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A Friend Indeed


Mark was in a kneeling position over a rectangular leather stool with his knees secured to its legs and elbows strapped to the opposite side legs of the stool. He crossed his strapped arms and grabbed the opposing stool leg with each hand as he clinched his sphincter muscled to hold what felt like Lake Superior entering his colon. How had he gotten himself trapped and what was next from his sweetheart? Martha was a senior at The Agatha Nursing School in upstate New York and he had driven over from Syracuse where he was a graduate English literature student. They'd met at a fraternity party three years previously and had become more friendly and last year intimate. Their friends called them M & M. Martha was a spritely petite girl about five feet four with gaze attracting large breasts not obscenely large but attracting breasts. If there was a part of Martha that Mark would choose over her other parts it was her backside. It was full and curved. In a skirt, slacks, and thank god for them, dungarees her ass was to die for. These physical attributes bore her pretty face surrounded by abundant curly sandy brown hair. Mark, who fancied himself as sophisticated and capable of acknowledging intelligence among his peers, thought Martha a bright personality and keen wit. They enjoyed one another's company.

Three weeks previously Mark had played a nasty trick on Marth when he hid her car keys preventing her from leaving his bedroom dressed to meet girlfriends to see a college play. Tickets had been purchased in advance. Mark realized almost too late that he had overstepped and pissed Marth off. At the very last minute he relented and gave Martha the car key fob. She was late for the play having to drive herself and meet friends at the theater which was not the original plan. Her last remark was, “Just you wait ! You'll regret this!” Mark's unclever response of “You going to keep my lunch money honey?” added another nail in the proverbial coffin she would put him in.

Now they would be together for a three day weekend. Weather couldn't be more perfect. Forecast was for constant rain and drizzle with temps in low 40s. Perfect indoor weather. Martha would affect a reprisal for the play incident. She had secretly gathered over the past number of weeks supplies: catheters, double balloon nozzles, lubricant, rubber gloves, towels, two quart enema bag, towels, and more. She had to entice, coerce, or trick Mark into placing himself fully at her disposal on this November weekend.