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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH03 PT3

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT3: Charlotte is Cropped”

By sfmaster@att.net

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“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT3: Charlotte is Cropped”

* * *

“Before we begin, there is one final question: what is your safe-word?” questioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“Virgin,” Charlotte.

“Appropriate,” observed Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” Charlotte said, apprehension clearly in her voice.

“Kiss the riding crop,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

For Charlotte, this was now the moment of truth. Everything that had happened, or had not happened to her since she had decided to voluntarily wear a Chastity Belt had come down to this singular event.

Her lips reached forward, and she kissed the riding crop not once, but twice. She had just seen what it could do on Annette’s naked female flesh, and now it was her turn!

“Very good, Charlotte. Let’s see if you feel the same way about the riding crop after I have used it to mark you for the first time.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

Mistress Jaclyn stood back, and Charlotte readied herself for the first stroke. It was not long in coming, and it landed on her exposed thigh harshly, leaving a red mark behind!

“Owwwww!” Charlotte cried out.

“I just wanted you to experience what Annette is used to,” said Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Charlotte replied.

“For our first session, I think that it is only proper that you count out each stroke of the crop. Though it would be too much to expect you to thank me for each one, as I shall deliver stronger strokes as we go along, just as I did with Annette.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Charlotte again readied herself, and when the crop’s tip again descended on her breast she was ready for it.





“Five!” Charlotte cried out as both her breasts had now felt the assault of the riding crop.

Jaclyn then began to circle around Charlotte, and all that she could hear was the click of the Dominatrix’s heels in the Dungeon.





“Ten!” Charlotte had felt each stroke of the crop on her bottom! Each time that she would have to sit down, she knew that she would be reminded of this night.





“Fifteen!” This time Jaclyn had directed the crop onto one of the most sensitive parts of Charlotte’s female anatomy: the insides of her opened thighs!

“Are you all right, Charlotte?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“I’m fine, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Than we shall continue.”





“Twenty! Owwwwww!” Charlotte cried out when the sensitive flesh of her underarms was struck by the crop.

Charlotte was then struck by a sudden thought: she had better not wear a sleeveless blouse to work next week, lest her marks be visible to her female co-workers. After all, women observe everything about each other! From what clothes they wear to what purse they carry, and what pair of high heels on their feet. She was sure that she was an object of gossip already, but none of them knew that she was really wearing a Chastity Belt.





“Twenty-five!” The latest series of strokes were on the outsides of her thighs, and Charlotte already felt that Jaclyn had increased the strength of each one.





“Thirty!” Owwwww!” Charlotte cried out after a particularly harsh stoke had descended on her right breast.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Charlotte would try and twist one way or another in order to evade the riding crop, but suspended and chained as she was there was no way of avoiding her discipline.

She felt each stroke of the crop and feared what the flogger would to do her!





“Thirty-five!” Charlotte almost screamed when the leather loop struck her pussy for the first time! She pulled at her chains without effect in a vain effort to avoid her punishment, but the crop was relentless.





“Forty!” Charlotte was almost relieved when the target of the crop was her shoulder blades, and she was sure that the crop had left a mark! She would definitely be wearing a blouse that covered her back, not one that exposed naked skin!

“Enough!” said Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte was again presented with the handle of the crop, which she kissed as before. She knew that she had not been beaten as strongly as Annette had been, nor was she in any position to protest. She had already been told by Jaclyn that she would be used carefully at first, so she would not endure the same punishment as Annette.

“Thank you, Mistress!” said Charlotte.

“You’re welcome, Charlotte,” said Mistress Jaclyn as she handed the riding to the waiting Annette who had stood nearby as Charlotte had undergone her first session with the crop.

“Would you like to see how you look?” asked Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Annette, the mirror please.”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Annette.

There was a mirror on wheels, and Annette slowly pushed it over so that Charlotte could see her reflection. It was a shock to see herself hanging from the ceiling chain, her naked body taut and stretched, her breasts sticking out! But she gasped when she saw the marks that the crop had left on the insides of her thighs!

“Oh!” Charlotte exclaimed.

“Have I satisfied your curiosity about what being in bondage means?” asked Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Charlotte.

“Does that mean that you want to continue with the flogger?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

“You may not feel the same about D/s after you’ve been flogged,” cautioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“I think that I can learn to take the flogger, Mistress. Along with the whip,” added Charlotte.

“Just remember your safe-word. Even Annette has used it occasionally, when she’s not feeling her full strength for the night.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“But now there is something I must check, Charlotte.”

Mistress Jaclyn reached forward and kneaded both of Charlotte’s breasts with each hand. Then she pinched her already erect nipples, making her tug at her chains. Then Jaclyn’s right hand plunged between Charlotte’s thighs, and her index and forefinger invaded her punished sex!

“Owwww!” Charlotte cried out when her womanhood was so cruelly assailed!

“I see that you’re wet,” observed Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes….Yes, Mistress!” Charlotte was shocked to answer.

Jaclyn’s fingers soon found Charlotte’s hood, and the erect clitoris within, and she made sure that her fingernails scraped against them.

“Owwww!” cried Charlotte.

“Very good, Charlotte. Once you’ve been properly trained just the sight of the crop should get you nice and wet.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

Jaclyn removed her fingers from Charlotte’s sex, examined and sniffed the female secretions on her fingers, and tasted them on her tongue.

“Not bad. Have you ever had a woman lick you out?” asked Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress.”

“Have you ever serviced a woman sexually? Ever been to bed with another woman?”

“Never, Mistress.”

“Then tonight, after I have finished with you, Annette here will be your first. She will teach you everything you will need to know about making love to another woman.”

“I’m not a lesbian,” Charlotte stated.

“When you enter submission you will be expected to be able to satisfy the needs of your Master or Mistress; all three of your bodily orifices will be available for their use, without conditions. Do you understand?” demanded Charlotte.

“Yes, Mistress Jaclyn.”

“Good, now you may clean my fingers, because the flogger you so desire will be used on you next.”

Charlotte opened her mouth to reply, but instead said nothing as Jaclyn gently pushed her fingers inside her mouth. She immediately began to suck and clean her juices from the digits within her mouth, tasting herself.

She shook with the implications of what Jaclyn had just told her about her life in submission. Not only would she be subject to discipline, she would be expected to used sexually in ways that she knew nothing about.

She had seen a video clip online of a naked woman who had been pushed down on a kitchen counter, her panties removed, and then a man had entered her from behind!

Her thoughts were interrupted when Jaclyn abruptly removed her fingers from Charlotte’s mouth, and she watched as Annette produced a paper tissue and dried off Jaclyn’s fingers, and then handed her the waiting flogger!

“You see, Charlotte a submissive must always be ready to assist her Mistress. Isn’t that so, Annette?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered.

“Annette, you may remove the mirror. I wouldn’t want to hit by accident with the flogger.”

“Of course, Mistress,” Annette answered as she wheeled the full-length mirror away.

“Good, we may now continue. Charlotte, what is your safe-word?”


“Good. Don’t forget it. Now kiss the flogger!” ordered Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.” Charlotte did as she was told, and she kissed the flogger’s handle. Had she really held it in hands and asked Jaclyn to punish her with it?

“Steel yourself. You do not have to count each stoke.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Charlotte answered.

“Owwwww!” Charlotte cried as the first stroke of the flogger struck her protruding breasts. Each knot stung, and left a mark behind to indicate it’s passage.





Even though Mistress Jaclyn circled around her bound victim and made certain that the flogger did not strike the same place twice, the new instrument of torment was quite different than the first. Plus the fact that Jaclyn was putting more force behind her strokes. Charlotte was now experiencing what true discipline meant.

“Do you want to stop?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress. Please continue to use the flogger on me?” begged Charlotte.

“If you should want to stop for any reason, use your safe-word.”

“I understand, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

Charlotte was then rewarded with another series of strokes with the flogger. The strands struck her breasts, belly, inside her thighs to her sex, her shoulder blades and buttocks.






Charlotte could not believe what was happening to her! Why had she asked for this, and why didn’t she want to scream out her safe-word?






Just when Charlotte opened her mouth to scream in pain, a strange feeling suddenly came over her. What had been painful a second before had become pleasurable. The warm glow of an orgasm spread through Charlotte’s chained body like a lightning bolt. Being held in chains helped to enhance the effect.

“Oooooooh!” Charlotte moaned as two completely different feelings merged into one.

“Ohhhhhhh!” She uttered sounds of pleasure, and Mistress Jaclyn stopped her flogging, watching how Charlotte was changing before her eyes.

There was no doubt. Charlotte was a submissive, a girl wanting and waiting to be trained. Just the sort of girl that every Dominant ever hoped to encounter.

“How do you feel?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Fine, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Do you know what just happened to you?”

“No, Mistress,” Charlotte replied.

“You just turned pain into pleasure. Was this the best orgasm you ever had?” questioned Jaclyn.

“Mistress, I think that this is the only orgasm I’ve ever had,” Charlotte replied, “thank you for being cruel to me.”

“You’re welcome. Change of plan for tonight. Instead of spending the evening with Annette you will be with me.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I’d love to,” said Charlotte, still chained and hanging from the ceiling.

Mistress Jaclyn presented the handle to Charlotte, who kissed it once again, this time with passion. Jaclyn then clicked her heels over to the rack, and hung it back in it’s proper place.

“Annette, I want you to release Charlotte, give her a bath and some food, and have her in my bedroom in two and a half hours. She is to be naked, with her hands locked behind her back, and made up and perfumed.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Charlotte?”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“I’m going to take personal charge of your education from now on.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“See you in two hours,” said Jaclyn as she left the two women alone in the Dungeon, as she departed to clean herself up for the rest of the night. She knew that she was going to be busy tonight with Charlotte.

* * *

Mistress Jaclyn wore her black silk kimono robe, with nothing on underneath when she heard a knock on the door. She was seated on her couch, and on a nearby table was an open bottle of wine and two glasses.

“Enter,” commanded Jaclyn.

Annette opened the door of her Mistress, and gently pulled Charlotte inside, and walked her in front of Jaclyn.

“I have Charlotte for you as ordered, Mistress,” said Annette.

“Let me see her, then.”

Charlotte stood naked before Mistress Jaclyn, standing proudly. She still wore her collar, wrist and ankle bracelets, but she had been transformed by Annette.

Her wounds from the crop and flogger had been treated with salve by Annette which had soothed her skin. Then she had been bathed, her hair done to perfection, lipstick applied, and she had been expertly made up by Annette. In addition her nipples had been rouged and perfume sprayed between her legs.

She had been given a light meal, and time to rest. Finally, her high heels were placed back up on her feet, and her wrists locked behind her back.

Charlotte was now ready for the next phase of her training.

“You look superb, Charlotte. Annette, you have done an excellent job, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress.”

“You may have the night off. I shall be busy with Charlotte tonight.”

“As my Mistress wishes. I’ll be reading before going to bed.” Annette answered.

“Good choice, have a nice night,” replied Jaclyn.

Annette left the bedroom, and closed the door behind her.

Charlotte did not know what to do! Should she kneel, kiss Jaclyn’s robe or her high heels, or remain standing?

“You may join me on the couch, Charlotte.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Charlotte, who sat down beside Jaclyn, her hands still bound behind her back.

“How do you feel?” asked Jaclyn.

“Confused, Mistress. I didn’t understand why I chose the flogger after I saw what it did to Annette, but I somehow knew that I had to be beaten with it. That was why when you kept asking me if I wanted to stop I refused. I felt as if there was something compelling me to be punished,” explained Charlotte.

“Perhaps what you felt was that you discovered what your real desire was: submission,” observed Jaclyn.

“I was both fascinated and horrified by your flogging of Annette, but I also knew deep down that I wanted to be in her place,” admitted Charlotte.

“That must have been a difficult thought.”

“Yes, Mistress, it was. But I’m now prepared to accept that I’m a submissive, and I have to be trained to fulfill my full potential. Annette showed what I look like in the mirror, and I look simply beautiful. I’ve never looked or felt so good before,” confessed Charlotte.

“Do you know why you’re here?” asked Jaclyn.

“You want to teach how to make love to a woman,” Charlotte replied, “but I have told you I’m not a lesbian.”

“Nor was I until my first Mistress awakened different sexual feelings in me that I did not know I had, and I became attracted to both men and women.”

“You were once a submissive?” asked Charlotte.

“You have to walk before you can run,” Jaclyn answered, “I know how I felt while being under the lash, because it exposed my true nature. Later, I decided that I was cut out to be a Dominatrix, and changed roles.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

“You’re welcome. Look on my dresser, and you’ll see I have have your Chastity Belt and key!”

Charlotte saw that her belt was where Jaclyn said it would be.

“Can I put it on?” asked Charlotte.

“Not just yet, Charlotte. In fact, now that you are my newest submissive, I want you to continue wearing the belt. You may consider me your new ‘owner’; but first, before you lock your sex up again, we have a much more pleasurable activity to perform. I want to teach you how to make love to a woman.”

“What do I have to do?” asked Charlotte.

“Once I unlock your wrists I just want you lay back on the bed, and I’ll do the rest.”

“But I’m not attracted to women!” Charlotte protested.

“I think that I can change that,” Jaclyn said, “just as you changed while being flogged.”

* * *

Charlotte lay back on Mistress Jaclyn’s double bed, naked, and was still stunned by it all. She had shared a glass of wine with Jaclyn, saw that her Mistress kept a riding crop on her night-table next to her bed, and been told that was for her training.

She did not know what to believe or what would happen next to her!

Mistress Jaclyn, now naked, had dimmed the bedroom lights. Charlotte thought that they would get under the covers to make love, but Jaclyn insisted that for her training it was best that they remain above the sheets, not under them!

So when her seduction began, Charlotte was very surprised how gentle it was. First, Jaclyn began by kissing her neck. Charlotte had imagined that Jaclyn might start by kissing her on the lips and forcing her tongue into her mouth!

But instead Jaclyn touched Charlotte tenderly, as no man ever had. Charlotte inhaled Jaclyn’s perfume, and discovered that the Mistress liked Opium, which was one of her favorites. While Jaclyn kissed her neck, Jaclyn’s right hand began to gently stroke her breasts, gradually arousing her.

Charlotte wanted to respond, but Jaclyn insisted that she just lay back for a while, and that she would do all the work.

Jaclyn traced a line of kisses down Charlotte’s neck to her breasts, and she sucked her nipples and playfully bit and teased her breasts.

Slowly, the combination of the Opium perfume in her nostrils and the gradual stimulation by Jaclyn was having an effect on Charlotte. She was responding sexually to her Mistress!

When Jaclyn’s right hand had found it’s way between Charlotte’s thighs, her first thought had been to push it away. But instead, she opened herself, and allowed Jaclyn’s hand access to her pussy.

“Mmmmm, that feels good!” Charlotte moaned.

“Just relax, darling. Let me do all the work for now,” said Jaclyn.

Charlotte felt two fingers enter her sex, in a gentle manner rather than the harsh invasion she had experienced before down in the Dungeon, when she had been hanging from the ceiling. She felt her vaginal walls being stroked, and her erect clitoris was gently rubbed. Charlotte could not contain her arousal, and soft moans escaped her lips.

Jaclyn then kissed her on the mouth, and Charlotte responded in kind. She enfolded the other woman in her arms, holding her tightly to her own body.

“Don’t stop,” Charlotte begged.

“We’re just getting started,” Jaclyn replied, “release me so that I can make love to you.”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, Charlotte, you are here to learn,” explained Jaclyn.

Jaclyn then traced a line of kisses from Charlotte’s mouth, to her throat, her breasts, down her belly, finally arriving at her sex. Charlotte responded by opening her legs, and Jaclyn dived between, her tongue inside Charlotte’s moist sex.

“Oh, god!” Charlotte moaned with passion when she felt Jaclyn’s tongue tease her clitoris.

Charlotte had never felt anything like this before. She held onto Jaclyn’s hair, and gently pushed the other woman deeper into her thighs, but Jaclyn needed no encouragement. Jaclyn licked, sucked, and bit gently with her teeth , sometimes harder, at Charlotte’s sex.

All of her protests forgotten, Charlotte enjoyed the sexual attention that she was now receiving. The fact that her teacher was her Mistress did not escape her thoughts. The same woman now between her thighs was also the one who had cropped and flogged her to orgasm.

Jaclyn could be both harsh and tender as the situation warranted. She was sure that the next time she would be in this house, Jaclyn would not be quite so tender when she was in chains once more!

Charlotte’s hands went to the locked collar around her neck and the matching wrist bracelets. Not only were they useful for securing her, but they were also incredibly sexy to wear. She liked the feel of a collar around her neck, the feeling of being owned.

“Ohhhhhh!” Charlotte moaned, as Jaclyn was slowly bringing her closer and closer to her second orgasm that night!

“That’s good,” said Jaclyn, her face buried in Charlotte’s thighs, “don’t resist!”

Charlotte had no intention of resisting! She lay back, stared at the ceiling, and soon the orgasm took her, and she was moaning with passion and bouncing on the bed.

Jaclyn held onto Charlotte’s thighs as the submissive experienced her first orgasm at the hands of another woman. She already knew that Charlotte was unfulfilled sexually: that was why she had imprisoned herself in a Chastity Belt. All that she now had to do was release that sexual tension that Charlotte had bottled up for so long.

Once she had accomplished that, Charlotte would be hers forever!

“Ohhhhhhh!” Charlotte finally screamed, years of sexual tension finally released in a series of orgasms that left her shaking and sweating.

“Mistress, please, don’t stop!” Charlotte cried.

Jaclyn continued to tongue Charlotte, and another wave of orgasms flooded though her, but not as intense as the first. Finally, Charlotte lay quietly on the bed, her naked body covered in sweat, spent, her breathing ragged.

“Oh, that was great,” said Charlotte, “thank you Mistress, I never experienced anything like that before.”

“That’s good, you did fine, Charlotte,” Jaclyn replied as she got up from Charlotte’s sex and kissed her on the lips.

“Now you know what you taste like,” said Jaclyn as she cleaned her mouth off with a tissue.

It was all Charlotte could do was to moan with pleasure at that moment!

* * *

After another glass of wine Charlotte was on top and Jaclyn lay back on her own bed. Charlotte began by kissing her Mistress on the lips, and fondling her breasts. Since she was a submissive she did not know how far she could go with her Mistress.

“That’s fine,” said Jaclyn, “just imitate everything that I did. Eventually you’ll learn your own style of lovemaking.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Charlotte kissed and sucked at Jaclyn’s nipples, wondering how many other women she had been with before her. It really didn’t matter, because Jaclyn was the one teaching her how to make love to another woman.

She gently sucked and bit Jaclyn’s erect nipples, wondering when hers would be clamped for the first time during a scene. Charlotte looked at the nearby crop, and expected that Jaclyn might pick it up to spur her on.

Instead, Jaclyn just lay back, soft moans escaping her lips.

Charlotte’s kisses traced a path down Jaclyn’s belly to her pussy, and momentarily she paused at the juncture of her thighs.

“Don’t stop,” sighed Jaclyn.

“I’ve never done this before,” admitted Charlotte.

“You’re doing fine, just explore my sex with your tongue,” instructed Jaclyn.

Rather than replying, Charlotte did as she was told, and she explored Jaclyn’s fragrant wet sex. Her tongue was buried deep in her sex, and her nostrils were full of the musky odor of Jaclyn’s pussy.

No longer hesitant she dived right in, tonguing the erect clitoris, making Jaclyn moan with undisguised pleasure.

“Good, good,” said Jaclyn, as she threw her head back into the pillows.

Jaclyn began to shake and moan, feeling the oncoming orgasm. Charlotte was between her thighs, driving her closer and closer!

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Jaclyn, as she felt the orgasm flood through her, and she sook and bounced on the bed a few times.

Charlotte remained between Jaclyn’s thighs, her tongue deep inside her pussy, and she succeeded in bringing her off one more time!

They lay together on top of the bed, in the arms of each other.

“I never thought it could be like this,” said Charlotte, “sex has always been my greatest disappointment in life.”

“That’s over now, Charlotte. You have entered a new world, all you have to do now is be trained properly.”

“Does my wearing a collar make all the difference?” Charlotte asked.

“It does for some people, and you’re one of them,” said Jaclyn, “I have something for you that I want you to wear in daily life.”

Charlotte watched as Jaclyn got up from her bed, and opened one of the dresser drawers. She removed a small plastic coated package and handed it to her.

“You may open it,” said Jaclyn.

The plastic bag contained a small collar, made of both leather and stainless steel. It was closed by a clasp on the back, and in front there was small piece of leather that had five rings seated on top of a leather piece that were larger than the rest of the chain.

“You can wear that in you daily life, and it will signal that you are one of my submissives.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

“I had that collar made up since you can’t wear this collar in public: but some women would like to.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you. I promise to wear it around my neck at all times.”

“Good, much more stylish than an ankle chain most women wear when they are in a relationship with a man,” observed Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte then placed the collar back in the plastic, and handed it back to Mistress Jaclyn, who placed it on her dresser, next to Charlotte’s Chastity Belt.

“What next, Mistress?” asked Charlotte.

“I have a dildo harness to fuck you with. Would you like to try that tonight?” Jaclyn asked.

“Yes, please fuck me, Mistress,” Charlotte begged.

From her dresser drawer, Jaclyn removed a dildo harness that she strapped around her thighs, pulling the leather straps tight. Jaclyn’s right hand traced the length of the rubber shaft.

“It’s larger than a man’s cock, isn’t it?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes, the better to get deep inside you,” Jaclyn replied.

Jaclyn then removed a rubber condom from her night table, opened it, and unrolled it along the length of the rubber shaft. Charlotte, seeing Jaclyn, lay back on the bed with her legs open.

“Please fuck me?” asked Charlotte.

“Happy to oblige,” Jaclyn answered.

Already lubricated by the condom, the rubber coated shaft had no difficultly entering Charlotte’s wet sex. Jaclyn began to rock back and forth, setting up a regular motion that soon had Charlotte moaning with pleasure.

“Randy little slut, aren’t you?” commented Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress!” moaned Charlotte.

Charlotte had had time to recover from her first orgasm in bed, and it did not take long for Jaclyn to again bring her to another orgasm. She bucked and moaned, cried out, and enjoyed the feeling of the erect rubber shaft between her legs.

“Ohhhhhh!” Charlotte moaned, “thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome, Charlotte,” said Jaclyn, “let’s get cleaned up and we’ll go to bed for the night.”

“Yes, I’m exhausted,” said Charlotte.

They both used the bathroom, washed out their mouths, and cleaned themselves of their female secretions from lovemaking.

Jaclyn turned out the lights and they both settled in to bed to sleep.

It was during the night that Charlotte took her Chastity Belt and Jaclyn’s key ring and went into the bathroom. She discovered that a small key unlocked her collar and bracelets, which allowed her to take a quick hot shower. Charlotte dried herself off, and used a hair dryer at the slowest speed to avoid waking up Mistress Jaclyn.

Then she again locked the familiar Chastity Belt around her sex, it’s confinement reassured her that she still was in control. Next, she again locked the collar and bracelets on her wrists and ankles, and quietly got back into bed with Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn pretended remain asleep, and turned onto her side in bed. She had awakened to see the light under the bathroom door, the Chastity Belt missing from the dresser, and Charlotte not in bed with her.

She knew what her latest submissive was going to do even before Charlotte did herself.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH03 PT3: Charlotte is Cropped”