Lila's Treatment

Part 8

A metal rod connected the bumper and chin cup of Lila's headgear, blocking Zoey from kissing her from the traditional angle. She awkwardly leaned to the right of Lila's face to let her lips make contact. Then came the trouble of the appliances built-in cheek retractor. Zoey at first kissed Lila's upper lip, but then moved down to directly kiss her teeth.

Lila let out a soft moan, a mixture of surprise and arousal. She parted her jaw, allowing their tongues to meet. Zoey had begun to explore the strange nooks and crannies of Lila's braces, pulling their bodies closer. Lila fell backwards onto the bed, letting Zoey climb on top of her. Lila groaned as her arousal was halted by the chastity cage.

"Good girl... keep your mouth open..." Zoey sighed as she moved down from Lila's face and began to kiss her neck, sticking her fingers through Lila's orthodontia instead. Lila moaned again with pleasure, a bit of drool oozing down her chin.

Finally, Zoey loomed over Lila with a sly grin. "Now, do you need help getting undressed?"

Lila looked up at her, simply letting out a soft "Uh-huh."


The next month was very peculiar. Lila no longer had to see Nurse Willow for her meals, Zoey was able to take care of that. However, all her new appliances meant she required help with everything from getting dressed to using the restroom.

Zoey was there every step of the way, and their odd relationship allowed tedious and humiliating situations to become something a little more intimate.

Three times a day Lila would look forward to Zoey helping clean her teeth, a lengthy process that became almost erotic from her caretaker's love and precision.

The pair would work together to study for their finals, Zoey even helping Lila speak a bit more clearly through her hardware for her oral exams.

Despite all this, Lila was still waiting for the end of the semester, when she could finally switch to regular, non-orthodontic HRT.


Lila's last final was for Poetry, taking the form of an oral exam. That professor had it out for her since day one, and didn't seem to be letting Lila's predicament get in the way of her strict grading process. Even with Zoey's help with pronunciation, Lila slurred and lisped her way through the recitation, definitely earning her a flunking grade.

Despite this, she still had a skip in her step as she left the classroom, or at least as much of a skip she could manage with all her bulky appliances. She had an orthodontist appointment right after, and she was ready to tell Dr. Whites she was done with the orthodontia.


Lila awkwardly shifted into the chair as Flossie and Dr. Whites loomed over her.

"So, now that the semester's over, have you thought about continuing with the WPFT? Or would you prefer to switch to a more traditional treatment?"

Lila looked up at the dentist, who was looking down at her expectantly, her blue mask dangling under her chin. "I think aye duh with the ratheth..." She managed to squeeze out, a bit of drool dripping from her mouth.

Dr. Whites smiled sympathetically. "You think you're done with the braces... I understand. You have to remember, this was a prototype, later models will be a lot more pleasant. Nevertheless, it was nice getting to know you these past few months."

Lila smiled as much as the metal hooks would allow. "Cah I get thethe oth today?"

Dr. Whites gave a bit of a smirk. "Not quite. In the documents you signed at the beginning of your treatment, you agreed to help us with one more thing..."

Lila gulped.

"The university is hosting a joint endocrinology and orthodontics conference this weekend. Obviously, there would be no better place to unveil our new techniques. But..."

"We need a model!" Flossie piped in.

"We just need you to let the doctors there take a look at you, and then we'll get it all taken off, okay sweetie?" Dr. Whites cooed.

Lila gave a strange grimace through her orthodontia. "I-I gueth..."

Dr. Whites smiled. "Good girl. Now, let's get your teeth cleaned, you don't want anyone seeing all that plaque in your mouth..."


Lila stared up at Zoey as she carefully applied lipstick, taking care to not get any on the appliances.

Lila was firmly strapped to a dental chair, dressed in nothing but a skimpy pink bikini to show off her Milwaukee brace.

Their booth in the convention center was curtained off while they prepped their model. Dr. Whites was dressed in a white business casual outfit, while Flossie wore a pink blouse with a short blue miniskirt. Zoey was dressed in her usual scrubs, doing Lila's makeup.

Lila shivered, the building was rather cold. She heard people outside the booth walking around and chattering.

"And... done! Does this look okay, Dr. W?" Zoey asked.

Dr. Whites looked down at Lila, with a pleased smile. "Perfect, I think we're just about ready! Lila, open wide please..."

Lila nervously opened her mouth, allowing Dr. Whites to insert a molt gag, cranking her mouth wide open.

Flossie pulled the curtains apart, revealing a small crowd of medical professionals, dressed in a variety of formal wear, labcoats, and scrubs.

Dr. Whites addressed the crowd. "Ladies and... hm, the crowd seems to just be ladies! Regardless, I'm proud to finally unveil the WPFT! My wife and I have been collaborating on this treatment for years now, and I'm happy to finally show you the fruits of our labor! Please, feel free to take a closer look at our model, and come to Flossie and I for any questions you may have!"

The doctors crowded around the chair, peering over the various appliances installed on Lila's body.

A woman in pink scrubs with dark curly hair began to inspect Lila's mouth with a dental mirror. "Her teeth are almost perfect, I can't believe those before pictures..."

Another woman with short natural hair wearing a burgundy cocktail dress began to palpate Lila's breasts. "Extremely impressive development for... you said only three months?" Dr. White nodded in confirmation.

A blonde woman in a white suit tapped Lila's arm braces. "Are these really necessary? I have a hard enough time getting patients to wear their retainers, let alone headgear. Something like this..."

Dr. Whites laughed. "Our patient hasn't objected to any of the appliances we've installed. In fact, we have something else to show you..."

Lila loudly moaned in surprise as Flossie abruptly pulled down her bikini bottom, revealing her chastity cage. Her face turned a deep red as the crowd of attractive women murmured to themselves, one of the braver doctors beginning to poke at it.

Lila could barely squirm against the restraints, only being able to watch as every inch of her was inspected by a group of strange women.

"Shh, it's okay, you're okay..." Lila looked up as Zoey stroked her cheek, and began to relax...


Lila twirled in the women's bathroom of the convention center. She hadn't felt this light in what felt like an eternity. Her torso wasn't weighed down, her arms were free to move, she could even use the restroom without help.

She ran her hands down her chest, finally being able to feel her new body. The strange methods really had worked. She still wasn't sure if it was all worth it, but she felt giddy in a way she never had before.

She grinned in the mirror. No more bulky headgear, no pads on her forehead or cups on her chin, no metal hooks pulling her cheeks back...

The only thing she saw was a set of pretty pink powerchains...


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