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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH03 PT1

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT1: Life in Chastity”

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“Controlled Experiment CH03 PT1: Life in Chastity”

* * *

It had been a good quarter for Hartwell Associates, and the owner and primary physician Dan Hartwell had decided that now was good time for an office party. Nothing fancy, just cold cuts and rolls, dip and a vegetable tray, and coffee and cake, and sparkling grape juice to celebrate.

The break room was filled to capacity, and everyone was either making small talk or showing off videos on their phones.

Office Manager Charlotte Hall was as usual by herself, not joining in any of the small groups. She had made herself a turkey sandwich and coffee, and ate alone.

“Charlotte?” asked Dr. Hartwell, “May I see you in my office a moment, please?

“Yes, sir,” Charlotte replied, following her boss to his office.

He settled into the chair behind his desk, and Charlotte remained standing.

“Please have a seat,” said Dr. Hartwell.

“Thank you,” replied Charlotte as she sat in front of him and smoothed out her skirt.

“First off, I want to thank you for your excellent job performance this quarter. There was no way that we could have exceeded our financial targets without your great management,” Dr. Hartwell explained.

“Thank you, doctor.”

“However, I’m puzzled by some of your recent behavior in the office. A few times I was looking for you, and I was told that you were using an outside bathroom, that was for one person that is used by the building’s maintenance staff. Is this correct?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“Yes, that’s true, Dr. Hartwell. I’ve been using that outside bathroom for some time,” Charlotte admitted.

“Are you having a medical problem of some sort? After all, you work at a medical practice, you’ve worked here a long time, and I care about the health of all my staff.”

“Thank you, doctor. No, I don’t have a medical problem. It’s something else,” Charlotte answered.

“Can I be of some help?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“Not really.”

“May I ask what the problem is?”

“It’s no problem.”

“Then can I ask you as a friend, and not as your employer, what the trouble is?”

Charlotte appeared shaken for a moment, looked at her high heeled shoes, and then back at Dr. Hartwell.

“Do you remember weeks ago when I asked you about a study at the Sexual Research Institute?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes, run by Dr. Allen, I seem to recall.”

“I went there and joined the study dealing with reaction to sexual stimuli in daily life,” Charlotte explained.

“That does not explain your recent behavior. You had no problem in using the women’s bathroom before.”

“I didn’t want to become an object of gossip,” Charlotte answered.

“How does being a member of a study make you want to go to the bathroom alone?” asked Dr. Hartwell, putting together the facts he had at hand.

“I’m wearing a Chastity Belt that monitors my physiological reactions to sex stimuli all day long,” Charlotte finally admitted.

“A Chastity Belt? Is this a joke?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

Charlotte got to her feet, and opened the button on the back of her skirt, then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of her skirt, picked it up and folded it, placing it on the nearby chair. Then she slowly turned around, allowing Dr. Hartwell to see that she was fully encased in the metal belt.

“This is why I’ve been behaving differently in the office,” said Charlotte, “I can use that other bathroom to fully remove the belt and perform my toilette without the other women asking questions.”

“This is part of the study?” Dr. Hartwell asked.

“See this box,” Charlotte pointed to the bulge on the belt’s right side, “it monitors my body’s reactions. When the red LED light comes on, I connect it to my phone, and the information is sent to SRI while my phone recharges the belt.”

“This is all highly irregular, to say the least. Bordering on scientific quackery. You have worn this belt voluntarily without any coercion?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“Yes,” Charlotte admitted.

“Could you remove it for me, I’d like to have a closer look at it, please?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“The key is in my purse in my desk,” said Charlotte, as she put her skirt back on.

“We can do this later,” replied Dr. Hartwell.

“Yes, sir.” Charlotte answered.

“Not a word of this to anyone,” he said.

“Yes sir.”

“Later, after office hours, when it will be just the two us in the office together. Is that all right with you?”

“Yes, sir,” Charlotte answered.

* * *

“In all my years of practicing medicine, I have to admit this is the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered,” observed Dr. Hartwell.

Charlotte’s Chastity Belt, still warm from her wearing it, lay upright on Dr. Hartwell’s desk. The waist portion lay on the desk’s surface, and the part that encircled her sex stood perpendicular to the flat desk.

Charlotte sat on a chair directly in front of Dr. Hartwell, wearing all of her clothing except for the belt. For weeks she had carried around an extra panty in her purse, and now she had the occasion to finally wear it. After weeks of wearing the belt, she now felt naked without it.

“How do you feel when you wear it?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“Protected,” Charlotte answered.

“How do you feel now?”


“Even while fully dressed?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered.

“Has Dr. Allen abused you in any way? Touched you? Given you any drugs?”

“No,” Charlotte answered, “none of those.”

“You’ve worn the belt for weeks now?”

“Ever since I went that Saturday to join the study. I showed them how eager I was to join, they had me wear a training belt for a couple of hours, said I qualified, and gave me this belt to take home.”

“What happened next?”

“I wore it all weekend after activating it, and then I found I couldn’t bear to be without it. So I began to wear it to the office,” Charlotte admitted.

“I’ve worked with people who did drugs, had sex in the office and hospital, steal from patients, but I’ve never had a situation where one of my staff was wearing a chastity belt,” summed up Dr. Hartwell.

“I’m sorry to have presented you with a problem.”

“Challenge maybe, problem no. Do you feel compelled to wear the belt? Does it have some strange hold over you? Were you hypnotized into believing that you had to wear the belt at all times?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“No, I wasn’t hypnotized or drugged,” Charlotte answered, “but ever since I put it on, I feel compelled to wear it at all times.”

“Strange. You wouldn’t want to part with it so that I could maybe run some tests, would you?” asked Dr. Hartwell.

“No, sir. Even now I miss the feeling of confinement I get whenever the belt is locked around me.”

“I’ve heard of people being attached to objects that they can’t bear to be parted from, but never something like this,” said Dr. Hartwell.

“Then what do I do?” asked Charlotte.

“Continue to wear it as before, and I fully approve of your efforts to keep it a secret in the office. I can get equipment to scan the belt for electrical or magnetic fields, to see if that is what’s causing these strange effects. Perhaps I can have Dr. Allen brought before the Medical Board for malpractice charges.”

“I thought you said you thought highly of him,” said Charlotte.

“Unfortunately, people change,” Dr. Hartwell answered.

“Here’s the belt,” he said, handing it to her, “you can put it on again in my private bathroom.”

“Thank you, doctor,” said Charlotte, eager to have the belt once again circling her waist and between her thighs.

“A puzzle indeed,” said Dr. Hartwell once Charlotte had closed the door to undress and replace the Chastity Belt.

* * *

Once a month, as part of the study, Charlotte was required to go back to SRI to report on her wearing the belt and any sexual experiences that she may have had.

Charlotte sat with Beth in the reception area. She felt a sisterhood with her, because they both wore the belt, in fact Beth had shown Charlotte her belt after being asked to by Dr. Allen; who was conducting the study.

“Dr. Allen will see you now,” said Beth, after she received a call.

Charlotte passed another woman in the corridor, obviously on the way out. She wondered if the woman was also wearing a Chastity Belt under her dress.

“Good morning,” said Dr. Allen as he rose from his chair, shook Charlotte’s hand, and closed the door behind them. He settled back into his seat, and Charlotte sat in the chair in front of him.

“Good morning,” Charlotte said in reply, smoothing her skirt as she sat down.

Though it was Saturday, Charlotte still liked to dress well. She had on a lacy bra, hold-up stockings, high heels, a white blouse and plaid skirt. Underneath it all was her Chastity Belt.

“I trust that you had a good month,” said Dr. Allen.

“Yes,” Charlotte answered, “very busy at work, so that has left me little time for socializing.”

“You don’t want to try speed dating or go online?” he asked.

“Seeing multiple men quickly seems like a silly idea to me. And as for going online, I’ve read way too many horror stories about women being victimized. So I’d rather be safe than sorry,” Charlotte stated.

“Are you attracted to women?” asked Dr. Allen.

“To be honest, I don’t know.”

“Are you attracted to something else, perhaps leather and latex. Bondage?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” Charlotte answered.

“Surely with the internet now a permanent fixture in our lives, you have at least looked into it out of curiosity?”

“Not really,” Charlotte replied.

He opened his desk drawer, and removed a flash drive, which he passed over the table to his subject.

“Here’s a flash drive that I’ve compiled that contains pictures of women in various leather and latex outfits, bondage fiction, a few short videos of women in fetish outfits, and bondage videos of some mild discipline. You can scan the drive for any viruses before you use it, and it’s yours to keep with my compliments.”

“Thank you, Dr. Allen. But I don’t think that such sexual activity appeals to me,” said Charlotte.

“Since you’re already wearing a Chastity Belt, you’re already partway in,” replied Dr. Allen.

“I’ll give it a look,” said Charlotte, “that’s all I’ll promise.”

“That’s fine,” he answered, “see you again next month.”

* * *

Once Charlotte had left the office, Nurse Alexandra knocked on Dr. Allen’s door, and walked inside. She sat down in the chair that Charlotte had just occupied moments before.

“How has Charlotte reacted to the impulses we’ve been sending her through the belt?” asked Alexandra.

“Far better than expected,” Dr. Allen answered, “in fact I just gave her a Flash Drive that should get her interested in submission. By activating her pain/pleasure centers in her sleep, we’ve primed her for something that she never would have considered before.”

“Will it last?”

“Any form of conditioning is chancy at best. All I can do is point her in the right direction, and she’ll have to take the lead from there. We can make her curious, but not into a sex slave.”

“What’s her basic problem?’ Alexandra asked.

“She has had several bad experiences with men, and feels that because she’s so beautiful, no man will want her for her brains. If only she would relax, go out and date, she’d probably meet someone who would be interested in her. Instead, she’s placed herself in a prison of her own making,” observed Dr. Allen.

“So that’s why she took to the belt so enthusiastically,” added Alexandra.


“Well, I have another development for you,” said Alexandra.

“What’s that?” questioned Dr. Allen.

“Charlotte and Tammy know each other,” said Alexandra.


“Remember that location program we placed in the girl’s phones? It turns out that they stay together for considerable lengths of time. I then did some checking online: they went to the same university together. Odds are, I’ll wager they even shared a dorm room!” explained Alexandra.

Dr. Allen sat back in his seat, thought carefully and exhaled slowly.

“Jealousy among women is not unusual, Dr. Allen. Get a group of women together, and at least one of them will be envious of another. Money, men, sex, clothes, anything. Tammy has been jealous of Charlotte for years, so she decided to join the study,” said Alexandra.

“What should be our next move?” asked Dr. Allen.

“Since you’ve already pointed Charlotte in the direction of submission, why not Tammy? From her sexual behavior, I’d say that she should take to it easier than Charlotte. She needs no encouragement when it comes to sex,” observed Nurse Alexandra.

“I can’t send her to the same Dominatrix,” said Dr. Allen.

“I have a much better idea. I know a male dominant, whose female submissive had to leave him to take a job in Brazil. We can see if Charlotte submits to a woman, and Tammy submits to a man,” said Alexandra.

“Perfect!” exclaimed Dr. Allen.

“That also brings up our next question,” said Alexandra.

“Go ahead.”

“Since we already have two experimental subjects that already know each other, we should begin to have encounter groups of our belted women. Women like nothing better than to get together and discuss their experiences. I would say that will increase their desires while being belted,” stated Alexandra.

“Good idea. I also think that we should open up the study, ask our subjects if they know any of their friends who might want to join them in a Chastity Belt.”

“Excellent idea,” said Alexandra.

“Done. We’ll now see how Tammy and Charlotte react to new sexual stimuli, except that it will be coming from the place they never expected: their Chastity Belts!”

* * *

It was late Saturday afternoon, and Charlotte was between errands. Pausing, she decided to start up her laptop, and she remembered the flash drive that she had been given at SRI.

She scanned it for viruses (none); saw that it was organized into various folders, and started with pictures, since she always enjoyed dressing well and wearing stylish clothing.

Charlotte had seen women in catsuits before, but that was evidently just the tip of the iceberg. Here were literally dozens of pictures of attractive women (Charlotte couldn’t stop comparing them to herself) clad in various fetish outfits.

She was hooked as if she was reading an issue of Cosmopolitan or Vogue; imagining that she was the one clad in these outfits. Charlotte saw pictures of women dressed in catsuits; Maid’s uniform; tops and skirts; Capri pants; and others.

The next folder was full of fiction, there was even a text version of “The Story of O”; something which she had always promised herself that she would read one day, but had never gotten around to it.

Perhaps with the Chastity Belt now girdling her sex, she would finally read it once and for all.

The last folder contained a handful of videos, beginning with ones showing women dressing and undressing various fetish outfits, showing how they had to use a special lubricant to be able to put these things on. Other garments were made of the more durable PVC, which Charlotte also liked. It seemed as if everything available in latex was also available of PVC, which was something that Charlotte carefully noted.

Since her friend Tammy was a bit on the wild side, she wondered if Tammy would like to visit a fetish shop with her.

After finishing with the clothing folder she opened the last one titled “Discipline.”

First up, there were a few videos showing women tied up, gagged and fighting against their bonds, and Charlotte was already entranced by what she had seen so far.

But it was the last few, where women were being flogged that really aroused her interest.

Charlotte had never imagined that she could have possibly been attracted to such a thing! She had always assumed that she was straight as an arrow, sexually. But now here she was, fascinated by the videos of women being flogged and whipped!

She fantasized that it was her: naked, being flogged, and moaning under the lash, wielded by a leather clad dominatrix.

Charlotte wondered just what sort of people engaged in this activity. Were they normal people like herself?

Under her Chastity Belt, Charlotte was certain that her pussy was wet with excitement. She reached for her purse to unlock her belt.

Already aroused, Charlotte was going to satisfy herself with her vibrator for the first time in months.

The next question was, did she want to get involved in submission?

* * *

Over the weekend, Charlotte further investigated the new world that she been introduced to. She could not believe that people of both sexes were involved in what she before had believed was a bizarre lifestyle. Charlotte could not understand how women could possibly enjoy being dressed in leather and latex; and then being placed in bondage and punished.

She joined a website, and sat there, downloading plenty of pictures and videos to supplement those she had been given by Dr. Allen. Charlotte watched the videos time after time, wondering how she would react if she was the one under the lash.

Some of the things there clearly repelled her. But a lot of the content had the affect of sexually arousing her.

For the first time in ages, Charlotte had found something that made her heart pound and made her pussy wet with desire. She fingered the Chastity Belt that she wore, and wondered where else it would now take her?

Monday she placed a call to Dr. Allen at SRI, and told him that she was interested in the contents of the flash drive, and did he know anyone who could introduce her to the world of submission?

He gave her the phone number of a Mistress Jaclyn, and told her that she was a good friend who would properly introduce her to submission. There would be nothing forced, and would only happen with her consent.

Charlotte eagerly called the number and left a voice mail. Her second journey into a new sexuality had begun.

She wondered if she was in control, or the belt that she now wore and adored.

* * *

Charlotte had completely forgotten about her call to Mistress Jaclyn during her busy workday; and it wasn’t until evening when she was home and dinner was long past that her phone rang.

“Hello?” Charlotte said when she accepted the call.

“Is this Charlotte Hall?”

“Yes, this is Mistress Jacklyn returning your call.”

“I was referred to you by Dr. Allen at the Sexual Research Institute. He said that you might be able to help me understand if I was suited for sexual submission.”

“Have you ever been in a submissive relationship before? Ever been tied up, spanked or flogged?” questioned Mistress Jaclyn.

“No, ma’am.”

“Perhaps we should meet in public one night this week for coffee, so I can better understand your needs.”

“That is an excellent idea.”

“How about Thursday, 6 PM at the Starbucks in the Rosewood Shopping Center?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“That will be fine,” said Charlotte, “but how will I know you?”

“Look for two women, I’ll be bringing my collared slave along, and I’ll be the one in charge,” Mistress Jaclyn answered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“See you on Thursday,” said Mistress Jaclyn, who then cut the connection.

Charlotte was left with more questions than answers at that point. But she suspected that her knowledge was going to be expanded shortly.

* * *

Charlotte arrived promptly at the Starbucks at 5:45 PM, ordered a small decaffeinated coffee (since she didn’t want to stay up all night) and settled into a seat to wait. She was still dressed in her normal office attire: a white blouse, skirt, hold-up stockings, heels, bra and Chastity Belt.

She had worn the Belt for so long now, she considered it a part of herself. She duly recharged the belt every time that the red LED light came on, and wore it almost constantly.

Charlotte watched the other couples having coffee together. She imagined them in bed, having the sex that Charlotte denied herself.

When Tammy had told her about having two sexual encounters in the space of one week, she had been truly amazed! If only she had been so bold in initiating sex!

Not only vaginal, but demanding anal sex as well. Charlotte had never been in a position, with the couple of men that she had been with, to even ask for a man to use her bottom. Besides, wasn’t that something that a man, not a woman, was supposed to ask for?

Charlotte had chosen a booth, and was startled out of her thoughts when two women, one wearing a leather collar, sat down in the booth in front of her.

“You must be Charlotte,” said Mistress Jaclyn, “hello.”

“That’s correct,” Charlotte replied, “How did you know who I am?”

“I called Dr. Allen to see if your call was on the level. He told me that it was, and gave me your description.”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” said Charlotte.

“You called because you want to learn about submission. Why?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“I’m very unsuccessful with men, so I learned to avoid them. Then I learned about the study, and agreed to wear a Chastity Belt for scientific reasons. The belt monitors any responses I have to sexual stimuli around me, and every two days I send the information back to SRI. Dr. Allen suggested that I give you a call to learn about other forms of sexuality: so I’d like to try submission.” Charlotte answered.

“That’s quite a description,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

Mistress Jaclyn was in her early thirties, with Black Hair and Eyes, and she was rather tall: 5’ 7” in heels, and she weighed just 125 lbs.

“Thank you.”

“Normally a Mistress will order her submissive into a Chastity Belt as a form of punishment. You’re the first woman I’ve ever met that has voluntarily donned one. Do you wear it all the time?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, even when I sleep,” Charlotte answered.

“To work?”

“Yes, every day,” said Charlotte.

“That’s very interesting. How do you keep yourself clean?”

“I have the key, and remove the belt when I have to perform my toilette or bathe. Once I’m dry, I can’t wait to get back into the belt.”

“So if I ordered you to remove the belt and locked you into a cell with the belt outside the cell on a chair, you would do anything to get belted again?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes,” Charlotte answered.

“Including being whipped or flogged?”


“That’s rather interesting. So you want to place yourself in a vulnerable position to test your reactions to being separated from your belt?”


“Hmmm. I don’t suppose that any Mistress has ever been placed in this situation before,” observed Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte remained silent.

“You are aware that in submitting yourself to me that you will lose your clothes and the rights to your body. I will have the freedom to place you in bondage, jail you in a cell, place you on the horse, and whip or flog you to my satisfaction.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“And you want to remain locked in the Chastity Belt at all times?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You are aware that also means the use of your pussy and anus. I will use both, don a phallus belt, and fuck all three of your holes. Is that understood?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Charlotte, “I want to submit. Same way that I want to wear my belt.”

“Have you ever even been spanked by a boyfriend before? Ever been tied up?”

“No, Mistress. But having worn the belt, I’m open to new things,” Charlotte answered.

“All, right, I’ll give you a try. You may feel differently after you’ve been flogged for the first time.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re welcome. Are you busy this Saturday night?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.


“Good, then we’ll do a small scene together. I’ll flog my submissive Annette here to give you a demonstration, and then maybe give you a spanking for a small taste of discipline. After that, we can see if we can proceed from there.”

“Yes, Mistress, and thank you,” said Charlotte.

“You’re welcome, my dear,” answered Mistress Jaclyn, who motioned to Annette, who stood up from the outer seat of the booth, followed by Mistress Jaclyn, and they both left in unison.

Charlotte wondered what was going to happen next in her life.

* * *

It was now Saturday night, and the last place in the world that Charlotte expected to be spending it in was a jail cell.

Friday night, Mistress Jaclyn had called her and asked if Charlotte was free for tomorrow night. Charlotte said yes, and the Mistress said that she would be picked up Saturday night at 7 PM at her apartment.

Promptly at 7 PM a black limousine pulled up to the door of her apartment, and Charlotte almost flew out her front door, almost forgetting to lock the front door behind her.

The passenger door opened, and Charlotte stepped inside, and saw that she was not alone. Annette, who had been with Mistress Jacqueline in Starbucks, was her traveling companion.

“Good evening. May I have your phone?” asked Annette.

“Why?” asked Charlotte.

“No phone, no session,” Annette answered.

Charlotte handed over her phone, and watched as Annette opened the phone and removed the battery before closing it back up. Then she put both the phone and battery in a plastic bag, like the one used by banks, and taped it closed.

“If the bag gets opened, I’ll know,” said Annette as she stowed the bag in a console.

“I won’t do anything,” Charlotte promised.

“I’m sure you won’t. Hands behind your back, Charlotte,” Annette instructed.

Charlotte turned around her seat, and placed both if her hands behind her back. She was rewarded with feeling first one wrist locked in steel, and then the other. She was now a captive.

“Ever been in bondage before?” asked Annette.

“No, never,” Charlotte answered.

“It’s always a shock the first time. Try and pull your hands apart, flesh is no match for cold steel,” commented Annette.

Charlotte did as she was instructed, but without any effect. She felt the cold stainless steel bracelets encircling her wrists, and she was now powerless to remove them.

“If you think that handcuffs feel strange, wait till you wear a collar!” said Annette, “Now how do you look in sunglasses?”

“Sunglasses?” asked Charlotte, “it’s night, what do I need with sunglasses?”

Annette went to her purse, and removed a pair of sunglasses, which she opened and placed over Charlotte’s eyes. Once properly seated, Charlotte couldn’t see anything!

“Now sit quietly and enjoy the ride,” advised Annette, “Mistress Jaclyn is going to give me a flogging to demonstrate submission, and you’re the sole audience member. So you had better give us your total attention!”

“Yes, Annette.”

“Sit back in your seat, so that I can put your seat belt on. From now on, you had better get used to the concept of restraint.”

“Yes, Annette.”

After Annette had closed the seat belt, Charlotte somehow expected that Annette would somehow take advantage of her, perhaps by squeezing her breasts. But she did nothing of the kind and the rest of the journey was passed in silence.

* * *

Once they had arrived at their destination, Charlotte, still handcuffed and blinded by the sunglasses was conducted into the house of Mistress Jaclyn.

Charlotte did not know what to expect, and Annette carefully guided her steps, making certain that she did not trip or fall when ascending or descending steps, or walking on carpeting.

She was conducted into a room, and then Annette made her stand still.

“Kneel,” said Annette.

Charlotte carefully knelt on the carpet, and Annette then removed her sunglasses. She blinked her eyes in the sudden light.

“Good evening,” greeted Mistress Jaclyn.

“Good evening,” Charlotte replied, trying hard to restrain a gasp at the sight of Mistress Jaclyn.

Jaclyn was now seated behind a desk, wearing some sort of black gleaming PVC dress, complete with full matching gloves that extended almost to her shoulders. She rose to her feet, and stepped back from her desk, and walked over to where Charlotte knelt. Her legs were encased in black silk stockings, and she was wearing a pair of matching black three inch high heels.

“The trouble with latex,” Mistress Jaclyn began, “is that it’s both expensive and difficult to take care of. Once torn, that’s usually the end of the garment. In contrast, PVC is far more durable, equally sexy, and just as attractive. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Charlotte.

“But you’re not here for a fashion show are you, Charlotte?”

“No, Mistress.”

“You’re here to learn if you are suitable for submission. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I see you’ve dressed the way I told you to. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. You told me that you usually wear hold-up stockings so that they don’t interfere with your Chastity Belt. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte answered.

“Then you will continue to do so. Are you wearing your belt right now?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Charlotte wanted to add ‘always’ to the end of her reply, but she guessed that Jaclyn only wanted direct replies to her question, not explanations or excuses.

“Usually I place a Chastity Belt on a submissive as a means of punishment and control. You’re the first woman that has ever come to me with a belt worn by her own choice.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Annette will conduct you downstairs, get you undressed, and place you in a jail cell for our little demonstration. I’m sure that you will enjoy being behind bars. Deep in any woman is the desire to be a damsel in distress. I can satisfy that desire,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you have any questions?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“The key to my Chastity belt is in my purse, Mistress,” answered Charlotte.

“Annette, where is Charlotte’s purse?” demanded Mistress Jaclyn.

“Right here, Mistress,” Annette replied, placing the purse on Jaclyn’s desk.

“Give me any keys you find inside,” ordered Jaclyn.

Annette opened Charlotte’s purse, looked inside, and found her key ring. She handed it to Mistress Jaclyn.

“Which is the key to your Chastity Belt?” asked Mistress Jaclyn.

“The long thin one, Mistress. It fits into the side of the locking plate, which will free my sex,” Charlotte answered.

“I’ll leave the belt on you for now, and it’s time that Annette get you undressed and placed in the jail cell.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have you ever seen a woman flogged before?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Have you ever been punished before?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Then you are here to further your sexual education,” said Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Charlotte.

“You may take her away and get her ready,” instructed Mistress Jaclyn.

“Yes, Mistress,” Annette answered.

* * *

Annette had helped her to her feet, and walked Charlotte to an elevator, which they both descended in to the basement. There, she followed Annette to a door, which Annette unlocked. Annette pushed Charlotte in gently, turned on the lights, and Charlotte gasped in surprise.

Here was a complete dungeon, something that she had only seen online just a few days before!

There was jail cell, complete with cot and toilet, and there were chains on the wall and hanging from the ceiling, no doubt used to secure the cell’s occupant! Charlotte saw a set of stocks, something that she had only seen before in a museum! There was a wooden chair, made to look like a throne, that Charlotte guessed was for Mistress Jaclyn.

There were chains hanging from the ceiling, and on the wall, a rack that contained all sorts of whips, crops, floggers, and other instruments that Charlotte knew were to be used on female flesh!

Plus a wooden cage, and a wooden horse, no doubt intended for a female victim. Charlotte just knew that it would split her in half if she were made to sit upon it for any length of time.

“Does Mistress Jaclyn really use this on you?” asked a shocked Charlotte.

“Sure, I’m her submissive,” answered Annette.

“I just can’t believe all this!” exclaimed Charlotte.

“No more incredible that you wearing a Chastity Belt,” Annette answered, “now let’s get you ready.”

Annette walked Charlotte over the jail cell, and producing a key, opened it and guided Charlotte inside.

“I want you over by the cot,” ordered Annette.

Charlotte walked the few steps over to the cot, which hung from the cell wall by a couple of chains. She saw that there were numerous items resting on it’s surface, which Charlotte guessed were for her!

Annette walked behind her and unlocked first Charlotte’s right wrist and then her left. Charlotte was now free of the handcuffs, and moved her arms from behind her back to her front, and massaged her wrists which had just been imprisoned in gleaming cold stainless steel.

“Just wait until Mistress Jaclyn places them on you tightly,” cautioned Annette.

“She’ll close them even tighter?” asked Charlotte.

“Yes. That way you’ll know that you’re really in bondage,” advised Annette.

“Oh!” exclaimed Charlotte.

“Now I’d like you to get undressed, down to your high heels and Chastity Belt, and nothing else,” Annette ordered.

“Yes, I’ll undress,” said Charlotte.

Charlotte began to remove her clothing by first stepping out of her high heels, and then she unzipped her skirt from behind. She stepped out of her skirt, and carefully folded it, placing it on the cot. Then she opened the buttons on her white blouse, revealing her lacy bra underneath, and removed her blouse, which joined her skirt on the cot. Next came her bra, and she carefully removed her hold-up stockings.

Now wearing nothing but her Chastity Belt, Charlotte stepped back into her high heels.

“I’m undressed,” Charlotte said to her companion.

“Very nice, why don’t you turn around and let me get a good look at you,” instructed Annette.

Charlotte slowly turned around, exhibiting her body for her female companion. Then she held her hands above her head, and did so again, to show off her breasts.

“Nice,” Annette observed, “you’ve got a beautiful body. So why are you in a Chastity Belt?”

“Men think I’m too beautiful, and smart. They decide that they can’t afford me, so I spend my Saturday nights alone. So since men are afraid of me, I joined a study at SRI, and wear a Chastity Belt that monitors my physiological reactions to sexual stimuli.”

“In other words, they want to see what arouses you during the day,” observed Annette.

“Yes,” Charlotte replied, “and at night also. I wear the belt all day long.”

“By your own choice?” asked Annette.


“So you’ve already placed yourself in bondage voluntarily,” Annette observed.

“Yes,” Charlotte answered.

“I’ve never heard of that before,” said Annette, “but we can’t spend all our time chatting. Time to get you ready. Sit on the cot,” instructed Annette.

“Yes,” Charlotte said as she sat down.

Annette picked up an object made of leather and stainless steel, with four rings in the shape of a “D” spaced ninety degrees apart. She brushed Charlotte’s hair out of the way, and locked the collar around her neck with a small keyed lock.

Next her wrists and ankles were subjected to the same treatment, and Charlotte pulled at the leather now imprisoning her wrists.

“It’s best that those are tight,” said Annette.

“Why?” Charlotte asked.

“Because when you’re hanging from the ceiling, you don’t want to slip out of your bonds. That’s the sign of a careless Mistress. You don’t want to get hurt in an accident during a scene,” said Annette.

“As opposed to being flogged?” asked Charlotte.

“As you will learn, there are degrees of hurt. It’s one thing to slip out of your bonds while hanging from the ceiling and suffering a broken bone. Being whipped or flogged is the price of your being here and subjecting yourself to Mistress Jaclyn,” explained Annette.

“I think I understand,” Charlotte replied.

“Good. Now just two more chains, and you’ll be a true damsel in distress. Hold out your hands,” ordered Annette.

Charlotte did as she was instructed, and Annette attached a chain twelve inches to her wrists, and then bent down to the floor and locked a similar chain to her ankles.

“Stand up and walk,” ordered Annette.

Charlotte got to her feet and took a few halting steps, her movements restricted by the chains that she now wore.

“You look lovely,” said Annette.

“Thank you.”

“I have to go,” said Annette, “remember, I’m being flogged for your benefit tonight.”

“I’m sorry,” said Charlotte.

“Don’t be. It’s what I live for,” Annette answered, gathering up Charlotte’s clothes in her hands, and then walking to the cell door and locking it behind her, leaving Charlotte alone in her jail cell.

Once Annette had left her alone, Charlotte rose to her feet, walked to the cell door, and pulled at it without effect.

Then she paced in her chains, her steps extremely limited to just twelve inches, the length of a typical ruler.

Finally, Charlotte again sat back on the cot, and tried to remove her wrist bracelets and collar, and with no effect.

There was a full length mirror in the cell, and Charlotte took advantage of it, standing in front of it in her chains. She carefully studied her reflection in the mirror, just as she did in her own bathroom mirror, except at home she wore her full chastity outfit. Charlotte missed her metal bra and thigh bands.

She wondered what new direction her life was now going to take.

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH03 PT1: Life in Chastity”


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