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A Bit of Role Play

Student Teacher

She sat across my desk from me, her expression unclear - perhaps showing trepidation or maybe excitement. As middle school principal, a key duty of mine was dispensing discipline to both misbehaving students and errant teachers, as well. She was the latter - actually a 22 year old student teacher. Her mentor teacher had left her briefly in charge of the class to go over math homework problems. Behavior in the class had quickly gotten out of hand and was uncontrolled mayhem when the teacher returned. The teacher had summoned the main trouble makers from the class to her office adjacent to the classroom and sent the student teacher to my office.

“A key duty as a teacher is to maintain control of the classroom,” I reminded the young woman.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry,” she replied.

“What should you have done when the first few began to misbehave?” I asked.

“Order them into the office for disciplinary action,” she answered.

“Disciplinary action?” I queried. “Please be more specific.”

“Paddling them, sir,” she clarified.

“Then it shouldn’t surprise you that this mistake has earned you the same fate,” I scolded. I stood and retrieved the ‘board of education’ that hung behind my desk.

“Yes, sir,” she acknowledged softly.

“Hike-up your skirt and lower your panties, then bend over my desk. Forearms on the desktop and if you leave this position, I will repeat that swat. Understood?” I instructed. She nodded and stood to face my desk. She pulled up the hem of her skirt and slid her panties down to expose her awesome tush. She bent over and I tapped the paddle against her round cheeks. I drew back and gave her a hard swat. She moaned and rocked forward on her toes but maintained position. A slow sequence of six swats left her butt rosy, showing a few emerging bruises.

“You’ve probably heard from your peers that teachers can halve the number of swats by accepting an alternate punishment. What’s you choice, six more swats or the second option?” I asked.

“Second,” she agreed.

I set the paddle on the desk and undid my own pants. I felt between her legs and found her very wet and ready. I guided myself inside her and began to thrust. The view of her bare, pink bottom and my cock disappearing inside her was spectacular and far too quickly I was nearly at apex. I withdrew and released onto her cheeks, then pulled up her panties to cover her sticky, well-spanked bottom. “You’d better get back to class,” I instructed.

She turned to face me and held my still quivering cock in her hand and whispered, “If I’m a bad girl again, maybe I can make oral arguments for a reduction in my sentence?”


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