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A doctors diary

The first day of the week

Story to network

My name is ken, and i am doctor. Here i will write about my life and career as a family doctor.

I was finnish with my medical education last year, and now i work as one of tree doctors in a office.

Its a monday morning. I start with a coffee, before my first patient. Its not light outside yet, but the mood in the office are good.

My first patient is a young woman. Sofie, a 23 year old kindergarden teacher. I great her welcome as my first patient for the week. Ask her how the weekend was, and what her problem is, that get her to my office.

Sofie: «the last week, i had a bad cough, and some fever. I was away from work, all the week. Today, i am better, but still coughing a little.»

Me: «Ok, let me check you out. I want you to take off your sweater and t-shirt, for me. And i will take a listen to your lungs.»

Sofie undresses to her bra. And straightens up on the chair. I take my grey Littmann Classic, and plug it in my ears. I than press the chestpiece to Sofies left upper chest, and command her to take some deep breaths. I listen in a systematic way, from left to right, beginning high, and move my way down her almost nude chest, to under her breasts.

I also listen to some lungsounds from her sides.

«Ok, i hear some wheezing from your lungs. I will now listen to your back, so if you can turn around, it will do my job easier.»

Sofie moved her body around, and i got a great access to her back. I auscultate her throughly on the back. Asking her to breath for me, everytime i move the chestpiece. After a wheile, i was satisfied and unplugged the steth from my ears.

I ask her to turn around again. And use my flashlight to light in her eyes and in her mouth.

«Can you say aahhh…? So i can see if your red and sore down there?»

«Ok, at the end i will take your temperatur, maybe you have a fever too.», i say to her.

I stuck a electric termometre in her mouth, and let it be there for å while.

And i took it out when it biip.

«Your temperature is ok. I think you m only had a cold, and if you feel ok, you can go to work tomorrow. I will write you a notice that you can give your employer.»

I let Sofie get dressed, and write her the sick-notice as promised. And i wish her luck for the rest of the week.

A great start on my new workweek.


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