Sissy baby Timmy
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Caught diapered

Part 1

This is a story from thanksgiving after visiting family in southern calif. I was driving north on hwy395 on my way to Reno NV. I’m diapered 24/7 after a fall in 84 when I injured my spinal cord I became incontant and must wear diapers. Since I must wear diapers I had decided to make the best of a bad thing and learn to enjoy them. I usually stop at a rest area between Bishop calif. And Big Pine calif. To change my wet diaper but this time I encountered a lady in her early 40’s who had a car that was broke down so since I am a mechanic I decided to try and help. When I walked up and asked if she needed help she told me yes and her car was overheating. When I checked I could see she had a blown lower radiator hose so I told her I could fix it or tow her car to the next town.

She asked if I could fix it and I said it was an easy fix but I would have to drive to town about a half hour away to get a new hose and would she like to ride along to keep me company. After I removed the leaky hose and stood up the lady told me I had better pull my pants up because when I bent over she could see my diaper. Embarrassed I pulled up my pants glad she could not see what else I was wearing mainly a pair of pink nursery print plastic pants. As we got into my truck she said she wasn’t wanting to be nosey but why was I wearing diapers and where did I find diapers with little designs on them and how come they were so thick. I told her I had to wear them due to a back injury and they were a brand called Euro-brief and I liked them because they were very absorbent and I didn’t need to change as often. She told me that she had seen the disposable diapers ads on TV but the brands she had seen were all advertised as slim and discreet so no one could tell if you wore a diaper. I replied that you also had to change them often and that I didn’t really care if someone could tell if I was wearing a diaper and besides most people don’t notice or care that im diapered.

After getting the new hose I started to lightly snow before we returned to the rest area and while replacing the hose I slipped and landed on my butt so my pants were not only wet but I didn’t know they had also ripped and exposed my plastic pants to her. When I finished she said she understood why I wore diapers but why was I wearing such childish plastic pants when I red faced asked what she said she told me that I had a small tear and I told her that since I had to wear them my ex-wife decided to have fun with my diapers and she started to dress me as a baby then she progressed to dressing and treating me as a baby girl and now 20 years later I still enjoyed it. She then told me that she thought it was ok if that was what I enjoyed but she said she could pin my the tear in my pants together till I had a chance to change them. But I had to take them off when I declined she told me that in the rest area there was a handicapped bathroom that allowed attendants of handicapped persons in also even if they were the opposite sex. Because the bathroom had locking doors no one but her and me would know I was wearing diapers and she could fix my pants for me.

When I agreed she led me to the bathroom but I stopped and told her to wait then I grabbed my backpack from my truck. Then we walked to the bathrooms and she led me into the handicapped bathroom and it even had a bench that was long enough that you could lie on. As I thought to myself that it could be used as a changing table I noticed that at one end there was a small trashcan that was half full of used diapers for just that.

Dora said why did I need to get my backpack I told her it was where I kept my spare diapers and that I had stopped at the rest area so I could change my wet diaper two hours ago. As I removed my pants Dora could see me in my wet baby like state she said to hand her my pants and as she was repairing them she told me to lay down on the bench and after she fixed my pants she could change me if I liked. When she finished my pants she had me lift my hips and pulled my plastic pants and proceeded to open my backpack and when she saw my changing pad and powder and wipes she told me that I should have a regular diaper bag for my baby things. When Dora removed my changing pad and slid it under my hips she then pulled open the tapes to my diaper and when she folded the diaper she could plainly see my exited state then remarked that the baby must enjoy having someone change his diaper. After removing the wet diaper and sliding a dry one under my hips Dora removed the wet wipes and cleaned my groin then applied a lot of Vaseline to my errection then pushed it down in my diaper and applied more Vaseline in my diaper then tapped it up and had me stand so she could pull my plastic panties up.

After pulling up my plastic panties she patted my crotch and told me that if the baby loved getting changed I should to try to walk now and as I did my cock was getting massaged in my slippery diaper after several times of walking the length of the restroom I felt myself cum in my diaper and Dora proceeded to help my put my pants back on then she put my stuff back into my backpack then told me she wanted to really repay me for fixing her car and wanted to fix me dinner. When I told her that sounded ok she told me to follow her home and since Tonopah Nevada wasn’t too far out of my way I just called home to my daughters and told them I would be late and not to worry.

After 3 hours of driving we pulled into her driveway and Dora told me that while I was here she could also fix my pants properly and then led me into the house then left the room and knocked on a door. When the door opened she said she was sorry she was late but her car had broken down and that her room mate should come meet me when her roommate came into the front room I was introduced to Shelly who was in her late 30’s or 40’s and Dora said that I had torn my pants and she was going to repair them while dinner was cooking. Dora then told me to stand up and when I did she grabbed my pants and jerked them to my ankles showing off my diapered and painted state. While I was frantically trying to cover my diaper with my t-shirt that I pulled down Shelly started to laugh and asked what Dora had drug home this time? Dora explained that due to an old back injury I had to wear diapers but I liked to dress and be treated as a sissy baby.

Shelly walked over and asked if the sissy baby needed her diedees changed and when she pulled open my plastic pants she found a soggy diaper and told Dora that her baby needed her diaper changed so Dora told her that I had a backpack in my truck and would she go out and get it? When she returned Shelly emptied the bag and not only found my diaper stuff she also found my big baby bib and bottle and pacifier. They both laughed then Shelly noticed my hardon and told Dora that her baby must be part exabitionest and gets easily excited Dora told her that I had that problem when she changed me earlier and maby they should fix my problem before they change me.

Dora then started to rub the front of my diaper till I was soon in the thro’s of an organism after Cumming in my diaper I felt my cock shrink then Dora spread my changing pad on the floor and proceeded to remove my plastic panties and un tape my diaper while Shelly checked my bag and when she found my cock shaped pacifier she said that maby the baby would like this in her mouth! As she showed Dora she wondered out loud if Dora’s sissy baby liked to have cocks in her mouth when she rubbed it against my lips I opened my mouth and she stuck it in and told me that the baby shouldn’t lose this. As Dora finished rediapering me Shelly asked if the baby liked to nurse on men’s pacifiers and when I nodded yes she asked if I were gay or bisexual and I sad I was bi she said that after dinner maby she could help me find one to play with.

While the meal cooked Dora left the room to use the sewing machine while Shelly kept me company by rubbing my cock thru my diaper and commenting how cute I looked in diapers and then she filled my baby bottle with iced tea and after tying my bib on me she fed me my iced tea from the bottle. After the first bottle was finished shelly refilled it and proceeded to feed me that one then Dora appeared with my repaired jeans and saw what Shelly was doing and laughed and said it looked like she should go to the store and buy some baby food instead of the steak she was getting ready to cook. When I had finished my second bottle Dora told Shelly to go into the other room and get what she had dug out of her closet. When shelly returned she had a 7” vibrateor that flexed and Dora and Shelly then stood me up and had me bend over then while Shelly held me bent over Dora smeared some KY jelly on the dildo then proceeded to slowly insert it into my ass. As the dildo started to feel nice Dora turned it on and kept fucking me with it and as she did it massaged my prostate till I started cumming in my diaper. After I came in my diaper Dora left the vibrator in my ass then pulled my diaper up and told me that it could stay there till I was ready to go home. She then went into the kitchen and cooked our steaks but then she cut my food into small bites and said that dinner was ready. Shelly and I sat down with her next to me so she could fasten my bib then she fed me the small bites of food like you would feed a toddler after several bites Dora wiped my mouth and fed me a bottle of tea then finished feeding me.

After dinner we sat and talked then they both made me promise to return and visit so they could have more fun with there new sissy baby and after I did Shelly had me lay down on my changing mat for a dry diaper. After removing my plastic pants Shelly removed my wet diaper then the dildo and then re-diapered me using lots of baby lotion and baby powder so I smelled right she said. Then she had me stand and step into my plastic pants and Dora helped me put on my jeans then packed my bag and told me that when I returned she will have made me lots of sissy baby clothing to try on. As I walked out the door and to my truck I was told to call later to let them know I had made it safely and to set up our next meeting then I began the drive home thinking what doing a good deed then getting caught diaper could lead to. More another time this happened friday nov.26th 2004


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