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John's Big Day

John’s Big Day: Getting More In Depth (Part 4)

“OK, up on the table, face down on your tummy so we can continue with the exam,” Dr. Anderson said as he patted the table cushion.

“He’s already checked out my back. What’s he doing now?” wondered John as he climbed up flat on the table. Yeesh, ‘on his tummy,’ as the doctor instructed.

John craned his neck to see Dr. Anderson gathering supplies from the tray stand and saw him grab a small blue and white tube and a metal tray.

He froze for a second looking at the doctor as he set the tray next to his lower back on the table. “W-what’s that for, exactly?” asked John, still looking up in Dr. Anderson’s direction with an increasing sense of dread.

“Need to take your temperature for your chart, son. As I said, need to get a good baseline examination for your record,” Dr. Anderson said quietly to try and calm his nervous patient.

John’s eyes got wide. “Take my temperature … like back there?” he managed to squeak out as Dr. Anderson shook down the old-school mercury thermometer and set it next to the uncapped blue and white tube.

“It’s the most accurate way, now lift up,” Dr. Anderson directed, as John felt the doctor’s warm hands at the waistband of his briefs.

In that moment, John was still having trouble processing that Dr. Anderson wanted to take his temperature ‘that way’ like he was a little kid. He was a college graduate, for Pete’s sake. His mind was racing, but he instinctively lifted his hips up an inch or two off the exam table.

Dr. Anderson began to gently yet quickly lower John’s briefs, saying “just need to pull these down a bit.” But as soon as John felt the air of the exam room on the top of behind, he snapped back to reality and put his hips back down on the table. “It’s OK, buddy. You’re doing great,” he said as he patted John’s lower back then lubed up the thermometer, John’s underpants now low enough for him to accomplish his next task.

In that moment, John didn’t really know what to do but felt like he had no choice. He felt a little bit at ease by the doctor’s kind words, but was also mortified at having a thermometer, well … in his bottom … like he was a boy again. He craned his head back around towards Dr Anderson. “Uh, doc, couldn’t we take this in my mouth like normal?”

Ignoring his comments, Dr. Anderson gently parted John’s cheeks and reminded him that this will only take a few minutes.

“Jeeeez,” John whimpered quietly as the glass rod slid into place in his butt.

As the thermometer registered, Dr. Anderson made notes on John’s chart and began to organize supplies for the next segment of John’s physical. After what seemed like an eternity, John felt Dr. Anderson’s warm hand on his lower back and the glass rod slide out of his anus. “Normal temp,” Dr. Anderson said as he looked at the thermometer and placed it back on the tray. “Let’s pull these back up for now,” Dr. Anderson said as he pulled up the back of John’s briefs and covered his exposed rear end. The ‘for now’ comment gave John another knot in his belly.

“Ok, buddy, flip over on your back now,” Dr. Anderson said as he grabbed his stethoscope.

John was conscious of the hard-on he had developed during the temperature taking and quickly tried to adjust his penis in his briefs as he flipped over.

“Just going to listen to your heart again while you’re laying down, then your belly,” the good doctor said as John felt the stethoscope being placed on his chest. After finishing listening to John’s chest, Dr. Anderson moved the stethoscope lower to John’s hairy abdomen, carefully listening to his bowel sounds. John began to get more nervous as the doctor got lower and gently moved the waistband of his briefs to listen near his bladder.

Finished listening, Dr. Anderson placed the stethoscope back into his lab coat pocket. “Ok, son,” Dr. Anderson said, tapping at the waistband of John’s briefs, “The underpants need to come off now.”

“Uhhh, off?!”, John sputtered.

“Yes, off, it’s OK. Just us in here,” Dr. Anderson said trying to reassure his nervous young patient experiencing his first ‘complete’ male exam.

Knowing there was no way out, John lifted up his butt, slid his underwear down his hairy legs and finally off. Dr. Anderson took them and said, “I’ll just put these with the rest of your clothes,” as he took the tighty whities and hung them on the hook on the door.

John was super aware of his nakedness and his rapidly stiffening penis as Dr. Anderson approached the table, surveying John’s body hair distribution. “Hands behind your head,” Dr. Anderson said so he could reassess the hair growth in John’s armpits.

“How old were you when this hair first started to appear?” Dr. Anderson asked as he began to comb through the hair on John’s lower abdomen, down towards his pubic hair, checking the inguinal lymph nodes as he moved lower.

“Uhhh, around 13,” John stammered, thinking of that really awkward time in his life which really wasn’t that long ago.

“And where did it first appear,” Dr. Anderson asked, stopping his inspection to listen to John’s response.

“Well, uhhh, you know at the top of my ball sac, I mean scrotum,” John nervously muttered.

Continuing his inspection, Dr. Anderson carefully raked through John’s pubic hair, “Just checking the skin and looking for things like rashes and crabs.” Oh, geez John thought as his penis became stiffer. “Move your legs apart, sport.” Dr. Anderson said as he moved down to inspect the skin and generous coating of hair on John’s inner thighs. John felt the cool air on his upper thighs and sac as he spread his legs, making his scrotum fully accessible to the doctor. John was a good looking guy, but this part of the exam was one he was always most embarrassed about. His extreme nervousness generally made his testicles pull up very high and his scrotum shrink up, making John self-conscious about the size.

“And let’s check the testes now,” Dr. Anderson said as John felt him firmly grasp his left testicle, pulling it down into his sac and rolling it between his fingers, checking for bumps and tenderness. “Now the right side,” the doctor said as he pulled and tugged on John’s right testicle to allow him to thoroughly examine it on all sides.

“Take a deep breath and try to relax,” Dr. Anderson reassured the nervous young man as his fingers gently moved down to John’s perineum and began the palpation of the root of John’s penis.

John did the best he could to relax. This was one of his most sensitive areas physically, but also the one he found the most private and intimate.

Having continued upwards and palpated the root of John’s penis through the scrotal sac, Dr. Anderson now grasped the base of John’s fully rigid penis and began progressing up towards the head, milking John’s urethra in the process. Reaching the head, Dr. Anderson began inspecting all sides of John’s engorged member. “Ever have any sores on your penis or burning when you urinate?” inquired Dr. Anderson.

“Uh, no, sir,” John replied sheepishly, feeling his face flush as he looked down and saw Dr. Anderson using both of his thumbs to spread apart his pee hole and peer inside noticing the large glob of pre-cum which was dripping out.

“Everything looks healthy,” the doctor said as he released John’s penis, turning his attention to the tray stand.

"Ok, the next STI check,” he said holding up a swab. “This one goes in your penis, hands behind your head again,” Dr. Anderson directed, his standard direction, as he knew how guys sometimes reacted when he inserted the swab. “This may be a bit uncomfortable, just keep breathing.”

John put his hands up as Dr. Anderson firmly grasped his penis and gently pinched the tip, opening the meatus. “Deep breath,” the doctor said as he expertly slid it into John’s urethra.

“Oooooofff,” John moaned out as Dr. Anderson drove the swab a good 2 inches into his penis, gently twirling it to collect an adequate sample. “Ah, it burns,” John whimpered, as he squeezed his eyes shut. “Almost done champ. You’re doing great. Just 15 more seconds and it can come out. Deep breath….and it’s coming out.” John moaned again as the burning invader was withdrawn from his penis. Dr. Anderson placed the swab into its container and set it back on the metal stand.

“You did great, buddy. Now go ahead and stand up for me and we will finish up with the front side, “ Dr Anderson said as he sat down on the stool next to the table.

“Right in front of me, feet shoulder width apart,” he said as John climbed off the table and assumed the position, his erect penis pointing straight up towards his chin.

“Just going to check your scrotum while you’re upright then check for hernias,” Dr. Anderson said as he reached out with both hands, simultaneously palpating the spermatic cords on each side of John’s scrotum. Despite his nervousness, his hairy scrotum hung relatively loosely in the doctor’s warm exam room. John felt Dr. Anderson’s index finger wriggle its way deep up into the left side of his scrotum, further than he thought possible, almost driving him up onto his tiptoes.

“Turn your head away from me and give me a big cough,” Dr. Anderson commanded. John coughed then felt the finger wiggle a little deeper up inside his lower abdomen. Dr. Anderson pulled out his finger and then repeated the process, on the right side of John’s scrotum, forcing his young patient to cough twice so he could thoroughly rule the presence of hernia. “Very good, no hernias,” he said as he looked John in the eye and smiled.

“Now, are you checking your testicles monthly for any lumps”, he asked John.

“Yeah, roll them around usually after a hot shower,” John replied.

“You can do it the same day you make your car payment or pay your rent so you don’t forget,” Dr. Anderson added.


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