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The Caretaker- Jenn returns

The Caretaker- Jenn returns

Chapter One

I had been a few weeks since my first experience with Jenn, the daughter of Mrs. G whom I worked for taking care of her horses and property. I had borrowed enema equipment from Mrs. G's bathroom without consent. I had returned it after using it, but had failed to dry everything properly and Jenn had noticed. She called me out for it and had taken what she considered to be appropriate action which consisted of taking my temp rectally followed by two enemas and a spanking. I had accepted the punishments reluctantly giving into her authority as agreed. A surprise consequence was Jenn had purchased enema gear for me and had it delivered a few days later.

I woke early on a Sunday morning to the sound of the horses rattling their grain boxes informing me it was time to feed them. I dressed and went downstairs to feed and water the hungry beasts feeling as tired as when I went to bed. It had been a tough three days. I had finished drilling and placing fence posts over the course of the last several days by putting in ten hour days. The previous night I had a band job until 1 AM, getting home around two. I felt exhausted as I went back upstairs and made coffee. Then back down to the barn to put the horses out to pasture, clean the stalls, and put in the feed for later. A beautiful summer morning on the estate. I went out to sit in the walkway near the barn to take in the day. It wasn't long before I drifted off into sleep.

"Hey, are you OK?"I awoke with a start to see Jenn before me.

"Good morning, sorry to wake you, wasn't sure if you were all right." Jenn explained

"Good morning Jenn. I'm ok, just tired and feeling a little sluggish today. Late night and lots of work her the last few days."

"Mother and I saw you had the new pasture ready for the fencing. She is delighted. You do look a bit worn out so take it easy today. We will get the horses in this afternoon and will get up to take care of them tomorrow morning. You deserve the rest."

"I guess I will lie down again for awhile, I appreciate you taking care of things."

"Not a problem. Are you sure you are ok?"

"Yes, I think so, just feeling tired and slow. I'll be ok."

"Well get some rest and I will be up to see how you are doing, Ok?"

"Sure and thanks again."

With that I headed back upstairs to rest.


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