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A Little Diaper Fantasy

Day 1

How did I get myself into this? Mind you, I'm not complaining since it does feel so warm and comfy to be babied like this with mommy beside me. I can suckle the huge pacifier she put in my mouth but do little else. Blindfolded, hooded, wearing footed PJs and tied on mittens and weakened by the day's play; I'm in no shape to do much but sleep. My double overnight diaper is dry now but the many bottles of juice mommy made me drink earlier will assure it won't stay that way. A restraint on my left ankle keeps me tethered to the bed. Mommy knows it isn't needed since there's no way I'd move tonight without her say-so but it is a nice touch to show she cares. I don't know how she did it but mommy made me her baby girl and I never even tried to resist.

We had talked for a long time and she knew I was a switch like her and that I loved to submit but that I couldn't always let myself go. She wanted to really take control of me but didn't know how to get me to offer myself to her control. So she decided to just take charge of my need to submit and I decided it was time to allow her to take me where she wanted. She planed it well and I never saw it coming when she took charge of me.

I was sitting in her living room when she approached me with her hands hidden and sat down to straddle my lap. She touched her finger to my lips. "Shhhh.. I'm going to have a little fun with you."

Taken by surprise, I simply stared at her as she touched a huge pacifier to my lips until I parted them to allow her to silence me. She leaned forward to cradle my head and kiss my forehead. As she drew back she slid a blindfold over my eyes. I felt her weight lift from my lap. I was pulled to my feet, led to her bed and sat down.

I sensed her move around to sit behind me and speak in my ear. "Now, mommy is in charge here. I'm going to use your body for my pleasure and do whatever I wish to you. You're going to be mommy's baby girl for a while and I will hear nothing about it. You will be mine now and you have no say in the matter."

As she spoke, she began stripping me of my clothes. It was clear she had no intention of entertaining any protest or resistance from me. I was soon bare naked and she bent me over the edge of her bed. A soft rope was used to bind my wrists. I was left in that position as I heard her walk out of the room.

Left with my thoughts I began to realize how nervous I had become. I had been the bottom many times but never in quite this way. I was trusting her to have me and I was anxious as I heard the sound of lots of water running in the distance. I heard my labored breathing and felt little twitches over my skin. A part of me was tempted to move, get away and end this now but the rest of me wanted to stay if only to please mommy.

Mommy? Did I really see her as mommy now? Was I really going to let her mommy me? Yes, I decided right then that it was right. I realized how much I wanted to really have the feeling of being her submissive baby girl. I would let her have me.

I don't know how long I had been left there, happy with my quiet acceptance of mommy's control of me, when I heard her now softer footsteps enter the room. I heard sounds of metal clinking and something rattling on the floor. She bent over me to embrace my body from above. I could feel that she had undressed and now wore only her bra and panties. The feel of her soft skin, the smooth fabric and the scent of her body filled my senses. She stood up and slid her hands over my body. I felt her touch every inch as if claiming my flesh. "I'll have to fix that." I heard mommy purr as she ran her hands over my legs. "Now that you are my baby, I'm going to get you ready for my pleasure."

Then she settled her hand on my bottom. "I think I'll start here." I heard her giggle as I heard her snap a latex glove in place followed by the clear sound of a tube being squeezed. I pointlessly tested the bonds on my wrists and awaited what I knew would be next.

Her finger slipped gently but firmly into my bottom and I felt myself submit a little deeper. She began to finger my bottom while rubbing my quivering cheeks. She slipped her fingers in me again and again as she spread more lube into my unresisting hole.

At first the double balloon rectal catheter was a surprise. I felt it pop in and settle into place. Then came the inflation. My breath froze as the inner balloon grew inside me. Mommy slowly inflated it as if to tease me as I felt the balloon expand inside me well beyond any hope of removal. Then the outer balloon expanded until it pressed against the inner balloon to complete the seal that would force me to retain whatever she wanted to put in me. "Baby, lie on the bed on your left side, right knee up to your chest." She said as she gave me an affectionate swat.

I obeyed her and felt her lie down behind me. She spent several minutes playing with me as I felt the double balloon rectal catheter firmly seated in my bottom. "Mmmmm, you have such a nice body to play with."


The enema was started with no warning. I felt the warm water flow into me swiftly and smelled the soap in the water. She massaged my bound body and rubbed herself against me as I tried to relax and accept it and the little cramps. I was made to move several times to allow the water to fully fill me as she teased me. My belly was swollen from the warm water swishing and cleansing deep inside me and held in place by the intruding double balloon rectal catheter. I was made to hold it in for some time as she played with my body to her great amusement. Finally, I was untied, led into the bathroom and allowed to have relief. A second, larger enema was used to rinse the first and I felt quite drained when she finished it.

She then pulled me over her lap and retied my hands. Fearing a spanking, I braced for the sting. Instead, I felt my bottom being lubricated once again except with more fingers this time stretching out my bottom even wider than she had before. "Now baby, I have something for you to hold for me." As soon as the plug touched my bottom she began to slowly work it into me. Once she started, she didn't stop. The plug was kept under steady pressure as it slowly entered my bottom. I tried to relax and allow it to enter me but the pressure was growing. I sucked on the pacifier and hoped for the plug to settle in place. Mommy kept it in place but began to slowly move it in small strokes and twists. Each time she stroked it in it went a little bit further. At last it popped into place and would be seated there for as long as mommy wanted since I could not get it out while bound.

I was lifted and seated on the bed causing my weight to push on the plug. I heard the sound of plastic being unwrapped. Then I felt a diaper being rubbed against my face and over my body. Mommy laid me back and slid the diaper under my bottom then brought the front into place. "My baby girl. When I'm done using your body tonight you'll be wearing this whether you like it or not." She whispered in my ear as she rubbed me through the front of the diaper. "You're mine now and I'm going to keep you diapered so you never forget. You can look forward to wearing and using your diapers for as long as I want and I will change you when and how I wish. Now, let's take care of this while that plug opens you up." She said as she ran her hands over my legs and bottom.

I was led into the bathroom, my hands were untied and I was lowered, plug still seated firmly in place, into the warm bath water. After soaking for several minutes she lifted my right leg out of the water, applied lotion and I felt her strip my leg of hair with a lady's razor. My flesh grew very sensitive as more of it was completely bared. This was not play. I was mommy's baby girl now and mommy wanted me shorn and vulnerable. When my legs had been bared she made me get on all fours and shaved my bottom and front taking great care to get every hair between my legs. I was striped of all hair from the neck down when she was done and lifted from the tub. "Kneel down with your knees spread."

When I did as she told me a strap was wrapped around the base of my erection. I was pulled to my feet by the strap and led into another room. I was bent over some type of padding. My arms were pulled down and secured into restraints. The same was done with my ankles and a strap was bound around the small of my back forcing my bottom into full exposure. "Now baby, you will keep that binky in your mouth. If it falls out I will use a cane on you. I'm going to make a baby girl of you."

I felt the plug being pulled out with a pop. I felt empty without it and I hoped for more. Then I felt her gloved fingers enter my bottom with lots of lube. She curled her fingers inside me and began to rub towards to front. After a while she began to use downward strokes on my shaft.

Nooooo. I quietly thought. I was being milked and I could do nothing to stop her. I wanted to protest but I dared not drop my binky. "Mommy, please don't milk me." I begged in my mind. But she continued to drain me as my body slowly yielded what mommy sought to take from me. While I wished for her to stop my body rebelled and my bottom arched up asking for more of the pleasure the milking brought. As the milk flowed out I felt myself start to grow soft and the strap was tightened. All I could do was nurse on the binky.

Suddenly the milking stopped and the restraints were undone. Mommy brought me to her bed and bound my wrists again.

The blindfold was pulled off and I found mommy standing naked except for a very realistic strap-on that she was slowly stroking as she held my head so I was watching it from a foot away. "Do you like it? Do you know what I'm going to do with it?" She softly growled. "I'm going to make you take it in your mouth and pleasure it."

I was roughly pulled off the bed and forced onto my knees where I found myself looking up at it inches from my face. I felt myself shiver as I saw how real it looked and how large. She had wrapped it in a condom with the tip protruding out from the head. The smell of latex mixed powerfully with the scent of her nectar inches away. Kneeling there, my hands bound, my half-drained cock restrained in its strap by my well-violated bottom, pacifier in my mouth about to be replaced by the shaft that bobbled before me, not knowing what else would be done to except that I would be diapered with or against my will when she was done, I had never felt so submissive and had never so wanted to feel it.

The blindfold was replaced and the binky removed. My head was roughly arched upwards. I felt the first touch of the tip to my lips. "Kiss it, baby girl."

I extended my lips and accepted the contact. Holding my head steady, she thrust forward just enough to force the head into my mouth. It felt soft and firm and had a sweet flavor. "Now, suck on it until you've sucked it into your mouth. Don't even think of stopping until your little mouth is full."

I steadied my breath and sucked on mommy as hard as I could. Slowly I felt it slide into my mouth as mommy whispered sweetly to keep going. As last I felt my nose touch her belly. I dared not move. I had never felt so violated and trembled slightly as the scent of her nectar overwhelmed me and made me feel faint. I could feel the veins in my mouth and she must have heated it as the warmth filled my mouth. "Now pleasure it and think of what it will feel like as I slide it into your bottom, baby girl."

The thought made me melt a little and I felt myself go completely soft yet the strap seemed to tighten. I did my best to suck and lick mommy as she thrust herself into my face. The image of her taking me filled my mind. I knew that she couldn't really feel me licking her toy. What was really exciting her was that she was making me do what she wanted for her pleasure.

When she was satisfied with my efforts she undid my wrists and made me turn around to get on my knees and elbows on her bed. My chest and head were lowered to rest on a thick pillow with my wrists tied in front of me and bound to the headboard. I was made to spread my knees a few feet apart and to cross my ankles that she then tied together. This position left me fully exposed and my back was naturally arched partly from the position and partly from my desire to offer myself for her. She bent over me, replaced the pacifier and pulled a stretch spandex hood over my head. The hood had the scent of baby powder and oil and the scent filled my nose with every breath I took.

Her hands touched me all over as she rose from me. "Every inch of you is mine to play with tonight. Every inch. And now you will feel what it means to be my baby girl."

She took hold of my hips and steadied herself behind me. Although I was blindfolded and wearing a hood, I had to squeeze my eyes closed as I felt the tip touch my bottom.

I doubt she took five seconds to slide fully into me but it felt like an hour. I could feel each centimeter and detail slip into my very well lubed bottom. A wave of pleasure shot over my belly, over my chest, down my arms and into my fingers. I heard a click and it began to buzz inside me. She had not fully milked me but it was enough so that my body could not have an easy relief. I was aching with desire as she thrust into me but I stayed soft as the endless need mounted. I sucked helplessly on the binky as I heard her breathing grow ragged. I could feel her cum at least twice from taking me and I finally began to respond.

She got out of the strap on but left it buried in me. My ankles were untied and I was turned onto my back. The strap on my cock was undone and I grew fully erect. I felt the diaper being slid under me and the front was brought up to cover me but not taped in place. She then lifted the hood, removed the binky, mounted my face and bore down me. As I struggled to suckle and lick her she fondled me through front of the diaper. When she came again she squeezed my head between her thighs until I came to rest with my legs splayed open. She opened the diaper but left it in place under me as she put the strap on back on. It was time for mommy to make my helpless body cum. I was taken in the missionary position and violated until at last I had my blissful relief. What little cum had not been milked from me leaked out onto my belly while I felt waves of shuddering pleasure sweep over my flesh and my mind turned into ether.

By the time my head was clear the baby oil had been lovingly applied and I could smell the powder being dusted onto my bottom. Having given up so much I now knew the time had come for me to surrender even the right of where to go. With my hands bound over my head I could only lay still and feel the padding under my bottom and the feeling of the diaper being pulled up as the diaper's edges settled into place between my legs and the padding enveloping me. Humming a lullaby as she worked, mommy pulled the front taught and pulled the tapes into place. The bottom tape was just tight enough to keep it in place. The second tape was pulled slightly tighter and the last tape was pulled as snug as she could get it. The result was that I was fully sealed in the thick overnight diaper and every inch of padding gripped my flesh.

Mommy left me to feel the diaper's snug embrace as she got out a second overnight diaper and noisily began to open it. I heard the crinkle as she opened it and put two liners down its center with the ends overlapping. The second diaper was slid under me and mommy tore a long slit in the front of the first to allow free flow into the second diaper and liners. The second diaper was pulled up and taped as snug as the first. I was sealed in a very thick and heavy diaper and I knew she meant to keep me in it for a long time.

Mommy untied me and removed the hood and blindfold. She then dressed me in a one-piece footed sleeper and tied my hands inside baby mittens making my hands useless. As she dressed me she rubbed and played with my body. I soon found that she loved to pat, swat and rub my padded bottom firmly as if I could forget that I was helplessly diapered.

I was cradled on mommy's lap and suckled her breast as I was softly rocked and she whispered little affectionate reminders that I was her baby girl. While they were sweet they also drove home exactly what condition I was in, what she had done to me and subtle hints of what she might do later. I was left no room to imagine that I was in control in any way.

I was pulled from her breast and a bottle was fed to me. It was apple juice but with a slight strange aftertaste. I was made to drink four full bottles of the juice. When I had finished my tummy felt very full and I must have been drained from all the night's events as I felt very tired and weak. As I started to drift off I felt mommy put restraints on my limbs and was tied to the bed fully spread out. The last thing I remembered was the binky being replaced. A couple wraps of bondage tape were used to hold it in place.

Very groggy, I felt myself being stirred awake. What had awoken me was clear. I needed to pee badly. I felt the thick diapers waiting for me to give in, almost mocking me. I had wet my diaper before but never like this. It had always been my choice and I was free to use the diaper or not. This time I had no choice. I knew it was pointless but I had to test my bonds. I had little more than few inches of play with any limb. The mittens made my fingers useless so I could never play with any knots that I couldn't find anyway. The binky was held in place and I knew that calling out would be useless anyway and the best I could hope for from that would be a dose of castor oil. This was it. I was not even in control of my bladder. Mommy had me under her full control.

Abandoning any pretense of control, I let go. The diaper quickly grew heavy as the warm wetness spread. I melted into the bed knowing that, having made a girl of me, mommy had now made a baby of me.

By the morning time I had wet my diaper twice more. After wetting for the first time I didn't even try to resist and my diaper was sodden. The extra thickness caused it to grip me tightly. I had no chance to think of it since mommy, deciding that she would use me for her delight, had removed the binky, straddled my face and bore down on me. I did my best to please her with my lips and tongue but it was clear that she was mostly masturbating on my face and touching herself to make herself cum quickly. Once again, I felt my face being tightly gripped between her quivering thighs.

My face covered with her honey, I was pacified once again. She undid my wrist and ankle restraints, sat me up and removed my pjs and mittens. She then got out my straight jacket. She dressed me in it quickly. I felt my arms being pulled into placed and secured tightly against my body followed by the groin straps. My ankles were put back in the restraints and pulled wide apart.

I felt mommy's naked body settle in behind me and snuggle in close. She grasped the front of my diaper and rubbed me through it. "Goodness, you are a very wet baby girl. Your di-dy is just soaking wet. Now mommy will make you wet it again. Mommy is going to make you cum for my amusement. Why don't you try to fight it and see if you can stop me?"

As she said this she pulled a latex glove on her other hand and poured lube into it. As she did this I realized how little I could move as mommy had thought this out well. She wrapped her free hand around my chest and pulled me to her. I did try to struggle but each movement only drove home how defenseless I was. "What's wrong? Can't all those muscles stop me? Here comes my hand down your diaper. humiliating to be stroked inside your wet diaper until you cum. Go ahead. Make me stop."

She slipped her gloved hand and the huge glob of lube down my diaper, took hold of me and began to stroke. Utterly defenseless, I could only close my eyes and feel the pleasure. She was stroking to make cum as quickly as she could. And build quickly it did as my breath became gasps and I writhed uselessly against the restraints and soon lost it. As I spurted into my waiting diaper my body twitched until I fainted back into her waiting body.

Mommy kept me in diapers the rest of the day. After removing my restraints I was changed into a fresh diaper. Going from a soaked diaper directly to a fresh, dry one made it clear that mommy was going to keep me a baby for more than just an overnight although I was changed into a single overnight diaper during my daytime captivity instead of the double diapering with liners mommy used to control me overnight.

Changing wasn't a quick task. It was almost a ritual as mommy unfolded the fresh one and teased me with it, rubbing it on my body or just leaving it inverted on my face as she got me ready to wear it. The tapes were pulled off one at a time and the wet diaper was rolled up into a ball leaving my hairless self exposed. Every inch of skin was carefully cleaned followed by a generous application of oil, cream and/or powder that served as much as an excuse to fondle and probe me as it was to protect my skin while I was kept diapered. She even used the powder to smooth her hands as she massaged them over every part of her territory and left me smelling of powder from head to toe. Being spoon fed while your body slides against all you touch is like a subtle and passive form of restraint. Finally, and it felt so final when mommy did it, the fresh diaper was slid under me and secured in place. Somehow, it was always snug enough to fondle me with every movement and sealed enough to never leak yet not too bitingly tight. Maybe that was because mommy had plenty of other ways to tease and torment me and the diapers were a form of affection as much as a way to possess me at all times. The diaper's grasp was an indicatively warm embrace.

I quickly learned her rules for diaper changes. I was to keep my hands over my shoulders at all times until the new diaper was sealed in place. The ten swats I got with her paddle when I let one hand dip under for a second taught me not to test this rule. I could glance downwards but the back of my head was to stay in touch with the bed or pillow. My legs were to stay apart and I was to follow her instructions although, as a baby girl, she made no real demands on me. Mommy spoon fed me and made me drink many bottles of that apple juice so I was getting diapered throughout the day.

The paddling was surprisingly unpleasant for such a quick and light punishment. I was always good at taking spankings but not that time. Before I had known my hand had dipped too low she quickly pulled me up and over her lap. I wasn't my tough self anymore. I was a baby girl scared and ashamed that I was going to be spanked. I closed my eyes tight and suckled my binky as I hoped she would change her mind. The paddling was unceremonious and not playful. My bottom got ten firm paddle strokes in half a minute that left me quivering and about to sob like a baby. Each stroke was a fiery reminder that I had been bad. Had she spanked me any longer I don't know how long I would have wept like the baby mommy had made me be. When she was done I wanted nothing but to be diapered again and to please mommy and do as she pleased.

I soon found these rules gave her full access to do what she wished to me while I could only wonder what was happening. This ranged from little accidents as she applied cream and oil to my tender bottom to inserting a plug. Luckily, I never found myself wearing a diaper and a plug for very long. The frequent changes made mommy want to try a variety of ideas. I found myself wondering what was about to happen as I felt yet another diaper growing heavy. Knowing that my legs would soon be in the air kept my mind on how vulnerable I was to mommy's whims while being changed. I am only happy that she didn't follow through on her threat to put glycerin plugs in my bottom.

After lunch I was milked again. I accepted another soapy enema and crawled willingly into place to be restrained for the milking. This time she drained me completely and I could only feel frustration and growing arousal as she took me over and over as her baby girl once even cutting a tiny hole in my diaper that she reinforced with tape so she could take me through it. She played with me at will and made me please her in many ways. Mommy never once had to restrain me other than to tell me what to do other than once so that she could tickle me until I lost voluntary control and flooded my di-dy.

After hours of frustration I was able to become erect. Seeing this, mommy bound me to a chair with my legs apart. Once again, I was fully secured, blinded, silenced and helpless. Even my waist was strapped down. "Mommy wants another kind of pleasure from her baby girl." She said as I felt her slide her hands down my shaft.

When she was done, I could feel the snug embrace of a condom wrapped on me as mommy mounted my lap. She rubbed herself against me until I was painfully stiff. She took me without warning and I felt myself being enveloped by her warmth. I didn't enter her so much as she swallowed me. Despite having been denied for so long this was for her pleasure and I could only feel her body and her pleasure growing. She came before I could and got off me as soon as she had been pleased. The condom was left in place to catch my cum as it dripped out of me as I was once again placed in the merciless restraints and milked until I was fully drained and ready to scream or cry.

After several more hours of molestation and diapering, and a little bit of playful fun. I find myself here in bed again, willingly helpless. At bedtime I suckled mommy's breast until I slipped so deeply into babyhood that I cried softly as my tears ran down her body. When I was done she restrained my leg and told me to go to sleep. "Thank you, mommy." My first words in over a day and my last before I was pacified were soft and mewling. I was her baby girl tonight. "Good night my sweet baby girl" And she gave me another of the endless playful but firm swats on my padded bottom. Why did that sound make me sink even deeper?

The apple juice before bed had had that same aftertaste. I find myself drifting off to sleep as the double diaper hugs my loins and I feel my bladder filling. Maybe I'll wet my diaper in my sleep. I feel so good being mommy's baby girl though the day's frustration sits in the back of my mind. I'm not too worried about it though. I saw mommy leave the straight jacket on the bedside chair.


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