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Looking for a girlfriend

The day of the meeting

The day of the meeting. Gigi wakes up, drinks her coffee, chooses her most beautiful clothes and leaves for the London belt. He arrives in the center of London and sees that next to a pillar a beautiful lady with blond hair, a big and beautiful ass, dressed in a red latex dress, wearing 10 cm white heels, is looking sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, and with a red bag in hand. He realizes that it is the girl he talked to on the social networking site. Gigi goes to her and asks her who she is waiting for. She replies that she is expecting a boy called Gigi. He says he is in front of her. She introduces herself as Maria. They go to a restaurant, eat something, get to know each other and each of them will go to the bathroom before leaving the restaurant. Gigi makes sure that there is no one else in the bathroom and motions to Maria to enter the bathroom with him. The girl accepts, pushes him against the wall and grabs his penis. He twists his penis a little and tells him that she is the poor Maria. Maria takes out a collar with an electric shock from her bag and puts it around her neck. Gigi pays the bill and goes to the owner's car. Helping her to the car, Maria puts a leash on her collar and covers her eyes so she can't see the way to the owner's house. Arriving at home, Mistress Maria untie his eyes and show him the house where he will live for as long as he will be her slave. Will follow...