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Gia and Ciara's Shared Predilections

Chapter 2: Prep Time

Chapter 2:

After Gia dutifully noted Ciara’s vitals and got her into a gown, they walked to the next cubicle stopping briefly before entering.

“I noticed a bit of an impaction while lubricating you so I’d like to take care of that before we continue. Please lie on the bed, face down when you enter.”

Ciara stepped in and situated herself on the rectangular exam table, laying her head on the pillow laid out for her. She only had a brief moment to take in the IV pole beside her, the cart with shelves of trays, neatly covered with sterile cloths, and cabinets full of who knows what. She buried her face in the pillow, still excited for surprises ahead.

“I’m going to begin to get you prepped while I gather some things for your treatment.” Ciara heard the snapping and squeaking of another pair of gloves followed by even more lube unceremoniously spread around her rectum. Gia wheeled the cart over and grabbed the first of a series of dilators from the top tracy on the cart. It was a fairly thick one to start, all things considered, approximately 15mm in diameter. They hadn’t experimented much anally but, her vague recollection of the checkbox on the quiz was becoming clearer with every glint of the frigid metallic instruments.

It was strange, Ciara tightened up at the coldness and forced herself to relax to spare herself. She had never felt anything that substantial moving in that direction and it felt so wrong but also, so different. Gia stopped and took a seat in front of Ciara, brushing her loose hair off of her face and smiling sweetly. Gia saw that Ciara looked nervous and kissed her on the forehead.

“We can stop whenever you’d like”

Ciara looked up and smiled wickedly, her facial expression changing entirely. “I love you but, I’m very much excited, truly. Doctor” She grinned and winked before her face sunk into its former expression.

Something about Ciara’s full commitment to the role and the way her eyes glinted when she called them Doctor. Gia cleared their throat their belly warmer and warmer by the second. Now was the time for (feigned) professionalism! Their time would come later.

Gia looked Ciara in the eye, returning to the task at hand, keen to carry on with the evening’s activities.

“I need to ensure that I have full visibility for any rectal procedures we may be undertaking during our visit. In order to do that, you’ll be receiving a series of enemas. We will be adding a few different agents to fully clean you out, and you will be retaining these for increasing lengths of time. To ensure that you are able to retain it we’ll be using some tools to ensure that you don’t expel before we intend. The dilators are to ensure that you can accommodate these instruments.”

Gia walked over and quickly pulled out the dilator, instantly replacing it with the next size up and causing Ciara to jolt and let out a shocked gasp. Gia gave her a quick smack on the ass to remind her to be still. They opened up the cabinet to grab a large red enema bag with a skinny white tip. Gia pulled it off and whipped away the cloth on the tray, grabbing an inflatable silicone nozzle. The nozzle would collapse a bit when entering her but was certainly more substantial than any of the more standard tips.

Ciara hadn’t even looked over until she heard the bag being filled though she was now fully aware of the tray before her. Several small foil packets of suppositories, a few packets of Castile soap, a large cup of lube, probably for the 3 large plugs. Flared black silicone staring at her in the face, she began to squeeze around the dilator inside of her anticipating the feel of the plug as it popped in.

The bag was full and Gia hung it on the pole, raising it slightly, trying to see if Ciara noticed but, she was too busy staring at the extra large suppositories Gia had managed to procure. They’d be lying if they said they weren’t just a little bit proud of themself.

Gia unwrapped each of the suppositories, laying them out. In rapid succession they retrieved the dilator from Ciara, poked the suppository in its place and pushed their finger all the way in, slowly then holding it under the auspices of allowing the medication to begin to dissolve. This procedure was repeated thrice, fast then slow, then hold, fast, slow, hold. Finally Gia took the first of the plugs, dipped it into the cup of lubricant and gave Ciara a quick pat on her lower back before pushing in the tip using the same hand to hold her down. They applied gentle even pressure to both, hearing the involuntary little squeaks and sounds coming from their patient, the slight movement movement of her hips away from the plug.

“Deep breath.”

Ciara complied and reversed direction, pushing outward and moving her hips ever so slightly towards Gia. The plug stopped just as she felt the widest point pass through, herself closing herself around it so unexpectedly that she yelped, mentally chastising herself for doing so. She waited for an eternity, or more likely 5 minutes.

“Now raise your hips, I want you on your knees with your head staying put.”

Gia began gently removing the plug, popping out much the same way it went in and pushing in the silicone retention nozzle. Ciara’s stomach was already gurgling as the suppositories began to work, the pressure built as the balloon was inflated. The water clicked on.

“Oh. Oooooh. ooohOWooohh.” Ciara rubbed her ailing stomach. Given the height of the large bag, it drained quite fast to Ciara’s mixed relief and discomfort.

Gia helped Ciara off the table and escorted her to the small bathroom behind the stairs where they entered. She silently perched herself over the tank of the toilet and felt her weak legs weaken as Gia deflated and removed the nozzle. She let go, desperately waiting for the relief, thinking about how much quicker the discomfort had come before.

She walked back to the room as Gia repeated the procedure with a larger soap enema, then again without the inflatable nozzle. A large water enema delivered via a tube that snaked its way through her as the water flowed further and further along. At that point it was hard to tell which part was more uncomfortable. Each enema was held in place by a successively larger plug.

Ciara stepped slowly back to the curtain, at that point she was beginning to have doubts about her decisions when she pulled the curtain back to reveal another tray uncovered.

The glint of the metal matched the renewed one in her eyes and she couldn’t wait to continue.


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