Diversity of Life

3. The Waiting Room

The waiting room was neat, tidy and furnished like a typical waiting area. The chairs with their comfortable shells upholstered in blue stood side by side against the white walls. In the center of the room was a larger oval coffee table with various magazines on it. Many of them were related to sports. Amber took one and started leafing through the magazine. At that moment the glass door of the waiting room opened and one of the other assistants appeared in the room. Amber immediately felt the excitement she always felt when she went to the doctor. But this time it was somehow more intense. Starting from her center as from her heart, it rolled in a wave over the rest of her body.

It was that moment when wondering if it was one's next turn; a brief moment that made it clear that there was no going back from here. The shock was short-lived. Because the assistant immediately turned to the man who was busy with his mobile phone. She gave him a note that she brought with her. "So, Mr. Maurer, here is your recipe." She held it out to the man confidently.

"Thank you," said the man, got up and left the waiting room with the assistant, so that now only the young woman, Sebastian and Amber were sitting in the waiting room. Amber looked over at her. She was busy with the magazine again. Then she looked over at Sebastian. He was already looking at her and smiled briefly when their eyes met. "Didn't know you signed up too!" he said. Amber hesitated briefly. "Yes," she said, tilting her head slightly to the side. It distracted her a little that Sebastian spoke to her. The feeling of nervousness that had just set in with the assistant's appearance subsided somewhat. "You here too?" "Yes," replied Sebastian. “My coach recommended it to all of us. It's my turn today."

Amber knew that Sebastian played soccer. He was stocky, tall, slim and had dark hair. Sebastian was actually quite handsome, she thought. It's funny that she never wanted to notice that before. She had never really been interested in him. Why not, it occurred to her. "Let's see what comes next", adds Sebastian.

The young woman with the magazine glanced up at the conversation. She seemed interested but remained silent. The short conversation with Sebastian calmed Amber down a bit. She glanced around, noticing a modern acrylic painting on the wall, and almost forgot she was holding a magazine herself. How he feels now, she thought. Will it be just as uncomfortable for Sebastian as it is for me? Amber wasn't sure. At least Sebastian gave the impression that everything here doesn't seem to be that bad. She flipped a few pages of the magazine without actually reading it. Because she was actually way too excited.

Amber saw through the frosted glass door of the waiting room that someone was approaching the door again. Excited she looked and forgot the trappings. This time, however, Amber's body reacted a little more relaxed. The door opened and Mrs. Schenke from the registration appeared. "Sebastian, would you please come with me?" Mrs. Schenke stayed in the doorway. Sebastian put the magazine aside and stood up. "Yes, I'm coming," he said. When he got up he smiled briefly at Amber and then went to the door where Mrs. Schenke was waiting for him. She gave him a little space, let him pass and closed the door behind her. Amber just heard her telling Sebastian to go to exam room 3. Then it got a little quieter again.

Amber noticed that the young woman, who was now alone in the waiting room, looked over at her and smiled. "Are you here for a sports medical examination?" she asked. "Yes", Amber answered again somewhat hesitantly. "First time?" Amber nodded. "Then it's definitely all very exciting now", added the woman. Actually, Amber didn't feel like talking about the upcoming medical examination. "It's already my third," said the woman. "I'm Helen." Helen gave her a friendly smile. "Amber." Helen seemed likeable to her. She seemed very confident and had that charisma that Amber always respected. Fashionably purposeful, courageous and open. A woman who had definitely experienced a lot, but also achieved a lot, she thought. "Why are you here?" Amber asked her. "I've had regular check-ups for a few years." An answer that Amber hadn't expected at all. She becomes a little insecure, but also curious at the same time. It was alien to her to give herself up to a doctor so often. A few seconds passed.

"What is done during such a sports medical examination?" Amber asked. Helen and put her magazine aside, which she held in her hand the whole time. “First you have to go to a small initial medical exam. This is roughly comparable to an examination by your family doctor. First you strip down to your underwear, then you are measured, they take your weight and also measure your pulse and blood pressure, for example. The doctor will then briefly examine you physically. He listens to your lungs and heart, for example, and then you'll be palpated.” Amber notices the blood rushing to her face. She had not expected such openness and so many details. Nevertheless, she gained confidence and continued to ask. "And what happens during the further examinations?" "There your heart will be examined more closely. You get electrodes on your chest, and then the power is measured. You sit on a piece of sports equipment and pedal.”

Amber thinks for a moment and remembers the fitness center. There she was sitting on one of those things, she thought. It occurred to her that it was also quite exhausting. It's not going to be a pleasant examination, she thought. At that moment she saw a shadow approach the waiting room door.