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Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment CH02

WARNING! This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only, and the author not in any way condone similar behavior.

If you are under the age of 18 or reside in a state, nation, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!!!

“Controlled Experiment CH02: Tammy Gets Belted”

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“Controlled Experiment CH02: Tammy Gets Belted”

* * *

It was Saturday morning, and Tammy White wasn’t sure if her ordeal was ending or just beginning. Last Saturday, after she had returned from her business trip to find her best friend Charlotte in a Chastity Belt, she had asked her friend for the number of the Sexual Research Institute. She wanted to join the same study, because she wanted to wear a Chastity Belt that would somehow monitor her sexuality.

Charlotte had told her what to expect, and Tammy was sure that she could lie her way though the interview process. Besides, she expected when they realized they had a very sexually active woman, they would want her in the study.

She had filled out the questionnaire, and then was interviewed by Dr. Allen. Tammy had thought that she’d be offered the same process that Charlotte had gone through: wearing a regular belt for a couple of hours, then receiving the monitoring belt.

Instead she was measured for a regular belt, and given a log where she was supposed to write down the hours when she had worn it. She had been told to return the following Saturday to see if she was suitable for the study.

What puzzled her was why would they trust her to tell the truth about the time she wore the first belt? There was no way of them knowing how much actual time she spent in the first belt.

When she returned home with the first belt, after removing it from it’s plastic packaging, Tammy discovered the truth.

There was one section of the metal plate that covered her sex that was thicker on the inside than the other. Tammy didn’t try to pry it off, or damage it in any way. Instead she had donned the belt as Nurse Alexandra had demonstrated for her.

The area was just large enough for a couple of small batteries and a scientific instrument of some kind to see if a woman was wearing the belt. No doubt a microchip was recording the information.

For a week, she had worn the belt as much as possible, even at work. Tammy had wondered just how Charlotte had managed to wear it all day long at her job.

Tammy worked for a local advertising agency and web design company; so she was literally always in motion. She wondered just how her fellow employees might react if they knew what she was wearing under clothes!

For a week, she had worn the belt day and night, and it had become her constant companion. At night, she would trace the locking plate with her index finger, and then run it down between her legs to her previously available sex.

More than once she had retrieved her vibrator from her dresser drawer, turned it on just to hear the familiar buzzing that meant she was going to give herself a pleasurable orgasm after a hard day’s work.

Instead she merely stared at it, holding the buzzing object in her hand, frustrated that she could not place it between her legs and give her some sexual relief.

Tammy then shut the vibrator off, and placed it on her night table. She had to do something, so she cupped and kneaded her breasts, then pinched her erect nipples.

Once she wanted to buy a pair of nipple clamps in a sex shop, but had decided against it. Now she wished that she had done so to add to her inventory of sex toys,

After giving herself some relief, she calmed down and dressed. She had to appear composed when she met with Dr. Allen today.

Once she received the same belt that Charlotte wore, Tammy wondered, would she be equally enamored by the second belt? Or would enslaved be a better word?

Tammy got dressed and drove to the SRI offices. She had chosen a blue top and skirt, with a bra (her chastity belt was still locked onto her body); hold-up stockings, and a sensible pair of three inch high heels.

Beth was seated at her receptionist’s desk, and she was answering the phone when Tammy walked in. She took a seat, and waited for Beth to finish on the phone.

“Nice to see you again,” greeted Beth.

“You too,” said Tammy in return, “I’m here to hand in my journal and training belt.”

“How did you like it?” Beth asked.

“It was hard getting used to at first,” Tammy answered, “but eventually I was just fine.”

“Good. If you join the study, you’ll find the plasteel belt much more comfortable to wear. I find wearing mine all day is just so pleasing I can’t imagine taking it off,” replied Beth, “let me call Nurse Alexandra to let her know you’re here.”

“Fine,” Tammy replied.

“Alexandra?” This is Beth at reception. Tammy is here for her 10 AM appointment,” Beth said into her phone.

It was just a few seconds later when Alexandra appeared. They exchanged greetings, and Tammy was conducted into the examination room.

“Do you have your journal with you?” Alexandra asked.

“In my purse, along with a pair of panties, if I don’t work out,” Tammy answered.

“Let’s see your journal first, and you can remove your clothes and the belt,” Alexandra instructed.

Tammy reached into her purse and gave the journal which listed all of times she had worn the belt to Alexandra. While the nurse read it over, Tammy stripped her clothes off, and unlocked the chastity belt.

In the week that she had worn the belt, she had, in fact, gotten quite used to it. Now that she faced the possibility that she might not get into the study, it was difficult to comprehend the idea that she would again be in control of her body once again.

“Very nice,” said Nurse Alexandra, “you took to the belt easily. Not many women can do that.”

“Thank you, I would really like to get into the study,” Tammy replied.

“After I show these times to Dr. Allen, I’m sure there will be no problem. Let me have this belt, and I’ll be back soon. You can get dressed and wear those panties you just told me about,”

“Thanks,” said Tammy as she handed over her belt, still warm from wearing it to Nurse Alexandra.

Nurse Alexandra exited from a side door, and Tammy got dressed. If there was one thing she always did, it was to carry and extra panty in her purse, for all emergencies.

She sat on the examination table, wondering just how many other women had been there before her. Dozens? Hundreds?

After what seemed a long time, but was really less than half an hour, Nurse Alexandra reappeared.

“Dr. Allen wants to see you in his office,” instructed Nurse Alexandra.

“Thank you, I hope it’s good news,” replied Tammy.

“You won’t be disappointed,” reassured the nurse.

Tammy walked into Dr. Allen’s office and closed the door behind her. Dr. Allen was seated behind his desk, and in one of the chairs in front of his desk sat a cardboard box.

“Pleased to see you again, Tammy. Have a seat, I have good news for you.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“I have good news. You have passed the initial test period with the training belt, and now you can join the study and receive the plasteel belt that Beth wears.”

“That’s good news,” said Tammy.

“Open the box, I want you to look inside,” he instructed.

Tammy did as she was told. First she removed the new belt wrapped in plastic, which had been placed inside upside down. Below it, there were more plastic wrapped items.

“For passing the initial test, you also receive a metal bra and thigh bands, which will increase your confinement and wearing pleasure.”

“Thank you, Dr. Allen.”

“Inside also is a manual and DVD, but you already know how to put on the belt after a week. The only difference is that you now have to connect the belt to your phone to charge it every two days; and the belt will report how long you’ve worn it and any sexual stimulus you have received.”

“Great,” said Tammy.

“We would also like to have you come in once a month to report on your feelings on wearing the chastity belt and any sexual experiences you may have had,” summed up Dr. Allen.

“You don’t want me to wear it home?” asked Tammy.

“I think that you are entitled to a little freedom before you wear the plasteel belt. Once you put that one on, you’ll never want to take it off,” said Dr. Allen.

“Well I wore the first one for a week, and I got pretty attached to that,” said Tammy.

“Just try taking the plasteel belt away from Beth. She would fight you tooth and nail for it,” answered Dr. Allen.

“I’m sure.”

“So you can take your new belt and enjoy your Saturday. Thank you for joining the study.”

“Will this belt really change my sexual behavior?” asked Tammy, “make me less of a bitch in heat?”

“In science there are always variables,” Dr. Allen replied, “only time will tell.”

“Thank you for letting me participate.”

“I that have to thank you, Tammy,” replied Dr. Allen, ending their meeting.

On her way out, Tammy was handed another box. Looking inside, she found it contained the first belt that she had worn for a week. When she got back to her apartment, she looked at the first belt.

The metal piece that had covered her sex had been changed. Before, there had been an internal bulge that had contained something. Now it was gone.

Tammy then stripped off her clothes once again, and set about the task of wearing a different Chastity Belt.

Both her friend Charlotte and Beth were inseparable from their belts. Would she be any different?

* * *

It had been a strange experience to wear panties again, after having had her sex locked up behind gleaming stainless steel.

Tammy massaged her sex, and placed her index and forefinger inside herself, for the first time in a week. She thrust and then withdrew her fingers into her pussy, and then lay down on her bed.

She withdrew her fingers, and tasted her female secretions. Then she retrieved her vibrator, turned it on, and plunged it into her sex.

Tammy knew how to give herself an orgasm, and thrust the vibrator into herself like the way a man would ram his hard cock inside her. Then she played the vibrator over her clit, driving her ever closer to orgasm.

After a week, her body craved release from her self-imposed chastity. She quickly felt an orgasm coming, and when it did, she moaned with pleasure. Tammy lay panting on the bed, naked, her body covered with sweat.

She would do one more orgasm, shower, relax for a while to calm down, and then imprison herself in the new plasteel Chastity Belt.

Then her real test would begin.

* * *

After bathing and then drying herself off completely, Tammy was finally ready not just don her new plasteel Chastity Belt, but the metal bra and thigh bands that went with it.

After a week of wearing her first Chastity Belt (which was now stowed away in her closet) she was now in possession of the more advanced monitoring plasteel belt which her friend Charlotte had managed to get on her first visit to SRI. In contrast, Tammy, who was very sexually active, had to earn hers by wearing the training belt first.

Tammy was now experienced with wearing a Chastity Belt, and she managed to lock this on without any trouble. Once she had withdrawn the key, she walked around her apartment with nothing else on except for a pair of three inch high heels.

Once she was satisfied that the belt was snug and didn’t chafe anywhere, Tammy then applied herself to fitting the metal bra onto her breasts. She draped the chains over her head that would hold the bra, then drew together the two metal halves and locked them with a small keyed lock. She made sure that it fit properly, and the chains didn’t chafe her neck.

Lastly, she placed a thigh band around her left leg, locking it shut. She then attached it to a small D ring on her waist belt in order to hold it up. Then she did that same thing to her right leg, and once that was chained in place, she took another small keyed lock and secured both thigh bands together between her legs.

Again she walked around her apartment, not quite believing the transformation of what the Chastity Belt had done to her body.

She admired herself in the full length mirror of her closet door, first facing forward, then right and left. Tammy took her phone and used it to take a short video of her back. She saw the metal bra strap, the back of the belt, and her thigh bands.

“Definitely not for sale at Macy’s,” Tammy said aloud to herself in her apartment.

Having gone to the trouble of getting into Total Chastity, Tammy wasn’t going to remove anything just yet. She retrieved a robe from her closet, tied the waist belt closed, and resolved to get some work done. Tammy opened her laptop, got her internet connection going (she did not believe in Wi-fi but instead ran a cable to the modem) and got to work.

Since she worked all week with the first belt, it was no problem to work at home with the second belt, and the rest of the outfit.

Tammy had discounted both Beth and Charlotte’s comments that the second belt would be more comfortable than the first. But after a couple of hours wearing it, she had to admit what they said was true. The flexible metal adapted to her body over time.

She had to get her briefcase to retrieve some papers, as well as a Diet Coke to drink. Once Tammy had begun to work on her laptop, she was deep in concentration and nothing could disturb her.

After a couple of hours, she heard a knock on the door. Usually, it was Tammy who would show up unannounced at her friend’s place. Now the roles were reversed, and it was Charlotte who was the spontaneous one in their friendship.

Tammy rose to her feet, and clicked her heels on the walk to the front door. The only room in her apartment that was carpeted was her bedroom.

“Good afternoon,” Tammy greeted Charlotte, “come on in.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte replied.

After the front door was closed, Charlotte handed her jacket to Tammy who stowed it in her closet. Then they walked together to the dining room table.

“Want a drink?” Tammy asked.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

“Diet Coke on the rocks,” said Tammy.

“Fine,” Charlotte answered as she seated herself at the dining room table.

Tammy busied herself in the kitchen as she filled a tall glass with ice, found a can of Diet Coke in the refrigerator, and a couple of coasters, and placed all three in front of Charlotte.

“You’ll have to pour yourself,” said Tammy.

“What happened today?” asked Charlotte as she popped the top of the can, and poured the soda over the ice cubes.

“I passed,” Tammy replied.

Tammy opened her robe to reveal that she was now in Total Chastity. Her femaleness was now encased in gleaming stainless steel, and Charlotte could see the green LED was on, indicating that she was now connected to SRI through her cell phone.

She then sat down in front of her laptop and closed her robe.

“How long have you been dressed like that?” Charlotte asked.

“A couple of hours,” Tammy replied, taking a sip from own glass, “I decided that rather than Vogueing all day I’d turn on my PC and get some work done instead. Amazing how much more productive I can be without being interrupted every ten minutes at work.”

“Me too. So how do you like your new outfit? Have you adapted to the plasteel belt?”

“Yes. You were right, it’s rather nice to wear. It will be a lot easier to wear at work than the first one.”

“Anything special happen at SRI today?”

“Yes, when they gave me back my first belt they changed the front piece where I guessed the sensor had been. Alexandra must had downloaded the information from it when she went off to talk with Dr. Allen, and they no doubt must have looked at the times I wore the belt.”

“Where is the first belt?” asked Charlotte.

“In my closet,” Tammy answered, “at least they were truthful about returning it. I don’t know why they had to make such a big deal about hygiene – after all, they sterilize endoscopes and then use them on the next patient.”

“Good point.”

“They could just have sterilized this one and then locked it around another woman’s waist, and it wouldn’t have made any difference,” Tammy observed.

“Perhaps they think you might have a friend who would enjoy the joys of chastity,” said Charlotte.

“Maybe. You remember Tara?”

“Sure. She was the one who went skinny dipping in the hotel pool at that outing, right?”

“Yes, she’s the one. If any girl deserves to be belted, it’s her,” observed Tammy.

“Now I’ve taken to the belt and have certainly been chaste. But what happens when we cheat?” asked Charlotte.

“That’s a good point. Do we get thrown out of the study; or maybe flogged?” Tammy suggested.

“Only you would think of something like that,” said Charlotte.

“Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it. In fact, maybe that’s what I will do.”

“What do you mean?” asked Charlotte.

“I’m going to play the bad girl and take two men to bed and see what happens,” said Tammy, “besides, I’d like to see the look on their faces when they see my belt!”

* * *

Tammy entered the hotel bar dressed to kill. She was wearing her red dress, black hold-up stockings, and three inch red high heels. She had gotten her hair done the day before, and her makeup alone would catch any guy’s attention.

The week before, she had called an old boyfriend and suggested that they have a wild, one night stand. David had been surprised at his good luck, and even more amazed that he didn’t have to take Tammy out for dinner or a movie first!

David was 29 years old, very attractive, thin, and worked as an accountant. He had black hair and eyes, and weighed about 160 pounds naked.

He had been quite wary of the whole thing, after all a previous flame doesn’t just call a guy out of the blue for a night of wild sex.

Once they had both gotten relaxed, Tammy pulled him into the bedroom, and they both started undressing between bouts of kissing.

When she had taken off her blouse and skirt, however, David’s ardor suddenly cooled.

“What are you wearing?” he asked.

“My Victoria’s Secret bra,” she answered.

“That’s not what I’m talking about,” said David, “what’s that enclosing your sex?”

“Oh that’s nothing,” Tammy replied, “It’s just a Chastity Belt.”

“Just a Chastity Belt?” he answered, “just what have you been getting into since we broke up?”

“Oh, nothing much. I decided that I wanted to wear a chastity belt, but I also wanted to have sex as well.”

“This isn’t a religious thing, is it?” David asked.

“No, I’m involved in a scientific study of chastity, but I also want to get laid. That’s where you come in, David. I want you to screw my brains out tonight!” Tammy declared.

“I don’t understand.”

“All you have to do is bang me tonight. How hard is that to understand? This is every guy’s wish. Sex with no strings attached. You can even fuck my bottom, which I refused you the last time we slept together.”

“Do you have the key to this thing?” he asked.

“Well we couldn’t have sex if I didn’t have the key,” Tammy answered, “watch!”

Tammy stood up from the bed, and removed her keys from her purse. She took the long thin key and inserted it into the side of the locking plate over her stomach. The plate opened, and she placed the plate on his night table. Then she opened the rest of the belt, revealing her sex.

“There, see! My pussy is wet and ready for action now that I’ve got the belt off. Are you?” Tammy asked.

“You don’t make any sense, do you?” David answered.

Tammy fished a box of condoms out of her purse, handed one to David, and lay down on the bed-covers with her legs open.

“Okay sport, let’s see if that rod of yours is as hard as I remember it,” said Tammy, cupping one breast while her other hand went between her legs, “go for it!”

David leaned over Tammy and started kissing her on the lips, which his hands roved over her naked body. He started with her lips, then began to kiss down her neck, reaching her breasts. David sucked her left nipple while his right hand kneaded her breast, beginning by gently kneading it, progressing onto more rougher treatment.

“That’s good, I want it rough!” said Tammy, “so don’t treat me like a porcelain figurine.”

He continued kissing down her stomach until her finally reached her moist sex. David plunged his tongue into her sex canal, lapping at her female secretions, tasting her for the first time since they last slept together. His tongue then found the erect bud of her clitoris, and he sucked and drove Tammy wild with his efforts.

Then he suddenly withdrew his mouth from her pussy, quickly opened and unrolled a condom onto his erect shaft, and plunged his raging hard rod deep into her sex!

“Fuck me!” Tammy cried, opening her legs to receive him, and enfolding his naked body in her arms.

“Aaaaaaah!” Tammy cried as she was impaled on his hard cock.

David drove his shaft ever deeper into her pussy, withdrawing partially and then spearing her again. Tammy responded with her body and matched him with every thrust.

Tammy moaned with lust and satisfaction, glad that she had chosen the right former boyfriend to have wild sex with! Why had she broken up with David anyway? Any guy that could fuck like this was definitely a keeper.

His ever more powerful thrusts were driving Tammy ever more closer to orgasm! She panted and moaned, held him closer to her, and enjoyed the feeling of his cock deep inside her.

Now this was what sex was supposed to be!

Finally, like a tidal wave, there was no containing herself when her orgasm broke, and she moaned and bucked as she felt the jets of his come inside the condom that was inside her indicated that he was coming also. They lay together on the bed-covers, drenched in sweat, as David withdrew from her pussy.

“Now that was a good fucking!” Tammy declared, her breaths ragged from the orgasms that she had experienced.

Still on top of her, David lifted himself from Tammy. He got a tissue from the night stand, and carefully removed the condom so her would leak his sperm onto the bed and Tammy.

He threw away the tissue and condom, retrieved another, and began to clean his cock of his own ejaculation. Then he reached over and kissed her, and then kissed her again. The bedroom smelled of sex and sweat.

While David cleaned himself off in the bedroom, Tammy contemplated her next move. She had promised him anal sex, something that she had refused him in the past. Not today.

“That was great,” said Tammy, complimenting his prowess in bed.

“You’re welcome,” David replied.

“Want a drink?” he asked.

“Sure,” she answered.

“Orange juice OK, I don’t have any alcohol in the apartment at the moment?”


David padded naked into the kitchen while Tammy caught her breath after the pleasurable ordeal of sex. She sat up just in time as David reappeared, and her handed her a glass of orange juice as promised.

“Cheers,” they said together as they clinked their glasses together.

They drank together, and David put his down on the night table, and walked over to the chair where Tammy had placed the Chastity Belt upside down, so it wouldn’t fall to the floor.

“Where did you get this?” David asked.

“It’s part of a scientific study on sexual stimulation,” Tammy answered.

“Well, I’ve never heard of anything like it,” he replied, “and you wear this every day?”

“Yes, including to work.”


“See the bulge on the right hand side? That takes my readings, which get sent by phone to the Institute to see if I’ve had any sexual activity.”

“Well if you’re supposed to abstain from sex, then why come over here and get laid?”

“That’s just it,” she said, “I want them to know I got laid.”

* * *

Tammy was now on the bed raised on her hands and knees. David was behind her, and he unrolled another condom onto his already erect shaft, which he then lubricated still further from a small tube.

“Sure you want to go through with this?” he asked.

“Fuck me!” Tammy cried.

With his hands grabbing onto her hips, he maneuvered his erect weapon to the entrance of her bottom hole. The latex clad head of his cock was poised at the entrance of her virgin hole.

“Get ready!” he said.

Tammy gasped when she felt the head of his cock penetrate her anus, squealing with both pain and delight at the same time. She reached back her hands to open her buttocks, to allow him access to her rear hole.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Tammy cried.

Then he was into her! She could feel the length of his erect shaft inside her, as he again partially withdrew and then plunged deep inside her once again.

Getting fucked up the ass was something that she might grow to like, thought Tammy. It was certainly a new experience.

“You’re tight,” David commented.

“Next time I’ll wear a butt plug for a week to get ready,” said Tammy.

“Then you’ll be a different girl,” said David.

“Definitely,” she agreed.

He continued his thrusts inside her bottom, and she could feel him edging ever closer to another orgasm. David held firmly onto her hips, and with one final push inside her, she felt his cock spasm, and the hot come inside the latex inside her!

They both cried out together, and collapsed on the bed, covered in sweat from their sexual exertions.

“Great,” Tammy commented.

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” said David.

David withdrew from her bottom and again carefully held the condom so it’s contents wouldn’t leak out.

“Wouldn’t do to get come all over the quilt,” said Tammy.

“Not when it was gift from my parents,” David added.

“Want to get cleaned up?” he asked.

“Sure,” Tammy walked into the bathroom, took a glass of water, washed her face and did her toilette. But no shower.

“Why didn’t you want to take a shower?” David asked.

Tammy walked over the chair and set about rebelting herself. David watched in silence as she confined herself with the metal straps, finally turning the key after replacing the metal key back in front.

“You’re rather good at that,” said David.

“I’ve worn it for weeks now,” Tammy admitted.

“And how does it make you feel?” David asked.

“Feminine,” Tammy replied, “actually I like it very much.”

“Like I said when we broke up: you’re weird.”

“Thanks for the great sex,” said Tammy.

“You’re welcome,” David replied.

“Sorry, but I have to go,” she said while continuing to get dressed.

“You don’t want to spend the night?” he asked.

“Sorry that I have to fuck and run, but maybe another time,” said Tammy.

“Yeah, another time,” he repeated.

* * *

Tammy saw that the hotel was just swarming with businessmen! There was a convention in town, and that meant the place was just swarming with horny men, with money, looking for a good time.

Fleetingly, Tammy wondered if she was to be mistaken for a prostitute with this crowd. After all, she was wearing a red dress and matching high heels that just screamed sex.

It didn’t take long after she sat down in the bar for a man to approach her and offer to buy her a drink, and take the seat next to her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.

“Dry Manhattan,” she replied.

“I’ll have a Scotch on the Rocks; and a Dry Manhattan for the lady,” said the man after he had called over the bartender.

“What’s your name?” he asked.



“And what brings you here, Mike?” Tammy asked.

“Didn’t you see the signs?” he asked.

Tammy shook her head no.

“This is an auto dealer convention, and I own a chain of dealers in the mid-west.”

“Really. That’s very interesting,” Tammy replied.

“What do you do?”

“Websites,” Tammy answered.

“I couldn’t run my dealership without them,” said Mike, “the young people don’t know any other way to buy a car.”

“I’m sure that they don’t,” said Tammy.

“What are you doing here tonight?” Mike asked.

“Looking for a good time,” Tammy answered, “are you up to the task, or has a day of convention business tired you out?”

“Not really,” he answered.

“I’m ready whenever you are,” Tammy said, quickly draining her glass.

“You’re not a cop or a hooker are you?” Mike questioned her.

“Neither, just a girl that wants to get laid. This your lucky night, sport, so don’t ruin it. Let’s just say that I want to cut another notch on my bedpost.”

“All right then, let’s go to my room. I hope you’re being honest.”

“I hope that you’re honest also,” said Tammy.

* * *

Tammy and Mike undressed quickly, and it was Tammy who placed a box of condoms and lube on the night table.

“You come prepared,” Mike observed.

“Thank you.”

Mike Smith was 40, Black hair and eyes, 5’ 9” weighing a trim 170 pounds, with hair that had yet to go gray. He had inherited the business from his father when he had taken sick, and he was into town for the auto dealers convention.

The idea that he was going to take to bed a truly beautiful woman for a night of commitment free sex was a once in a lifetime chance.

They had kissed before undressing, and he still couldn’t believe his good luck. One thing was for certain: he wouldn’t breathe a word of this back home, because it might get back to his wife.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, however, when Tammy had taken off her stunning red dress, and was unhooking her bra from the back.

“What’s that around your waist?” Mike asked, he stopped undressing and stared at her waist.

“It’s a Chastity Belt,” Tammy answered calmly.”

“What are you wearing a Chastity Belt for?” Mike questioned.

“It’s part of a scientific study,” Tammy answered.

“We have Chastity movements out west, but that’s for women to save themselves for marriage. But none of them wear an actual belt!” Mike exclaimed.

“That’s their problem. This is rather comfortable, actually. It’s made of a new material called plasteel,” Tammy answered, “now let me put the key inside, and I’ll have this off in a jiffy.”

Tammy took her keys from her purse, found the correct one, and unlocked her chastity belt. Mike watched, speechless.

“What’s wrong?” Tammy asked, “never saw a woman wear a Chastity Belt before?”

“Ah, no,” Mike answered.

“Well, this is newest thing,” Tammy lied, “pretty soon women will be wearing Chastity Belts all the time,”

“Oh,” Mike answered foolishly.

“So let’s get to it, Mike,” said Tammy when she was totally nude, after putting the belt waist down on a nearby bedroom chair.

Tammy got under the covers, and invited Mike to join her.

“Don’t forget to turn the lights out,” said Tammy.

“Sure,” said Mike.

Tammy was surprised to find that Mike was a capable lover. After the shock of the Chastity Belt, he had recovered his composure and did not rush through foreplay. He kissed her on the lips, kneaded her breasts while pushing two fingers into her sex. Even feeling her bottom!

She felt his rod stiffen, and when he was ready, he paused and unwrapped a condom and unrolled it over his hard cock.

Tammy lay back and opened her legs, and Mike wasted no time in entering her, making her moan with sexual desire.

Mike plunged his cock all the way in, withdrew, and then plunged inside her again. Tammy matched him thrust for thrust, holding him tightly to her, her red nails digging into his back.

“Fuck me!” Tammy cried.

Nothing but moans of effort escaped Mike’s lips as he was in full rutting mode. He had never been with a woman before like this. At home, his wife just laid there and let him do all the work.

In contrast, this sex crazed female was intent on driving him crazy with just one night of sex.

Tammy opened her legs, then enfolded Mike’s body with them, trapping him in their grip. He continued banging her, the hotel room filled with the sounds of their lovemaking.

Mike was doing a good job of keeping his cock hard, and both he and Tammy were close to climax. Finally, Tammy moaned with an orgasm, just as Mike came inside the condom. Tammy felt the jets of hot come inside the latex inside her.

She released his grip on Mike just as he slumped, exhausted and covered in sweat on top of her.

“Not bad,” complimented Tammy, “I guess there’s something to be said for mature men.”

“Thank you,” replied Mike.

He got up from her and the bed, reached over and kissed her, and walked into the bathroom to remove the condom and clean himself. Tammy reached over and got a tissue from the dispenser on the night table, and wiped herself off, including her pussy.

Tammy heard the water run in the bathroom, and waited for Mike to rejoin her in bed. Her heart was still pounding from the fierce lovemaking that had just finished.

The light went out in the bathroom, and a naked Mike walked back to bed. Mike was still fit for his age, and Tammy wondered if a younger man could have shown as much stamina in bed.

“Want to rest a minute?’ Tammy asked.

“Sure,” he answered, getting under the covers with her, “mind if I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“If you’re wearing a Chastity Belt, then why are you engaging in sex?”

“I’m in a scientific study about Chastity and sexual stimulus. I just want to see how the people administering the study react when they find out I’ve been banging men,” Tammy answered.

“For such a free spirit, you’re a bad choice for a chastity study,” Mike observed.

“I guess so. Now tell me, have you ever fucked a woman up the ass?” Tammy asked.

“My wife would file for divorce if I asked her,” Mike answered.

“Well, I’m not you wife, am I?” Tammy asked.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Mike replied.

“But I’m the one asking you to use my bottom,” Tammy observed.

“I’ve never fucked a woman up the ass,” Mike answered.

“There’s always a first time, and for you, I suspect this may be your one chance in life,” said Tammy.

“Sure you’re not a cop?” Mike asked.

“I can ask you the same question,” Tammy replied, “now what is it going to be, Mike?”

Tammy got on top of the bed-covers onto her hands and knees, and presented her bottom to Mike.

“There’s condoms and lube on the table, use them. I’m a big girl from the big city, and nothing shocks me. Besides, one of my former boyfriends used my bottom just last week, and I’ve stretched myself with a butt plug. So you shouldn’t have a problem. So use my ass, or I leave,” said Tammy.

Mike got out of bed, and grabbed a condom from the table, and unrolled it onto his already erect shaft. Then her took the lube, and spread it on the latex.

He positioned himself behind Tammy, and thrust his rigid cock into her bottom hole!

“Aaaaaah!” Tammy cried, “fuck me!”

Mike pushed the head of his cock into her anal opening, past the sphincter and into her anal passage. She moaned with both pain and pleasure as he thrust, withdrew, and then thrust again.

“Sure I’m not hurting you?” Mike asked.

“I’m a big girl,” said Tammy, “now shaft me again!”

Mike did as he was told, not believing that he was in this situation. At home, he was in charge in bed. But now here he was, up this stranger’s bottom, and he was taking orders from her!

“Fuck me!” Tammy cried.

Mike continued his anal assault of Tammy, holding on to her hips as he rocked back and forth, his shaft deep into her nether regions.

“You’re tight,” he said.

“Then open me up!” Tammy challenged, “Aaaaaah!” Tammy cried as he impaled her on his tool.

Finally, Mike came inside his condom, and Tammy felt the jets of warm come even with his latex clad cock deep into her bottom. They both cried out in unison, and fell on the bed, panting and sweating together.

“Not bad,” breathed Tammy.

Mike stood up to take care of the used condom, so that nothing would leak out.

“If I knew you better I’d offer to give you a blowjob, but since this will be our only meeting, you’ll just have to remember this moment forever.”

“Please stay with me tonight. Let me buy you dinner, drinks, flowers, something,” he plead with her.

“Sorry, but just like Cinderella, I have to go. Mike you were fantastic. And I’m sure that when you get home to your mid-western small town, you’ll never be able to breathe a word of this.”


Tammy then kissed him on the lips, and held him tightly.

“Nobody will believe me that I was seduced by a woman wearing a chastity belt, who I had fantastic sex with, and even made me perform anal sex.”

“Like I said downstairs, this was your lucky day.”

Mike watched in silence as Tammy locked herself back into the chastity belt, turning the key into the locking plate. Then she placed her legs back into the hold-up stockings, put on her bra, and slid back into her red dress.

Without being told to, Mike got behind her and zipped up her dress.

“Thank you,” she said.

“You’re welcome.”

She slid her feet into her red high heels, kissed Mike again, gathered up her purse and keys, and walked out of Mike’s hotel room, gently closing the door behind her.

Tammy walked to the elevator, and never looked back. But she did shed a tear in the elevator, for meeting and taking advantage of such a nice guy.

Would he ever have scored in the hotel bar without meeting her?

The End of “Controlled Experiment CH02: Tammy Gets Belted”