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Becoming Models

Becoming Models Chapter 2

Becoming Models

The Big Apple

I had read about New York City. I had seen it on the news. I had also seen it as a back drop for several TV programs and movies, yet almost everything about it was still a surprise to me. None of us knew anyone in the city. We didn’t know our way around. And we certainly didn’t have any connections to anyone in the modeling business. Yet all four of us quickly found jobs in the city’s more upscale restaurants. You wouldn’t think good looks would have anything to do with getting a job as a waiter, but you would be wrong. Besides taking orders and delivering food to diner’s tables, we all understood that we had been hired to provide eye candy for the restaurants male and female patrons. You might think we would find that demeaning, but the truth is, being eye candy is almost the definition of being a model, so I think we were all quite comfortable with our new roles in the city. Besides, we all quickly learned that the tips we were given were commencement with the cost of the food we served, and the smiles we flashed at our diners. I personally felt flattered by all of the passes that came my way, and so did Gabriel.

After landing our waiter jobs, everything seemed to go better than I expected for our first few weeks. With the four of us going in together we were able to rent a third floor, one bedroom walk-up apartment. It wasn’t a lease, but a simple month to month rental agreement. Lance and Dylan took the single bedroom, leaving the living room’s pull-out couch for Gabriel and me. Gabriel and I loved each other, so we were constantly holding and hugging each other while in that bed, but that was as close to sex as we got.

I thought we would be going out every day trying to score interviews or auditions at various fashion houses. But we quickly learned that wasn’t how the modeling business worked. Instead we found ourselves spending most of our time taking glamor photos of each other and having enlargement made so we could build a portfolio that would interest a talent agent enough to represent us, as that seemed to be the only way to score auditions and fashion house interviews. As we were trying to save money we spent most of our free time watching TV, or surfing the internet to make connections or look for opportunities. Or on the few occasions where we were all off at the same time we might take in a move, or play a game.

So that was the case on the Monday night of our third week in New York. It all began a little after 9:00 PM when Gabriel and I were secretly hoping Lance and Dylan would hurry off to their bedroom so we could make our fold-out couch into a bed. But Dylan wanted to play “Truth or Dare”. He pulled an empty salad dressing bottle out of our trash bag so it could be used as a spinner. I don’t know why, but Lance lit a candle and then turned the overhead light off, I think so he could set an intimate mood that might make the game more interesting. Dylan spun first, and when the bottle stopped it was pointing at me. He looked at me and asked, “Well Sky, Truth or Dare?”

I fumbled for words, but then said, “Truth”.

Dylan seemed to think for a minute before asking, “So, are you gay or not. You’ve been playing this “I don’t know” game long enough, so now it’s time for you to let us know, and you better tell the truth.”

I was sitting cross legged on the floor looking into Dylan’s candle lit face while trying to think of an acceptable but evasive answer. Finally I said, “Well I’m still trying to figure things out, but I know I love Gabriel.” The room went silent until Dylan said, “I don’t know what you see in him. Even he knows he’s a retard.”

As Dylan made that comment right in front of Gabriel I wanted to get up and punch his face in. But before I could even think, he took his turn at spinning the bottle. That time it landed on Lance, and Dylan asked, “Okay, Bud, Truth or Dare,”

Without hesitation Lance said “Dare”. I don’t know why Dylan asked Lance to kiss me, but he did. I didn’t want to be kissed by Lance, but I let him kiss me as that was part of the game. But because I was still pissed at Dylan for calling Gabriel a retard, I pursed my lips like a mannequin, making it obvious that Lance’s kiss was totally meaningless to me.

Next it was my turn to spin the bottle, and when it stopped it was pointing at me. I was told to spin again, and the next time it stopped it was pointing at Gabriel. I looked in his eyes, and asked, “Truth or Dare,” and instead of playing by the rules, Gabriel said, “The truth is, I love you.” And then he kissed me. It was an unbelievable face grinding, tongue licking tongue kiss that went on and on until I fell over backwards where we continued to kiss while grinding our bodies into each other’s.

Finally Lance said, “Okay, that’s enough. You guys have proven your point.” And when we didn’t stop Dylan said, “My God, get a room, why don’t you? You guys are worse than we are.”

Gabriel’s passionate kiss seemed to end the game. Dylan and Lance headed off for their bedroom, while Gabriel and I pulled the couch out so we could make up our bed. That turned out to be a strange time for us, in that it was the first time we made our bed up without speaking a single word. The tension seemed high until Gabriel undressed down to his underpants and started to slip his legs under the covers. Only then did I finally muster the courage to say, “No underpants tonight.” as I slowly pushed my Calvin Clines to the floor. At first Gabriel just looked at me. But then without the slightest smiling he reach down and pushed his boxer briefs down his legs and kicked them free of his feet before slipping under the covers.

Gabriel then said in his innocent little boy voice, “I don’t want to play anymore. I love you and I need you to know it. I need for everyone to know it.” Then he took me in a hug and passionately kissed me. We kissed and hugged all over each other’s bodies, and then for the first time we suck on each other’s tits. Then we hugged and kissed some more until I took a hold of Gabriel’s cock and balls. I wanted to hold and massage them. I wanted to suck Gabriel’s cock to orgasm. But instead Gabriel lifted my head and brought my lips to his so he could kiss me again. Then he whispered, “Not here. Not like this. It can’t be like this.”

I kissed Gabriel again, and then said, “Then how can it be? I love you. I know I’m gay, and I’m tired of playing like a confused little boy because I know what I want, and I want you.”

Gabriel looked in my eyes as he said, “And I want you, but not here. Not like this. This just seems all wrong.”

Then for the first time I felt desperate, so I said, “But I really want to do this. In fact, I have to do it.”

Gabriel kissed me again, and said, “And I want to do it too. I’ve wanted to make love to you since the eighth grade, but not with Lance and Dylan in the next room. It just seems so wrong that I won’t be able to love you the way I need to.” Then he brought my ear to his mouth, and whispered, “Let’s go out and look for our own apartment tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be anything special. It just has to be our own private place. Please Sky, I need this so I can be the way I need to be with you.”

Lance and Dylan always thought Gabriel was slow, and maybe even feeble minded. But Gabriel was smart in ways they would never understand, and that was why I loved him.