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Gia and Ciara's Shared Predilections

Chapter 1: The scene

Gia slumped through the front door, threw their keys on the dresser and collapsed on the couch. They’d had such a long day listening to inane conversations about deadlines that would never be met and impossible project requirements that could never be completed. A boring fantasy in the mind of some executive making up things to do to feed his ego.

Gia sighed. At the end of every workday they always felt this way, their life was endlessly boring. At least during waking hours. They unbuttoned their shirt slowly and felt the cool blow of the air from the vents blow lightly on their chest. There was a faint knock at the door. Gia cracked their neck and answered the door. About 5 ft 10, and comfortably heavy there was more than a physical weight to Gia’s presence. There was a confidence in their stride, shoulders back, grooming immaculate, collars always pressed and crisp.

“Ciara good to see you, you almost beat me here!” A woman stepped through the door, an inch or two taller than Gia. She smiled softly and blushed, pushing back the few auburn strands that weren’t contained in the neat low ponytail lying against her neck. There was a softness in her eyes that Gia truly appreciated about her. She was so soft, almost demure when she came in. Ciara removed the olive green army jacket over her clothes to reveal a smooth brown leather harness snaking its way around her every curve, each vertex secured with a brass ring. She turned to put her coat on the rack, twisting one leg in front of the other, straining the leather straps underneath each of ample cheeks. Gia caught a glint of mischief in her eyes as she turned back around, standing with legs shoulder-width apart, thick straps prominent around her thicker waist, thighs, her spine curving more with every breath inflating her chest. She had been waiting for this long weekend for months and planned to enjoy every moment.

Ciara held up her hand with a limpness in her wrist as Gia escorted her down the stairs, gracefully descending as the smell of disinfectant pricked both of their nostrils. Ciara’s heels clicked on the tile floor and she stopped, pulling Gia close and bringing their soft lips to hers.

“THIS is what you’ve been preparing? Oh.. it’s even better than I could have possibly fathomed! I felt so silly sharing this with you but.. ” she trailed off. The edge of the room was lined with the sort of curtains you’d find in an emergency room. Attached to a track on the ceiling, they hid all sorts of strange shapes and shadows that sent a quiver down her spine and between her legs. There seemed to be a number of cubicles delineated, each with their own white plastic sign with a bold number. What really struck her was the platform in the center of the room. An exam chair with a separate pillowed arm for each appendage, cushioned joints to match each of hers. There were clips quietly reflecting the light from the fluorescents above, conveniently located where each of the rings from her harness would soon rest. A pair of stirrups protruded from the u-shaped seat with straps to match her own.

Gia interrupted- “I’m so, so glad that you did! I’ve always had my own fascination with this sort of thing and I felt like after we spoke I finally had permission to indulge myself.” They had both spoken candidly about their mutual kink a few weeks ago after goading each other into taking an affinity test. Gia had saved Ciara’s quiz as a sort of roadmap.

They kissed once more and Gia stopped, putting their hands firmly on Ciara’s shoulders, and clearing their throat.

“Now Miss, a few ground rules before we get started. I’ve made a comprehensive plan to cover the areas of interest located on your assessment.” Gia motioned to the desk and handed Ciara the clipboard with the printout of her quiz which she began to pore over, her mind suddenly empty of anything but the broad strokes.

“This list is subject to change at the beginning of any session with the consent of both parties. This consent may, of course, be revoked at any point using our previously agreed upon cues. There will be no surprises unless requested, and only from the agreed upon list. If these conditions are amenable, I’ll ask you to please follow me.

They stopped in front of the sign marked “1” , Gia ushered Ciara past the curtain to reveal a small room. There was a chair next to a small cabinet with a sink. A plethora of instruments for gauging baseline vitals adorned the wall. Gia ushered Ciara to the chair and grabbed their stethoscope from the cabinet along with the blood pressure cuff attached to the gauge on the wall. There was a slight uptick in the corner of Ciara’s mouth as Gia secured the cuff and began to slowly pump it up, slowly slowly restricting flow. Gia put the steth in her ears and the other end under the cuff and began to release the air. Ciara could feel the blood begin to re-circulate as Gia noted the systolic pressure, and the look of disapproval as the pounding stopped and they noted the diastolic.

“It’s higher than last time, little Miss, you haven’t been handling that stress well have you?”

Ciara looked away and murmured that she hadn’t been able to keep up with any of the meditation apps, the yoga and that her daily walks weren’t really doing much anymore.

“We’ll need to address that and ensure that you leave this room with a daily regiment to keep you nice and healthy.” Gia donned a pair of purple nitrile gloves, pulling at each digit and interlocking their fingers, ensuring that the material tightly clung to every fold.

“And one” Gia produced a thermometer from under the cloth on the tray and moved expectantly towards Ciara’s waiting mouth, tucking it under her tongue with a brief pat on the cheek.

Gia moved back to the counter, removing the cloth and dipping two fingers into the cup on the corner of the tray.

“Up and over the knee.” Ciara whimpered but, stood as Gia replaced her, patting their knee. Ciara draped herself across Gia’s lap.


Ciara felt the air on her newly exposed orifice as Gia spread her, circling her fingers around massaging for a brief second before plunging in just barely, then squirming around as they coat her. Ciara felt Gia’s warm chest against her face as Gia turned to grab something from the tray behind them.


Sharp inhale as the thermometer sank into her. Gia had left it resting on an ice cube ensuring that it would be a bracing entry and also that it would need to stay a moment to get an accurate read. Ciara had prepared for the thermometer but, not the ice cube, quickly realizing that even though she knew the procedures she was in no way prepared for the realities ahead. The frosty intruder sat deep in the pit of Ciara’s stomach. Gia patted Ciara’s other cheek and smirked to themself thinking of the evening ahead.


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