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A Fair For Antiques

A Fair For Antiques

By Traci as told to Christine

In our earlier episode, my roommate and sorority sister Julie and our boyfriends Rob and Brian have spent the past two weeks housesitting for my uncle Frank and Aunt Bev who are on a trip to Japan. It’s been a great time because aside from feeding their cats and being sure that the house has a “lived in” look, we’ve spent the days boating, beachcombing, and clamming as well as engaging in certain enjoyable indoor activities. But all good things eventually must end and tomorrow we’ll be heading home and in a week or so all of us will be starting summer jobs.

When Rob and I got up this morning and looked outside all we saw was fog mixed with a fine mist. I had put on a tank top and jeans and was standing at the mirror in the bathroom brushing my hair. Rob had stepped out of the shower, and finding that he’d forgotten to earlier take a towel, was rummaging through the linen closet. Telltale puddles of water formed wherever he had stepped.

“Hey, Traci, what’s this?” he asked holding up the white object.

“I don’t know. Let me see,” I replied heading over to where he stood. While it looked like a large enameled steel pitcher, it had a strange outlet at the bottom and what looked like a hanging hole at the top. Then it came to me. I’d seen this before, but a long time ago: it was an enema can that my grammy used to have in her house instead of an enema bag.

“Any ideas?” asked Rob.

“Yea, my grammy used this for enemas instead of a bag. You don’t happen to see a hose or nozzles in there too do you?”

“Let me look,” said Rob. “Wait a minute. What’s this,” he replied finding a length of red rubber hose complete with rectal nozzle and metal clamp.

“Wow, this is really great,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind trying this out. But that will have to wait because Julie and Brian probably have breakfast ready. I think I can smell coffee.”

We went out to the kitchen and found that my nose had not deceived me. Julie had made french toast as Brian was frying up some bacon. After putting the food out on large platters, we all sat down and dug in. These two sure had ourdone themselves this morning because everything was done to perfection. Working on my second cup of coffee, I asked, “So with what a dreary day what do we want to do?”

“I know what I’d like to do,” replied Brian.

“You had enough of that last night,” said Julie making a fist and slugging Brian on the shoulder but unable to contain her laughter. “It’s a dreary day but I thought we’d like to hike along the shore and go look at the lighthouse down on the point.

“Strange as it may seem, today is a perfect day to do that, I said. “It might be misting but the air is so perfectly still that you’ll wonder where the rest of civilization went. But if you’re going to do that, Julie, you better be sure to wear my raingear. It’s the turquoise jacket and pants in the back closet. Brian, I think you will find my uncle has a yellow set as well as a pair of boots that will fit you.

Julie had put on a pair of socks and was already pulling on her boots when she commented, “I never thought I’d wind up wearing these damn things so much, but the walk should be lovely.”

Now dressed for it the two of them went down the steps and out into the weather, I turned and said to Rob, “Let’s go back and check out grammy’s antique some more.”

Back in the master bathroom, Rob volunteered, “If you want, I could give you a nice warm morning enema today.”

“I’ve got an even better idea,” I replied with a twinkle in my eye. “How about you giving one with this and I give you one from my bag? Both at the same time!” I asked. I started to prepare things without even waiting for Rob’s reply. Within minutes the can and my bag were both filled with warm soapy water. The bag was hung from the familiar hook we’ve used during the past two weeks, however, the can had to set on a nearby shelf. As I picked up three bathtowels and the tube of KY, at the last minute I also grabbed two tampons and headed for the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom we slowly undressed one another and laid down on the bed facing one another. Each of us put a liberal amount of KY on our fingers and moments later were probing one another’s bottom orefices. Despite our position really feeling strange, Rob immediately got erect while I was getting wetter by the minute. Being in our respective positions it was somewhat difficult to insert the nozzles and we started to laugh hysterically.

Eventually, we succeeded and as both of us clicked open the clamps at the same time.Our first attempt at doing a buddy enema began. We engaged in some long passionate kisses and then began to caress one another. He was incrediably erect and I was getting even wetter as my excited body just kept producing those uniquely feminine juices.

After some time we both looked up and saw that Rob’s bag was now flaccid and to whatever extent we could determine, the enema can was empty, too. We simultaneously clicked shut the hoses and remove the nozzles from each other’s bums. As he rubbed the tip of his penis on my clit I knew I not only wanted it up inside of me, but I was really horny by now and wanted his penis soon. The problem was that here we were, the two of us filled with desire, but also the two of us were each filled with somewhere between one and two quarts of warm soapy water that would soon be wanting to find its way out.

“Rob,” I said, “This is going to seem pretty weird, but after I do this to you I need you to do the same to me,” I explained opening one of the tampons and liberally coating the rounded tip of the plastic applicator with KY. Rob’s eyes went wide as I inserted the tampon in his bum and pushed the inner tube to set it in place.

Moments later he did the same to me and I have to admit it was a completely different feeling than when I insert a tampon in the opening where it was intended to be put. Knowing that we wouldn’t accidentally lose the enemas, the question was how do we proceed from here? “Carefully,” I thought to myself.

I moved my right thigh on top of Rob’s left one and then my left thigh on top of his right so that Rob could easily enter me which he soon enough did. What a sensation of having a vagina full of penis and a bum full of enema! The pressure was intense but so far the tampons were working for both of us. He was rock hard and I was super wet. While I don’t like fast lovemaking, there is no way either of us could slow this one down and we both came at the same time with such intensity that it brought tears to my eyes.

By this time we’d been holding our enemas for nearly twenty minutes and those tampons were still working and I was thinking that I was glad that I usually wear supers instead of the slimmer regular size. Rob and I embraced and kissed for a few more minutes before he finally pulled out of me. Neither of us wasted any time as he ran for our bathroom and I ran for the one Julie and Brian had been using. Within seconds I withdrew the tampon and out came the huge soapy enema. It felt great to get rid of it, but then my mind turned to poor Rob: “My, but I hope he knows how to take out a tampon,” I thought with a silent chuckle trying to envision him doing so.

I cleaned myself up and went directly to the other bathroom to see how he was doing. Apparently my worry was unfounded, because we met in the bedroom, the two of us all smiles. I went into the bathroom got myself another tampon which I soon inserted in the opening where it belonged. “That timing was good Rob, it’s our last day and my period just arrived. Couldn’t have been better,” I said, giving him a kiss. “It’s been an unforgetable two weeks.”

About a half hour later, Brian and Julie clomped up the back steps. “That walk was awesome, but it wouldn’t have been nearly so pleasant if we’d been without the raingear,” said Brian.

“We would have gotten pretty wet otherwise,” said Julie taking off my rainpants and hanging them by the backdoor to dry and then pulling off her wellies. “What’d you guys do?”

“You guys had the raingear, so we wound up getting kinda wet,” answered Rob, at which point I slugged him in the arm with the intention that he shouldn’t say anything more. But it was too late and Julie and Brian caught the meaning and couldn’t conceal their amusement. “OK, what other than that did you do?” asked Julie with a coy expression on her face and the remnants of a suppressed giggle.

“We checked out some antiques that Aunt Bev had around the house and then cleaned things up a bit. Nothing special.” I replied trying to remain as stonefaced as was humanly possible..

Rob and I looked at each other. He just raised his eyebrows as if to say to me, “Nothing special? Traci, you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Turns our that Rob has a latent appreciation for antiques. Who’d ever thought?” I said and the two of us broke up with laughter while Julie and Brian wondered what the heck was going on with these two.

As I said before, it had been an unforgetable two weeks!


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