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A 40+ years old intern doctor

A bit of context

It's my first attempt to write a story.

All my stories are all fantasies and NOT based on real events.

Please don't comment on the realness of those medical procedures it's all fake.

And finally English is not my native language so...that's it.


My name is Harry. I'm 43. I used to work for a small hedge fund but after the 2008 financial crisis my firm was liquidated and I'm out of a job temporarily for 6 months. Being a successful trader for years I am fine with trading on my own. With some help from one of my college buddies who know AI, we created a platform that can trade automatically for us. And now I have plenty of time and I can do what I really like, which is, being a doctor and saving lives.

Just like Doctor Burry (the guy who short housing and made billions) who was a doctor first and turn into a trader. I too have a medical degree but I'd never worked as a doctor. So I went to my medical school again and took some courses and tests and after 2 years I finally get my license. Securing a job as a doctor at 43 was not easy but being a trader I did have some connections. And I don't want to work for money which helped too. Long story short, I got hired as an ER doctor. But the main story happened years early when I was an intern back then.

My daily tasks are not very exciting, taking patient histories, admitting and discharging, scheduling appointments, etc. But then, out of a sudden, the covid-19 pandemic hit us and almost all doctors and nurses are working nonstop and half of them are infected. It's a catastrophe. I too was infected but not like others, Day one I have a fever, and day 2 my fever was gone and I recovered. Since then I was immune. And since many experienced doctors were sick, I was the only one still working in ER at the time. One night 3 patients were sent to our hospital. 2 police officers and a woman. It was a lockdown due to the pandemic, streets are mostly empty without traffic. I guess they had both driven their car a bit too fast. Those 2 policemen were fine, already conscious, and ready to be x-rayed. That woman however was in serious condition. Her dress was covered in blood and was unconscious. The medic who sent her told us that she was 19 and possibly had a concussion. And was bleeding.