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Gia and Ciara's Shared Predilections

Chapter 3: The Rectal Exam

Resting innocently enough on the cloth sat a rectal speculum, a sigmoidoscope, and a neatly folded pair of gloves and bowl of water.

Gia smiled and gestured over to the table. “Up on your knees again please.” They grabbed another pair of gloves from the box on the wall and dipped their first two fingers in the cup of lubricant. They began to circle again around Ciara’s anus in that familiar way.

“This should be easier since we took the time to stretch beforehand but, I want to ensure your comfort to the extent possible. One finger.”

Gia had this habit of punctuating her sentences with penetration. Particularly of the cold and overly lubricated variety. They were right though, it was much easier than before. Gia began pumping their finger in and out at some point adding a second and then a third. They stopped. At this point Ciara knew what happened whenever Gia stopped so she tried to brace herself and remain loose at the same time, really cementing her paradoxical feelings about the evening so far. Profoundly uncomfortable and more profoundly aroused.

Sure enough, she felt the rectal speculum slide in. There was no telltale click as with many vaginal speculums so she wasn’t prepared for her opening to become even more so. This was of the three pronged variety, looking at it before she had wondered how each individual prong felt but now, it was clear all she could feel was her delicate muscle stretching and air rushing in.

Ciara tried to take even measured breaths and keep her rectum relaxed but, it kept reflexively squeezing making her twinge in pain each time. Out of nowhere she felt a smack on her ass, quickly followed by a matching one on her other cheek. Gia sighed “Something else to focus on dear, no squeezing unless I ask. ” Ciara whimpered slightly she knew they were serious and debated whether or not the pain of a squeeze was worth another smack.

Without warning, the speculum started to slowly retreat from her. Gia dipped their hand in the water, of course Ciara failed to notice the ice cubes. As the last of the speculum escaped Gia watched her anus slowly retract and moved their hand over it, pushing it slightly. Ciara pushed back against the cold, it was uncomfortable but, seemed to relieve her growing soreness.

Gia cleared their throat and moved to the head of the table smiling. “Last step my dear, then you get a bit of a break back there” Back. Not Down. Ciara was feeling more and more tired between the enemas and the exam so far. The adrenaline she felt at first was beginning to slow and it had been several hours since they came downstairs.

“All okay?”

Ciara looked up, she smiled and closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s been a long evening and I really want to keep going.”

“Hmmm… Sounds like we’ll have to keep you overnight, my dear. As I said, there’s one piece left for your exam this evening. Think you can manage or would you prefer to stop? I must warn you if we stop, we’ll have to clean you out again when we resume.” Gia smiled again, lightly stroking Ciara’s cheek, the desire to care for their partner worth the break in professionalism.

Ciara briefly considered more enemas and decided she’d prefer a bit more variety in her weekend. “It’s for my health doctor, I can manage.”

Gia picked up their final tool, admiring the length and dipped as much as would fit in the cup of lubricant. They took their time slowly spreading the lube along its length admiring the glinting of the metal, glancing over at their patients cute little behind, almost returned to its former size. This wouldn’t stretch her any wider but, she would certainly feel it.

Small beads of sweat dripped down Ciara’s back and between her legs. She felt the hand on her back pushing her shoulders down to the table. Her ass was high in the air, and her ample cheeks parted even further. She felt the tip of a syringe poking into her and felt the lubricant as it was quickly injected inside. Next the round metal tip pushed its way in moving ever so slightly left and right, following the curvature of her bowels. She had zoned out so much focusing on the sensation she hadn’t noticed the center of the scope being removed until she felt the warmth of the light deep within her.

It was uncomfortable and obtrusive but, she was so curious about the sensations that the strange feelings within her were absolutely worth it.

Gia began to pull out the scope and stopped just before pulling it out, pushing it back in, nowhere near its full length but enough to feel almost pleasurable. Gia slowly pulled it out and replaced it with a dildo they had surreptitiously grabbed from the cabinet when Ciara wasn’t looking. They buried it deep within Ciara, moving their other hand rubbing their belly moving lower, tracing the hip down to the inner thigh. They put their hand over Ciara’s entire sex and began to rub it, allowing their middle finger to push in, grazing Ciara’s engorged clitoris.

Ciara lost control, her breath fluttering as her thighs began to shake. Her anus closed tightly around the dildo and her thighs instinctively tried to close as her clit grew more and more sensitive. All of her muscles began to contract and she felt like curling up in a little ball. Gia’s hand moved faster and faster, Ciara’s belly shaking from the force, rippling across the rest of her body, every part of her felt every sensation radiating directly from her clit. It felt like the center of her entire being, ascending even higher and higher until- free fall. She felt as though something within her burst and she began to shake. Hard. She felt the oxytocin flush through her body. She screamed loudly and Gia leaned down, holding her as she shook slowly moving their hand over her mons slowly before pushing her down gently. Gia held Ciara as lay on her belly, muscles still twitching. Gia walked out to the next cubicle and came back with a wheelchair. They helped her in and took her just across the room to a full hospital suite.

They helped her into bed and began to gently wash her with a warm washcloth. They moved her heels together, moving her legs into a familiar frog like bend. They rinsed the cloth before gently moving to her inner folds admiring the creamy white on the cloth before rinsing it again. Gia moved Ciara’s legs back together and grabbed a blanket from the warming bin in the room. They tucked their little patient in for the night, sweetly kissing her forehead before heading upstairs to get a good night’s sleep. Long weekend indeed.