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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH04 PT1

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH04 PT1: Tammy Meets a Master”

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“Controlled Experiment CH04 PT1: Tammy Meets a Master”

* * *

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and it was time for Tammy White for her monthly visit to SRI and Dr. Allen to discuss her sexual behavior. She had been looking forward to this meeting all month, because now she would have to confess her two sexual encounters since she had worn the Chastity Belt.

When she arose from her sleep, she saw that the belt needed to be recharged. Tammy had plugged her phone into it while she showered, so after drying herself off and putting on makeup and doing her hair, she again locked the belt around her waist and sex.

She had been very busy at work, so there had been no time to investigate SRI. All she had been able to find out was that it was a reputable firm that did sexual research.

Tammy imagined that she would buy a back latex catsuit, break into their offices one night, and steal all their information from their computer systems.

Since that would probably land her in jail, Tammy had dismissed the idea as a fantasy. Still, she liked the idea of buying a latex catsuit, and had investigated the purchase of one online. It would the perfect thing to wear at home on weekends and when she worked on her laptop at her dining room table.

In the month since she had last been to SRI, she had received a phone call from Nurse Alexandra who had suggested that if she had any female friends who were adventurous they would be welcome to come and join the study. Tammy had said that she didn’t know anyone, but she would keep the idea in mind.

Then on Wednesday night, her friend Veronica Blair had called. Tammy had not seen Veronica for a long time (she was Vice-President of her family’s company); and so they gotten together for dinner, and then ended up at Tammy’s apartment.

“White wine all right?” asked Tammy from the kitchen.

“Fine,” Veronica replied.

Tammy poured two glasses and joined her friend on the couch.

Veronica was 29, a stunning Brunette weighing 125 lbs, 5’ 5” in her stocking feet but she preferred high heels, with matching brown eyes. For their dinner date she had worn a blue DNKY dress, matching high heels, and a Coach handbag completed her outfit.

Tammy had just worn a casual top, blue jeans, and heels, and carried a Michael Kors purse.

“What have you been up to lately?” asked Veronica.

“If I tell you, you aren’t going to believe me,” replied Tammy.

“Go ahead, there’s nothing that you will do that could come as a surprise,” said Veronica, “I’ve known you for too long.”

“All right then, I’m wearing a Chastity Belt.”

“You’re joking!”


Tammy got to her feet and removed her high heels, and then unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them. She next removed her blouse, and placed both on the couch.

Veronica sat on the couch, stunned at the sight a the sight of the metal and rubber Chastity Belt locked around locked around Tammy’s waist. Tammy then raised her hands, and slowly turned around to give her friend a good view of the belt.

“Wow!” said Veronica, “of all the women I know, you’re the least likely person to wear a Chastity Belt.”

“Thanks, you make me out to be a slut,” said Tammy.

“Well, if the high heel fits,” replied Veronica, “how long have you worn this?”

“Ever since I joined a sex study at the Sexual Research Institute,” said Tammy as she again sat down on her couch.

“That’s pretty deep,” observed Veronica, “I hope you have the key to this belt. How do you go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, I’ve got a key. I take it off when I bathe, and do my toilette,” Tammy answered, “and this isn’t the whole outfit!” she said proudly.

“There’s more?” asked Veronica.

“Be right back!” said Tammy as she slipped her feet back into her high heels, wearing just taupe knee high stockings on her feet.

Veronica finished off her wine while Tammy busied herself in the bedroom and was again stunned when her friend emerged a few minutes later in a metal bra and thigh bands!

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like that before!” exclaimed Veronica.

“I doubt that even Nieman Marcus, which promises that they carry everything, would sell this outfit,” said Tammy who again did a full 360 degree turn to display herself in total Chastity, and then joined her friend again on the couch.

“And you got this outfit where?” again asked Veronica.

“At the Sexual Research Institute. Do you remember my other friend Charlotte?”


“She saw an ad at the Medical Practice she manages, and joined the study, and got a belt for herself, and so I decided to join as well.”

“What do you have to do for this study?” questioned Veronica.

“I report back to SRI once a month to report on any sexual activities I may have had, and see this,” Tammy pointed out the bulge on the right side of the belt, “monitors to record my sexual impulses, which I then connect to my phone and it gets sent to SRI.”

“How long have you been wearing this?” asked Veronica.


“And you don’t mind this belt?”

“All in the name of science,” Tammy answered.

“What did you have to do qualify?”

“I had to fill out a complete sexual history of myself, and then wear a trial belt for a week to see if I was serious. Then I went back and they gave me this one,” Tammy answered.

“So you have two Chastity Belts?” asked Veronica.

“Yes, would you like to try one on?” offered Tammy.

“Only if you have the key,” said Veronica.

“Of course I do,” Tammy answered.

“All right,” Veronica answered, “anything for a thrill.”

* * *

Veronica and Tammy walked into her bedroom, and Tammy busied herself in the closet, and removed a good sized cardboard box. She placed in the bed, and removed a plastic covered belt that looked the same as the one Tammy wore.

Tammy removed the plastic covering, and handed the belt to Veronica. Unlike the belt around Tammy’s waist, this one had a small padlock up front, and was secured by chains (and two small keyed locks) at the rear.

“Why the chains in back?” asked Veronica.

“It’s adjustable to be able to fit women of different sizes,” replied Tammy, “still want to try it on?”

“Sure,” said Veronica, “and then I have a story to tell you that you won’t believe!”

Veronica stripped off all of her clothes until she was totally naked. She and Tammy had seen each other naked before at the pool and steam room, so their nude bodies were nothing unusual to them.

Stranding in front of the mirror, Tammy helped Veronica encircle her waist with the belt, and draw the center piece up between her legs. Not as adjustable as the plasteel belt that Tammy wore, this one had metal prongs that were attached to the right side of the belt, and then the left side would fit over it, followed by the metal strap that came up between her legs.

The belt fit Veronica perfectly, and Tammy locked it in front with a good sized keyed metal lock that fit through a washer that held the belt closed. Tammy bent down and gently pushed the lock closed, and then tested it by trying to open it with her bare fingers.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, gorgeous,” said Tammy.

Veronica admired herself in Tammy’s dresser mirror, then moved over to the full length one in her closet door. She turned right and left, and saw that her pussy and anus were now locked in metal and rubber, and that she was sexually unavailable. Except for her mouth, of course.

“If you got this free for just participating in a study, you’ve just got to get me in,” said Veronica.

“Why?” asked Tammy.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you,” both women sat down on the bed together, and Veronica began her story, “It’s Henry, my boyfriend. He’s a sex addict!”

“A sex addict?” repeated Tammy.

“Yes, he’s a Type A investment banker on Wall Street and his motor is always running! He wants to have sex four times a week! Sometimes, depending on what’s he’s seen from the markets in the Far East and Europe, he wants a quickie before work! He’ll sneak up on me while I’m doing the dishes, pull my panties down, and do me over the sink!” complained Veronica.

“Have you taken him to a doctor?”

“I’ve tried, but all tests show normal! The doctor said that he has a higher than normal sex drive, but I’m exhausted. One night, when I refused to have sex, he stormed out of the apartment, returned a few hours later, and I smelled a woman’s perfume on his shirt!”

“This is incredible,” agreed Tammy.

“I don’t know whether to break up with him, file an order of protection, change my locks, or move! The only problem is that I own my apartment, and he knows where I work, and I have no real reason to disappear.”

“Has he hurt you, forced you to have sex when you don’t want it?”

“No, none of those. But if he sees me in a Chastity Belt perhaps he’ll have sex at more normal rate. Or maybe just leave! Either way, I’m at my wit’s end!” cried Veronica.

“That’s shocking news, and you made such a nice couple.”

“It would be nice if he’d want sex two times a week and maybe a little fooling around during the work week. But he seems to want sex all the time!” Veronica complained.

Veronica stood up, and walked around the bedroom, placing her feet back inside her blue high heels. She then walked outside the bedroom, pacing around Tammy’s apartment.

“What are you doing?” asked Tammy.

“Seeing if I can wear this belt,” Veronica replied, tugging at the lock that held it closed, “it seems to be the right size. And you wear your belt all day long?”

“Yes, except for bathing and my toilette,” Tammy repeated.

“Then you just have to get me into that study. You said they’ll give me a training belt like this one, and if I’m accepted I get the one you’re wearing?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered.

“Then please call them tomorrow and ask if I can come with you on Saturday. I just have to get into a Chastity Belt!” cried Veronica.

“Would you like me to loan you this one until Saturday? You’re not uncomfortable, are you? Does it chafe?” asked Tammy.

“You’re such a good friend, Tammy. Could you please loan me this one until I get to SRI and join this study you mentioned?”

“Sure, that’s no problem, but you’ll need a pair of hold-up stockings to go with it,” offered Tammy.

“You’re such a good friend, Tammy,” said Veronica as she kissed her friend, “but there’s one question I have to ask?”

“What’s that?”

“Where’s the keys?”

* * *

Saturday morning, a full hour before both women had their respective appointments at SRI, Veronica’s blue Jaguar pulled up in front of Tammy’s apartment.

She opened the door, and walked out, and rang Tammy’s bell, but there was no need as Tammy had been waiting for her.

“Good morning!” greeted Tammy as she kissed her friend on the cheek.

“Morning as well, may I come in?”

“Sure,” answered Tammy as Veronica walked inside her apartment, and then closed the door behind her.

“All ready for the big appointment?” asked Tammy.


“How does the belt feel after you’ve worn it for two days?”

“Wonderful, I can’t wait to get my first belt, followed by the plasteel one,” Veronica answered.

* * *

They drove together to SRI in Veronica’s Jaguar, speaking little, each woman in her own quiet zone. There was a time for talk, and a time for silence, and Tammy knew that Veronica would explain everything, all in due time.

Both women checked in with Beth, and Tammy watched as Nurse Alexandra conducted her away to do her sex study.

Then Dr. Allen called, and Tammy found her own way to his office.

“Good morning, Dr. Allen,” said Tammy as she reached out to shake his hand.

“Good morning, Tammy. Another month has gone by. How are you doing?” he asked.

“Just fine, Dr. Allen.”

“I’ve gone over the data from your belt. Did you have sexual relations in the last month?”

“Yes, Doctor. Twice, in fact.”

“Would you like to tell me about it?” he asked.

“One day I got really horny, so I called an old boyfriend of mine to have sex. He was glad to oblige, and he fucked me once in my pussy, and then in my bottom.”

“Do you like anal sex?” asked Dr. Allen.

“When I’m in the mood,” Tammy answered.

“What about the second time?” he questioned.

“I decided that I wanted to be really wild, and I put on my red dress and heels. I went over to the big hotel outside of town and found they were hosting an automobile dealer’s convention. So I seduced a man who owned a few dealerships in the mid-west; he thought I was a hooker, and I was worried he was a cop. We had sex, once vaginal, the second anal, and I gave him an experience he’ll remember for the rest of his life,” Tammy explained.

“Did either man question you about your Chastity Belt?”

“They both did,” said Tammy, “but I didn’t let it get in the way of our having sex.”

“You must be quite the seductress,” complimented Dr. Allen.

“It’s amazing what a little perfume and high heels can accomplish, Dr. Allen.”

“I understand you brought a friend today.”

“My girlfriend Veronica wants to join the study. She would really like to wear a Chastity Belt like me,” said Tammy, “I loaned her my first belt on Wednesday night, and she’s worn it ever since.”

“Why?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Her boyfriend wants sex constantly, and won’t leave her alone! I’ve never heard of anything like that!”

“Sex addiction is not all that uncommon, you can look it up online,” Dr. Allen answered.

“You know, I hadn’t thought of that,” replied Tammy.

“Do you plan on having sex again in the immediate future?” asked Dr. Allen.

“I really don’t know, perhaps if the opportunity presents itself,” Tammy answered.

“What if you were to find a man that would regard your belt as a sexually attractive?”

“Who might that be?” asked Tammy.

“How about a Dominant Master?” suggested Dr. Allen.

“I’ve never considered the idea, but if you know someone, I just might give him a try,” Tammy answered.

“Well, that will be all until next month. See you then,” he said, ending their monthly session.

“Thank you, Dr. Allen,” said Tammy as she rose from her seat to shake his hand.

“You’re welcome, Tammy,” Dr. Allen said in reply.

* * *

Tammy waited in the lobby, speaking with Beth in between phone calls. She was surprised at the number of calls, and the many women who had appointments at SRI. Surely not all of these women were wearing a Chastity Belt like her!

Finally, she was joined by Veronica, who was carrying a brown cardboard box. Veronica set the box down next to Tammy, and she fished her car keys from her purse.

“Did you qualify?” asked Tammy.

“Easily, I got my belt,” Veronica said proudly.

“Are you wearing yours now?” Tammy asked.

“Yes, and your belt is in the box. Nurse Alexandra measured me very closely, so next week I’ll have that nice plasteel belt you like so much. Lunch?” asked Veronica.

“Sure,” Tammy answered, and picked up the box containing her first Chastity Belt and followed her friend back to her car.

* * *

“That was easy,” said Nurse Alexandra, “I could have charged big dollars and I bet Veronica would have been happy to purchase her second belt on the spot!”

“Perhaps,” said Dr. Allen, “but remember that the reason she wants a belt is because of her sex addict boyfriend. Once he leaves, she longer has a reason to wear a belt.”

“I disagree, once we get Veronica into the plasteel belt and start sending her sexual stimuli, she’ll be like the others. Besides, her friend Tammy wears hers all the time, and I can see how she will want to be like her friend. If one woman buys a certain handbag, hundreds of others will also,” stated Alexandra.

“How do we introduce your Dominant Master to Tammy?”

“I’ll just set the two of them up together for a blind date; have them meet somewhere neutral. He’s handsome, educated, has a bit of money, and charming to boot. He’ll sweep her off her feet, right into his bed.”

“And then?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Once she falls in love with him, her next stop will be into his playroom. After he places a collar on her neck, she’ll never want to leave!” said Nurse Alexandra.

* * *

After Tammy and Veronica had eaten lunch together, that left the problem of what else to do for the afternoon.

“If I turn on my laptop,” Tammy began, “then I have to work. There’s a website I have to design for a client that just can’t wait.”

“I know the feeling. It’s nice that I’m a vice-president of my family’s company, but that seems to mean that I’m always on call. I never have any private time to myself,” Veronica admitted, “I have my laptop in the trunk.”

“So much for the traditional nine to five job of the past,” observed Tammy.

“Tammy, may I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Since we both have to work, how about instead of splitting up, we go back to your place and do our respective jobs.”

“Sounds all right to me,” replied Tammy.

“But there’s one favor I’d like to ask.”


“Could I wear the metal bra and thigh bands? It’s just about all I can think about after you showed me the complete Chastity outfit.”

“Sure,” chuckled Tammy, “what are friends for?”

* * *

Veronica stood in front of the full length mirror in Tammy’s bedroom, admiring the way she looked in the complete Chastity outfit.

“I can’t believe how I look,” observed Veronica, “I never imagined I’d be happy in chains!”

“You know what they say: the clothes make the woman,” replied Tammy.

“Twice a year I get tickets to a couple of fashion shows in New York, sit in a chilly tent, and see expensive women’s clothes that I might buy and wear once!” exclaimed Veronica.

“Lucky you. I don’t have the money,” said Tammy glumly.

“But nothing I’ve ever seen or worn makes me feel powerful like this!” said Veronica.

“I was online the other day, fantasizing about buying a women’s latex or PVC catsuit,” added Tammy.

“When you finally get ready to buy, please tell me. I’ll be glad to join you!” answered Veronica, “maybe I’ll get more use of a catsuit than a Chanel dress.”

“Sure. If you’re done looking at yourself in the mirror, I suggest we both get to work so that our entire weekend isn’t ruined,” suggested Tammy.

“Good idea. One final favor I have to ask, Tammy.”

“Let me guess, you want to borrow the metal bra and thigh bands until you get your plasteel belt next week.”

“How did you know?” questioned Veronica.

“I saw that look on your face. Every woman looks the same way when they want a new pair of shoes, or a new dress. When I was in college I worked in a series of department stores, usually in women’s clothes.”

“I wish I did that!”

“Yes, you can borrow them. Just don’t lose any of the keys!” laughed Tammy.

“I promise!” said Veronica, cupping her metal covered breasts, then her hands explored the metal bands that encircled her thighs.

* * *

Tammy sat in front of her laptop, not really knowing what to do next. What had started as just a comment had now become reality.

Nurse Alexandra had called her from SRI with the name and phone number of a male dominant she suggested that Tammy meet to explore if she was into submission.

Tammy watched a video that she had found online of a Master whipping his submissive. The woman was suspended naked from the ceiling, her legs open and her sex available for whatever use her Master wanted of her.

She watched in awe and horror as her circled around her, delivering one carefully aimed stroke after another with a whip, that would leave a red stripe behind and the woman moaning.

One question Tammy had was whether the woman was moaning from pleasure or pain, or a combination of both!

Tammy shuddered thinking that she would be the woman being whipped! Surely no sensible person in their right mind would consider such an activity, much less actively seek it out!

But she had read and seen for herself that there was an entire subculture of people who devoted themselves to BDSM; she had even briefly known a woman who was into “the scene.” The woman had even invited Tammy to a “play party” but she had declined politely.

Now Tammy wished that she had taken the woman up on her invitation, because the idea of meeting a real Master in person was intimidating and frightened her.

What kind of man would he be? Kind or cruel, or a combination of both? Her right hand found it’s way to to the locking plate at the front of her Chastity Belt; it was no wonder that her friend Charlotte wore her belt as a shield.

When her phone rang, Tammy picked it up and saw on the screen the very same name for the Male Dominant, Craig Bowman, was the one that was calling her. She shut off the video of the woman being whipped, still not sure whether it fascinated or repelled her.

“Hello?” said Tammy.

“Is this Tammy White, my name is Craig Bowman, and I was referred to you by my friend, Alexandra, at SRI,” said Craig, introducing himself.

“Yes, this is Tammy. I was expecting your call. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a blind date,” she answered.

“True for me as well,” he said, “and that doesn’t make it any less awkward.”

“Describe yourself,” she replied.

“Thirty-two years old, Ph. D in physics, I teach at the University, worked at NASA as an undergraduate, five feet ten inches tall, 160 pounds, black hair and eyes, and I like to keep myself fit.”

“Are you attractive?” asked Tammy.

“I’ll send you a picture of myself right now.”

True to his word a picture was sent to Tammy’s phone, and when she opened the file, it took her breath away. He was very good looking, with a great face, hair, and was wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

“That was taken after I went running,” he said.

Tammy was immediately attracted to him. Dinner certainly, going to bed, a very good possibility. As for being placed in bondage, that she didn’t know. But she might consider it!

“Do you have a picture of yourself?” he asked.

“Yes” she said, and sent him one in return.

“Thank you,” he said a few minutes later, “you’re very beautiful yourself.”

“You’re welcome,” Tammy replied.

“Would you like to meet for Dinner?” he asked.

This was it! She could either turn him down, and never have any contact with him again. She fingered her chastity belt, aware of the changes it had brought in her life. What was one more change?

“I’ve never met a Male Dominant before,” said Tammy.

“Well, I’m not going to tie you up and give you a spanking without your permission first,” he answered, “or do anything else, for that matter.”

“Do you do more than spank girls?” she asked.

“Why don’t we go to dinner and then you can find out,” he answered.

Tammy could not deny that she was becoming aroused, she knew that her heart was racing, her nipples were hard, and that she was probably wet between her legs. She was always on the lookout for a new experience, and this was definitely the strangest thing she had ever done!

“Are you dangerous?” she suddenly asked.

“No, I have a reputation to protect, which is why I have to be very discreet. My former submissive left to take a job in Brazil, and I haven’t found anyone to replace her. You’re the first woman outside the scene I’ve considered, because other women don’t want to move here and join me,” he explained.

“Are you planning on introducing me to bondage and discipline?” Tammy asked.

“If you’re willing,” he answered, “and open minded to new experiences in your sexuality. If not, then we can end it right here, and nothing more needs to be said.”

“Did Alexandra tell you anything else about me?” Tammy asked.


“Right now I’m in a study at SRI: part of the study involves me wearing a Chastity Belt,” Tammy answered.

“Does that mean you don’t have sex?” he asked.

“Hardly, I just had sex with two different men in the last month, one of whom was a complete stranger that I met at a hotel. So I’m very open to the idea of having new sexual experiences in my life. Yes, let’s meet for dinner this Saturday night,” agreed Tammy.

“I hope you’re not a vegetarian,” he replied, “how about Anthony’s Steakhouse at 7 PM?” he suggested.

“Fine,” she agreed, “I’ll be wearing a white blouse, red leather skirt, and high heels.”

“Agreed, see you Saturday night, bye,” he said before cutting the connection.

“Good-bye,” said Tammy.

She slid her right hand down between her legs, feeling the metal of her chastity belt, where before her fingers would have had unimpeded access to her pussy. Tammy massaged the metal, as if her fingers could get inside her sex, and opened her legs a bit wider.

Craig did not seem surprised or shocked to hear that she wore a Chastity Belt; but a man who Dominated women sexually would probably be the one who would place a woman in a belt himself. That idea alone only wanted to make her meet him even more!

* * *

Tammy had been out for a few dates with men that she had met over the internet, both on paid and free sites, and she had done no better than meeting men in person. At least when you met a man in person at a club or bar the first time, they couldn’t send you an old picture of themselves or of someone else.

So it was nice surprise that Craig was everything he said he was. The picture was a recent one, and he was handsome indeed! And he was educated also!

She decided that she liked him a lot, and that this would develop into a true relationship. Tammy just couldn’t get the image of what she had seen online of a man whipping a naked woman and leaving her body striped.

He had ordered Porterhouse for two, with twice baked potatoes, asparagus, and red wine to compliment their dinner.

“I’ve never had a date with a woman wearing a chastity belt,” he said softly.

“I’ve never been out with a Dominant Master either,” replied Tammy, “so it’s a first for both of us.”

“I still don’t understand why you want to wear a belt,” he said.

“Like I explained, my friend Charlotte is in a study at SRI, and that involves wearing a belt to check out how we respond to sexual stimuli. When I first saw her belt, I knew that I wanted one also. I even have my friend Veronica qualifying for the study right now,” Tammy explained.

“I can understand why you wanted a belt,” Craig said.

“Besides, it makes me feel both sexy and protected at the same time,” Tammy answered, “I did some reading online. Did you have a contract with your submissive?”

“Yes, one that evolved over time. I respected her limits.”

“Did she like to get flogged?” asked Tammy.

“Yes, and cropped and whipped as well.”

“Would you use my mouth, pussy, and anus?” Tammy questioned.

“These are very strange questions for a first date,” Craig replied, smiling at her.

“Answer the question, please.”

“Yes, and I would place you in a collar and chains, and teach you how to accept the lash,” he answered.

“I’m stuffed,” said Tammy, “let’s have the waitress wrap up what’s left and I’ll have it for lunch tomorrow,” she then finished off the red wine in her wineglass.

“All right, have I scared you off?” he asked.

“Hardly,” Tammy answered, “let’s go back to my apartment, and have sex. I want to see how you perform in the bedroom before I submit to you in that playroom of yours. Last month I went to the big hotel and convention center in town, and picked up a man who owns car dealerships out west. I seduced him into bed, and he fucked my pussy and anus, something that he had never done with a woman before.”

“Really,” he answered.

“So I’m quite eager to learn new sexual experiences, and submission could be one of them. I hope that you’re as good in bed as you are in conversation,” said Tammy.

“There’s only one way to find out,” he answered, as he motioned for the waitress.

Their night had only begun.

* * *

Once the leftovers had been stowed in the refrigerator, they had sat on the couch, conversing a little more about themselves. Craig had then taken the initiative, reached over and kissed her on the lips, but didn’t force his tongue into her mouth. A very good sign, as far as Tammy was concerned.

“Let’s see what you’re made of,” said Tammy.

She got to her feet, and took his hand and they walked to her bedroom, where they sat together on her bed. Craig again took the lead, held her in his arms, and kissed her, arousing Tammy easily. Tammy started to remove her clothes, and then Craig did as well. There were two chairs in the bedroom, so they both removed and folded their clothes neatly.

Tammy was glad to see that Craig was very organized in his bedroom habits, not rushing her into bed. Which he couldn’t do anyway, since she was locked into her Chastity Belt.

“Let me see your belt,” he asked, once Tammy was wearing nothing else.

Tammy stood up from the bed, stood in front of Craig, and turned around completely, proudly displaying the Chastity Belt that she had worn for weeks.

“If you become my submissive,” he said, “I will still want you to wear your belt from now on.”

“I have no intention to stop wearing it, Craig. Now I’m going to insert the key and remove it, and we can have sex.”

“That’s wonderful,” he answered.

Tammy took the key and inserted it into her belt, turned it, and the front locking plate came off, which she placed on her night-table. Then she opened the crotch strap, and the two halves around her waist from the back plate which held the metal studs through which the straps were pushed through. Finally, she removed the belt, holding it in her left hand and the back plate in her right. Tammy then carefully reassembled the belt, and placed the waist band flat on the dresser, so that the crotch strap stood upwards.

“No girl should be without one,” laughed Tammy, “you should have seen the looks the two men I recently fucked gave me when they saw me in my belt.”

“I hope that you can wear a collar equally proudly,” observed Craig.

“I think I can,” Tammy answered as she dimmed the lights, removed a box of condoms from a drawer in the night-table, along with a tube of lubricant and she got under the covers.

Craig, naked, joined her. He began by kissing her full on her lips, and with his left hand squeezing her breast, kneading it first gently then more firmly in his hand, and finally pinching her erect nipple.

For years, Tammy had been the aggressor in the bedroom, taking the lead in sex. But now she willingly surrendered, because Craig had shown that he was dominant in bed. By his actions, he was a different man that the others she had slept with. And this was just during foreplay.

She felt his already hard and erect cock rub against her naked body, but he showed no hurry to place the condom on his shaft and penetrate her.

“I want you,” he whispered in her ear.

“I want you, too,” she answered, “fuck me!”

“All in good time.”

He partially threw back the covers, and began to kiss her on her throat, moving steadily downwards until he came to her chest. Then he began to lick and suck at her nipples, first one and then the other, and both were already hard and erect. Following sucking her nipples, he then began to gently bite and tease them, arousing Tammy even more.

“I was attracted to you from the minute you sent me your picture,” he said, his face buried between her breasts.

“Me too,” Tammy answered, “I was afraid that the photo you sent wasn’t really you, ahhh!” Tammy moaned as his fingers penetrated her sex.

“Looks like I’ve struck gold,” he said playfully.

Craig threw back the sheets so that he would have easier access to her naked, waiting body.

He continued to plant kisses on her naked body, gradually moving down her belly to her sex, and Tammy opened her legs wide to accommodate him. Craig took her opening, and placed his mouth over her sex, biting at her outer lips, and tonguing her clitoris. Every action that he took aroused her more, and also frustrated her as well. Tammy wanted him to penetrate her.

Just when it seemed that Tammy’s arousal and frustration had reached a boiling point, she felt him pause, rip the condom package open, and he unrolled it onto his erect shaft, move upwards, and impale her on his cock.

“Ooooooooh!” moaned Tammy as he buried his weapon deep inside her, up to it’s hilt, his balls slapping against her.

Tammy knew at the very moment that this was a man unlike any other that she had taken to bed in her life. She could feel his power as he withdrew, and then rammed inside her again, and then began to rhythmically plunge inside her again.

“Oooooooh!” Tammy groaned, feeling him impale her again and again, her body responding to his every thrust, which she tried to match with a rhythm of her own.

Craig did not seen to tire out, as his cock was still hard inside her. No man that she had ever been with before had ever managed to keep himself hard for this long.

She enfolded him with her arms, holding him closely to her, and used her legs as well. He pounded her into the mattress, which squeaked in protest.

“Aaaaaaaah!” he cried, “you’re good.”

“You’re great,” she said in between his thrusts into her, “I’m coming!”

Tammy had never had a man who came after her, and she almost screamed when she finally came, his piston like cock drilling into her sex. Their sweat mingled together as he thrust inside her once again, their sounds of passion filling her bedroom.

Finally, Tammy felt him come inside the condom after one more massive thrust inside her. He collapsed inside her arms, spent, as she felt his cock lose it’s erection. He kissed her on the lips, as he withdrew his organ from her pussy, and then on her neck and breasts, before rolling over to the other side of the bed,

“That was great,” said Tammy, “I’ve never been fucked before like that.”

“Thank you as well. You’re not bad in the sack yourself,” Craig replied, his breathing a bit ragged.

“Your last girlfriend must have been a fool to leave you for a job,” said Tammy, “I would have gladly followed you anywhere, just for the sex alone!”

“That’s quite an observation,” said Craig, kissing her and then sitting up in bed, “let me get cleaned up, and then I’ll do you doggy style from behind.”

“All right, lover,” said Tammy.

It wasn’t until the bathroom door was closed that Tammy realized that he had been careful with the condom, and there was no wet spot to contend with on the bed. She thought that Craig was a dominant man who took charge in bed and was powerful in his sexual use of her. She wondered how he would use her under the lash.

This was one man that she decided she had to have, no matter what his demands on her.

* * *

Afterwards, they lay together in the warm glow of a very successful orgasm that had left them both exhausted.

“Do you always fuck so well?” Tammy asked.

“Yes, did you enjoy it?”

“Very much,” said Tammy, “that makes it worth wearing a Chastity Belt.”

“You’re really attached to that, aren’t you?” Craig observed.

“I know this sounds strange, but yes. Ever since I locked it around my sex, I don’t feel right until I get it back on.”

“I have known women who don’t feel right unless they are wearing their owner’s collar; or a charm through their labia identifying their owner,” said Craig.

“Would you have me pierced?” asked Tammy.

“Your nipples might look good if they were ringed,” suggested Craig, smiling, “I know a number of women who aren’t in the scene at all that have had that done. Same with their labia.”

“What about a tattoo?”

“Not something I’m into. Besides, after a few years they either fade, or the colors merge and it looks awful. Not to mention that in the corporate world, that can get you fired. And there are religious reasons as well. You can always remove a piercing, however.”

“Oh,” said Tammy, “you seem to have thought this out.”

“Yes,” he smiled, “ready to do it from behind?”

“Yes, I’ve always asked, but no man I’ve ever been with has wanted to.”

“That changes right now,” he said. “Up on your knees,” he ordered her.

Tammy rose and sat on her knees, upright.

“Good,” said Craig.

He did the same, and from behind began to kiss and fondle her. Tammy tried to twist around, but he held her in place, and then began to again knead her breasts. Her nipples were already erect with desire!

She reached behind, and found that his shaft was already erect and waiting!

“On all fours,” he told her, and she obeyed instantly.

He continued to pinch her nipples, then abruptly stopped to instead stroke her thighs, and place his index and forefinger inside her sex. Tammy wondered if he would instead try to use her rear hole given the opportunity, but he said he would use her sex from behind and that was what he was going to do!

“Ooooooh!” Tammy moaned as her sex was again stimulated.

She heard the foil packet being opened, and saw in the bedroom mirror as he unrolled the condom over his massive organ. Then he positioned himself behind her, grabbed onto her hips, and again rammed his cock into her!


Tammy had never felt anything like this before! And when he began to rock back and forth he stimulated her again and again.

“Oh, god!” Tammy moaned in response, “fuck me!”

Craig responded by pushing his shaft deeper and deeper inside of her, and Charlotte was already wet from her previous orgasm. She moaned and thrashed, tried to escape his clutches, but he held onto her hips tightly.

Tammy came first in an orgasm like she had never had before, her body shaking and sweating as if she outside for a run. Sweat ran down her body, and her breath heaved with the effort.

But Craig wasn’t finished with her yet! He pulled his shaft out of her pussy, and holding the bottle of lubricant that Tammy had thoughtfully placed on the night-table, dribbled additional lube on the condom, and now tried to enter her rear hole!

“Relax,” he told her, “relax. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to gently push inside you.”

“Yes!” Tammy cried, “Yes!”

His shaft was larger than anything than any man she had experienced before, and she was worried that he was going to tear her rectum! Instead he pushed gradually inside of her, sometimes withdrawing, and then would push again, deeper as she relaxed after the orgasm.

Finally her rear hole opened to admit him, and he thrust inside slowly.

“Relax,” he told her, still holding onto her hips, “I’m inside you.”

Tammy was glad that she had anal sex twice in the few weeks, or else would not have been able to take him in her bottom!

“Ooooooo!” Tammy emitted animal sounds with his cock still in her rear.

Finally, Craig could no longer hold himself back, and he again came inside the condom, except that he had used two of her holes, one after the other.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” he cried, his cock pumping his seed into the latex, and Tammy could feel it inside her bottom!

“Oooooooh!” Tammy moaned in unison, as they came together, and fell on the bed, exhausted.

* * *

Afterwards, Tammy went first into the bathroom to clean herself up. She was covered in sweat, her makeup had run, and her pussy and anus ached from having been violated so thoroughly. Craig had fallen asleep in bed, exhausted, so that gave Tammy time for a quick shower and to dry and set her hair.

When she returned, Craig was awake, though tired.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before,” Tammy told him.

“Thank you. You look pretty good for a woman who has just had multiple orgasms,” observed Craig.

“Thanks. Can I always look forward to having sex like this?” she asked.

“It depends on how you perform under the lash,” he told her before he went into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Tammy lay awake and stared at the ceiling wondering just what she had gotten herself into.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH04 PT1: Tammy Meets a Master”