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A Friend Indeed

A Friend Indeed

Mark and Martha (aka M &M) had gathered at her apartment as planned. They started the weekend with rollicking good exhausting sex which made them both happy and left Mark in a compliant frame of mind. While laying on Martha's double bed, she asked Mark if he'd help her with a project she was working on for her younger sister. “Mark she is in a school play and has to play the part of the Hunch-back of Notre Dame. I've got to make up for her a costume”. “Okay”, said Mark “what do you want me to do? I can't sew. “Mark you are a dear. I'm going to use this large stool for my sister's costume and I need you to hold it up infront of you. I'll unscrew these heavy legs and she'll have this strapped on her back for a big big hump. What do you think?"

“Sounds okay to me but the stool is heavy even without the legs on it”, replied Mark.

“Okay, good let's do this so I can get an idea of how it will look. Mark lean over the stool, so I can see how it will look pressed against her back. She is not as tall as you and that may be a problem.” “Come on” hastened Martha as she pushed Mark down over the stool. “Just hold on to the legs. Not like that put your arms on the side of the stool and grab each opposit leg, she instructed hastily. Here let me tie your arms in the positions I think she will have to place hers.” Martha strapped Mark's arms to the side of each stool leg securely affixing him. “No that's not it. Hunch you back a bit. There bring your knees to the other end of the stool” Mark thought this a lame idea for a play but decided to humor Martha as he pressed each leg forward to its respective stool leg. With that Martha securely strapped his legs to the stool legs.

“Martha, I thought your sister was to wear the legless stool on her back not her front, said a befuddled Mark.”

Oh, Mark I'm kidding. My sister isn't going to be in a play. I just wanted to tie you down for a good old fashioned soapsuds enema! Mark looked up with a blank stare at his smiling Martha. "Now while you are taking your enema you can think about how much time it took for me to get my car key from you on the night of the play last month., smiled Martha.

With that she brought out a pair of scissors to cut off marks jockey shorts.