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A Little Diaper Fantasy

Day 2

Despite all the juice mommy had made me drink, I was never awoken by the need to pee. In fact I was never awoken at all and had slept like a baby.well, like the baby girl mommy had made of me.straight through the night. Just as I was about to wonder how I got through the night without wetting my diaper I moved my hips a little and felt something odd. My overnight double diaper was heavy and too thick to shift inside my vinyl panties. My mittened hands moved to feel my diapers and the heft was unmistakable. My stomach tightened a little as I realized I had flooded my diaper in my sleep.

I had willingly become mommy's baby girl. I had let her use me for her pleasure in as many ways as she wanted and had been happy to quietly lay cradled in her arms. But I was becoming anxious. I didn't want to be wetting in my sleep. I had finally been made to wet myself while restrained and left with no other choices and tickled until my bladder gave out on its own but to involuntarily wet in sleep, more than once by the feel of the sodden wetness that filled the padding over my bottom, was becoming alarming. It was a new and real loss of control that I had not been ready for.

Then there was the matter of the milkings. Being completely drained twice combined with being taken over and over for mommy's satisfaction had left me squirming inside. I was aching for relief. I thought about the straight jacket beside the bed and wondered if mommy would put it on me before making me helplessly cum like yesterday.

My trying to rub my diaper through my mittens and zipped up sleeper must have woken mommy because she suddenly grabbed me, turned me on my back and started tickling my tummy and ribs. "Mornin' honey." She giggled as I began to squirm under her fingers. "And what were we just doing? Playin' wif our di-dys, were we? Well, mommy will have to help my baby girl play."

Mommy turned me onto my belly and sat on my back to pin me down. She continued to tickle me wherever she wanted. She kept tickling different spots and, as I was blindfolded and hooded, I couldn't hold her off if she kept tickling new spots. I could only squirm under her touch. I felt my sleeper being unzipped then lowered halfway down my back and my arms slipped out of the sleeves. Now that my skin was bared mommy started tickling even more as I giggled into my binky. My bare flesh was sensitive enough to jump at her lightest touches and pokes down my sides.

Mommy then turned around and pulled the sleeper's legs and feeties off to expose my legs and soaked diaper. Still sitting on my back she began to tickle my legs.after giving my butt another of her magical swat and rubs. I began to squirm harder now. "Now be still or mommy will have to tie baby down."

I did my best to hold still as mommy tickled inside my thighs causing my skin to jump under my diaper but if I were in control of myself I wouldn't be wearing a drenched diaper. I kept squirming and bucking despite my efforts to hold still for mommy. "It seems mommy's baby is a little jumpy this morning. I'll just have to wear you down a little."

Mommy sat me up and I felt the weight of my diaper shift along with me. Mommy removed my mittens and I heard the rustle of material. A little thrill went down my spine as I felt my arms being pulled into my straight jacket. Soon I was wrapped into the restraining garment, my arms hugging myself and held well out of mommy's way. Again my ankles were restrained and spread wide. When mommy had finished I was painfully erect from the memory of what had been done to me the last time I was held like this. "I wonder what's going to happen now." Mommy purred as she settled in place behind me and pulled me in towards her.

The familiar squeeze of lube sounded was followed by the feel of mommy's hand going down my diaper. She took hold of me and coated me with a thick layer of lube. I leaned back and waited for mommy to take me to the clouds. But her hand did not move. "I hope you don't expect me to make you cum with all that energy you have baby girl. You have the gift of my hand. Take care of yourself."

Ready to scream from frustration but desperate to have my relief, I stroked myself against mommy's hand. I couldn't move more than a few inches in any direction and it was tiring labor. Nevertheless, I struggled to pleasure myself in her palm. To make it worse mommy would sometimes move her hand with me so that my effort was pointless. Soon I was drenched in dripping sweat and straining to breathe around my binky. I could feel the end building and hoped mommy would allow me to have it.

At last I lost it. My head fell back as my body began to quiver and my breath came in sharp gasps. I felt like I was imploding as a wave of heat spread from my head over my body. As my body lost all sense I spurted into her hand she had cupped around the head.

As I slowly recovered mommy lifted my hood halfway and removed my binky. My head was hanging down over her shoulder as my awareness slowly returned. "My, that was a good one for my baby. Now open your mouth. I have something for you."

I let my lips part and expected a bottle but I only got mommy's hand. She poured my milk into my mouth then slipped her hand over it so that I couldn't spit any of it out. "Now be a good girl and drink up. Don't you lose a single drop or you'll get a spanking."

I had never had this done to me before but I wasn't about to earn another of mommy's paddlings. The taste filled my mouth as I let it go down my throat. I hoped mommy was very pleased since I didn't enjoy the feeling. Mommy did seem quite happy with me as she gently rocked and rubbed my exhausted body while removing my restraints and blindfold leaving my in only my diaper. I was fed a large bottle of something that was like thick milk but sweeter and that satisfied my hunger.

I was surprised when mommy restrained me down on the changing pad since I was always good while being changed. I was unwrapped and heard the thud of the diaper landing in the diaper pail. After I was cleaned a pad was placed under my bottom arching my hips upward.

And there was the double balloon rectal catheter. I was getting used to my bottom being sealed and filled by it but it still left me feeling violated. I was beginning to wonder if mommy liked to give me enemas because she liked to see me wriggle as my belly swelled or so that my diapers would only be wet when she changed me. My train of wonder was cut off as the click signaled the start of the flow. The fluid was very warm as it entered and I could smell the scent of lemon juice in the air. After the two earlier cleanings I was filling quickly as I felt the fluid twisting it's way into my body. It was the largest enema I had yet been given. When the flow stopped I was left to lie helplessly and wait to be released.

Still restrained, the double balloon rectal catheter was deflated and removed. A plug immediately replaced it and was inflated to seal the enema in. The discomfort was growing but mommy rubbed and kneaded my tummy.

As mommy was kneeling besides me I noticed her body for the first time that morning. Her dark satin nightie hugged her body and the outline of her panties was clear around her soft hips. My cramping died down a little as I longed to touch her. I strained against my bonds as I wanted to feel mommy's flesh. I wanted her to mount my face and make me please her. I thought of the scent of her body and the touch of her legs grasping my head. I wanted to suckle on her breasts as she played with my diapered bottom. I wanted mommy to fuck me with her strap-on until I passed out from joy.

A sudden cramp overtook me. My eyes shut and a tear trickled out of my right eye as I realized how much I had really submitted to mommy. As my eyes drank in her body she stopped smiling. She locked eyes with me as she mounted my chest. Her breasts spilled out as she peeled off her nightie. She cupped her breasts and fondled them as she rubbed her very wet panties on my chest. Another cramp took me and I felt my bottom twitch around the plug. The restraints reminded me of their embrace.

Mommy leaned forward and slipped a nipple into my mouth. I gratefully nursed her as the cramp subsided. Mommy's breast filled my thoughts as well as my mouth and I felt her hand slide down my chest. Mommy was touching herself and I found myself jealous of her hand. Her nipple stiffened in my mouth as she moaned and writhed on my chest.

Again she touched her pussy to my face but with her wet panties in place serving as a frustrating barrier. She bore her weight down until my nose and mouth were covered. Another cramp mixed with deep desire caused me to bury my hungry lips between her legs. Mommy began to shake violently and her thighs gripped me like a vice as her panties leaked into my mouth.

The release of the enema took several minutes before it was drained and I was likewise drained of energy. Mommy then led me into the tub and helped me slowly lower myself into the hot water. I couldn't open my eyes as I felt the bubbles wrap around me. I know not how long mommy softly bathed me but I was completely lost in her gentle cleaning. The sponge slid around every crevice until my body was immaculate and I had lost all desire to think, too content to try. My body was carefully shaved smooth again and mommy wrapped a terry towel around me as she lifted me out of the tub.

I was dried and place on my changing pad. The towel remained under me and my naked body was resting still. I was reminded softly of mommy's changing rules as she threw on a robe and left the room. I moved into my diaper position as best as I could and waited. "My, she is every bit as adorable as you said she was. What a cute little baby girl you have."

I opened my eyes and found myself looking at a cute blond girl. She couldn't have been a day over 20 and she was looking down on me like her birthday had come early. I don't know why but I made no attempt to hide or cover myself. Maybe mommy had taught me too well or maybe I didn't want a paddling. Maybe I was a baby girl and had no reason to want to cover myself. Mommy came and sat down next to me. "This is Aunty, Mommy will be going out shopping for a while and she will be babysitting you while I'm out. Mommy trusts her to take good care of you and you will mind her like you mind me." Mommy then kissed me on the forehead, gave me my binky and left to get dressed.

So there I was, naked and about to be diapered by a babysitter who was barely more than a baby herself. I had no doubt that she planned to diaper me since she was carrying a big pink bag clearly labeled "diaper bag." As if she wasn't girlish enough by being so young she was dressed in a plaid skirt, white tights and a powder pink tank top with "lil' angel" written in puffy letters across her small chest. Her demeanor was clearly that of a young girl playing house with a new doll. If she was acting the part, she deserved an Oscar. But mommy said aunty was in charge so aunty was in charge.

It was soon clear that I wasn't her first baby as she quickly had me pinned into a fresh diaper that was thicker than any I had worn yet. Yes, pinned. Aunty pulled a cloth diaper out of her bag and slid it under my bottom before thoroughly applying cream and powder. I didn't even try to follow how she folded the diaper before bring it up between my legs and pinning them in place. They were thick and snug and hugged in a very different way than the disposables mommy had been keeping me in. Light pink plastic panties were then snapped into place over my new cloth diaper.

Aunty then dressed me in a white cotton tee. She also slipped my hands into a new pair of baby mittens. I didn't think about the mittens until they were in place and I realized they made my hands close into loose balls. The mittens had a firm coating and something was slippery between my hands and the cover. While wearing these my fingers were unless to hold anything. Further, they were buckled at the wrist and a small lock was applied to the buckle I could not remove them and the D ring on the side made it clear they could be used to restrain me. I was also given a new binky that was very similar to the giant one I used except that this one had a much larger leather mouth cover and a strap aunty used to buckle it to my face. Aunty wasn't such a little girl now.

As if the pink plastic panties weren't girlish enough aunty the got out a pair of pure white tights. She slid them slowly over my legs and over my diaper. The tights hugged my legs and tickled my skin as aunty ran her hand over them and tugged them into her perfect fit. A quick glace was enough to see that they were semi-opaque but that my new pink plastic panties could be clearly seen through the tights. The also helped my diaper to look slightly bulged out and obvious at a glance. They thus left me looking even more girlish and babyish than if I were only wearing a diaper. "My goodness, you've made her look so cute. And now those little paws can't get into any trouble. You should thank your aunty as soon as you learn to talk." Mommy had gotten dressed and smiled with delight as she looked me over and examined how aunty had dressed me. "Now she's had a very busy morning and needs to be put down for a nap. Feed her when she wakes up from the things I've left out in the kitchen. You can watch TV with her when she's done until I get back. Be sure to change her as soon as she gets wet and when she wakes up or she'll get cranky."

Yes, aunty gave me a little swat and rub on my new diaper when she put me down for my nap. I might have thought about that for a while if I hadn't fallen asleep at once. My dreams were unfathomable. I slept and floated in a cloud of warmth and wetness.

When I opened my eyes aunty was beaming down on me. The nap had done a world of good for me and I felt wonderful. "Baby had such a nice nap. You should have seen how cute you were all snuggled up in your blankie. Now let's get you out of that wet didie."

I didn't know what she meant as I didn't recall wetting my diaper but then I felt it. The terry cloth was drooping inside my plastic panties. I had wet my diaper in my sleep again. This was getting a little scary but I felt far too good to care about it right then.

Once again I found myself being restrained on my changing pad but not, to my relief, in preparation for a long enema. Aunty obviously loved to keep me restrained and looked for any chance for an excuse to tie me down. And so I was bound tightly as aunty unrolled my tights, unsnapped my plastic panties and pulled them off. The terry cloth diaper was pulled off next and I was given one of the longest and slowest cleanings I had ever had. She ran her baby wipes over every inch over and over even over skin that hadn't been diapered. They had a sweet smell of aloe and felt tingly on my sensitive flesh. "Mmm...Pity mommy won't let me play with you. You have such a cute bottom. But I can still have a little fun." She said as she pulled on some rubber gloves and squeezed something into them.

I thought it was diaper rash cream as aunty first smeared it on me. Then it grew a bit cold. Then a bit hot. Then both at once. It wasn't painful but it was a strong sensation that made me jerk against my bonds in surprise and moan into my gag/pacifier. A thin layer was applied all over my front and bottom as I began to squirm under the assault of cold and heat. When she probed into my bottom with a little of the stuff I really felt it take hold.

It took several minutes of writhing for it to wear off and I was not the happiest baby girl in the world when it was over. Aunty looked like she had enjoyed herself immensely. Again she used the baby wipes to clean me with all the care she had used the first time. I got really worried when I felt cream being applied a second time. But this time it was mildly cool and stayed that way, just cream for diaper rash that was liberally applied over my diaper area. A fresh diaper soon snuggly gripped my bottom and I found myself in a pair of very pink vinyl pull-up panties this time. Aunty also dressed me in a new pair of tights that were also white but easier to see through than the first set.

Aunty brought me into the kitchen and sat me down a chair that was just high enough so that my feet didn't touch the ground. I wasn't the least bit surprised when I was strapped into it by the ankles, wrists, hips and chest with the chest restraint being a big, soft "X" that crossed over my shoulders and held me securely to the chair.

My feeding spoon, on the other hand, was a bit unexpected. Mommy had been feeding me baby food from jars and formula since she had first put me in diapers but now I sat before a large bowl of peach flavored oatmeal and what looked like a Thanksgiving serving spoon. Aunty removed my pacifier, put a feeding bib over me and started to feed me. The purpose of the oversized spoon became clear at once. It was far too big for my mouth and aunty dipped it fully into the oatmeal after each mouthful. The oatmeal was yummy but I was soon a very messy baby girl as the oatmeal kept spilling over and getting all over my face. I'm fairly sure less than half made it in my mouth. Aunty was having a wonderful time feeding me and I must say I start to find it fun. My spoon had played peek-a-boo with me, been an airplane and a choo-choo and even a bunny wabbit. Aunty did have a lot of nerve scolding me for making a mess when she was done. Of course she did have to clean up when the bowl was empty.

I was brought into the living room floor and given four bottles of apple juice to finish while aunty cleaned up my mess. I was told not to move from that spot so that aunty could see me from the kitchen. Drinking the juice wasn't the hard part; it was trying to drink with those mittens on. At best I could sort of hold the bottle between my hands and hold it to my mouth. Finally, I gave in and lay back with the bottle resting on me like the baby I was. This helped get the juice down but also helped get a fair bit of air down with it. Aunty jumped a little when she burped me then rubbed her ear. She still managed to tell me what a good baby I was for finishing it all.

I don't know why but I nearly threw a tantrum while we were waiting for mommy to return. I didn't want to sit on the couch. I didn't like the cartoons aunty put on. I really didn't want to have that pacifier strapped to my mouth. Aunty quickly lost patience with me as I began to act up. A sharp whap on the back of my thigh made me stop but then I began to sulk and pout. I was still moody, and seriously in need of a change, when mommy returned home.

She walked past with a big smile and several packages. It began to set in that I had been bad and mommy was now home. They had a little talk out of my hearing as I sat and squirmed in my soaked diaper. Aunty and mommy came back and let me to my changing pad. Aunty removed my mittens, pacifier, tights and shirt but tied my hands together and over my head. After stuffing these in her diaper bag she removed my vinyl panties and wet diaper, leaving me bare naked except for the restraints as she put her used cloth diapers in a laundry bag and stuffed it in her diaper bag.

As soon as aunty was done cleaning me she asked where mommy kept the disposables. "Oh, she won't need a diaper for that naughty bottom for a little while. I have other plans for it. Now, do you need to be changed? You must be completely sopping wet by now." "Yes, ma'am. Please change me." Aunty said. "Very well but first let me do a little prep on this naughty baby girl." Mommy said as she moved towards me with one of her new bags from her shopping trip and a scowl on her face.

I was getting scared now but was also confused.aunty needs to be changed? I didn't have time to think on it as mommy turned me on to my tummy and closed my legs. She bound them together at the knees with some type of strap restraint that kept my knees slightly apart with a small pad. My hands were then restrained together with a brand new set of the same mittens aunty had used. Mommy had also bought a strapped pacifier but this one was different as it had a couple of holes in the front. After mommy had secured it to my mouth she attached a pump to the front. A few squeezes later and the binky had swelled to fill my mouth. Mommy then hooked a pint size bag with a tube snaking out of the bottom to the hook she used for my enemas. The tube was hooked to the other hole in the pacifier then mommy opened the seal and I saw the greenish fluid slowly flow towards my waiting mouth. "Now you better drink every drop of that by the time I'm done with changing aunty."

I quickly found the fluid flowed fast when I sucked on it. YUCK! It was horribly bitter and clung to every part of my mouth. I wanted to stop it but now that it had started, it continued to slowly ooze into the pacifier but not fast enough to finish in time unless it sucked on it.

Struggling to swallow the nasty drink, I tried to distract myself by seeing aunty get changed. Her changing pad was now next to mine and she was laying back with her legs open and her skirt up revealing a very wet disposable covering her. As I slurped more and more of the foul concoction aunty was stripped of her diaper and mommy slowly cleaned her completely smooth flesh. I was really sorry for being bad now. Not just because I was stuck with this rancid taste but also because I couldn't really enjoy seeing mommy take care of someone else. My hard work finally managed to get every drop from the bag. Not surprisingly, the taste remained long after I was done drinking but I was able to watch mommy putting aunty into a double diaper that she then strapped into a chastity belt to my great surprise. "Now only your mommy has the key to this new one so don't you bother trying to take it off. Here's your babysitting pay and thank you for your good work. I sorry my baby girl had to be a brat. I'll make sure she doesn't act up like that again anytime soon."

Mommy then walked aunty out as I was left to suffer with the horrid flavor. Mommy took the pacifier out when she returned and pulled me to my feet. I was then led to a chair in the middle of her bedroom while trying to walk with my knees bound together. She sat in the chair then pulled me over her lap. She then attached another strap connecting my wrists to my knees by less than two feet. I was helpless over her lap and knew what I was about to get and knew I deserved it for being so naughty. "I took the pacifier out so I could hear you crying while I spank you. You were very naughty today and I'm going to give you a very long spanking so that you learn to be a good baby girl."

Mommy wasted no time and started swatted my bottom. The swats stung a little but didn't really hurt. Though I was in pain I was feeling very sorry and only wanted mommy to forgive me. Mommy kept on spanking me like that. Light stinging swats all over my bottom that kept coming down at a constant pace of about one a second except for an occasional flurry that stung every inch in a few seconds. The spanks weren't that hard but they were starting to build. I was twisting a little in my bonds while the heat grew ever hotter. And they just kept coming. Swat after endless swat rained down until I was writhing against my restraints. As my eyes welled up mommy continued to scold me for being bad. My skin was now jumping and the spanks seemed like they were endless. Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat. The tears had started falling and I was gulping as I breathed. Swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat, swat. The tears had become open sobbing as I was shaking and hoping for the end. Every inch of my bottom felt like it was throbbing on fire. The spanks kept coming and I had given up struggling and simply lay limp and cried my eyes out and hoped mommy would at last forgive her baby girl.

I don't know how long I had being sobbing before I realized mommy had stopped spanking me. My bottom was seared and mommy was softly rubbing lotion on it. She lifted me up and cradled me in her arms. I buried my head on her shoulder and sniffed on my tears. I could tell that mommy was crying a little as well as she patted my head and rocked me gently. "Mommy is really sorry that she had to do that but it's all over now and you are forgiven. When the punishment is done it's like it never happened. Now let's get you into a fresh diaper."

Mommy unbound me and led me to my changing pad. The lotion mommy used was cold and felt so good on my bottom but I have no doubt that the heat could be felt from a foot away. I closed my eyes as I gingerly climbed onto my changing pad. I tried not to move too much but every contact with my bottom was a shock. I was wondering what has happening as I was sealed into a double diaper with liners well before bedtime. The rubber panties were cause for even more wonder as mommy tugged them into place then pulled the waist taught and locked it closed. The thick diapers, normally very snug when secured by mommy, where now compressed by the tight rubber. The grip they had on me was almost breath taking as every inch of padding firmly held me. I soon found that they held in the heat of my spanked bottom which had been slowly waning but now stayed at a constant burn. The only real comfort was that mommy had used large amounts of powder all over my body and I was smoothly sliding inside the diaper's tight embrace as I felt something smooth being pulled over my head.

It was something fairly large and made of soft pink vinyl. My arms were pulled through the armholes and I soon found myself encased in snug vinyl that covered my torso, arms and diapers. As I watched mommy closed the snaps on the crotch strap I noticed the she was now dressed in a similar outfit although hers was completely clear and less snug than mine. I was able to drink in every inch of her body through it. I felt a twitch inside my diaper and realized how long it had been since I'd been milked.

Mommy had me sit up and straddled me so she could close the garment's zipper behind me. I instantly remembered mommy holding me like this when she had decided to baby me. She pulled me closed and held my head to her breast and told me to please her. Mommy's sweet scent filled me as I suckled her warm nipples through the vinyl. I startled by how much I wanted her right then as I wrapped my arms around mommy and hungrily sought to taste every last inch of her even through the vinyl. I was pulled in tighter and mommy began circling her hips on my lap and rubbing herself against me causing my burning bottom to slide around inside its powdered and padded prison. I was incredibly aroused but soon found the diaper was so tight that I could not get a proper erection. The vinyl I was wearing held my heat in and I sweated constantly as mommy leaned back to offer her nipples to my hungry mouth.

At first I thought it was sweat under mommy's outfit as well but running my hands over every inch I could soon made me realize that she had lubricant between her and her outfit. I also found she had a grown up outfit with no crotch snaps. As I held her slick bottom she grabbed my hips and pulled herself into me and rubbed herself into me. Her nipple grew hard as a stone in my mouth as the came against me.

She quickly regained control of herself, threw me back onto my pad and mounted my face. Her hips were arched forward so that her bottom was in my face and mommy told me to please her bottom. Normally this was a limit for me but mommy knew the layer of vinyl she wore made it ok. I licked her with abandon and ran my hands over her as she writhed on my face and fondled my diaper. She soon came again and changed her position so that my face was pinned against her pussy. I grabbed her hips and sucked hard on the vinyl drawing her tender folds of flesh into my mouth. Mommy quickly came twice as I drew her into my mouth for my tongue to assault her over and over.

Mommy climbed off me and undid the lock on my panties. She reached into my diaper and pulled my cock upwards and I became instantly erect. Mommy then squirted and spread a large amount of lubricant onto my erection and relocked the panties.

I was pulled to my feet and led to the restraining chair and saw that mommy had brought her strap-on. The strap-on was soon secured into place.over my diaper. The vibrations were turned on and shut my eyes as the feeling flooded me. I was bound to the chair. Mommy straddled me then impaled herself on her own erection. As she began riding on me my own erection was given lots of little rubs inside my diaper and the glob of lube mommy added. I was so aroused as mommy took me in a bear hug and sank her teeth into my neck as she came. I was trying to rub myself back against mommy but she had bound too firmly to get more than a little stimulation at a time.

Mommy kissed me for the first time since she babied me and began to pump again. This and the vibrations were driving me mad and I know I wouldn't last much longer and I gave in even more. I didn't even want to push back. I was helpless to do anything but accept the pleasure as mommy pleased herself. I closed my eyes and let it happen. I stayed floating on the edge until mommy bore down and ground into me in little circles. That was enough to push me over the edge. I flooded my diaper but didn't feel it as it felt like I came in my mind as my thoughts turned to bliss.

Mommy left me bound up like that while she fed me my dinner. I was back to a baby size spoon this time but I was also back to being fed baby food from jars. Mommy was being very nice to me and I got an extra jar of peaches spoon-fed to me for dessert. Aunty's apple juice took over during dinner and I had to wet my diaper twice while being fed.

My wet diaper led to another cleansing enema followed by a warm bath. Mommy was getting more intimate each time she cleaned me and I was perfectly cleansed when she pulled me out of the tub and dried me off with the fluffiest towel. I was then put into my nighttime double diapers and a new powder pink color footed sleeper with built in mittens. I soon found that the mittens had wraps that allowed them to be secured at the wrists. I also found the mittens were double layered and left my hands helpless.

I was bottle fed once again before bed then I was introduced to mommy's new swaddling cloth. I was rolled into what looked like a blanket but with a hole for my head and special wraps that bound my arms to my sides inside the wrap. The outside of the swaddling cloth had three straps that held it, and its occupant, securely in place. It was like being in a cocoon when mommy finished securing the straps around me.

As I lay beside mommy safe in the swaddling cloth I was read a short story in mommy's softest and sweetest voice. I was fast asleep before the bedtime tale was done.

Sadly, I had to go when the morning came I had to give up being a baby girl. Before I left mommy changed me from my wet diaper.into a dry one for my trip home. I was smiling as I pulled my pants on over my diaper and gave mommy a hug. My last bottom swat of the day came with a gift bag from mommy with orders not to open it until I got home.

I wasn't at all surprised to find the bag filled with diapers, rash cream and powder. It also had a note from mommy that I would be diapering myself every night for that week and that I would be wearing the other garments in the bag during the day or when not diapered so I would think of her at all times. I also had to shave my legs at least every other day. I was expected to be baby smooth when mommy next felt them. Mommy also included her large plug for me to wear for a little while each day (and always when playing with myself) so that I would stay ready for mommy to have her way with me.

I looked in the bag and found the other garments were cotton panties in my size but certainly in baby girl styles of pink, teddy bears or cute prints. I put them on after I had gotten out of my wet diaper and showered. Having worn diapers constantly for over two days the panties didn't feel too strange but it did seem odd to see my bottom covered in pink teddy bears. I found myself wishing I had aunty's white tights over them. It would be so cute to walk around with my new panties showing through. I pulled my pants on again, smiled and thought of when I would next see mommy.