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A doctors diary

My neibours exam

Its was late friday. When i was about to finnish my workday the phone rang. It was my nabour, Susan. She calling my office to ask if i could step inside her home when i drive past her. She fealt sick, and wanted me to give her an exam, after work. I tell her i could do it, since she was my naibour.

Soon after, i packed my medical bag, and drive stright to Susans house. I had a key to her home, so i deside to go stright in of my own. I had the key because i usually helped her with some small things when she was on vacations.

I could not find her in the livingroom, so i walk up the stairs to her bedroom. And there she was - sleeping. I wake her up, and ask if she was ready for her exam. She nodded in agreement.

First i lie my hand on her forehead, to feel her temperature. She was warm, so i rolled her body around, to get the temperature. Yes, i usually take my patients temperature rectally. Not all are happy with that, but its more accurate that way. I lube the tip of my thermometer, and carefully pressed it in. She moaned half in pain and half in pleasures.

I held the thermometer in right position for a couple of minute, before i removed it.

«Oh.. you have some fever.»

I turned back to my medical bag, and took out some more stuff. I hung my stethoscope around the neck, and picked up a bloodpressure cuff, and lied it on the bedside table. There after i found a flashlight.

«Ok, Susan. Can you sit up for me?» i ask her. I use my flashlight and looked in her eyes and ears. And I asked if she could open her mouth and stick out her tongue, and say aaahh….

She did what i ask for, and i got my read. She was not red or soar back in her throat.

I progress the exam, and fastend the bloodpressure cuff around her left arm. And pumped the cuff up. I than plugged in my stethoscope, and pressed the diaphrame underneat the bp-cuff.

I slowly release the air from the cuff, and early i could hear the beginning of the systoleic beats. She had too high pressure. It was about 150/100.

Ok, madam. You have too high bloodpressure. Your heart have a bad time right now. I want you to take off your shirt and bra for me, so i can listen to it.

«My bra?» she ask in shock.

«Yes yes. I must listen to your heart, and your bra is in the way.»

She reluctantly take off her bra. I command her to strightend up. Than I place the stethoscope in my ears, and lie the diaphrame on Susans right upper chest, and listen carefully to her aortic valve. Her heart slammered against my stethoscope. «This is not a good resting-puls», i think for my self. I listen for a bit longer. Her heart was not slowing down. I moved the chestpiece stright left, to her pulmonic valve. Again I let the chestpiece lie for some time. I tried to find out whats going on in there. Tried to find her heartsong.

Her heartbeats was really forcefull. Her rate must have been over 120 beat per minute.

I move my stethoscope to her tricuspid, and press the chestpiece deep in her flesh. Her heart answer me with forcefull fast beats.

I lifted her left breast up, so that i could listen to her mitral valve. Here i let my stethoscope rest for one full minute, while i took her puls.

Ok, young lady, i just want to have a quick listen to your back. If you can breath for me, every time you feel my stethoscope touching you.

Are you ready? Take a nice deep breath. Deep breath. Again. Keep on. One more time, that was a nice one.

Good job. Your lungs sounds clear.

I have only one more thing i want to check. But than i must have you to take of your panties.

She saw me in the eyes in chock. «Oh no, no. You can’t mean you want me to get totally naked?»

Yes, i must check something. And than you cant have panties on.»

But ok, you can take your bra and t-shirt back on, before you take off your panties. Than you want feel so vulnerable, and i can still make my exam.

I found some gloves in my bag. Got some lube on the tip of my finger, and move it deep in to Susans rectum. She moved her body in discomfort and embarracement. I paused for a while, to give her time get used to the feeling of having my finger in there.

Before i squeeze it little deeper, and turned it around, to check her for any lumps. I dont find anything to worry about. And i pulled it out.

«That was nothing to worry a about? Or was it?»

I pack my medical stuff back in my bag, and finnish up with some smalltalk about my findings.

Susan was still embarraced, and she was looking down to the floor.

«I dont find anything to worry about, other than your heart was amped up, and your bloodpressure was a little to high. But i will recheck this next time we meet on my office. For now i wish you a good weekend, and i hope you will get well soon.

And i leave her house, and went to my own home for the weekend.


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