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Becoming Models

Becoming Models Chapter 3

Becoming Models

Our Own Apartment

That next morning Lance and Dylan had their first interview with a real modeling agent. And if they could talk him into representing them, they were then going to recommend that he also see Gabriel and me. Gabriel and I were supposed to go to the gym that morning, but I was going through the want ad section of our paper as Lance and Dylan were leaving, not looking for modeling or acting auditions, but looking for an apartment for Gabriel and me. As soon as Lance and Dylan were gone, instead of heading off to the gym, Gabriel and I began a hunt for our own apartment. I had three studio apartments circled, which I thought would be our best bets, but the closest apartment I had circled was a small furnished, one bedroom basement apartment, so we headed their first.

As it turned out that apartment was in our price range. It wasn’t anything to brag about, but as Gabriel put it, it had character. So we signed a 6 month lease with an elderly woman who turned out to be the building’s owner. At first she seemed gruff and unfeeling, but by the time we had signed the lease she was all but acting motherly toward to Gabriel. That didn’t surprise me as Gabriel just seemed to invite that kind of attention from the most unsuspecting people.

As the apartment was ready for immediate occupancy I had Gabriel wait there while I returned to the apartment we had been sharing with Lance and Dylan to collect our belongings. That wasn’t at all difficult as Gabriel and I were still living out of our suitcases. It was even easier because Lance and Dylan had not yet returned, so I simply left them a note that read:

Last night’s Truth or Dare game made me feel like you wanted me to choose.

So I choose to be gay with the retard. I wish you both the best of luck.


I then piled our luggage into a cab and so was soon back to our new apartment where I found that Gabriel had moved all of the living room furniture to one end of the room. It looked cramped and cluttered, causing me to ask, “So what’s this all about?”

Gabriel stood on the empty side of the room while saying, “I’m going to get back to doing my Tick Tocks, and I want us to do them together. I also think you and I should start a new You Tube channel where we can document our pursuit to becoming models. Both of those things will keep us in front of a camera, and I think the You Tube thing could develop enough of a following that we might even make a little money.”

Gabriel’s idea suddenly seemed to make perfect sense, so I grabbed, hugged and kissed him. Gabriel kissed me back with great passion, but he quickly broke away so he could ask, “Did you mean what you said last night when you said you loved me?”

“Yes, I meant every word.”

“Then we need to promise each other that we’ll be exclusive, as that’s the only way this can work for me.”

“Okay,” I said, “That’s easy because I feel the exact same way.”

Simple words to form a simple but meaningful agreement between two lovers, an agreement that became the foundation of our new life together, a life that began with us going to our new bedroom, making our bed, and then getting in it to consummate our pledge of love. I hugged and kissed Gabriel while knowing everything about him felt right to me. It was as if only Gabriel could have brought me to a point where I could finally be truthful with myself. I had always been gay, and I knew it. But because of my love for Gabriel, for the first time in my life I was able to own my sexuality.

Things began to immediately fall into place for us. First of all, Gabriel and I did several Tick Tock routines together that were not only fun, but became instantly popular. They were different from anything we had done in the past because Gabriel acted like his warm loving little boy self during our Tick Tocks, which allowed me to publicly be my true self for the first time in my life. We showed off our dancing and choreographic skills, but mostly we showed our Tick Tock followers that we loved each other, and they seemed to eat that up.

Gabriel bought a huge drapery at a thrift store that completely covered the blank wall on the empty side of our living room. I asked him why, and he explained that it was going to be the backdrop of our stage so we could start making our ongoing You Tube documentary of our efforts to become models. I did a little internet search and came up with a list of what other’s thought was necessary to become successful New York models, so our first You Tube video was of us practicing our runway techniques. That video provided us with a new campy and hilarious way to show our You Tube audience our funnier side while also showing them the love Gabriel and I felt for each. Our thumbs-up likes and subscriptions went through the roof with that video, causing us to go all but viral on You Tube.

Our second You Tube video was of us practicing our poses, facial expression, and smiles. That turned out to be both fun for us and entertaining for our You Tube audience, and so it also did remarkably well. For our third You Tube video we took our camera out with us as we shopped thrift and clothing stores to build our wardrobes. That also went over as well as our runway practice video that was still building our thumbs-up audience and subscribers. For our fourth, fifth, and sixth You Tube videos we took our camera with us to the gym so we could video our workouts. By that time both Gabriel and I knew our followers were far more interested in the fact that we loved each other than in learning anything from our workout routine. That knowledge caused us to become even more open when it came to us showing our love for each other, which then became our main theme. By that time we had a real You Tube following that was attracting high dollar sponsors, so we were finally making some real money. It was determined at that time that the majority of our followers were accomplished gay men that were believed to have more discretionary spending money than their heterosexual counterparts who had wives and children to support, all of which caused our You Tube channel to attract even more lucrative sponsors. That was also when my father took notice of my public exposure and asked that I never mention him or even his name on our channel. That was also the last time I heard from my father, and I was okay with that.

Producing the Tick Tock and You Tube videos seemed to keep us focused on our modeling goals, and so we were soon picked up by New York’s Modeling Management Agency, one of the biggest and best agencies in the city. Through Modeling Management we got booked for more jobs and photo shoots than we could handle. Some of those shoots were of us as individuals, but the bulk of those bookings were of us as a gay couple. For the first several months we would occasionally run into Lance or Dylan at some of our shoots, but as time went by we saw less and less of them, until one day they were no more.

We tried to keep our You Tube production focused on our developing modeling careers, but slowly our followers made it known through their comments that their real interest was focused on Gabriel and me as a gay couple, and what was truly happening in our developing relationship. From the comments they left we knew they wanted to know such things as, who was the top in our relationship, and who was the bottom. They also wanted to know if we had any difficulties or differences that caused problems in our relationship, and what we did to get beyond our disagreements. They were also interested in such trivial things as which of us was more in love with the other, or which of us said I love you first, and which of us was the best kisser. But as time went by the most popular questions began to center around our wedding plans.

Our Tick Tocks were mostly just fun and silliness, but Gabriel and I were determined to keep things real and sincere in our You Tube videos. We tried to be open and honest, and for the most part we were successful at that. But the truth was that we loved each other in such an uncommon way that we were never able to share the most interesting parts of our relationship. And once again I have to give Gabriel credit for moving our relationship beyond our ability to share.

It all began the day we moved into our little basement apartment. Gabriel started everything off by asking in his little boy voice if I really loved him. He was so cute that I had to immediately reassure him that I loved him with all of my heart. Then strangely he said that his mother also loved him. I didn’t know what to make of that statement until he went on to say that she used to show her love for him by giving him nice warm soapy enemas every night before bed time.

That statement almost knocked me off of my feet. My mother had given my brother me a couple of enemas while we were growing up, but as I remembered them, they were only given when we were quite ill. So I knew what an enema was, and I immediately recollected how getting one used to embarrass me while at the same time turn me on in a most provocative way. All of that caused me to consider enemas to be so embarrassing and taboo that I chose to never share the fact that I even knew what they were to me friends, much less the fact that I knew what it felt like to have someone squirt hot soapy water up my butt. In fact, as a post pubescent teen I never even admitted to my mother that I even remembered what she used to do to me when I was sick before age ten, probably in fear that reminding her of such a procedure might cause her to decide to give my teenaged ass such treatment. But Gabriel was brave enough to not only tell me that his mother used to give him enemas on a regular basis, but how they turned him on, and how he wanted me to carry on where his mother left off.

That was when Gabriel pulled a red rubber, open top, enema bag from a zippered compartment in the lid of his suitcase. And then he just held it as he stood before me looking so little boy cute, so innocent, and so sexually vulnerable that I felt an even deeper love for him. I walked up to him and took him in my arms. I kissed him. I told him that I loved him more than I ever dreamt possible. Then I took the enema bag from him, and I don’t know why I did this, but I raised it to my nose so I could take in the fragrance of rubber, Ivory soap, and the very essence of the boy I loved. It brought back memories of my childhood. It brought back memories of my earlier jack-off sessions in the shower when I was twelve and thirteen when I would play with my mother’s enema bag while jacking myself to some of the most intense orgasms of my life.

It wasn’t until that moment that I noticed instead of a nozzle, Gabriel’s enema hose had a colon tube attached. At that time I didn’t even know what a colon tube was called, but I couldn’t help wondering how much of that tube Gabriel’s mother used to shove up his cute little boy butthole.

While noticing my interest in his enema bag, Gabriel also focused his eyes on it, and rather defensively explained, “It’s part of my beauty routine. It helps keep my skin clear. It helps keep my weight down, and it makes me feel so sexy that I could fuck all night. And it’s why I didn’t want to have sex while Dylan and Lance were in the next room. They’ve never understood me, and so I know they would never understand how sexy a good enema could be in a million years.

I reach out and took Gabriel in a hug, and said, “I understand, and I want to make you into the sexiest, and most beautiful boy in the whole wide world.”

Gabriel smiled, and said, “Yea, and I want to do the same for you. In fact, it’s something I’ve been dreaming of since I first saw you when we were in the eighth grade.”


For me, that first night in our new apartment allowed me to be my open and honest self while I administered my first enema to Gabriel. I was used to Gabriel acting like a ten or twelve year old, but he acted like a five year old during his first enema. He laid while completely naked across my lap while I sat on our new bed. And he couldn’t have been any sweeter as he giggled and wiggled around on my lap like an embarrassed little boy while I lubricated his anus and rectum with my fully inserted index finger. It was all but hypnotic to watch Gabriel’s big boy fanny react as if it belonged to a five year old as I fed more and more of the enema’s colon tube up his ass while I filled him with warm soapy water. I could feel Gabriel’s cock harden and stiffen as he lay across my lap until it reached its full stature while pushing its way between my thighs. That was all such a turn-on for me that I could hardly wait for the enema bag to empty so I could roll Gabriel onto the bed where I planned to suck my beautiful little boy’s cock to his first gay orgasm. But surprisingly, when Gabriel was actually in the throes of his first boy on boy ejaculation, he seemed to act like the sexy 19 year old man that he actually was.

That entire experience was so draining that all either of us wanted to do was sleep peacefully in each other’s arms when it was over. Yet I forced myself to be the adult and walk Gabriel to the bathroom so he could relieve the pressure behind his tightly puckered anus. Gabriel was back to his little boy self as he sat nude on the toilet. He looked so cute, so innocent, so under my control as he showed great embarrassment as he expelled the contents of his bowel. All I knew when he finished emptying himself, was while walking him back to our bed, I knew better than ever before why I loved Gabriel.

We slept so soundly that night that I didn’t awaken until early that following morning. The first thing that came into focus when I opened my eyes was Gabriel’s enema bag as it hung bulging full from the chandelier above our bed. Gabriel smiled and kissed me as he pressed his naked body to mine while rubbing his man cock all over my belly. I needed to pee, but Gabriel needed to kiss. So we kissed and caressed until Gabriel had me on my tummy while he worked his greased colon tube into my clutching asshole. It felt so good sliding through my anus, and it felt even better once it was flowing while continuing its journey through my bowel. And when it was fully inserted, I felt its hose connecter push through my anus to find a sensuous home in the clutch of my rectum. Then Gabriel surprised me by laying on his belly beside me while spreading his legs. The soapy enema water was still filling into and expand my bowel, so I didn’t know what he wanted until he said, “Sky, please fuck me. I need for you to fuck me now so I’ll know I belong to you.”

Fucking Gabriel with a flowing enema hose up my ass suddenly seemed like the most natural thing to do. So I turned to lay on him. His humpy buttocks were pushing into my stomach as I positioned my erect cock at his anus. To my surprise, Gabriel’s anus was already lubricated, which allowed my cock to enter with great ease. Feeling Gabriel’s rectum sensuously grasping my penis as my rectum grasped the flowing colon tube’s hose connector turned out to be such a turn on for me that after only a few strokes my cock erupted in Gabriel’s rectum causing me to cum in the most powerful orgasm of my life. Feeling Gabriel’s rectum contracting on my erect penis felt so wonderful, that even though I had just cum, I couldn’t stop fucking until Gabriel came, leaving us both in a state of total exhaustion.

So that was our beginning. After that day enemas became a regular part of our beauty, health, and fitness routine, not to mention the foundation for our loving sexual routines. But enemas were never mentioned in our Tick Tocks, nor on our You Tube Channel. Gabriel and I were open and honest about everything in our relationship, but we kept enemas as our one and only secret, the secret that made our relationship so perfect.

By the middle of that following year we were doing so well that we bought our first home. Both of our mothers had divorced our fathers by that time. And both of our father’s wanted nothing to do with our mothers, nor us. I think Gabriel’s mother’s divorce might have been too much for Gabriel to handle had we not been together so I could keep him strong. Even though marriage didn’t seem to work out for either of our parents, Gabriel and I are planning to marry in June of this coming year, and we are even thinking about adopting a child. I know Gabriel isn’t the brightest person I know, but I know he’ll be the greatest husband and father that I could ever wish for.

The End


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