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John's Big Day

John’s Big Day: The “Back 40” (Part 5)

Dr. Anderson went around to the side of the table and started adjusting it until it was in a ‘stair step’ arrangement. “OK, cowboy, time to check the back 40. Go ahead and kneel up here,” Dr. Anderson said as he patted the paper covered cushion at the foot of the table. “Rest your chest flat on the top part of the table.”

Wide-eyed, John mounted the table, kneeling on the platform then laying his chest flat. Dr. Anderson moved the tray stand to the end of the table and John heard the unmistakable snap of the exam gloves.

“Let’s move your legs a little further apart,” Dr. Anderson said as John felt his gloved hands push on the inside of his knees, guiding him to move them further them apart. John’s sense of total exposure increased as he felt the rush of cool air hit his now splayed open, sweaty crack. Then Dr. Anderson pressed a button, causing the table to move, tilting John’s head lower and his bottom higher in the air. Damn, this is like a crazy amusement park ride, John thought, heart racing 120 beats per minute as the doctor prepared him for his first rectal exam. Finally, one last button push, and John felt the section of the table under his lower abdomen drop away, leaving everything below his belly button exposed to the air, his erect penis and loose scrotum fully on display and accessible for the doctor’s inspection.

“I know this is your first exam like this–try the best you can to stay relaxed,” Dr. Anderson calmly explained. “I’ll explain everything as I go along. It may be uncomfortable at times, but it shouldn’t hurt,” he continued as he clicked on the exam light, completely illuminating John’s never before examined bottom.

“Just inspecting the hair and skin back here first, checking for moles, rashes or warts,” he said as John felt Dr. Anderson’s gloved fingers pressing on his anus and perineum then the back of his scrotum. “Normal hair distribution and skin pigmentation. Outside looks healthy,” the doctor commented, eagerly inspecting John’s furry, sweaty crack.

John heard some paper crinkling as the doctor got out some swabs. “This is the anal Pap smear, it’s going to be dry and scratchy but won’t hurt,” Dr. Anderson said. John felt the tip of the dry swab being inserted into his anal opening and rotated. Finished with the anal Pap, Dr. Anderson inserted the second swab for the final STI check. “It’s good you’re getting all checked out because I’ve seen people with infections in different areas, even back here,” said the doctor as he placed the swabs in the transport containers.

“Now I’m going to start checking inside. Just using my finger first,” the doctor said as he lubed up his index finger. First?! John thought, getting more scared about what’s next. Although John had a little familiarity with having his butt played with, in general, he had very little experience “back there” and was quite tight.

John felt Dr. Anderson’s hand on his lower back, just over his tailbone then a wet finger at his hole. “Just going to go in a little bit so you can get used to it,” the doctor said as he gently pushed his finger in up to the first knuckle. “Now, contract your anus so you squeeze my finger,” the doctor said so he could evaluate John’s sphincter muscle tone, noticing how tight he was. “Very good, now going in the rest of the way,” he said as John felt the finger slide in all the way, then started sweeping the walls of his rectum.

“Deep breath,” Dr. Anderson said as he went deeper and quickly found John’s prostate.

John grunted as the doctor’s finger began to press and firmly evaluate his gland. “Checking the left side, and the right side…deep breath…and the middle…” John quietly moaned as the doctor pressed on the middle of his prostate and he felt himself dripping pre-cum and prostate fluid down onto the table paper.

While John could not see anything happening below his waist because of his position on the table, he could feel the sensations of air on his backside and around his freely hanging penis and scrotum, as well as the urgent feeling like he was going to pee everywhere during the prostate exam. Dr. Anderson, however, had a full display of the genitalia and fuzzy backside of this handsome young man as he prepared for the next phase of John’s examination.

Face buried in his arms, John could hear Dr. Anderson moving items around on the cart and unwrapping something. My God, what’s next?, John wondered.

“Going to look inside next,” Dr. Anderson proclaimed. “This next part may get a little uncomfortable,” he explained. “Just let me know and I can pause to let you get used to it.

John felt something at his hole as Dr. Anderson told him to take a deep breath. As John took a breath, he felt the object advance into his hole. As the doctor advanced the anoscope, he said “this allows me to look inside your anus to check for warts or internal hemorrhoids.” Finally, John felt doctor’s knuckles on his cheek as the scope was fully inserted. Dr. Anderson removed the obturator of the scope and clicked on the light to inspect John’s anus, slowly removing the scope as he observed the tender pink tissues.

John felt his hole close up as Dr. Anderson removed the anoscope. “Almost done, just need to go a little deeper to look up into the lower part of your colon,” Dr. Anderson said as he prepared the proctoscope. The infamous ‘silver stallion’—about ten inches of cold steel that were about to go up John’s backside.

DEEPER?, John thought, as the doctor attached the light source and bulb to the device, allowing him to pump air in to expand the folds in the colon.

“OK,” Dr. Anderson explained as he applied more lube to the scope, “this is about the same width as the other scope, but it’s a bit longer and allows me to get a look further up inside. You may get some cramping. If you do, let me know and we can pause a minute to let you get used to it.” John felt the cool tip of the scope at his well lubed anus.

“Another deep breath,” Dr. Anderson said as he advanced the scope, periodically squeezing the bulb to inject air into John’s lower colon.

“Ohhhh,” John whimpered as a little cramp hit him and Dr. Anderson moved and twisted the scope to allow him to advance further up John’s backside, making him feel like a Thanksgiving turkey.

“Having some cramping?,” Dr. Anderson asked, pausing his work.

“Oh, uh, yeah,” John squeaked out, beads of sweat collecting on his forehead.

“Pant like a puppy, in and out through your mouth,” Dr. Anderson advised as he resumed advancing the scope. John grunted a little as the scope passed his prostate on the way up inside him.

God, John thought, how much further can this go in? He squeezed his eyes tight and panted as another cramp hit him and he felt the scope advance further.

“Almost all the way in, hang in there” Dr. Anderson quietly said as the scope went in full hilt.

John continued panting, as Dr. Anderson removed the interior of the scope, allowing him to inspect the walls of John’s rectum as he slowly withdrew the scope. “Everything looks nice and healthy inside,” he noted, as John felt the metal invader gradually sliding out of his bottom and the lube dripping down from his hole along the back of his scrotum.

Finally finished, Dr. Anderson set the long scope on the tray with the other items from the exam.

“You did great, good job! Let me just get you cleaned up,” Dr. Anderson said as he grabbed some small towels off of the tray and began to wipe the copious amounts of lube off of John’s behind and sac. Stripping off his gloves, he told John he could get off the table now.

John hoisted himself up, sweat soaked paper sticking to his forearms and knees, rigid penis glistening with pre-cum jutting straight out in front of him. Jeez, John thought, as he saw the silver dollar sized wet spot from where he leaked all over the paper.

“You can get dressed now,” Dr. Anderson said as he was washing his hands, “I’ll be right in and we can discuss your exam and test results.”

John went in to the office in a daze and began to dress, stuffing his erection into his briefs, feeling thoroughly put through the wringer by Dr. Anderson during his first ‘complete’ exam.

As he left the exam room, noticing the big wet spot John left on the table Dr. Anderson smiled inside, looking forward to John’s next appointment.


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