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A Bit of Role Play

Human Resources

I have been summoned to the head of HR’s office. Such unscheduled visits are seldom a good thing and I wonder what has prompted her to call me in. She gets right to the point that she has learned that I have been involved with a 22 year old female intern. I do not deny the relationship but wonder how she found out, thinking we had been quite discrete. I push back asserting it really should not be an HR concern since the intern does not report to me and I have no influence on her professional advancement or work assignments.

I assert that the connection does not impact either of our work roles and state - falsely - that it is completely after-hours and not on company time or property. I avoid mentioning the few times that my intern friend dropped by my office around lunchtime, locked the door and gave me a mind-erasing blowjob or the one other time when she came by late in the day when everyone else had gone home. We got frisky in my office and concluded with her bent over my desk for a quick boink. I am hoping the head of HR is unaware of these transgressions.

She responds that since I am a manager, a relationship with any intern has the appearance of conflict of interest. She announces her decision that I am to be punished for my poor judgement and the severity of my sentence depends upon whether I plan to continue the tryst with the intern. She also alludes to the nature of the punishment, hinting that her methods are ‘old school’ corporal punishment. My cock gets hard at the suggestion and I indicate I do not intend to cease relations with the intern.

She accepts my answer and asks me to stand from the visitor chair facing her desk. She comes around the desk, hikes up her skirt slightly and sits in the chair. Her blouse is unbuttoned one or two more than appropriate for office attire and I grow harder still looking upon her generous cleavage and bare thighs. She scolds me for my lack of good judgement as she undoes my pants and takes a long look at my erection, then making a quip that its the reason I am in trouble.

She guides me over her lap and begins to spank my bare bottom. The swats are sharp and the pace is brisk, the heat in my ass rising quickly to the point where I begin to wriggle and writhe in true discomfort. My cock is sandwiched between her thighs and I imagine that much more friction and movement might induce me to climax while across her lap.

Before I reach fruition she pauses and prompts me to stand then approach her desk and bend over. From a drawer in her credenza she retrieves a sorority paddle and taps it against my very sore and - I imagine - very red cheeks. She orders me to count the dozen swats I am due. The twelve smacks leave my butt almost numb and I stand and rub it.

She approaches me from behind - intimately close - and lays the paddle on the desk in front of me. She begins to stroke me with her right hand while her left caresses my seared cheeks. Soon, I feel the tide rising and she continues to stroke as I empty onto the paddle and her desktop. She chides me on the mess I have created as she lasciviously licks a few errant rivulets of semen from her fingers.