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The Fertility Clinic

Part 1

I'm sitting next to my husband Victor in a rather luxurious private waiting room. He's reading the Times and I'm discretely wringing my hands with nerves. Theres a flat screen on the wall showing slides of the physicians in the facility and happy patients with their bright eyed babies. It's been over an hour and I've seen the same faces probably 10 times now. I finally let out a loud sigh causing him to look up from his iPad.

"Are we going to be seen SOME time today?" I ask, clearly annoyed.

He sets the iPad down and places both hands on my knees. "Ally, we're only here at all because a friend is doing me a favor. Most people wait years to get into this place and we got you a spot immediately." I roll my eyes and sit back and cross my arms. About that time, the door opens and a nurse in a very professional, all white uniform steps in. "Mrs. Deere? You can undress and come with me now please."

I look confused, "Undress?"

Victor stands. "Yes Ally, undress. Stand up."

I look confused but stand up in shock. He steps behind me and takes the zipper of my dress and slides it all the way down before sliding the shoulders off. I gasp as the dress falls off my petite frame, leaving me in my white lacy undergarments and strappy sandals. He's far from done though as he unsnaps my bra and slides it off as well, revealing my 2 perky breasts and pink nipples. Then he kneels down and unfastens my sandals ordering me to step out of them. Finally, he reaches up and with one quick tug has my panties down to my feet where he pulls them off completely. My naked vulva with a thin landing strip of pubic hair is now visible to all eyes in the room. He stands, kisses me on the forehead and places his hand on my lower back, guiding me toward the door that the nurse is holding open. I slowly walk toward the door, acutely aware of my nakedness and she follows me closing the door as I hold Victors gaze.

"Right this way, Ally," she says leading me toward a scale. "Step on up please." I step onto the scale, the large digital reading stops at 115.3 lbs. She then lowers a bar on top of my head and reads my height. 5'2".

"We'll be in this room here," she points to a door and I walk in. I'm expecting an exam room but I'm somewhat taken aback by what I see. It's a large metal table with a drain under it next to a counter with a water spout, some antiseptic and some different sized brushes. "The doctor will do the exam himself after your initial consultation. I'm just going to prep you. Lay on the table please."

I slowly climb onto the table and lay my naked body on the metal. It's freezing! The nurse wastes no time. She puts a surgical cap on me, making sure to tuck all my blonde hair in. She then goes to the side of the table next to the counter. She pulls out the water spout and I realize its attached to a hose. With no warning, she opens the tap and begins spraying me down with lukewarm water. She starts at my feet and waves it back and forth covering me all the way up to my neck. Once i'm soaking wet, she attaches it to the soap and starts again, spraying me with a sudsy mix just like she did with the water, except this time she orders me to bring my knees to my chest. Unsure how else to react, I comply. She points the sprayer right at my bottom and gives my vagina and anus a good spray down. Once I'm covered in soapy solution she grabs a razor and unceremoniously shaves off the thin strip of hair from my vulva.

"Wait! Hey!" I protest.

"Sorry honey, we keep all vulvas hairless here at the fertility clinic." she gives an unsympathetic smile and once again blasts me with clean water to rinse me off. She swirls the stream around my breasts causing them to jiggle about wildly. I start to wonder if she's enjoying my humiliation. Before my mind can wader too far though she turns the water off and hands me a towel. "Dry yourself off and I'll walk you down to the doctor's office for your initial consultation.


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