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A 40+ years old intern doctor

Saving the girl who crashed

I was shocked and suddenly my brain was in overdrive. Theoretically, I should have known what to do but there were always other doctors around. I shouldn’t be the one who calls the shots. One of the nurses (Betty) helped and took the patient from the paramedics and put her on one of the examining tables at ER. Everything was on automatic, I helped the nurse prep without thinking.

She is Asian with black curly hair and blood on her face. The good news was she was gaining conscience. She opened her eyes and seemed confused. Nurse Betty hold her hand and asked her a few questions.

Betty: You were in a car crash and were sent to our ER. Do you remember what happened?

The girl: Yes, yes, I was driving and…my tummy hurts and I got a headache.

While they were talking Betty cut and removed the dress she had worn. I inspected her exterior body, some bruises caused by the crash but nothing serious.