter that Jaclyn had sent her. She removed it from the envelope, reread it again, then took her phone into her right hand and punched in the number.

“Can I speak to Tyler Mason?” Charlotte asked when a female voice answered the phone.

“Who’s calling please?”

“Charlotte Hall, I was referred by Jaclyn,” Charlotte answered.

“Mr. Mason is out of town on a business trip right now. Are you available two weeks from now?”

“I just would like to have a meeting.”

“On Saturday the twentieth Mr. Mason will be hosting an art exhibition at the County Museum at Eight PM. Black tie for men; formal dress for women. Do you have something suitable?”

Charlotte remember her little black dress that she had worn only once before; she could wear that with hold-up black stockings; and matching high heels.

“Yes, I have a little black dress,” Charlotte answered.

“Good. If you require another dress you can call me and you purchase anything you want, courtesy of Mr. Mason. Let me introduce myself, I am his confidential secretary, Lori Sandler and I was told to expect your call. Please give me your address and cell number so I can send you an invitation; and make arrangements for you to go to a spa that morning to have your hair, make-up and nails done.”

“I can’t afford that,” said Charlotte.

“Mr. Mason will be covering all of your expenses; along with a limousine to transport you back and forth to the museum that night.”

“Yes….Yes,” Charlotte stuttered in response.

“Excellent, Mr. Mason will be so pleased. He has been awaiting your call. Can you give me the information, please?”

Charlotte gave the woman the information that she requested, but from her tone Charlotte thought that she already had it. Jaclyn had obviously told Tyler Mason about her, and she said that he had been expecting her call.

It wasn’t until later that Charlotte had made the connection. Tyler Mason was the owner of Mason Industries, a powerful business firm that happened to have their headquarters in a nearby town. After she had graduated college, she had gone there and interviewed with her degree in finance, and had failed to secure a job.

Now she was going to meet with Tyler Mason himself for a very different kind of interview. Charlotte wondered where the path her Chastity Belt had placed her on would take her next.

* * *

For the next two weeks Charlotte would keep herself under control by the use of the flogger; nipple clamps; and dildo inside her sex. To increase her pain and pleasure, Charlotte would often use the ball-gag as well. It was as if her body had hungered for the discipline that she no longer received from Mistress Jaclyn.

Once, while she was in her cell, Annette had told her that she would be “ruined” from now on. That normal sexuality would no longer satisfy her. Charlotte did not believe her at the time, but now she did.

Charlotte made a pleasant discovery when she found that her little black dress was in excellent shape and just needed to be cleaned and touched up. She sent the bill to Tyler Mason, and Lori had called to suggest that she could have bought a new dress instead.

Finally the day came! Charlotte was picked up by a limousine and taken to an expensive spa that she could never have afforded by herself. Her hair, nails, and makeup were all attended to. But that wasn’t the end of her pampering, as her legs were shaved and her toenails done as well. Even her pussy hair was trimmed!

Then one of the beauticians accompanied her home, and helped Charlotte into her dress. She received a touch-up of her just applied make-up; and when she looked in the mirror; Charlotte couldn’t believe how she looked.

“Is Mademoiselle pleased, non?” asked Yvette, the beautician.

“Yes,” Charlotte replied, amazed at the image of herself reflected in the mirror.

* * *

When her limousine pulled up at the entrance to the County museum, Charlotte could not believe that she was truly there. She looked simply stunning in her little black dress, and since the weather was warm, had decided to wear a wrap over her shoulders. Charlotte carried a small black purse with her clutch; phone; and keys.

The door to her limousine was held open for her, and a hand was extended to help her out of the car. She got to her feet, walked onto the red carpet, and into the museum.

She handed in her invitation to security at the door, and passed through a metal detector, as all the guests did before and after her.

Before her invitation, she had not recognized the artist. But she had made certain to learn about his works, and would offer her own opinions about them.

The museum was packed with politicians, business and civic leaders, and the press. Charlotte made her way inside, circulated from one group to another, tried to stay out of the way of the famous people she had seen only in the news.

She had joined a group that was walking and examining each painting, which had an art critic who was giving his opinion. Charlotte tried to stay silent, until another guest asked her opinion, and Charlotte repeated the comments of another critic who differed from the one present.

All of the nearby guests were stunned, and the critic was silenced. Charlotte excused herself by saying that she had to get something to drink.

Charlotte had wanted to get something to eat first, but after the incident with the critic she made her way to the bar grabbed a glass of champagne, and drank it quickly.

“You must be Charlotte Hall,” said a woman who appeared in front of her, wearing a black leather dress and high heels, and a decorative collar around her neck


“You put that critic in his place.”

“Yes, may I help you?” asked Charlotte.

“I’m Lori Sandler, Mr. Mason’s secretary. Pleased to meet you,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Pleased to meet you as well. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong,” Charlotte replied.

“I can see that you did your homework before coming here,” observed Lori.

“I went to the website and saw what paintings would be on display, then read up on each one,” said Charlotte.

It was then that Charlotte’s eyes were drawn to the collar on Lori’s neck, one that bore a striking resemblance to the one that Charlotte wore around her own neck. Could this woman be a submissive like her, and was she owned by Tyler Mason?

“I wish all our guests could have done as much research as you have,” observed Lori.

“Thank you.”

“Mr. Mason is at present involved in a private business matter. I suggest that you get something to eat and drink, and I’ll bring you to him when he is available. I trust that all of the preparations were suitable? You look simply beautiful,” said Lori.

“Yes, they were, thank you,” Charlotte replied.

“I’ll be back for you shortly,” said Lori.

“Thank you.”

Charlotte passed the time doing as Lori had suggested. She got something to eat from the buffet, and chose a bottle of water before she sat down to eat. Charlotte realized that she needed a clear mind for her meeting.

After a half hour, Lori reappeared, and Charlotte got to her feet and followed the other woman into a private office.

“Please have a seat, Mr. Mason will be with you shortly,” instructed Lori.

The office that Charlotte had been led to contained a desk, a chair in front of it, bookcases, a phone, and art hanging on the walls. Plus a small bar. Charlotte wondered what would happen next.

A door on the other side opened, and Tyler Mason entered! Charlotte recognized him from his photographs.

“Good evening,” greeted Tyler Mason as he walked behind the desk and extended his hand, which Charlotte shook in response.

Tyler Mason was 35 years old, 6’ 2”; thin, tanned and athletic; with black hair and piercing eyes; and the looks of a Greek god. He took Charlotte’s breath away.

“Good evening,” repeated Charlotte.

“I trust that everything has been to your liking,” he said as he sat behind the desk, “you look exquisite.”

“Thank you, and I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. You look superb in that Brioni suit,” complimented Charlotte.

“Thank you as well. Now that we have gotten our introductions out of the way, we can now get down to business,” he said.

“I was puzzled about why you invited me here,” began Charlotte, “but then I realized that you wanted to see how I would behave among the wealthy and powerful. I trust that I passed your test.”

“Yes,” he smiled, “and I’m glad you took that critic down a peg.”

“Thank you,” said Charlotte.

“However, before we proceed, we have a serious matter to discuss. Being wealthy means I have the resources to satisfy my sexual interests, which are not available to most people who lead ordinary lives. Mistress Jaclyn was a good friend of mine, and she told me that she was training a new female submissive. In our world, that means that she would have introduced you at play parties where your abilities would have been displayed to others,” he explained.

“I’ve heard of such things,” Charlotte answered.

“In your situation, however, Jaclyn was deported before you were fully trained. Have you tried to contact her since she was deported?” he asked.

“Yes, and she doesn’t reply to my calls and texts. I don’t understand, why?” Charlotte asked.

“I regret that I have to be the bearer of bad news. Mistress Jaclyn is dead,” replied Tyler as he opened the top drawer of the desk and removed two sheets of paper.


“While crossing the street just days after she was deported back to New Zealand, she was crossing the street and was struck and killed by a motorist using her cell phone. A senseless waste. Here is a newspaper article, and a copy of the police accident report from Christchurch. You can have these, and check online to see they’re real. Almost anything can be faked these days,” he observed.

“No!” cried Charlotte, who started sobbing in her chair.

Tyler got to his feet, walked over to he bar and placed two ice cubes in a whiskey glass, and poured some bourbon inside. He passed the glass to Charlotte.

“Drink,” he told her.

Charlotte did as she was told, and the fiery liquid so unlike the sweet champagne that she had drunk outside went down her throat, shocking her back to reality.

“Thank you,” she said, passing the glass back to him. Tyler replaced the glass back on the bar, then resumed his seat behind the desk.

“I tried everything I could do to have her stay in the United States. I do have some political influence, after all. But she had overstayed her tourist visa; had been involved in a drunk driving accident years ago; and was caught behind the wheel with a faked driver’s license. In the current political climate there was nothing that I could do,” he told her.

“I’m sure that you tried your best,” said Charlotte.

“Yes,” he answered, sorrow plainly visible on his face, “but that now brings us to why you are here. With her deportation and death, you’re free to pursue any life that you want. What made you come here and want to meet me?” he asked.

“It has now been weeks since my last scene with Mistress Jaclyn,” Charlotte answered, “and I have discovered that I cannot live without Dominance and submission. I have engaged in self-punishment; but I want more. Mistress Jaclyn sent me a box of toys; and I now place clamps on my nipples; a ball-gag in my mouth; and I flog myself. I still wear her collar, as you can see. I also wear a Chastity Belt, which was what led to me Mistress Jaclyn,” explained Charlotte.

“Do you really want to be in chains again and scream under the whip?” Tyler questioned.

“Yes,” Charlotte answered, “I need a Master or a Mistress. Can you introduce me to one?”

Tyler sat back in his leather chair, and evaluated the woman in front of him. If what Jaclyn had told him was true, this was the submissive that every Dominant hopes to meet and train.

“Yes,” he replied, “I would be happy to take you on as my submissive. I would have to know all about your sexual history; what you did with Mistress Jaclyn; learn your limits of pain and pleasure; and then we can sign a contract. Once we have done all of those things, then I can take you into my playroom and bed. Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes, very much,” Charlotte replied, her mouth dry.

“Do you want to be placed in bondage and flogged?” he asked.


“As your Master, that gives me the right to use all of your bodily orifices. Do you consent?”

“Yes, Master. Please make me your submissive,” begged Charlotte.

“I think that we can come to an arrangement,” said Tyler as he smiled to Charlotte.

“Thank you, Master,” replied Charlotte.

“You’re welcome.”

* * *


For the first time since her last session with Mistress Jaclyn, Charlotte was once again in bondage, and totally helpless. It had been two weeks since she had met Tyler Mason at the museum, and Charlotte had waited eagerly for this night.

He had taken her out for dinner at an exclusive steakhouse (Charlotte could not believe the prices) and Tyler bought her an expensive new dress; since she could not wear the same little black dress that she had worn at the museum.

Tyler was everything that Charlotte had always wanted in a man: educated; intelligent; handsome; unafraid of her beauty and brains.

But now Charlotte wanted something else: Dominance.

She had told him of her bad sexual experiences with men years earlier; how they were so put off by her beauty they decided that they couldn’t afford her; or even get hard and get inside her. How she had acquired a Chastity Belt; then sought out Mistress Jaclyn.

Tyler was surprised to hear that even though she was not attracted to women, Charlotte had decided to serve a Mistress; and she had satisfied her sexually.

After their dinner, Charlotte was certain that he would have seduced her into bed; and she would have gladly joined him. For days after their museum meeting, Charlotte had fantasized about Tyler taking her to his bed; making fierce and passionate love to her.

Instead, Tyler was carefully drawing the boundaries of their relationship. The following Saturday he had to take another business trip; but then finally he was free. That meant that Charlotte could again be in bondage; and under the lash.

He had picked her up at her apartment on Saturday; and they had gone out for a light dinner together. Then he had taken her back to his estate outside of town; where he lived in a small mansion.

Tyler showed her the living and dining rooms; the kitchen; the library; and the first floor bedroom. Then her brought her downstairs; and behind a locked door was his playroom.

Charlotte experienced a thrill when she saw that he had a jail cell with a sink and toilet that was up against a stone wall. Chains hanging from the ceiling and walls; meant to secure female submissives. A wooden cage; which she was sure to occupy. A horse, which she dreaded to again sit on. An “X” frame; which she could be secured to and disciplined. There was a raised platform; with a wooden throne that was no doubt meant for Tyler to sit on.

But it was the rack against the wall that had the most attraction for Charlotte. It contained off the instruments of torment that were meant for her! Leather collar and bracelets; ball-gags; blindfolds; nipple clamps; dildos; spreader bars! Most menacing of all were the whips; riding crops; and floggers!

“You certainly have spared no expense, Master,” complimented Charlotte.

“Contrary to what you may believe, money does not always buy silence. The hardest part of my building a playroom was in finding someone who could do so quietly. Fortunately there is another Dominant in the scene who can do minor construction who built this all for me. The hardest part was in getting a waiver for the plumbing,” he chuckled.

Charlotte then walked over to the jail cell, and finding the door open, walked inside. She sat down on the cot, remembering all the times that she had been confined in Jaclyn’s basement cell.

“Reliving old experiences or anticipating new ones?” asked Tyler.

“Both,” Charlotte answered.

Tyler then walked over to the cell and locked the door behind her. Charlotte didn’t have to walk over and try the door. She knew that she was locked in; and that her scene had started.

“Strip, all I want you wearing will be your high heels,” he ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

Charlotte’s heart began to immediately beat faster with desire and need! For weeks she had mourned the loss of Mistress Jaclyn; now she was under the command of her new Master!

She got to her feet and unzipped her skirt; folding it carefully on the cot. That was in turn followed by her blouse and bra. She stepped out of her heels and removed her hold-up stockings; then placed her feet back into them. That only left her Chastity Belt!

“Here’s your key,” said Master Tyler.

“Thank you, Master.”

Charlotte took the key in her hand and inserted it into the front locking plate of her Chastity Belt. She turned it, and it opened. Charlotte removed it from her sex and waist; and her sex was now freely available to her new Master! She locked the belt, and placed that on the cot as well. Charlotte returned the key to Tyler; it was the same key she had given Jaclyn.

“You may restrain yourself,” ordered Tyler.

He handed Charlotte her collar; bracelets; and locks. She wasted no time in placing them on her neck; wrists and ankles.

“Very good,” he said, unlocking the cell, “now you will be further restrained.”

He joined her inside, and then motioned for her to turn her back to him; which she did so promptly.

“Palm to palm,” he ordered.

Charlotte did as she was ordered, and she felt her wrists restrained with a leather strap that he closed with a roller buckle. Then another strap was placed over her elbows, and closed, making her breasts protrude outrageously! From behind, he began to fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples, making her moan with desire!

“Randy, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“Perhaps a set of nipple clamps and a ball-gag are called for?”

“Whatever my Master desires,” Charlotte replied.

He then produced a set of nipple clamps the same as Jaclyn had used on her, and he had a ball-gag in one of the loops on his trousers. In quick succession both of her nipples were clamped; and her mouth was again filled with a red rubber ball; depriving her of speech.

Tyler then gathered up her clothes and Chastity Belt; and left the cell and locked the door firmly behind him. Charlotte was again a prisoner; bound and gagged!

“Mmmmmmmph!” moaned Charlotte; the gag filling her mouth.

“I won’t be long, Charlotte,” said Tyler, “don’t go anywhere!”

With his last statement, Tyler placed her clothing and Chastity Belt on a nearby shelf, and opened a door to a nearby room. Charlotte guessed that was where he would change into whatever outfit he wanted to wear while punishing her. Would he wear leather, or something else, she wondered.

After doing self-bondage and punishment by herself after Jaclyn had left Charlotte had hungered for the real thing. She wanted to be placed in bondage by a Dominant; to have someone to hold the lash and chastise her.

Charlotte had even considered asking one of her girlfriends to punish her with the riding crop and flogger; but then she remembered that Jaclyn had left her with Tyler Mason’s number and she had decided to call.

Jaclyn had never bound Charlotte’s arms straight down, she had always bound them parallel to her waist. Nor had she ever placed a strap above her elbows. She was now in the power of a completely different Dominant personality!

Hanging from the wall rack Charlotte had noticed that Tyler Mason owned an armbinder! Mistress Jaclyn didn’t own one, at least Charlotte had never seen one in her Dungeon. But Mason did, and Charlotte knew that she would soon be wearing it.


The elbow strap and the nipple clamps combined to make her feel like she was a bondage slut. Which she had not felt like in months!

Charlotte wondered what his whip was going to feel like on her naked skin: would he whip her to a frenzy of pain and pleasure? Which was what she now missed since Jaclyn had been deported. She then thought of how he would take her sexually. Charlotte speculated on how he would feel between her legs; driving her to orgasm.

“Lost in thought?” Tyler questioned.

Charlotte had been so consumed by her thinking that she had not realized that Tyler had left the adjoining room and was now standing in front of the bars of her cell. He had changed into a simple black t-shirt; tights (which displayed his impressive male shaft underneath); a belt around his waist and soft boots.

“Do you like the sight of your new Master?” Tyler asked.

“Mmmmmmmph!” Charlotte answered.

“What do you desire more, Charlotte? My whip or my prick? Tonight you’re going to experience both. I hope that you’re not disappointed,” said Tyler.

“Mmmmmmph!” Charlotte moaned.

Tyler unlocked the cell, and walked her over to the rack containing his bondage collection. He unbuckled her ball-gag; then again closed it so that it remained around her neck. Charlotte immediately took deep breaths through her mouth.

“Thank you, Master,” she said; her chest heaving.

He then turned her around, and removed her nipple clamps; and Charlotte howled in pain. This was what she come here to experience!

“Thank you, Master!”

Turning her around once more he unbuckled the elbow strap, followed by the wrist strap; giving Charlotte the use of her arms. He handed her the straps and nipple clamps, and pointed out where she was supposed to replace them.

“You may choose the instrument of your punishment; and I need a single spreader bar for your ankles and three locks to restrain you. Once you have selected them, you may join me at the ceiling chain.”

“Yes, Master!” said Charlotte.

Charlotte wasted no time in choosing the whip; and she then removed the other items that Tyler had told her he required. She then clicked her heels over to the ceiling chain; and presented him with the whip.

“This humble submissive asks that her new Master use this whip on her,” asked Charlotte; presenting him with the coiled leather whip.

“Are you sure? After all, this will be our first session?” stated Tyler.

“Yes, Master. I have not been whipped in weeks; and I desire to again feel it’s sting on my naked flesh.”

“I will make you scream,” he cautioned.

“I desire it, Master, please?” Charlotte asked.

“As you wish,” said Tyler as her took the whip from her hands, and hung it from a loop on his belt.

He first secured Charlotte’s ankles to the spreader bar; and then took both of her hands and locked them to the chain above her head. Then he walked to the wall, and activating a switch, slowly raised her so that her feet were just touching the floor. This had the effect of pulling her nudity taut; and her breasts again protruded.

Tyler then walked back to her and crudely fondled her breasts and nipples, and then for good measure he cupped her sex with his right hand. He massaged her pussy; driving her wild with desire and need.

“Are you ready?” demanded Tyler.

“Yes, Master.”

“Kiss the whip.”

Tyler presented her with the handle which was composed of woven strands of black, oiled leather. She kissed it as she would a lover.

“What is your safe-word?” he asked.

“Chastity, Master,” Charlotte answered.

“Since you are an experienced submissive it will not be necessary for you to count out each stroke, your screams will be sufficient. However, I think that you have been spoiled by Mistress Jaclyn. She was light with her punishment; and was more interested in seducing women into her bed. I shall now test you to your limits, Charlotte. Steel yourself!”

“Owwwww!” Charlotte had thought that his first stroke would be a mild one to confuse her. Instead he had delivered a stinging stroke to the outside of her thigh!





Just like Mistress Jaclyn, Master Tyler circled around her the way a predator would do with it’s prey. He would deliver his discipline in sets of five strokes, not striking the same place twice; nor with the same force each time.






Naked and helpless, all that Charlotte could do was to scream after each stroke struck her female flesh.






Using the whip like a precision instrument, Master Tyler struck her breasts and underarms. Her shoulder blades and bottom also came in for the attention of the whip as well. Every few strokes, one would land on the inside of her thighs and between her legs, striking at the very heart of her femininity.






Charlotte cried out as each stroke impacted on her naked flesh. She dug her fingernails into her palms, and sweat ran down her underarms. Charlotte was certain that the whip had again marked her flesh.

“Do you want to stop?” Tyler demanded of her.

“No, Master, please don’t stop!” begged Charlotte.

“As you wish.”






It had taken Charlotte more time to respond to Tyler’s whip than it had to Jaclyn’s. His strokes inflicted more pain that hers did. Still, her naked female flesh warmed to the whip, and she again felt the strange sensations of both pleasure and pain course through her naked, whipped body!






Charlotte screamed as Tyler delivered a particularly harsh series of strokes to her nakedness. It was as if he was trying to deny her the orgasm that the whip was generating in her!

“Master, please, let me come?” cried Charlotte; denied her pleasure after the pain of the whip.

Suddenly, the whipping stopped, and Tyler reached up and hit a quick release on the chain; and Charlotte was now on her feet! Stunned, she would have fallen had Tyler not caught her, and laid her on the wooden floor. He discarded the whip; and opened the belt around his waist and then pulled down his tights, exposing his massive male shaft! Tyler then quickly opened a foil packet, and unrolled the condom onto his maleness.

He got on top of her, and plunged his solid tool into her. Charlotte was already wet between her legs, and he began to vigorously pump his cock between her legs.

Charlotte wished that she could enfold him with her arms in order to draw him closer to her, but her hands were still locked together. Her ankles were still locked as well to the spreader bar; so all she could do was to lie passively on the wooden floor. She tried to raise her bottom off the floor and match his thrusts; but he pounded her into the wood!


Charlotte’s cries of pain had now changed to moans of pleasure as Tyler’s huge male organ penetrated her, driving her to new sensations that she had not experienced with Mistress Jaclyn.

This was a different Dominant, Charlotte realized, who would now use her differently than before. She was now in the hands of a true Master, and she screamed her approval.

Time seemed to stop and the entire universe had shrunk to Charlotte being taken on the wooden floor of the playroom of her new Master. Charlotte moaned and Tyler would emit the occasional grunt as her rutted into her.

“Oooooooooh!” Charlotte screamed as the first orgasm tore through her naked, abused body, just in time as Tyler came into the condom inside her. She felt his hot come flood into the condom, only wishing that there had been no barrier between them. Charlotte wanted her Master’s come to jet inside her, to fill her sex with it’s sticky warmth!

Wave after wave of his hot come jetted into the condom, and Charlotte felt his cock pulsate inside her. This drove her to one orgasm after another. Charlotte never wanted this moment to end. She had loved his harsh use of the whip; his sudden denial of her orgasm; and then her release and his taking her on the playroom floor.

Tyler gradually lost his erection inside her and withdrew his cock; he kissed her on the lips and she responded passionately, raising her head in response.

“You were wonderful, Charlotte. I see that Jaclyn was right about you. All you need is the right master to bring forth your full potential,” said Tyler, laying on his side next to her still bound form.

“Thank you, Master,” Charlotte replied, tears in her eyes.

As he unlocked her wrists and ankles, Charlotte lay back and looked at the ceiling above. She thought to herself that she had to have this man; no matter what her would demand of her.

For years she had isolated herself from men. This would now stop; as Tyler Mason had showed her what a real man could be.

* * *

Later that night, after they had cleaned up rested, Tyler had taken her into his bedroom. They had talked about each other, and Charlotte had been surprised to learn that his secretary Lori Sandler was not his submissive. She was instead collared to a friend of his.

They lay in bed together, both naked, Charlotte curled up in his arms.

“Do you have another submissives right now?” asked Charlotte.

“No,” Tyler answered, “I used to have three women all at one time. One left me because she got a great job in Hawaii. Another left because she no longer found submission attractive. My last submissive, Karen, left because she met an old boyfriend from her university who was eager to get married and start a family. I still think that she made a mistake because she performed so eagerly under the whip.”

“I have lost my Mistress and gained a Master,” said Charlotte, “I have never been with a real man who knew how to satisfy me sexually. I bedded a woman because I felt I had no alternative for happiness. I know differently now.”

“I will be a stern Master. Do you think that you can serve me adequately?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Charlotte answered.

“Even if I cover you in whip marks and make you scream?”

“Yes, Sir. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” replied Charlotte.

“If I said that I wanted to have anal sex right now, would you agree? Have you ever done it before?” he asked.

“I’ve never had anal sex with anyone,” Charlotte answered, “but I would gladly give you my bottom hole to use.”

“If I took a riding crop and beat you with it, would you ask why?”

“No Sir,” Charlotte replied, “When I accepted your collar I agreed to all that came with it. Including being punished for no reason.”

“Then you are truly the submissive that Jaclyn told me you were; and I shall own you and give you the treatment that you desire,” said Tyler.

“Thank you, Master.”

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH06 PT2: A New World”