Lila's Treatment

Part 7

Lila sat still as Flossie wrapped the straps around her once again.

"So, how are the hormones treating you so far?" Dr. Whites asked, snapping on her gloves.

"They're great tho ar... ay reathtth are ig enough I have to wear a ra..." Lila's progress did feel amazing, even if the methods were questionable...

"That's wonderful! You've made incredible progress so far, are you excited for the next stage of treatment?"

Lila gulped as Flossie fastened her forehead to the chair. "Nextht thtage?"

Dr. Whites smirked before donning her mask. "You didn't think we were done with the surprises did you? Don't worry, when you wake up, we'll explain your new appliances, okay sweetie?"

Lila's eyes darted to Flossie, who was placing the mask over her nose. "Don't worry jutht take deep breathth like before."

As Lila began to drift off, she felt Flossie's breasts push against her scalp once again...


The first thing Lila noticed when she woke up was that she felt cold. She shifted around, noticing she wasn't strapped down this time, but her movement still felt restrained...

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked down, and began to moan in confusion.

She was mostly nude, with the exception of a heavy device made of metal and pink plastic covering most of her torso.

"There'th our girl!" Lila felt Flossie's hand on her shoulder. "Pearl, would you like to exthplain what we've thet her up with?"

Dr. Whites leaned over. "Lila, for the next stage of your treatment, we've given you a slightly modified Milwaukee brace. Since this is connected to your headgear, this will mostly serve to add extra pressure on your teeth, but with the added benefit of training you to have a more feminine posture. Moving on..."

She touched Lila's arm, which had a heavy pink plastic braces alongside it. "In one of our prototype trials, we had some difficulties with a patient who kept tampering with her headgear, forcing us to install these arm braces to improve her behavior. Luckily you've been an exceptionally obedient patient so far, but we felt it would be beneficial to take these measures regardless. Finally..."

Dr. Whites gestured between Lila's legs. "Flossie noticed some... peculiar reactions during your treatment. While expressing yourself sexually is important, we felt we should take some measures to keep these reactions hidden. We've installed a chastity cage, which can take a little bit of getting used to, but some patients say wearing one has helped their dysphoria immensely..."

Lila groaned and squirmed in the chair. She was unable to bend her arms with her new devices, and her back was kept firmly straight.

"Here, let'th get you out of thith chair..." Flossie bent down to carefully help Lila to her feet.

Lila began to whimper. "There there, thweetie..." Flossie hugged her poor patient, pressing her face into her breasts.

Lila blushed, then felt some pressure in her lower regions, causing her to let out a soft grunt.

Flossie smirked, running her hand through Lila's hair. "Ith the cage giving you trouble already? Don't worry, you'll get uthed to it, and jutht remember it'th not permanent."

Lila solemnly nodded as Flossie released her from the strangely intimate hug.

"Now, let'th get you drethed..."


Once again, Lila walked from the dental center to the coed dorms. She'd gotten used to stares at this point, but every new appliance brought out a new feeling of humiliation.

At this point she was beginning to wonder whether this treatment was even worth the humiliation. Traditional HRT would be slower and more expensive, yes, but did she really have to waddle around campus looking like a Saw victim?

Lila finally made it to her dorm, having to awkwardly sit her purse on the floor to get out her keys without bending her arms.

When she finally unlocked the door, she heard a familiar voice. "There she is!"

Zoey was waiting in her dorm, in the middle unpacking. Lila didn't have a roommate, the boy she roomed with at he beginning dropped out a couple months ago.

Lila sat down on her bed. "Wha are you doing here?"

Zoey smiled. "Dr. Whites contacted me, apparently at this stage of treatment, it's best for you to have a caretaker to help you with day-to-day tasks. If her trials are successful and this treatment becomes commonplace, this will be a new job requirement for dental hygienists, so this counts as extra credit for school too!"

Lila blushed. "Tho you'll e taking care oh e?"

Zoey sat down next to her and nodded. "Mm-hm. For the rest of your treatment."

Lila looked at the ground. "I-I don't know ih I want to do thith anyore..."

Zoey put her arm around her. "It's only about a month more, I'll be with you ever step of the way. You can make it."

Lila nodded, still looking depressed.

Zoey looked into Lila's eyes. "As your dental caretaker, is there anything you'd like me to do for you right now? What would cheer you up?"

Lila blushed, looking up at Zoey, not saying anything.

With that, Zoey leaned in for a kiss...