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Steamers And Beer

By Traci as told to Christine

My name is Traci and you may have already read a series of stories told by my sorority sister, roommate and confidant, Julie. We are currently seniors at a large eastern university and the following episode happened at the end of the spring semester of our junior year. We both have learned of one another's enthusiasm for enemas and also are serious about our respective boyfriends, Rob and Brian whom we've also introduced to this pasttime.

It was early May and exam week was drawing to a close. The weather had warmed and we were all tired of studying and the stress of taking final exams. Earlier in the week I'd gotten a call from my Aunt Bev who planned to go on one of Uncle Frank's business trips to Japan and wanted Julie and me to take care of their house on the Maryland shore for the next couple of weeks. While I'd spent many summers there over the years, I was excited that Rob, Julie and Brian could go too. Being only five hours from campus, we planned to leave this afternoon as soon as Julie finished her last exam.

"Hey Trace. That's it. I'm done with exams for another year. Are you all packed yet?

"No. I just got back from the bookstore. Would you believe I got $44 for some of those texts that I hope never to see again. Besides, we don't have to take much. My aunt and uncle's place has everything. Trust me, this place is so cool. They even have a boat we can use." I said as I got out my suitcase.

"What do you think? Jeans, sweats, tops and undies?"

"I'd also take a bathing suit and your wellies."

"My wellies? Yuck! What in heavens name for?" asked Julie as if I'd just uttered one of the worst insults possible.

"Because we're going clamming. The guys will just love steamers and beer and there's nothing more fun than digging them yourself. Also don't forget your . . ."

Julie started to giggle, ". . . my syringe? I was planning to take it as well as my silk pajamas."

Eighteen hours later it was the next morning and the four of us awoke at the Maryland shore house. We'd all slept in, but when Rob and I finally got up we found Julie and Brian in the kitchen making breakfast. Julie was dressed in a sports bra and shorts and Brian was wearing sweatpants and no shirt. I was wearing one of my older one-piece swimsuits and Rob had on cutoffs and a tee shirt.

"Hey guys. Coffee?" asked Brian holding up the pot.

"Sure," came three voices and Brian proceeded to dispense the needed dose of caffeine. "Thought we'd do steamed clams and beer tonight," I said, adding, "I haven't had them since early last fall. Julie and I will go dig some from a great spot I know of and the guys can take the car and pick up a keg of beer."

"Do clams have the same effect on guys that oysters do?" asked Julie.

"I sure hope so," uttered Rob and we all had a good laugh. After breakfast the guys headed for town. I put on a sweatshirt and went to the back closet and got out my pair of tall blue sailing boots, a couple of clam rakes and a bucket.

"Go put on your wellies, We're going down to the mud flats for clams," I told Julie as I pulled on my boots. Julie hated wearing her wellies and thought with the sports bra and shorts that this was most likely the strangest, if not the ugliest combination she'd ever worn. Only later, after sloshing around out on the flats at low tide, was she was ready to admit that it was kinda practical after all.

As I showed her how to spot a clam and the method needed to successfully dig it up, Julie said, "Do you think it might be fun to see what kind of reaction the guys would have if they found out we were all doing enemas?"

"It might be," I said as I tossed another clam into the bucket. "But how could we ever do that without them feeling we'd violated their confidence?"

"What if we don't close our bedroom doors all the way? Also I could leave my syringe out in our bathroom just like I do back at the sorority house. In other words, let's not be so discreet about things and see what happens," suggested Julie with a bit of her infectous giggle as we started our walk back to the house. Our timing was good as the tide was now coming back in and at points we had to wade through water nearly a foot deep.

Brian and Rob were already back at the house, had tapped the keg and were just standing around with their first glasses of beer. Upon our return they made a few comments about our boots, but were impressed with our bucket of clams. Julie and I pulled off the boots as the guys rinsed and dumped the clams into a kettle on the stove.

Towards mid afternoon after having several beers each, we all sat down to devour the clams that had just come off the stove. What a feast! We all agreed that it seldom got any better that this.

"This is has to be my twentieth," bragged Brian as he dragged yet another clam through some melted butter

"Probably better that we don't count," I said laughing, but feeling that we'd all made absolute pigs of ourselves added, "I could fall asleep. How about you, Rob?" As if on cue, Rob stood up, yawned, took my hand and led me off to the bedroom. Remembering the deal with Julie I made sure our door, while mostly closed, was still open a crack.

I laid down on the bed and seconds later Rob was next to me. He showered my neck with kisses, got my sweatshirt off and started working the straps of my bathing suit off my shoulders. "Rob, with all those clams, butter and beer are bouncing around in my stomach. I'm not ready for loving right now. But an enema might help me feel better."

"You mean you brought your bag with you?"

"I wouldn't think of leaving home without it," I said realizing that I must sound like a certain credit card ad. "You'll help me, won't you," I added getting off the bed and taking my syringe into the bathroom. Rob was predictably following me and I quickly assembled the bag and ran the water. Minutes later I've stepped out of my bathing suit and lying on the bed as Rob put a generous amount of KY up my bum and then inserted the nozzle. As the warm enema bagan rushing into me, Rob gave me a wonderful backrub that soon had one hand caressing one of my breasts and the other rubbing my increasingly wet crotch. This was just so relaxing.

But in a few minutes seeing that I've taken all of the enema, Rob takes out the nozzle and rolls me on to my back where he starts to suckle my breasts while continuing at the same time to massage my clit between thumb and forefinger. I was close to cumming, but the problem was that I am seldom very quiet when I do. Now remember that the door is open a little. "Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh," I shouted as my clit is now glistening with even more of my personal moisture.

There was faint knock on the door and Brian looks in and asks, "You guys OK? Julie heard the noise and thought it best I check on you." Then Brian sees Rob still holding the now empty enema bag, and his face flushes, "I guess so, sorry," he mumbles and promptly closes the door.

Rob is also a bright crimson, but I've started to laugh. It would be hysterical if my insides were not still holding the enema that has been working away for several minutes now. I dash to the bathroom and get rid of the enema and return to the bedroom where Rob is still upset about Brian seeing him with the bag.

"Rob, it's OK. Trust me. I wasn't feeling good after the clams and beer and you were being a real dear trying to help me feel better." I give him some tender kisses as I unbuttoned and then unzipped his cutoffs. Rob takes the cue and minutes later I'm laying on the edge of the bed with my legs hanging off with Rob's penis deep inside my vagina. I'm very excited now and as I begin my orgasm I could feel his strokes getting longer until I sense the pulsing that tells me his ejaculate is filling me. We fall asleep and the next thing we saw was the morning sun beaming through the bedroom window.

As we get up I kinda got dressed meaning that I put on my bikinis, the tops and bottoms of my sweats, but no bra. Rob is in his cutoffs again, but with a different tee shirt. As we walk from our bedroom to the kitchen we had to pass by the bathroom that Julie and Brian used and there, plain as day, was hanging Julie's syringe. I was sure that Rob saw it too.

When we get to the kitchen we find only Brian, who pours us a round of coffee and with a return of his deep crimson blush, apologizes again for his intrusion of the night before. "I'm sorry guys, I just heard the noise and thought someone was really sick. I didn't mean to interrupt anything."

"It's OK, Brian, You were just trying to be helpful," I said touching his arm trying to put him at ease. "I really wasn't feeling too good and Rob was attending to my need," I said.

"Julie's OK this morning isn't she?" asked Rob. "She's not out here yet and I saw an enema bag hanging in your bathroom and I thought she might have had a problem too?"

Just then Julie came into the kitchen in her pajamas. "I'm fine," she said, "But late last night Brian wasn't," she added now implying that it was Brian who got the enema, a fact confirmed by his face returning to its deep shade of crimson.

After taking my first sip of coffee, I said, "Look just to make sure everyone will be feeling OK today, I think we should all go back to our bedrooms and those who didn't get enemas last night will get a good one this morning. Everyone knew this was a ruse for having some more lovemaking but at least no one said so and we all headed back to our rooms.

When we got there, Rob told me, "This probably is a good idea. I've been nervous about exams and haven't gone in days.

I walked over and kissed him on the cheek and said, "Let's take care of it then." I didn't wait any longer and went into the bathroom and filled my syringe nearly to the top making Rob a larger, and this time also soapy, enema. I soon returned to the bedroom with a tube of KY and the towels and hung the bag on the wall hook.

Rob must have really wanted this because he'd already stepped out of his cutoffs and briefs and was lying on his side on the bed. "OK, hon. I'm all yours," he said.

I lubed his bum and his penis instantly stood at attention. As I slipped the nozzle into his bum with one hand and held his firm penis with the other I couldn't help but think that at that very moment Brian was probably also inserting a nozzle into Julie's bum. My body shuttered as I felt the crotch of my bikinis getting wet again. "Click" went the clamp and Rob smiled as he felt the first ounces of the warm, soapy enema invaded his bottom.

He took nearly the whole thing and I gently played with his manhood while it was flowing, I didn't get too aggressive for fears that he might accidentally expel it right there on the bed. After a few minutes I withdrew the nozzle and Rob ran for the bathroom where I could hear him expelling what sounded like torrents of enema and all that it had dislodged from his system.

When he finally returned to our bedroom he was smiling from ear to ear and quickly removed my sweatshirt revealing my bare breasts which he then started to suckle. Moments later he'd removed my sweatpants and bikinis and proceeded to kiss my neck, caress my breasts with one hand while rubbing my then very wet clit with the other. We first did it doggy style with me leaning over the footboard of the bed. The penetration,, both a combination of the position and the firmness of his erection from having had the enema, was absolutely incredible. Never had he been so far up inside of my vagina. Moreover, when he finally came, I didn't think he'd ever stop.

Hearing Brian and Julie rummaging about outside, we decided that we should finally get dressed, but before doing so I took the syringe once more into the bathroom and douched out the remaining volume of Rob's man juice that hadn't by then leaked out onto the towels.

When we were all together once more, Julie asked, "More clams and beer anybody?"