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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH03 PT2

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT2: Compelled Into Bondage”

By sfmaster@att.net

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“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT2: Compelled Into Bondage”

* * *

Charlotte had no way of knowing how much time had elapsed since Annette had taken her into Mistress Jaclyn’s Dungeon. She had given up wearing a watch long ago, dependent on her phone for the time.

She would rise from the cot, and pace back in forth in the jail cell, her steps limited by her ankle chain. Twelve inches did not allow for a great deal of movement, but then again, she was now confined behind steel bars. Charlotte would try again and again to open the door, but naked flesh was no match for cold steel.

Seated on the cell cot, Charlotte also tried to free herself of the collar, wrist and matching ankle bracelets that likewise restrained her. She pulled without effect on the leather and steel bracelets, and the small keyed locks that held them closed.

Without the key, she was helpless.

Lastly, she would gaze at herself in the full length mirror, astonished how leather and steel had transformed her from a woman into something else that she couldn’t name just yet.

Submissive, or would slave be a better description, Charlotte asked herself quietly.

Then her eyes would scan the Dungeon behind the safety of the steel bars. She shuddered at the sight of the rack containing floggers, crops, and whips! She had seen videos, and they had at first repelled and then attracted her attention.

But when she had met Annette, she wondered if the woman was telling her truth. Did she really like to get punished?

Once, she had read an article saying that bondage devotees experienced a high while being disciplined because their brains produced endorphins that gave them a pleasurable feeling. Charlotte wondered if that would happen to her under the lash.

Working at a medical office, she would see articles in medical journals that would sometimes spike her interest. Charlotte wished that just one of the doctors would have subscribed to a journal specifically dedicated to sex; but that was not the focus of their general practice.

She wondered what her co-workers would now think of her: wearing a Chastity Belt, in chains, naked, in jail cell awaiting a Dominatrix and her submissive! Charlotte was often the object of discussion about her lack of sexual success. After all, didn’t her female staff, married and single, talk in hushed voices about getting laid over the weekend. Meanwhile, Charlotte stayed silent, envious of the other women at work, for having sex and she didn’t.

Abruptly, the door suddenly opened!

Mistress Jaclyn walked in on four inch high heels, wearing the short PVC dress that Charlotte had seen her wearing in the library. Except now she was wearing a belt that accentuated her slim waist, from which hung keys – including her key to the Chastity Belt!

But when she saw Annette walking behind Mistress Jaclyn, her breath was taken away. Annette was totally naked, wearing nothing but a pair of high heels that Charlotte noticed were locked on her feet by an ankle strap and a small lock! Definitely not a pair of shoes that could be bought at the mall.

Mistress Jaclyn was leading Annette by a chain attached to her collar, and she closed the door behind her. She led Annette over to the cell bars, and again Charlotte was shocked.

Annette’s arms were enclosed in a red leather armbinder! Until a week ago, Charlotte had no idea that such a thing existed. Then she had seen one in the pictures and videos that Dr. Allen had given her. Next, she had joined a bondage website, and been darkly fascinated by seeing pictures of women confined in them.

Charlotte’s eyes widened at the sight of Annette made helpless by the red leather armbinder. The leather extended from just below her shoulders to her fingers, it was zipped closed, and straps over her shoulders held in it in place. In addition, there were two straps, one above her elbows, the other above her hands, that were also closed by roller buckles. Annette’s chest was thrust out, her breasts on display. She was totally helpless and vulnerable.

“Like what you see?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte somehow answered, nearly choking on the words.

It was one thing to see a photograph or a video, another to see a woman bound in real life.

“Would you like to try the armbinder?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte replied, not believing the words that escaped her lips.

Could she really have been seduced so easily into bondage?, Charlotte asked herself.

“Let’s proceed onto the main event, that’s why you’re here,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “Annette just can’t wait to show you how she performs under the lash. Isn’t that true, Annette?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Stand in front of the bars and show our guest your naked body. I’m sure that she would like to see a female in bondage,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

Annette did as she was told, and Charlotte sucked in her breath when she saw what happened next: with her right hand, Jaclyn reached out and kneaded Annette’s left exposed breast, and then her right! Next her hand reached between Annette’s legs, and her index and forefinger penetrated her sex, making Annette moan, then cry out. Jaclyn removed her fingers, which were coated in Annette’s female juices.

“Wet already!” exclaimed Mistress Jaclyn, “and you haven’t even been whipped yet!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered.

“Clean my fingers,” Jaclyn ordered.

Jaclyn placed her fingers inside Annette’s willing mouth, who did as she was ordered, cleaning them of her female secretions.

“Good girl!” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” Annette quickly replied.

Suddenly, Charlotte felt the confinement of the Chastity Belt on her sex. For months now, she had worn the Belt, and it had become an extension of herself.

But now that was being challenged by her curiosity about submission. Charlotte could not understand why she had become so fascinated by something she had not cared for previously.

Unconsciously, her chained hands found their way to the Chastity Belt around her waist. She fingered the front metal locking plate, and was aware of the fact she longer had the key in her possession. She saw that it was now hanging from a belt around Mistress Jaclyn’s waist. Charlotte was no longer in control of her sexuality, and she tingled with the implications of what that meant.

“Come, Annette,” ordered Mistress Jaclyn, “it’s time to show our guest just how strong female flesh can be.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Charlotte, have you ever had to tell a male lover to stop treating you like a porcelain doll? That you wanted rougher sex?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, Mistress. I never had the chance. The few men I was ever with sometimes couldn’t enter me, even though I was laying on my back with my legs wide open. That was why I had to turn to a vibrator to satisfy myself,” Charlotte replied.

“Then you confined yourself in a Chastity Belt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“I can promise you that from now on, your new sexual impulses will be fulfilled. You will learn to appreciate the feel of the riding crop and flogger, and enjoy the feeling of confinement, chains, and pain. There are no shrinking violets in the world you are about to enter,” lectured Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress Jaclyn,” Charlotte answered, not believing her own words.

“Time to get Annette ready for her session. Watch carefully!” Mistress Jaclyn ordered.

Standing at the bars, Charlotte watched spellbound as Mistress Jaclyn unlocked Annette’s leash from her collar. Next, she unlocked the straps on the armbinder above Annette’s captive wrists and elbows. Then she undid the shoulder straps, and pulled down the zipper, freeing Annette’s arms, and finally removed the armbinder, leaving Annette free of the restraining leather device.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Annette.

“You’re welcome, dear. Now stretch your arms to relieve the strain of confinement before we move onto your punishment,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

From her jail cell, Charlotte wondered if being in the same position herself, she would instead be tempted to flee. After all, Annette knew that she was about to be punished, so why would she stay?

Annette stretched her arms, regaining feeling in them after their confinement in the armbinder. She clenched and opened her fingers, moved her arms around to regain circulation and feeling, and was soon ready.

“I’m ready, Mistress,” said Annette.

“Thank you, Annette,” replied Mistress Jaclyn, “I think I’ll hang you from the ceiling today, Annette. This way you’ll be totally exposed for our guest. Stand under the ceiling chain,” ordered Jaclyn.

Annette clicked her heels and walked over to the ceiling chain that was closest to her. Charlotte could not help but notice that there were two sets.

Jaclyn walked over to a switch on the wall, and the ceiling chain descended, accompanied by the whine of a small electric motor.

“Hands up!”

Annette did as she was told, and Mistress Jaclyn soon locked both of her wrist cuffs onto the chain. Charlotte’s eyes widened when she watched as Jaclyn walked over to the wall rack and removed a small black bar. She watched as Jaclyn bent down and secured each end to Annette’s ankle cuffs, so that Annette would be unable to close her legs.

Then she positioned Annette, and locked two small chains on the bar to hidden rings set in the floor.

“Now you won’t be able to turn around and avoid my discipline,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Annette.

Finally, Jaclyn returned back to the wall and ever so gradually raised Annette off the floor so that her heels barely touched the floor.

Charlotte saw that Annette was now totally vulnerable to whatever punishment awaited her. With her right hand, she fingered the lock of her Chastity Belt, which she now realized offered little protection! Her breasts, thighs, and buttocks, and underarms were all exposed and could the target of the lash.

“Now, Charlotte, what do I do about you?” asked Mistress Jaclyn, “I think that a little confinement of your own is called for.”

Mistress Jaclyn then clicked her heels to Charlotte’s jail cell and opened the door. Charlotte stood there in silence as Jaclyn close her right hand around her wrist chain, and gently pulled her out of the cell. Jaclyn led her over to the wall, which directly faced where she had already bound Annette. Charlotte was gently pushed backwards to the wall, and her wrists were unlocked, only to be locked to rings above her head. Then her ankle chain was removed, and her ankles were opened and received the same treatment.

“There now, I’ve got you right where I want you,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “you now have a front row seat to seen a woman actually be punished.”

“Yes, Mistress,” replied Charlotte.

“Do you think that you can keep silent as I flog Annette?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“I don’t know, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Well, at least you’re honest. Let’s make sure that you stay silent!”

Mistress Jaclyn walked over to the wall rack and replaced the chains that she had removed from Charlotte in their correct place. Then she looked over the gags, and finally selected one in the shape of a man’s penis! Jaclyn then rinsed the penis in the cells’ sink, and walked over to the bound and helpless Charlotte.

“Head forward,” ordered Jaclyn, “and open your mouth wide!”

Charlotte stayed silent as the invader entered her mouth; in fact she had never once had a man’s organ between her lips. Jaclyn brushed Charlotte’s hair away easily, and buckled the gag at the nape of her neck.

“Since this is your first time being gagged I chose the penis gag because it both shaped like a man, and has a breathing hole, unlike a ball gag, which I shall use at a later time.”

“Mmmmmmmph!” exclaimed Charlotte.


For her moan, Charlotte was rewarded with having her nipples pinched, which made her squirm against her bonds uselessly, because she was now firmly locked to the wall!

“Stay still and quiet!” ordered Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte did as she was told as her nipples were pinched, then finally left alone. In one of the videos she had seen a Mistress apply clamps to a woman’s nipples, and she was sure that Jaclyn would have a set to use on her!

“Ever had a man in your mouth?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte shook her head from side to side.

“Learning to take a Master’s seed is an important skill every submissive has to learn. Later on, if you prove to be satisfactory, I’ll loan you to a Master friend of mine who specializes in training new girls in how to submit to a man. Would you like that?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte shook her head up and down, indicating her agreement. She could not believe what she was agreeing to.

“Good, but you have to submit to me first, Charlotte. And unlike a man, I’m not going to succumb to your feminine wiles. Your tears will mean nothing to me. Do you understand?”

Charlotte again shook her head up and down.

“Good, then we can proceed with Annette.”

Jaclyn clicked her heels and stood in front of Annette, who was bound and helpless.

“Are you ready?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“We’ll begin with the riding crop tonight,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Whatever my Mistress desires,” Annette replied.

“What is your safe-word, Charlotte?” asked Jaclyn.

“Chastity, Mistress.”

“Appropriate, for our guest.” Jaclyn faced Charlotte and then explained, “regardless of what you may have heard, the world of D/s is not inhabited by sadists. When Annette here has reached her limit, all she has to do is to cry her safe-word and the scene stops. Do you understand?”

Charlotte moved her head up and down in assent.

“Good, then you are learning,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn walked to the wall rack and selected a long, thin riding crop that had a leather loop at the end. She walked back to the helpless Annette, and offered her the woven leather handle. Without being ordered, Annette kissed the handle, based on her long experience as a submissive.

“Good girl!” said Mistress Jaclyn, “now brace yourself!”

Mistress Jaclyn then stood back from the helpless, bound, hanging Annette and struck out with the riding crop and the leather loop left a red mark on her right breast.

“Owwww! Annette moaned.

“Quiet,” ordered Jaclyn.

Jaclyn then began a series of strokes on Annette’s exposed female flesh, never hitting the same place twice, but always leaving a red mark behind to indicate that the crop had struck her flesh. She circled around her victim, and each time that the crop struck, Annette pulled at her chains in a futile effort to escape the crop.

Charlotte was both fascinated and appalled at the same time. Chained to the wall, there was no way that she could escape either, so she witnessed Annette’s reactions while enduring the riding crop! She sucked at the penis gag, feeling how lifelike the molded plastic was accurately shaped like a man’s cock. Her gag had a small hole through which she was able to breathe through, to supplement the air from her nostrils.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

Charlotte watched as Mistress Jaclyn cropped Annette without mercy. No part of her female anatomy was off limits, and that included her breasts, thighs, pussy, and bottom!

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwww!” cried Annette.

Snick! Snick! Snick!


Jaclyn did not pause, but instead slowly continued her relentless punishment of Annette’s female flesh.

Charlotte tried to look away, but somehow she was totally hypnotized by the scene unfolding directly in front of her. This was no video, but instead real life. Once, in the office, the question of what was “real” and what was fake had occurred. She had observed that the so-called “reality” shows were about as real as pornography; and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Her female co-workers were simply addicted to these shows, and did not listen to her arguments. “Real Housewives” simply weren’t “real”; Charlotte had observed.

But now Charlotte was seeing something very real indeed: Annette being disciplined with a riding crop! The Dungeon she was in real; and Annette was certainly hanging from the ceiling. The penis gag in her mouth was very real also; and the rack of other devices on the wall wasn’t an illusion either!

The world of D/s that Charlotte had now entered was real, along with her Chastity Belt that imprisoned her sex.

Sucking on the rubber penis in her mouth, the next question was, what else would it lead to?

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwwww!” cried Annette as the crop descended on her breasts once again, followed by an assault on her thighs.

Snick! Snick! Snick!


Next, the tip of the crop found it’s way up between her thighs to Annette’s sex! Her shaven pussy was now the object of Mistress Jaclyn’s riding crop.

“Owwwww!” cried Annette.

Snick! Snick! Snick!

“Owwww!” screamed Annette.

Just when it appeared that Annette could take no more punishment, Mistress Jaclyn, suddenly stopped! Annette, who had been close to tears and screams of pain, sobbed quietly now that the crop no longer was striking her naked flesh.

“Are you all right?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered between sobs, as she regained her breath.

“Mmmmmph!” moaned Charlotte, the rubber penis in her mouth having robbed her of the power of speech.

Mistress Jaclyn clicked her heels over to the wall where Charlotte stood, held captive be steel and leather. She displayed the riding crop for her, showing her the handle, with it’s woven leather, and a small loop used to hang it from the wall rack, the thin leather clad bamboo of it’s length, and finally the leather loop at the tip. The same tip that had until just a few seconds ago had been striking Annette’s naked flesh.

“Would you like me to use this on you?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte’s eyes widened at the question posed by Mistress Jaclyn, and she watched, helpless as Jaclyn’s right hand reached out and again pinched her right nipple, which was already hard with arousal!

This was now the moment of truth, the moment that had begun with her locking the first Chastity Belt onto her sex had been building towards.

She slowly nodded her head up and down in agreement, with the gag in still in her mouth there was no way she could speak.

“Are you wet?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

Still belted, Mistress Jaclyn could not reach between Charlotte’s thighs and determine that fact for herself. But a woman always knows when she is wet and ready.

Charlotte again nodded her head in acquiescence to the question posed to her.

“Good, because a submissive is not allowed to lie to her Mistress,” said Jaclyn.

“Mmmmmmph!” moaned Charlotte.

“Your turn will come. Next I will show you how strong Annette is while being flogged!”

“Mmmmmmmph!” cried Charlotte.

Jaclyn then traced the leather loop at the crop’s end on Charlotte’s breasts, her erect nipples, her belly, and then her opened and exposed thighs. Charlotte watched, fascinated and horrified at the same time. How would she react to being cropped, writhing under Mistress Jaclyn’s use of her naked body?

Mistress Jaclyn then found a plastic cup and straw, and drew some cold water. She held it up for Annette to drink, to restore her strength before her next session of punishment.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Annette.

“You’re welcome, darling. You may scream while being flogged. Don’t hold back because of our guest.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Repeat your safe-word,” ordered Jaclyn.


“Very good. Prepare yourself.”

Mistress Jaclyn placed the cup on a small table that sat next to a high wooden chair, which Charlotte guessed was for the Mistress alone to use. Charlotte imagined her kneeling in front of Jaclyn, seated on her throne.

She then removed a flogger from the wall, clicked her heels again over to Annette, who seemed to have recovered from her previous ordeal. Jaclyn then presented the flogger’s woven leather handle to Annette who kissed it passionately with her lips, as if she were kissing a lover!

“Prepare yourself,” cautioned Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Listen carefully, Charlotte!” said Mistress Jaclyn before she began to punish Annette, “the flogger is composed of numerous leather strands, each with a knot at the end, and they have been soaked in water to make them expand and harden. Imagine what that will feel like on your naked skin!”

“Owwww!” cried Annette, “Owwww!”

Mistress Jaclyn again employed the same routine that she had done before. She didn’t strike the same part of Annette’s naked body that she had before, and circled her captive carefully, making each stroke painful indeed.



Again, Charlotte watched, spellbound, at the sight of Annette being flogged. She could not comprehend that another woman would tolerate, even ask, for such treatment!

Or that she herself had in reality had just agreed to the same discipline.



If just the tip of the crop had made Annette suffer, Charlotte wondered just how the many strands of leather would feel on her naked flesh. She watched as beads of sweat formed on Annette’s naked body, reflecting the ceiling lights above. Charlotte breathed as much as possible as the gag allowed her, wondering when she would take Annette’s place under the lash.



If Charlotte had not been gagged, by now she would have been pleading with Mistress Jaclyn to stop her punishment of Annette! Surely no woman in her right mind would be willing to endure such an ordeal, much less ask for it!



It was then that a strange thought formed in Charlotte’s mind: nice girls don’t get whipped.



But then Charlotte realized that in her present location, that was not true. Here, nice girls did get whipped, and by their own choice!


“Owwwww! Mistress please!” said Annette.

Even though Annette had now said something other than admit gasps of pain after each stroke with the flogger, Mistress Jaclyn did not pause. Instead she continued to discipline Annette without mercy, landing a harsh stroke between her legs, directly onto her sex!

Charlotte’s eyes were fixated on her companion’s ordeal. It was a common thing for a woman to ask her boyfriend to stop treating her like a porcelain doll in bed, to ask for rougher sex. But here was a women actually being flogged before her eyes, and this was no Hollywood movie.

She began to appreciate what she had seen online. Maybe pornography wasn’t totally real, but it wasn’t totally false either. Charlotte had watched enough videos of women being disciplined, and she now accepted the truth of what she had seen.


“Owwwww!” cried Annette, by now in obvious distress.

Charlotte wondered when Jaclyn would stop flogging Annette, since no woman could possibly take any more punishment than she had already endured!


“Owwwww!” screamed Annette.

Then suddenly, it was over! Instead of continuing to flog Annette, Jaclyn held the flogger in her two hands. Annette hung limply in her chains, sweat dripping from naked, abused body.

“Are you all right, Annette?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes,” Annette answered, her breathing rough from the ordeal she had just undergone.

Mistress Jaclyn clicked her heels over to the all control and lowered Annette to the floor. After being suspended for so long, her legs were unused to supporting her own weight. Jaclyn the hung the flogger back up on the wall rack, and proceeded to free Annette from her bondage.

First the bar attached to her ankle cuffs was removed, and then Jaclyn reached up and freed her wrist cuffs from the ceiling chain. Annette stood uneasily on her own feet, and Jaclyn walked her over to a leather covered bench nearby. She watched as Jaclyn refilled the water bottle, and handed it to Annette.

“Small sips, Annette,” Jaclyn cautioned.

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered between breaths.

“How do you feel?”

“Fine, Mistress,” Annette replied.

Charlotte watched as Annette’s naked heaving chest rose and fell with each breath, her punished breasts showing the marks of her punishment. She wondered about what was going on now between Mistress and submissive. Was it concern that Annette had been hurt by her ordeal, or was it something else?

She would have to ask Annette about that later, when she had a chance. After she had been punished for the first time.

Once Mistress Jaclyn was sure that Annette was recovering from her ordeal, she left her alone and walked over to Charlotte.

Mistress and guest faced each other directly.

“Head down!” Jaclyn ordered.

Charlotte did so, and felt as Jaclyn reached behind her neck, and opened the roller buckle that held the penis gag in her mouth. Suddenly the rubber shaped short phallus that she had held in mouth was gone, and Charlotte was able to breathe freely again.

“Thank you, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

“You’re welcome, Charlotte. What did you think of Annette’s ability to withstand punishment?”

“Amazing, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Do you think that you could endure such a session?”

“No, Mistress. Not now, perhaps after I’ve been properly trained,” said Charlotte.

“Good observation. Now I’m going to unlock you, and you may join Annette on the bench.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

Charlotte stood in silence as first her ankle cuffs and then her wrists were unlocked from the wall, and Jaclyn took hold of one of the metal “D” rings on her collar and gently pulled her towards the bench. Once she was there, Charlotte was motioned to sit after Jaclyn had released her collar.

She looked over Annette’s naked body, amazed at the marks that the crop and flogger had left. Surely no woman would ever want to endure this on a regular basis! What could Annette possibly gain from such an ordeal?

“You may speak to Annette if you want,” offered Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress. Annette, are you all right?” asked Charlotte.


“Didn’t that hurt?”

“I’m an experienced submissive,” answered Charlotte, “I can take the whip, crop, and flogger. I’ve been punished many times.”

“But doesn’t that hurt?”

“Yes, but I experience both pleasure and pain at the same time,” Annette explained, “and once properly trained, you will too.”

“I don’t believe it,” said Charlotte.

“But you’re here, aren’t you? You know that there’s something different about you than other women. That’s why you put yourself in a Chastity Belt.”

“Yes,” Charlotte replied.

“Then let yourself go and let Mistress Jaclyn introduce you to the ways of the lash. If you don’t like it, then you will never have to return. But if you do like it, then you will have found what you have been searching for all this time,” said Annette.

“Yes, you’re right,” said Charlotte, “Mistress Jaclyn?”

“Yes, Charlotte.”

“Please discipline me?” Charlotte asked.

“You may walk to the rack and choose the instrument that I will use on you,” instructed Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte got shakily to her feet and clocked her heels over to the rack of instruments on the wall. She had never seen whips, crops, floggers, and gags in real life before seeking out Mistress Jaclyn.

Now she was going to be punished, at her own request, after watching Annette perform under the lash. It was now her turn!

She chose the same slender riding crop that Jaclyn had used on Annette, and it was shocking to hold it in her hands. But then she picked up the flogger, felt the hard knots at the of each strand, and decided that she wanted both!

Charlotte held both handles in her left hand, she draped the length of each instrument over her right forearm. She walked slowly and carefully over to Mistress Jaclyn, then presented both to her.

“Mistress, I choose both the riding crop and the flogger,” said Charlotte.

“This is your first time here, Charlotte. I wouldn’t want to do anything that might hurt you or make you not want to return to me a second time. It took Annette and my other submissives a long time to get used to the lash. Contrary to what you may have seen online or may have read, one stroke of the crop does not make you an instant submissive,” cautioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“Thank you, Mistress,” answered Charlotte, “when I answered the ad for a sexual study at SRI, they told me that I had to wear a training belt for a week prior to receiving this belt which monitors my sexual responses. Instead, I convinced them of my desire to join the study by wearing the first belt for a couple of hours; and then they gave me this belt to take home and wear. Which is something that I have done ever since. So I ask to be used the same as Annette, Mistress.”

“An interesting story. I shall be glad to use both instruments on you, at your request. However, I shall not use you as harshly as I did Annette, since you have not yet been trained. This is, after all, your first time under the lash.”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you,” Charlotte replied.

Jaclyn took the riding crop and flogger from Charlotte’s hands, and then clicked her heels over to her wooden throne, placed both on the table on her right, and then sat down.


“Yes, Mistress.”

“You may suspend Charlotte from the ceiling, just as you were a few moments ago,” Jaclyn ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!” Annette answered quickly.

Charlotte watched in silence as Annette rose from the bench and collected the spreader bar for her ankles and the small locks to restrain them. When Annette called her over to the ceiling chain (which was still lowered from when she had been hanging from the ceiling) Charlotte approached her fate warily.

She watched as Annette locked her ankles to the spreader bar, which was in turn secured to hidden anchors in the floor.

“Hands up, please!”

Charlotte willingly held her hands up, so that Annette could lock her wrist cuffs to the ceiling chain. She watched in silence as Annette activated the control, and her naked, exposed body was soon held taut, her feet barely touching the floor.

Annette walked over to stand in front of Mistress Jacklyn, her naked body covered in the marks of the crop and flogger.

“Charlotte is now ready for her first session, Mistress,” reported Annette.

“Thank you, Annette. You may hold the riding crop.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress Jaclyn walked over to Charlotte, and stood directly in front of her. She placed her right hand under her chin, while her left roamed over Charlotte’s breasts and belly.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Charlotte. I can’t imagine why you were unable to find a suitable man to appreciate you,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“I’m just too beautiful, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“If that is what you believe, there are no secrets under the lash,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, however, there is one more thing that must be done before you experience the riding crop.”

From the belt on her waist, Jaclyn removed the key to Charlotte’s Chastity Belt. She slid it in lengthwise, turned it, and the front locking plate came away in her hand. Then she removed the rubber and metal strap that covered Charlotte’s sex, and opened the two halves that circled her waist. She then held the back plate, so it would not drop to the floor, and walked around to Charlotte’s back, and removed the belt that held her sex captive.

Still holding the belt, she walked back in front of Charlotte, and held up the belt for her to see.

“I sometimes use a Chastity Belt on my submissives as a means of punishment. You are the first woman who has ever come to me already wearing a belt of her own volition.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

Charlotte watched as Jaclyn reassembled the belt, finally locking it closed. She then rubbed her fore and index finger on the inside, where Charlotte’s sex had just rested, and brought her fingers to her nose.

“You smell of desire, Charlotte,” said Jaclyn after inhaling her scent from the Chastity Belt.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“The question is, what kind of desire?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH03 PT2: Compelled Into Bondage”