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The Caretaker- Jenn returns

Chapter Two

I stretched out in bed after getting upstairs and quickly dozed off for ten or fifteen minutes before awakening. I picked up the novel I was reading thankful for the down time. About an hour later I heard the entrance door to the barn open and close, then the same with the wash room door followed by the sound of steps coming up stairs. Must be Jenn I thought. There was a light knock on the door as I called to come in.

I met Jenn at the door, "Hi, Come in please."

"Thanks, feeling better? Jenn inquired.

It was then I noticed Jenn had brought something with her. "I'm still feeling tired, need another day to catch up I guess."

"Well, I'm sure that will help. I told Mother and she, of course, is quite concerned that you are all right. I said I would be checking in with you. She is worried you may be coming down with something. I assured her I would look into it. So, I need to take your temp Hon."

"Jenn I don't think that's necessary, really." I protested.

"Perhaps not, but it's not a bad idea to check and Mother's wishes are best complied with. I'm sure you would agree? So please go in and lie down on your bed. And I saw you noticed what I brought with me, the enema equipment. Mother also thinks it would be a good idea for you to get an enema. So you know, I did not share with her that you borrowed it nor did I share that I purchased enema equipment for you. Our secret. I trust you have tried it out?"

"I don't need an enema Jenn, Ok? And can't I just do it myself if I have to?"

"No I am expected to give you the enema. Tell me, have you used what I bought for you?"

I sheepishly replied, "Yeah, a couple of times."

Jenn smiles, "So it seems you do find some enjoyment with my purchase. Listen, I am going to to take your temp and then I will give you an enema. This will be different from last time. It's not for punishment. It will be gentle and relaxed. At least if you do not give me hard time. And I am not expecting that. Correct?"

"Yes Jenn."

"Ok then. Before we start, do you have anything from which we can the enema bag? I would like you to be able to take it lying on your bed."

"Yeah, I do. I can get it." I went to the loft and entered the closet where my drum kit was stored and took a cymbol stand back with me,"

"That is perfect. Multi uses for it. Now I need you to slip your pants and underwear off and lie down so we can begin."


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