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A Warning Unheeded

Chapter 1

My wife Sally was a girl in a million. She knew that ever since I could remember, my favorite fantasy was to be dressed up as a cute little baby girl and then restrained in a cot or pushchair. And with her sense of humor and slightly sadistic tendencies, she was more than happy to have fun by obliging me, which usually meant considerable discomfort to me and fun to her. Let's face it, a sadist and a masochist is the perfect combination.

Briefly, my great pleasure was to be humiliatingly dressed up as a cute little baby girl, and then securely restrained and gagged with a large dummy until Sally decided to release me. I enjoyed straining and squirming helplessly within my restraints, and she enjoyed making it as uncomfortable and humiliating for me as she could, while teasing me mercilessly. And she was good at that! By the time we'd been married a short while she'd become a bondage expert who could truss me up in such a way that I had no chance of releasing myself. She knew every escape trick in the book, and always kept the rope knots and strap buckles well out of reach of my prying fingers.

When she first moved in with me before we were married, I didn't have the nerve to tell her about my secret fantasy, so I had to put on my baby outfit of nappy, plastic pants and baby frock and tie myself up when she wasn't around. It wasn't very satisfying though, because I had to be able to release myself at any time I wished to.

But inevitably, on one occasion she came home unexpectedly and found that I'd trussed myself up a bit too well, and hadn't been able to untie myself. She was annoyed because it showed that I hadn't trusted her to understand my unusual means of pleasure, and also the fact that it looked as if I didn't need her to enjoy myself. It made her feel peripheral to my pleasure, and irritated, she said that she would be happy to indulge my penchant for being dressed up and tied up whenever I wished, but on one condition. She warned me in no uncertain terms that if she ever came home and found that I'd tied myself up again without her participation, she would make me regret it.

If only I'd heeded her warning, which brings me to the sequel to that occasion.

As I mentioned at the beginning, one of my fantasies was to be dressed as a baby girl and then helplessly restrained by Sally, who would tease me mercilessly until she'd had her fun and decided to release me. For the purpose of our fun and games I made an adult sized baby's cot with barred sides that could be raised and lowered, fitted with a plentiful array of straps and a set of made to measure traditional leather baby reins so that 'baby' could be restrained in proper infant fashion. The cot was made of wood, painted white with small nursery transfers on it, and was a perfect replica of a genuine baby's cot. Sally was good at dressmaking, and made several baby outfits to fit me. We also obtained such items as nappies and plastic baby pants on the Internet, and thus equipped we spent many happy hours indulging ourselves in the many inventive games that Sally was so good at devising.

We kept the cot in the spare room, which we'd fitted out as a nursery. With my talent for woodwork, I'd also made up a large baby's high chair, also fitted with restraints to hold the occupant firmly in place, and we'd even been able to acquire a large sized toddler's pushchair which I could be strapped into by Sally, unable to get out of the escape proof lockable restraints. All I could do was wriggle and writhe helplessly like any real toddler. On one or two occasions Sally dressed me up as a baby in a nappy, dress and bonnet, and left me out in the garden for the day. She even threatened to take me out for a walk like that, but fortunately she hadn't carried out her threat. So far.

But eventually I tempted fate just once too often. Although Sally had warned me not to in no uncertain terms, I continued with my self bondage sessions from time to time when I knew she would be well out of the way, and for quite some time I got away with it, and she never found out.

One weekend, she had to go up to Manchester to attend a conference, and said she'd be away from Friday until Sunday evening. We hadn't had a session for a couple of weeks, so I looked forward to indulging myself on the Saturday, while the coast was clear. I did some shopping on Saturday morning, had a nice lunch at the local pub, and went home very much in the mood for a bit of self bondage, dressed up as a baby girl to spice it up with some humiliation.

As soon as I reached home I undressed and had a shower, and then went into the nursery and laid everything out ready for use. First of all I folded a large terry toweling nappy into a kite shape and spread it out on the cot. Then I took an adult sized disposable nappy and placed it on top of the terry one to act as a nappy liner.

I clambered onto the cot and positioned myself on the two nappies, and drawing the disposable nappy around me, I fastened it securely in position with the self adhesive tapes. Then I drew the bulky terry nappy between my legs and around my sides to the front, and pinned them tightly in place. I got up off the cot, and picking up a large pair of translucent plastic baby pants, I pulled them on over my feet and drew them up my legs. I pulled them on over my nappy, and tucked them in around the leg and waist openings. I was now definitely watertight.

Now for my dress. I opened the wardrobe door and took out a large sized baby frock which Sally had made for me. I took the dress off its hanger and held it up in anticipation. How about this? I thought, isn't it sweet? Sweet wasn't the word. It would have been positively adorable if I had been a little girl, and was exactly what baby girls are expected to wear. The frock was made of white satin, and styled with a peter pan collar, short puffed sleeves, a row of small pearl buttons down the back, and a broad sash which fastened in a large bow at the back. There was a smocking pattern across the front, and the dress was quite short, which meant that the wearer's baby pants would be frequently visible. All in all it was the perfect dress for a baby girl.

Right I thought, that's enough looking, time to put it on. I placed the dress over my head, put my arms through the sleeves, and pulled it down around me. Then I fastened the buttons up my back one by one, terminating with a hook-and-eye fastening behind my neck. Finally I tied the sash belt in a large non-slip bow behind my waist and smoothed the dress down around me.

Next came my feet. I picked up a pair of white cotton ankle socks, sat down on a chair, and pulled them onto my feet, turning them down neatly. They were typical little girl socks, with a lacy frill around the ankle. Now for my shoes. I picked up one of the shoes I was to wear and looked at it. It was a typical little girl style, a black patent T-bar strap shoe with a buckle at the side of the foot. I took the first one, and with the aid of a shoe horn, squeezed it onto my foot. Then I buckled up the strap tightly. Repeating the exercise with my other foot, I soon had it prettily imprisoned as well. The shoes felt tight, but didn't seem to feel too bad.

Now for my cot restraints. I went to the cupboard where we stored our ropes and straps, and took out a pair of white leather baby reins that Sally had made to fit me exactly. They had babyish transfers on the front, and were fitted with three small bells that jingled every time I shook them. With a grin of anticipation I put my arms in through the straps, and buckled them up tightly behind me. The reins had been made with restraint in mind, because they were fitted with several D rings which could be used to anchor the wearer onto almost anything.

It was time for baby to be secured in her cot. I checked that all the cot restraints were in position, and then clambering onto it, I raised the barred side, locked it in position, and sat down.

First came my feet. I buckled two straps each fitted with a D ring around my ankles, and clipped each one to a strap attached to one of the bottom corners of the cot. I shortened the straps and secured them so that my legs were stretched well apart, and then laid down on my back, and pulled myself up the cot so that the straps stretched my legs wide apart.

Now for the top end. There were four more straps attached to the edges of the cot. One running from each of the two corners at the top end, and one running from each side, level with my chest. Each strap was fitted with a strong clip at the end, and I carefully clipped them onto the D rings attached to my baby reins. Two at the front, just below my shoulders, and the other two were on the left and right ends of the decorated chest piece. Once the straps were clipped onto my reins, I pulled them tight and buckled them up so that I was now securely held down by both my ankles and my chest.

It was time to complete my babyish appearance, and that meant that baby had to have a dummy in her mouth of course, which I'd put on the cot mattress ready for use. I picked it up and looked at it. This was no ordinary baby's dummy. To begin with, it was enormous. Secondly, an arrangement of long pink ribbons attached to the oval mouth cover was designed to keep it securely in place once it was in the mouth. I carefully arranged the securing ribbons, and pausing for a moment, I opened my mouth wide and pushed the large silicon rubber bulb of the dummy deep into my mouth, pressing my tongue down. Pulling the ribbons tight, I wound them several times around my head before tying them in a non-slip bow behind my head. With the huge rubber bulb filling my mouth, I was now completely silenced in the most humiliating way imaginable.

That just left my bonnet. I took a comb and parted my hair in a center parting and combed the front forward in a neat fringe. Then I picked up a large white satin baby's bonnet with a wide brim to frame the face, and pulling it down securely on my head, I brought the two broad securing ribbons tightly together under my chin and tied them in a neat non-slip bow. I lay there for a moment, and grinned as I knew how humiliatingly babyish I looked. Then it was time to make myself completely helpless.

In the cot with me I had the two cuffs of what had once been a pair of old fashioned Hiatt handcuffs, the type that used to be used by London bobbies. I'd sawed off the links joining them so that they could be used separately, so picking each one up, I closed them around my wrists, and locked them shut with a satisfying click. I'd fitted each cuff with a short chain of just a few links, and in the end link of each was an open padlock, ready to be clicked shut.

I stretched out my arms wide on either side of me, well away from my body, to where two strong steel rings had been screwed deep into the frame of the cot, just within reach. With my heart thumping, I inserted the loop of the left hand padlock through the steel ring on my left, and clicked it shut. Then I stretched my right hand out, and just managed to slip the right hand padlock through the other steel ring. After a moment's hesitation, I clicked it shut. I was trapped.

But not really of course. As on every other self-bondage session I'd enjoyed, it was slightly marred by the fact that I was not totally helpless. Naturally I would have to be able to free myself when I'd had enough, and this was no exception, so just within reach of my right hand, the keys to the padlocks and handcuffs hung on a piece of string so that I could unlock myself.

Nevertheless, I began to squirm and struggle against my restraints, imagining that a group of girls had dressed me up and restrained me in the cot, to be mercilessly teased and taunted. I heaved and strained against the strong straps, but I couldn't move. I yelled at the top of my voice into the dummy gag, but only a muffled 'Mmmmmph!' could be heard. I really was as helpless as a baby. until I chose to release myself.

But as I said, you can tempt fate once too often. Happy in my fantasy world, I squirmed and pulled at the straps and chains, knowing full well that I couldn't possible break free. The only way to release myself was with the keys, and I gave a muffled gurgle into my dummy as I reveled in the fact.

Then the thunderbolt fell. I suddenly heard the sound of the front door being opened and closed, and a voice calling out 'Hi Tommy, I'm home.' It was Sally, and I went cold with panic. Desperately, I began to fumble for the keys that would release me, but I'd deliberately made them difficult to reach, and I heaved and strained as my outstretched fingers tried to grasp them.

A few seconds later, Sally came into the room, glanced at me for an instant, and then strode over to the cot. She folded her arms, leaned on the side of the cot, and looking down at me with a malevolent smile on her face said 'Well well well, what have we here? A little baby in her cot. How sweet.' I frantically reached for the keys, but she was there first. 'Oh no you don't' she said, and quickly grabbed them. She untied the two keys from the piece of string, and put them in her pocket. I groaned inwardly as I realized just how precarious my situation now was.

Suddenly her grim smile turned to anger. She was clearly furious, and looking down at me she said 'How could you? I trusted you, and you let me down like this when you thought my back was turned. You idiot, didn't it occur to you that I might be back early? You're as stupid as you are treacherous.'

She said nothing else for a couple of minutes, frowning while she pondered her next move. Then she said 'Well I did warn you that if you ever tried anything like this again I'd make you regret it. Remember?' I nodded. 'Very well' she continued, 'In that case you've only got yourself to blame for what happens now. Now let me see, what can I do to make you uncomfortably humiliated without actually hurting you?' She stared down at me deep in thought, until she broke into a wicked grin. 'Ah yes' she chuckled, 'The perfect punishment to fit the crime. All right then, I'm going to indulge your fantasy, but by the time I've finished, you'll wish I'd never started. First of all, let's make sure you're properly restrained shall we?'

She lowered the sides of the cot, and checking the straps one by one, shortened them so that I was more tightly stretched out on the cot. I couldn't move. 'That's better' she said with a smile, 'We don't want baby getting out of her cot, do we?' She raised the sides of the cot again, and clicked the latches into place.

'Now then' she said, 'With what I have in mind, I'll need to go and get a few things from the shops. So you just lie there like a good little baby and I'll be back in an hour or so. Enjoy yourself!' With a grin and a little wave of her fingers, she went out of the room.

I heard the sound of the front door being opened and closed, and then lay there, stunned by this turn of events. Suddenly it began to sink in. With Sally's imaginative talent for satisfying my fantasy in the past, I wasn't looking forward to what she might do if she actually wanted to punish me while I was helplessly trussed up like this. I was completely at her mercy, and whatever she had in mind, It was bound to be unpleasant.

Suddenly I panicked, and began to heave and strain against my cot restraints as if by some miracle I could break free. I threw myself into the effort, and gurgled with impotence into my dummy as I pulled with all my strength at the straps. It was hopeless of course, and after a couple of minutes I realized it was futile. The only way I was going to get out of that cot was when Sally chose to release me, and I had a nasty suspicion that it was going to be quite some time before she'd do that.

I lay there quietly, and after about an hour I heard the front door open and close, and Sally reappeared carrying several bags of shopping. It seemed she'd been busy. She came over and looked down at me with a grin on her face. 'Still there?' she smiled, 'Good. Now I'm just going to take this stuff into the kitchen, and then we'll get started.' I didn't like the sound of that, but there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, and I lay there nervously as I heard her busying herself in the kitchen.

Eventually she came back into the room carrying a tray and put it down on the small table. I didn't like what I saw, and realized why she had been shopping. On the tray were two bowls, a small jar of baby food, a baby bottle of milk with a teat, and a bib. 'Din dins time' she smiled, and lowered one side of the cot. She picked up the bib, and leaning over me, put it under my chin and tied the tie tapes at the back of the neck. She spread the bib out across my chest and then said 'Now then, I'm going to feed you, so I'll have to remove your dummy for a while. But one word of warning. A single word from you or any attempt not to eat your baby food, and I'll put the dummy back in your mouth along with some nice yummy slugs and insects from the garden. So you've been warned.' With the mood she was in I had no doubt that she would actually do it, so I certainly wasn't going to risk anything. The threat guaranteed my silence.

Sally removed my baby bonnet, and untying the securing ribbons, eased the dummy out of my mouth and put it to one side. Then she sat down next to me, picked up the bowl of mushy baby food and started to spoon it into my mouth. The bland tasteless cereal was followed by the jar of vegetable puree, and for dessert came a bowl of chocolate mousse. That done, she placed the teat of the baby bottle into my mouth, and I had to suck the bottle dry in true baby fashion. I assumed that was the end of the meal, but Sally had a surprise in store. She went out to the kitchen for a moment, and came back carrying a large two litter bottle of water fitted with a baby bottle teat. She sat down again, and said 'Here we are, we don't want baby getting thirsty do we? I thought this amount of water to you would be the equivalent of a baby bottle to a real baby. So start sucking, sucker!' I was in no position to refuse, and opened my mouth to receive the teat.

By the time the bottle was empty, my cheeks ached from the sucking, and my stomach felt bloated. I was absolutely full. 'There's a good little baby' grinned Sally as she put down the empty bottle, and standing up again, she picked up my dummy and pushed it back into my mouth before tying it in even more tightly than before. Then she combed my hair down the center, arranged it in a fringe at the front, and pulling the baby's bonnet on my head again, tied the two securing ribbons tightly under my chin in a non-slip bow. Finally she arranged the rim of the bonnet so that it framed my face neatly.

She stood up, looked down at me, and smiled. 'Don't you look sweet?' she grinned, 'Very nice. A sweet little baby in her cot. Delightful. But it's not going to be very delightful for you I can assure you.' Smiling broadly she said 'Now your problems are about to really start. Let me tell you something. You no doubt noticed that I fed you with a generous bowl of chocolate mousse. Well, that was no ordinary chocolate mousse. Oh no. It was laced with a whole packet of dissolved laxative chocolate, plus a huge overdose of ground up essence of senna tablets. I guarantee that within twelve hours you are going to have a nice full nappy, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. And I'd say that with all that water inside you it's going to be soaking wet as well. You want to be a baby, do you? Well you are going to find that one of the nasty things about being a baby is helplessly lying in a full nappy for hours on end, and the painfully sore nappy rash that follows it. I think that several days like that will be enough to teach you a lesson, so I'm going to leave you like this until I feel you are contrite enough.'

At this I gave a muffled wail of despair into the dummy filling my mouth, and heaved and strained helplessly in the cot restraints.

Laughing, Sally picked up the dirty plates and bottles, and took them out into the kitchen. I couldn't believe that I'd walked into this nightmare of my own volition, and gurgled into my dummy with humiliation and frustration.

A short while later, Sally returned with some blankets to cover me up, so I was obviously being bedded down for the night. She was kind enough to remove my dummy, which would have made sleep impossible, but she removed it with a warning that if she heard one peep out of me, the dummy would go back in, along with some unsavoury garden snails and slugs. That was enough to ensure my complete silence.

Sally raised the side of the cot and clicked it into place. Then with her arms resting on the side of the cot, she looked down at me, smiled, and said 'Well there we are, one little baby all tucked up in her cot. How sweet. My word Tommy, you really are going to regret ever having crossed me like this. You can think about that as you start to fill your nappy. Sleep tight!' With that, she went out of the room, leaving the door ajar, and I heard her go into the lounge and switch on the TV.

Gradually it got dark, and under the warm blankets I found it possible to doze off from time to time during the night. At first, it was easy to sleep as I felt so exhausted, but as the night wore on, I began to feel an irresistible urge to relieve myself. Somehow it became almost a point of honor not to wet my nappy, but I was fighting a losing battle. The pressure in my bladder steadily increased as time passed, and eventually I just had to let go. A warm flood poured out into my nappy and ran around my crutch, turning the nappy into a wet, soggy lump around me, trapped within my plastic baby pants. Unable to do anything about it, I soon relaxed and drifted off to sleep again.


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