Diversity of Life

4. The Blood Draw

It was Mrs. Schenke who opened the door. "Amber, will you come for a moment?" Amber hadn't really noticed that someone was approaching the door. She didn't get a little shock anymore, the conversations with Sebastian and Helen did her good. "Yes," Amber answered more to herself and briefly smiled at Helen to say goodbye. She stepped out of the waiting room and followed Mrs. Schenke. "Please come with me for a blood test."

The path led past several doors with signs. As she passed, she saw the inscriptions. At one door was patient toilet, at another ‘Examination 1’, at the next ‘Examination 2’, at another door again ‘ECG’. Now she noticed how her knees were getting weaker. The excitement grew noticeably again. Mrs. Schenke went in front of Amber and led her into a room with an open door. "Here we are," she said, stopping and pointing to a chair. "Please have a seat here, we'll start right away." Amber sat down and watched Mrs. Schenke leave the room. She closed the door behind her.

The room went silent. Amber noticed again how her palms were wet again. She felt her heart pounding in her throat. Here we go, she thought and began to look around a little. The room wasn't big. In the room there was a small desk with a PC on it, but no couch. Her chair was right next to a countertop that had cupboards underneath. There was a sink in the center of the countertop. Almost looks like a kitchen, thought Amber. To the right of the sink, she noted several clear boxes mounted on the wall, next to a soap and disinfectant dispenser. Needles and syringes were kept in these boxes. Underneath she saw a plaster box, but also some spray bottles. Damn, Amber thought, here's a syringe for now.

The door of the room opens and a dark-haired lady with a white coat entered the room. "Hello," she said, and immediately started to collect some things on the worktop. "So, I'm going to take your blood now. Please free your arm.” Amber began to free her left forearm. It was very easy, her fluffy sweater didn't fit and was quite loose and wide. The doctor picked up a white hypodermic pad and it was next to Amber. "Please put your arm here right away." Then she took a bowl and checked things like disinfectant, swabs, needles and several tubes. She put on gloves, then took a wrapped needle and prepared her work. "I'm going to take some blood from you right now. It will certainly sting for a moment, then it will be over.”

Amber nodded and tried to distract herself somehow. She was very afraid of needles. The last vaccinations were never really bad, but she feels a lot of respect when she sees the needles. She felt the doctor begin her work. The doctor placed a tourniquet around Amber's upper left arm. A little uncomfortably tight, Amber thought. As Amber looked out the window, she felt something cold in the crook of her arm. Was that it? No, definitely not, she thought. Only the cold disinfectant. The coolness was actually followed by a slight feeling of pressure. Did the doctor just clean the spot? The sting still didn't come. Amber was still looking out the window, but she felt the doctor tighten the puncture site with his finger. She tried not to change her facial expression. She would have liked to bite her lip. The tension was unbearable. She knew it was about to happen. She also knew it would only take a moment. And then it happened. The doctor pricked her vein. A very short, unpleasant sting. And that was it. A few seconds later it was barely painful. Amber dared to watch the doctor at work and was surprised. The blood draw was in full swing, but it no longer hurt. And right in the middle, Amber felt a sense of relief.

"Are you okay?" asked the doctor. "It'll be done in a moment." She fixed the cannula, took another tube, filled it up and removed the tourniquet. She also quickly removed the cannula from his arm. Then she pressed Amber a swab on the spot. "Please press the spot once," she said. Amber obeyed and was very relieved that this matter, which had been believed to be so painful, went so smoothly. She pressed the swab into the crook of her arm. Meanwhile, the doctor took a plaster and asked Amber to take the swab off the spot. "So, we'll have it in a moment," the doctor commented on her action and professionally applied the patch. "That's it, thank you very much!" She disposed of the puncture needle in a container provided for this purpose.

"I would also need a urine sample, please." The doctor took out a small cup and gave it to Amber. “There is a patient toilet on the way to the reception area. Please fill this cup up a bit and bring it back to me here, okay?” Amber nodded and straightened her sweater again. Then she got up, opened the door, thanked him briefly and left the room. "You can leave the door here open." The doctor smiled briefly and pulled off the gloves, which she threw into a container also provided for this purpose.

Amber stepped into the hallway, took a quick look around and read the sign on the door. ‘Labor’ said on it. Then she went to the toilet, latched and put a urine sample in the cup. Then she wiped herself dry and put her pants back on. She put the cup on the edge of the sink to wash her hands for a moment. Afterwards, with the beaker in her hand, she stepped back into the hallway and went to the laboratory, where another lady in a smock was now standing. "I just wanted to leave my cup here." "Ah, yes, the urine sample," said the new doctor, taking the cup. "Would you please get in touch with the front desk?” The doctor seemed very friendly when she gave the instruction, which Amber wanted to follow immediately. She walked down the aisle to the reception. On the way, she saw another doctor coming towards her. Shortly before Amber, she opened a door and stepped inside. Just like that, Amber was able to take a quick look in passing and recognized Sebastian, who was sitting shirtless on a table while a doctor was wrapping a blood pressure cuff around his arm. Amber was a bit embarrassed. She wasn't sure if Sebastian had seen her. While she was still thinking about it, she reached Mrs. Schenke at the front desk.


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